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The Nursing Sports Bra of 2018

It’s no secret that getting in shape is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions since, well, (probably) the beginning of New Year’s resolutions! As a new mom, being dedicated to a fitness routine takes a little more effort and care than ever before. And a nursing sports bra is definitely a must-have for this resolution.

Exercise While Breastfeeding

The Nursing Sports Bra of 2018Once your doctor gives you the “all clear” exercise is excellent for your body on many levels. First, you may really crave movement after keeping things pretty calm at home with your newborn baby for the first weeks or months after birth. Getting up and about even for light exercise can feel so good because our bodies are meant to move.

Exercise can also help you shed a few pounds of baby weight if that’s your goal, or help you tone some muscles that didn’t get used as much during pregnancy, such as your abdominal muscles. Or perhaps you are working towards a fitness goal of running a 5K, half marathon or other worthy challenge.

Now more than ever the benefit of extra energy and a mood boost may be the best reason to exercise. If you’re like most moms you’re pretty exhausted. Working exercise into your day will get your blood flowing and heart pumping, which revs your metabolism to energize your entire body. Plus hormones and neurotransmitters are triggered, offering a dose of “feel good” energy too.

While breastfeeding it is essential to have nursing bras that meet the needs of your lifestyle. If you’re ready for more activity, that will include a nursing sports bra. And have we got the nursing sports bra for you!

Meet The Nursing Sports Bra of 2018

Our Stylish Cotton Seamless Nursing Athleisure Bra is the bra of 2018. It’s got everything a new mom needs and wants in a nursing sports bra. The stretchy cotton fabric breathes with you as you get your body moving in light to moderate exercise and stretches as your breasts change size during your breastfeeding journey.

The Nursing Sports Bra of 2018

Of course what makes a nursing sports bra so convenient is that you can breastfeed your little love without having to change or fumble for access. That means you can hit the gym, go for a power walk or take a mommy and me yoga class and be ready to breastfeed whenever and wherever you need. Easy one-handed nursing clasps and dropdown cups make the entire process a cinch.

And we can’t forget about style because this nursing sports bra has a lot of it. The contoured fit and extended band are super chic and the thin adjustable straps work under any workout top. You will adore the two color options: black with pink piping and black and white stripes. The athleisure look is completely on trend so even when you’re not going to exercise you can wear this stylish nursing bra for a hip athleisure look.

Start your New Year’s resolutions off on the right foot and with the right nursing sports bra. We know you’ll rock your resolutions this year as you enter the adventures of motherhood!

A Healthy Mom: Prioritizing Your Health this Year

A Healthy Mom: Prioritizing Your Health this YearIt’s a New Year and time to get your priorities straight. If you think your kids’ health is exponentially more important than your own, you may want to rethink your philosophy on a healthy household. The truth is a healthy mom sets the stage for healthier families because it all starts with you, mama.

When you were pregnant and growing your beautiful baby inside your womb you probably treated your body as the sacred vessel it was. You saw your OB on a regular basis, followed medical advice more or less, and did your best not to put your baby at risk.

Once your baby was born, all your focus shifted to your baby’s needs for healthy growth and development, starting with breastfeeding. You followed the protocol for well check-ups and probably had your baby vaccinated on the recommended schedule.

But what about your nutritional needs? Your well checkups? Opportunities to protect your mental, emotional and physical health and well-being?

All too often the arrival of a baby (and then a few more) leads to the deterioration of a mother’s health. While it may appear this shift is towards the instinctual nurturing of being a good mother, it is in some ways to the detriment of your baby and entire family.

A healthy mom is the foundation of a healthy family, but moms are put at a disadvantage from the get go. Pregnancy often depletes the body of essential nutrients including calcium, folic acid, iron and zinc, to name a few. And the leaching continues during breastfeeding as well. This is one reason why a wholesome diet and prenatal vitamins are so important during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Now, ask any mom and she’ll gladly give up her nutrient base for her baby, that’s not the question. It’s what happens after childbirth that becomes the issue. Mothers tend to put their needs aside in order to care for their babies and the nutrients and energy they need to rebuild are forgotten. This puts a mother at greater risk for illness because her immune system is weak. So when germs enter the home (as is common with babies in day care or preschoolers), mom is more likely to get sick.

To top it off, sleep deprivation that is so common in early motherhood further weakens the immune system and can contribute to postpartum depression and other mental and emotional issues. That’s not to mention that lack of energy and feeling exhausted all of the time makes caring for a new baby very very difficult.

When a mother ignores symptoms because she is focused on her children, not only is she continuing to feel poorly and not be the best mom she can be, but she’s also at risk of the problem becoming more serious. Plus, she’s setting a bad example for her children.

In all of the tasks of mothering, work, household chores and other life responsibilities, moms are not prioritizing their health by visiting doctors for regular check-ups. They are also not exercising, eating nutritiously, finding ways to relax and spending time doing things they enjoy as much as they should. And when this happens, sadly, it’s not only moms who suffer; It’s children too, the very people that moms are trying to protect by ignoring their own health needs.

A healthy mom realizes that the cycle of health and well-being for her family starts with her. That’s why prioritizing your health is so important this year. When you have a health concern, address it. If you need a mental break, take it. When you need more sleep, sleep. Eat when you’re hungry. Work out your stress with exercise.

It sounds simple, but we know finding the time for all of this is hard. However, if we said it’s in the best interest of your children, you’d do it. So next time you can’t find the time for your own needs, think about how it directly affects your children. Then we know you’ll see the value.

Cheers to being a healthy mom this year!

Sources: Parents and Huffington Post


The Truth About Baby Fever

If the sight, smell or sound of a sweet baby nearby makes you crave one of your own, you might have what’s commonly known as baby fever. While it may seem like a silly itch, researchers connect several factors that increase baby fever in both men and women.

The Latest Research on Baby Fever

The primary study on this topic was done by husband and wife team Sandra and Gary Brase out of the Kansas State University and was published in the journal Emotion, a publication from the American Psychological Association. Based on questionnaires completed first by college students and later by a larger, broader set of subjects researchers concluded that baby fever does indeed exist as an emotional condition.

The Truth About Baby FeverThe most crucial factor in baby fever is a person’s positive or negative experiences with babies. Those who have been around sweet, pleasant, happy babies and had an enjoyable experience were more likely to catch baby fever than those who had negative experiences with baby temperaments and the tediousness and responsibility of caring for a baby.

Other factors also came into play such as a person’s financial security, career aspirations, and the thought of losing freedom once a baby arrives. Surprisingly, even women who believe in traditional gender roles did not have stronger baby fever than more progressive women.

Baby Fever in Men vs. Women

Although higher in women, baby fever exists in men too. Usually women ranked having a baby on the top of their list of priorities in life while men put sex above having a baby. (Since the two are related, there is certainly a connection.)

Women’s baby fever peaks younger and tends to decrease with age, especially after the reality of having one child. This may relate to a woman’s need to have children when she is physically capable of doing so. The regulatory mechanism known as a woman’s reproductive biological clock may kick in to enhance baby fever. Men’s baby fever increases with age even after having a baby.

Biology vs. Economics

The researchers set out to examine the emotional pull of having a baby. Plus they wanted to determine how that may differ from the biological and economic factors involved. As they point out, biology tells us that we are born to increase our gene pool. Procreating is our main job. On the other hand, economically speaking, having a baby is not a sound idea at all. The return on the investment is not beneficial.

Of course people have been having babies since the dawn of humanity. Somewhere in-between exists the emotional factor and the desire to nurture and love another small being, especially one you’ve created.

Sources: Time, LiveScience and Parenting


What To Do If Your Baby Won’t Latch

What To Do If Your Baby Won’t LatchNewbies and veteran moms alike know that latch is one of the most essential components of successful breastfeeding. Without a great latch, your baby won’t suckle enough breast milk for proper development, not to mention an improper latch may be painful for you and cause engorgement, which is painful itself. If your baby won’t latch, you’re likely to get very frustrated and worried, which doesn’t help matters at all.

Rest assured, many many many moms have gone through this very same issue. We’re here to help with what to do if your baby won’t latch.

Breastfeeding Position

The conditions for proper latch are supported by other factors including your breastfeeding position, both how you position your body and your baby’s body. Make sure you try out different positions to see what is most comfortable for both of you. Breastfeeding position also includes where you place your hands to support your baby and your breasts. You might want to play “Goldilocks” and try different seats or rooms that are most conducive to breastfeeding.


Some babies take several days and some take several weeks to figure out how to breastfeed. Keeping your baby close not only helps regulate her body to adjust to life-after-womb, but it also helps stimulate your milk production. Both of these benefits of skin-to-skin are great steps in developing your breastfeeding relationship. Skin-to-skin also offers the opportunity for breastfeeding whenever your baby is ready.

Exude Calmness

Although only a few days, weeks or months old, your baby is keenly perceptive of your changing attitude. When you get frustrated that your baby won’t latch, it only makes the situation worse and your baby may begin to get upset as well. Keep your cool, maintain a positive attitude, and know that you will work through the issue.

Express A Little Milk

Breastfeeding is instinctual but sometimes babies need a little coaxing to get them started. Before trying to latch, express a little colostrum or milk so your baby can smell and taste it as she tries to latch. Perhaps that morsel will motivate her to work for more.

Stimulate Your Baby

Especially with newborns, it’s often a stronger desire to sleep than eat which causes babies not to latch. Stimulate your baby with a cool wash cloth, bright lights, and a noisy environment to keep her awake. It can also be helpful to undress your baby to her diaper during feedings, which promotes skin-to-skin contact as well.

Monitor Your Baby

Over-hungry and over-tired babies are less likely to latch. Study her cues to determine the first signs of hunger and try feeding your baby then. Signs of hunger include rooting, smacking lips or sucking on fingers. If you’re not sure about hunger cues quite yet, err on feeding your baby frequently to ensure she has plenty of opportunity for nourishment and practice. Remember, the best way to know if your baby is eating properly is if she has an adequate number of wet and dirty diapers and she is gaining weight so monitor these factors as well.

Pump If Necessary

Whether or not your baby feeds from the breast or from a spoon, syringe or bottle, breast milk is the best first food choice for her body. If your baby won’t latch after several days of trying and your milk has come in, take up pumping every two to three hours. This will ensure your milk supply remains strong when your baby is ready to latch.

Have Your Baby Checked

Sometimes latch issues are caused by a lip tie, tongue tie, cleft pallet or other oral, sensory or neurological problems. Some of these can be easily addressed with quick procedures.

Have Your Breasts Checked

Flat or inverted nipples can make latching a challenge. Should either or both of your nipples be deemed flat or inverted, you may be able to pinch them to protrude outwards during feedings, or you may want to pump for a few minutes prior to feeding to get your nipples to stand erect. Using a nipple shied may help as well, even if only for a short time.

Visit a Lactation Consultant

Self-diagnosing why your baby won’t latch can be tough, especially for first time moms. Visit a lactation consultant as quickly as possible if you are having trouble. Lactation consultants can point out ways to improve positioning, milk supply and baby care practices that support breastfeeding, and they can also diagnose lip and tongue ties and nipple problems.

Sources: Bundoo, Breastfeeding Basics and Family Education

4 Nursing Bras to Start Off your New Year

Happy New Year, mamas! Whether you’re expecting your new bundle of joy in 2018 or you’re already enjoying motherhood, having the right nursing bras can start off your New Year on the right note.

Your nursing bras support your breastfeeding journey in every way imaginable. It’s no secret that nursing bras literally support your breasts, which is more important than ever as they may become larger and heavier during breastfeeding. Your nursing bras also support your upmost comfort to help you feel good as you transition into motherhood. And of course nursing bras offer easy breastfeeding access either from one-handed nursing clasps, slide-over cups or front-closure styles.

At Leading Lady we believe nursing bras support your lifestyle too. As you look ahead and envision yourself in the New Year, what will you be doing? Each of the occasions you imagine for yourself needs a nursing bra to support you throughout the year.

4 Nursing Bras to Start Off your New YearWe bet you’ll be lounging and cuddling with your baby quite a bit. That’s why our collection of sleep and leisure bras are absolutely dreamy for new moms. With front closures so you never have to lie on uncomfortable clasps, these styles stretch to your new mom heart’s content. Soft breathable fabrics have just the combination of support and give so your breasts are gently cradled during leisure activities and sleep. And comfort is the name of the game when you’re spending your days nursing and caring for your new baby.

In the New Year you’ll be getting out and about with your baby. At first you’ll be bundled in winter clothes and eventually you’ll welcome the 4 Nursing Bras to Start Off your New Yearwarmer weather of spring and summer. Outings with your little one may mean you’ll be breastfeeding on-the-go. With a nursing t shirt bra or a nursing tank top, you’ll be ready anywhere at any time your baby needs to eat.

Our line of nursing t shirt bras are made to meet every need of a new mom. We know you need support and lift when you’re out-and-about and you’ll want comfort to keep you going. Our nursing t shirt bras feature soft fabrics, naturally rounded cups, and adjustable bands and straps to ensure you’re getting the fit, comfort and support you deserve. Plus many of our styles feature slimming side and back zones 4 Nursing Bras to Start Off your New Yearso you’ll feel great about the way you look too.

Leading Lady nursing tank tops are the perfect layering piece all year long. Under winter sweaters, spring dresses, solo in summer and beneath fall blazers, you will be chic and ready to nurse in any season wearing a nursing tank top. We know this is the go-to wardrobe essential for new moms so we offer a variety of styles and colors to flatter your figure. And don’t forget: nursing tank tops make fantastic sleepwear as well!

4 Nursing Bras to Start Off your New YearLast but certainly not least we hope you see yourself doing fabulous and fun things this year that call for special occasion nursing bras. You know the type; they make you feel on top of the world because they scream, “I am beautiful!” With lace details and sweet and sexy style features, we bet you’ll find every day is a special occasion enough to wear these gorgeous nursing bras.

Go ahead, mamas! Start your new year off right with these four types of nursing bras. We wish you all things wonderful in 2018!


What is a Nursing Vacation?

What is a Nursing Vacation?As a new mom you may feel you need a vacation, but a nursing vacation is not that kind of trip. A nursing vacation is a 36-48 hour period where you and your baby snuggle in for some serious skin-to-skin and breastfeeding time around the clock. There are tremendous benefits to taking a nursing vacation and we’re sharing them today.

Sync Up

Nursing vacations are an excellent practice to start when your baby is a newborn. Her tiny little body is not yet ready to handle the great big world she’s recently entered and she needs your support in more ways than you can imagine.

Skin-to-skin contact and being wrapped in your warmth makes your baby feel at home and at ease, like she was in the womb. She can hear and feel the faint sounds of your heartbeat and she’s encompassed by your familiar sent. Of course the unique odor of your breast milk also entices her to want to eat.

While these may seem like emotional comforts, they are also helping your baby’s body regulate by stabilizing her temperature and heartbeat. Plus, breast milk nourishes her body in every way so she can grow and develop.

Learn Your Baby

Your baby is constantly giving you cues about what she needs but deciphering her code may be rather difficult at first. After spending significant time with your baby, you will learn to read her like a book. A nursing vacation can kick-start this soulful connection and help you quickly pick up on your baby’s signals for hunger, tiredness, pain and need for affection.

Increase Your Milk Supply

When new moms feel their milk supply is low, experts recommend a nursing vacation to boost breast milk production. The consistent skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding on demand should stimulate greater production. Whenever you feel your milk supply is low, try ramping up the together time and breastfeeding more often. Stimulation plus frequent feedings are the best way to increase milk supply.

Rest and Relax

It’s utterly exhausting being a new mom. During a nursing vacation you can solicit help so your other responsibilities are not an issue. You and your little one can lay in bed for much needed rest and relaxation. This is especially helpful after a stressful birth or after a major event, say, the holidays. When you’re not singing and caressing your baby or breastfeeding, you can both sleep, rest and rejuvenate together.

Stay Safe and Healthy

Particularly in winter, it’s awesome to plan a nursing vacation to keep yourself and your baby safe, warm and away from nasty germs. Your baby’s immune system is immature and weak but skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding boosts her immunity. While you’re giving her antibodies and staying away from potentially harmful microbes, you are also reaping some terrific health benefits too.

We hope you enjoy each nursing vacation on your journey through motherhood!

Sources: Breastfeeding Problems, Bundoo and KellyMom


Last Minute Tips for Keeping your Family Happy for the Holidays

Last Minute Tips for Keeping your Family Happy for the HolidaysAll the plans and preparations for your holiday season are about to unfold. The excitement is building and everyone is looking forward to gathering for family, friendship, love and joy. Don’t let a few hiccups get in your way of a bright and festive holiday. We’re sharing tips for keeping your family happy for the holidays so you all have your best yet:

Simplicity is Bliss

Especially with little ones around, the old anagram KISS – keep it simple silly – is the way to go. Elaborate décor and slaving for days over just one meal is lost on kids most of the time. Instead, simplify your holiday plans to ensure you are able to spend your time where it counts…with your family. This may entail delegating, crossing off entire sections of your to-do list or menu, or just taking a few short-cuts.

Good Enough is the New Perfect

Along the same lines as simplicity is dropping the perfect act. No one is buying it anyways. Perfect doesn’t exist so don’t make unrealistic expectations for yourself and others. Kids will be kids, adults will be adults. If you lower the bar, you’ll likely be able to relax and enjoy your holiday festivities much more.

Be Mindful of Meaning

Whether your holiday is simply about being together and cherishing love, or if you celebrating religiously and remembering greatness from the past, participate in the holidays in ways that bring you true meaning. After all, that’s what this season is all about. Keeping your eye on this goal can also help you stress less and love more.

Fun is Only Fun if it’s Fun

If going to the Nutcracker makes you want to take a nap or if caroling is your own personal torture, don’t do it! Checking off boxes of what is supposed to be fun during the holidays is not necessarily going to ensure your family has fun. Do what your family finds fun even if that’s having a picnic on the ground under a sheets-and-blankets fort using only flashlights to see. Quality fun beats the checklist every time.

Root Yourself in Tradition

Family holiday traditions are a special way for everyone to celebrate. Not only will you have memories of past holiday traditions, they are something your entire family can look forward to year-after-year. Family holiday traditions can be super easy like creating handprint ornaments or making holiday wishes on stars.

Dig Deep

When schedules are off and you’re running from place-to-place to get it all done, everyone’s patience can wear thin. The last thing you want to do is take your stress out on your family, especially your little ones. Dig deep to find extra patience and compassion during the holiday season. And if someone breaks the rules a little, perhaps you can let it slide in the name of keeping your family happy for the holidays.

A Guide to Breastfeeding on a Plane

A Guide to Breastfeeding on a PlaneTraveling by plane over the holidays often gets new moms in a tizzy. What if your baby cries the entire time? What if she refuses to nurse? What if you forget something? Sure, any of these things could happen but if you prepare and keep a positive attitude, chances are things will go better than expected. The good news is that breastfeeding on a plane is probably easier than you think and may actually help resolve some of your fears. Let’s take a look…

Know Your Rights

Most airlines have a welcoming breastfeeding policy whether you do it openly or discreetly. So start off by knowing that breastfeeding on a plane is your right. When your baby needs to eat, you should breastfeed and not think twice about it. Should you have any problems, ask to speak to the head flight attendant.

Dress for Success

Dress comfortably and for easy breastfeeding access so you can get to the task with minimal effort. A nursing bra with easy one-handed clasps and a button down blouse is a great choice. Or try a nursing tank top that you can layer under just about anything.

If you are concerned about looky-loos, a nursing cover is a simple solution. Our stylish nursing cover doubles as a fashion scarf so you can wear it around your neck until you’re ready to breastfeed.

Take-off and Landing

One of the biggest concerns for new moms is the changing air pressure in the cabin, especially during take off and landing. We know to yawn, pinch and blow out through our noses or chew gum to relieve the pressure. You can help your baby do the same by breastfeeding during take-off and landing. The sucking and swallowing motion will help protect her delicate ears. Plus, both of these times are the loudest portion of the flight so a little extra comfort and closeness will help your baby feel at ease.

On-Board Supplies

Luckily you can pack light for breastfeeding on a plane. If you’re used to having a pillow for your baby during breastfeeding, use a neck pillow you may be bringing anyways or ask for an airline pillow. Be sure to have a burp cloth handy, as well as nursing pads, if necessary. Of course you’ll want a few engaging toys to distract your baby in flight, diapers and wipes, and possibly a change of clothes for emergencies.

Selecting Your Seat

It’s tempting to select a window seat to be inconspicuous while breastfeeding on a plane. Unless your baby is very small, an aisle seat will give you more space. Think about your baby’s legs and your arms that may need to dangle into the aisle. If you’re traveling with a companion, having him or her in the middle seat is great so your baby can spill in that direction when feeding on the opposite breast. Babies under two do not need their own seats or airline tickets but if you want the extra space you can certainly purchase one.

Other In-Flight Breastfeeding Tips

Once the fasten seat belt sign is off, ask the flight crew if you may breastfeed in the gallery if you feel your baby needs a change of scenery or wants to be rocked or bounced. Respect their rules, however.

Consider wearing your baby for sleep times. A cradle sling will keep your baby close, warm and sheltered from light. Be sure your baby can breathe comfortably in this position.

Try to select the shortest and most direct flight to your destination. It may cost more but your sanity and your baby’s happiness is priceless, right?

Wear your best smile. It’s not easy traveling with an infant but do your best to stay positive. If someone hassles you about breastfeeding on a plane, gives you dirty looks or asks you personal questions, try not to cause a scene. Rather, smile and nod and feel great about the wonderful gift you’re giving your baby.

Sources: PhD in Parenting and Walking on Travels


The Shocking Ways Breastfeeding Helps you Cope with Holiday Stress

The Shocking Ways Breastfeeding Helps you Cope with Holiday StressAs joyful and wondrous as it is, there’s no doubt that the holiday season also introduces new stress. Holiday gatherings, finding just the right gifts for each person, extra cooking and finding meaningful ways to celebrate are only a few of the stressors during this “magical” time of year. When you’re a new mom, the pressure may be even greater. But we’re here to illuminate the shocking ways breastfeeding helps you cope with holiday stress for a more peaceful, enjoyable season.

Your to-do list is growing but you’re trying to keep your eye on the biggest priority, the new bundle of joy in your life. Taking care of this precious little being is hard work and will take up most of your time. This is perhaps leaving you stressed and anxious about the holiday season ahead. Luckily one amazing way to relax and reduce stress is an activity you do with your baby many times a day: breastfeeding.

Oxytocin and Prolactin: Breastfeeding and Stress Relief Hormones

Breastfeeding is chock full of benefits for new moms. Among them is stress relief. Beyond the fact that human touch is a basic need every person craves – yes, both you and your baby – breast milk is produced from two incredible hormones that help you relax, oxytocin and prolactin.

During pregnancy the brain increases oxytocin receptors so when the hormone kicks in during labor and breastfeeding your body is highly responsive to it. Oxytocin helps create let-downs that push breast milk to the nipple during feedings. It also aids in making breastfeeding and motherhood feel more natural by reorganizing nerves. It’s the body’s way of connecting you to your baby, especially through each other’s odor.

Oxytocin is known to produce feelings of tranquility for both babies and mothers. It can be stimulated whenever you touch your baby but increases by frequent skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding.

Prolactin is another hormone involved in breast milk production. It’s also a hormone that makes you drowsy, which is why you may feel sleepy during or after breastfeeding. Prolactin contributes to maternal instincts and care-giving behaviors. Interestingly, in non-parents prolactin may cause stress but in parents it helps you become more protective and nurturing.

Breastfeeding and Coping with Holiday Stress

Based on the phenomenal and unique ways oxytocin and prolactin support new moms, you can see that the more you breastfeed and cuddle your baby, the more feelings of calmness and well-being you can achieve. Plus, the ways your brain began reorganizing during pregnancy continue to develop so you’ll have keen maternal instincts to be a better and more confident mom.

Studies show breastfeeding moms experience less postpartum depression and anxiety, thanks to oxytocin and prolactin. While the holidays may add to your plate, your initial stress levels will be lower. With the added benefit that breastfeeding helps you cope with holiday stress, you may actually be better off than previous years.

Of course we can’t forget the joy that celebrating holidays with your new baby brings. Experiencing many firsts and sharing traditions may itself help elevate your mood and reduce stress.

It’s important for new moms to remember a few things during the holiday season. Perfection is unattainable so aim for happiness instead. Low key is a great way to celebrate your first holiday season with a new baby. Also, take care of yourself by eating a nutritious diet, sleeping as much as possible and getting a little exercise when you can.

A final thought: If your holiday festivities start getting stressful, take a breastfeeding time out. Excuse yourself from the chaos and slip into a more peaceful state in a quiet, comfortable breastfeeding spot where you and your baby can relax, replenish and rediscover the cheer of the holiday season.

Sources: Breastfeeding Problems and Baby Reference


Breast Milk Donation: Holiday Giving

Breast Milk Donation: Holiday GivingCharitable giving peaks during the holiday season as many of us strive to do our part to help others. New moms have a unique opportunity to donate something life-saving to babies: their breast milk. Although it may seem like a strange way to give back during the holidays, breast milk donation is exactly what many babies across the nation need for survival and wellbeing, and exactly what you have to offer at this golden time in your life.

Breast milk donation is on the rise as the health benefits and lifelong value of this precious commodity become more and more well-known. Breast milk can save a baby’s life, nurse her to better health and offer her a better future. And when you look at it that way, we can’t think of a better opportunity for holiday giving than breast milk donation.

Three Ways to Support Breast Milk Donation

1)  Donate Breast Milk: Breast milk donation is a gift of a lifetime and if you are nursing you are uniquely qualified to give it. Breast milk banks operate all over the country and you can fairly simply donate your own breast milk to one or more. Before you start collecting milk, contact a few breast milk banks to find out the procedure for breast milk donation. Most require health questionnaires, a blood test and reassurances that you are pumping, handling and storing your breast milk in the most sanitary ways.

It’s most important, however, to ensure you are not putting your own baby at risk to donate breast milk. Donation is best served if you are over-producing breast milk that your baby does not need or if you have stopped giving your own baby breast milk altogether.

2) Donate Financially: Donate money to a breast milk bank to help cover operating costs. If you are deciding where to donate charitable funds this holiday season, consider a breast milk bank that supports the health of babies, many of whom are in critical need of the antibodies and nutrients breast milk has to offer. This is as worthy of a charity as any you may select. Consider holding a fundraiser within your breastfeeding support group, La Leche League or playgroup to donate to breast milk banks.

3) Spread the Word: Breast milk donation may be foreign to some moms but you can spread the word about its benefits to many other babies in your community and beyond. Within your circle of mom friends and in your social media breastfeeding support network, advocate for breast milk donation to moms who may have a plethora of milk to share. Much like the breastfeeding awareness cause, disseminating information about breast milk donation is essential to garner greater participation.

Breast milk is one of the most powerful gifts you can give this holiday season. Not everyone has the circumstances to donate in this way. Take advantage of this unique time in your life when you can help other babies survive and thrive with the gift of breast milk.

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baby sleep
baby sleep issues
baby sleep schedule
baby sleep training
baby talk
baby Thanksgiving
baby traits
baby wearing
baby with crossed eyes
baby with tongue-tie
baby-friendly hospitals
baby's birth day
baby's development
baby's diet
baby's first birthday
baby's first cold
baby's first food
baby's first Halloween
baby's first Thanksgiving
baby's first time swimming
baby's gender
baby's runny nose
baby's senses
baby's skin
baby’s ears
Babymoon Destinations
back sleeping during pregnancy
back to school
back to sick germs
bath time routine
beach trip
beach vacation
bedtime routine for baby
being a good patient
belly band
benefit of breastfeeding for moms
benefits of a positive attitude
benefits of babywearing
benefits of breast milk
benefits of breastfeeding
benefits of breastfeeding for mothers
benefits of breatsfeeding
benefits of gratitude
Benefits of Play Dates
benefits of play dates for moms
benefits of skin-to-skin contact
benefits of water birth
best breast pump
best breastfeeding positions
best discipline techniques
best exam plan
best foods for babies
best foods for breastfeeding
best maternity leggings
best maternity nursing bras
best Mothers Day gifts
best music for babies
best nursing bras
best nursing bras for large breasts
Best Nursing Bras for Larger Breasts
best nursing tank
best nursing tanks
best Sexy Nursing Bras
Best Teacher Gifts for the Holidays
best things to eat and drink while breastfeeding
best toys for babies
best way to sleep while pregnant
big sister
birth order
birth order traits
birth plan
birthday party ideas for one year old
birthing and your baby's gut
Birthing Professionals
Black Breastfeeding Week
Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association
bleeding gums
blistering skin
Body Acceptance
body image
bonding with baby
booster car seats
Bottle Feeding
boy names
boy or girl baby
Bra donation
Bra Fit Tips
bras for large breasts
bratty kids
breast cancer
Breast Cancer Awareness
breast cancer awareness month
breast feeding
breast is best
breast milk
Breast Milk and Your Baby’s Gender
breast milk donation
breast milk donor
breast milk movies
Breast Milk Production
breast milk storage
breast pump
breast pump flange
breast pump flanges
breast pumps
Breast Reduction and Breastfeeding
breastfeeding a baby with a cold
Breastfeeding a Baby with a Tongue-Tie
Breastfeeding Advice
breastfeeding after c-section
Breastfeeding and Baby's Brain
breastfeeding and babywearing
Breastfeeding and Bonding with Baby
breastfeeding and burning calories
breastfeeding and co-sleeping
Breastfeeding and Earth Day
Breastfeeding and Exercise
Breastfeeding and Health Care
breastfeeding and healthy eating
breastfeeding and mammograms
breastfeeding and medications
Breastfeeding and Ovulating
Breastfeeding and Pregnancy
breastfeeding and pumping
Breastfeeding and Radiation Exposure
breastfeeding and returning to work
breastfeeding and SIDS
breastfeeding and skin-to-skin
breastfeeding and smell
Breastfeeding and Stress
breastfeeding and the environment
breastfeeding and the working mom
Breastfeeding and the Workplace
breastfeeding and touch
breastfeeding and Valentine's Day
breastfeeding and weight loss
breastfeeding and your baby's gut
Breastfeeding Benefits
breastfeeding benefits for mothers
Breastfeeding Beyond One Year
breastfeeding body cleanse
breastfeeding challenges
Breastfeeding Classes
breastfeeding diet
breastfeeding diet restrictions
Breastfeeding During the Holidays
Breastfeeding Education
Breastfeeding for the Health & Well-Being of Babies and Mothers
Breastfeeding Glossary
breastfeeding good for moms
breastfeeding help
Breastfeeding in Public
breastfeeding in sling
breastfeeding in the first 28 days
breastfeeding issues
breastfeeding latch
breastfeeding latch tips
breastfeeding laws
breastfeeding makes you hungry
breastfeeding makes you thirsty
Breastfeeding May Reduce Risk of Endometriosis
breastfeeding news
breastfeeding on a plane
breastfeeding on Valentine's Day
Breastfeeding Policy
breastfeeding positions
breastfeeding positions lying down
breastfeeding problems
Breastfeeding Promotes Healthy Eating Habits
breastfeeding pumping
Breastfeeding Registry
breastfeeding struggles
breastfeeding success
breastfeeding success story
breastfeeding supplies
Breastfeeding Support
Breastfeeding Support Groups
Breastfeeding Support in Hospitals
breastfeeding support organizations
breastfeeding tax deductions
Breastfeeding Tips
breastfeeding tops
breastfeeding twins
Breastfeeding with Inverted Nipples
breathable nursing bra
breathing techniques during pregnancy
bug spray
bump style
caesarean section
can dads have postpartum depression
can pregnant women eat shrimp
car accident while pregnant
car activities for kids
car safety during pregnancy
Car Seats for Every Age
Carotenemia in Babies
causes of preterm labor
celebrate baby's first Thanksgiving
Celebrate Mother's Day
celebrate Valentine's Day with your kids
Celebrating New Years with Kids
celebrating with kids
Celebrity Babies
celebrity pregnancies
characteristics of children based on birth order
child development
child proofing
childhood development
childhood obesity
children and dry drowning
Children's Play
Chris Hemsworth
Christian Bale
Christmas crafts
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve activities
Christopher Nolan
chubby babies
cleaning car
clogged milk duct
cloth diapers
Cluster Feeding
cold weather activities
colicky baby
colostrum benefits
comfort nursing bras
Comfortable Bras
comfortable nursing bras
Comforting Thoughts for New Moms on Valentine’s Day
common poisons
common pregnancy questions
compression tights
confident children
confident kids
cooking with kids this Thanksgiving
Cool Fit Nursing Bra
Coping with Sleep Deprivation
cord blood banking
corn maze
cosmetics during pregnancy
cotton nursing bra
cotton nursing bras
cradle cap
craft ideas for the holidays
crafts for kids
Crawling and Sleep
Creative Kids Ornaments
crib safety
cross eyed baby
crossed eyes
Crossing the Midline
crossover nursing bra
Cute Babies
cute maternity clothes
dad and baby bonding
dads and babies
dads with depression
Danah Bordner
dangers of smoking during pregnancy
dangers of smoking while breastfeeding
dates for new moms
deciding to have a second child
Decisions You Have to Make on your Baby’s Birth Day
decrease a baby's risk of SIDS
dental health
depression and weaning
detox while breastfeeding
developing baby's senses
development of hearing
developmental milestones
diaper bag
diaper bags
diaper change
diaper tips
Diapering Tips
dietary restrictions
dieting while breastfeeding
different ways to praise a child
digital media
digital media for kids
disadvantages of being left handed
discipline tactics that work
DIY baby Halloween costumes
DIY holiday ornaments
do kids need supplements
does my baby need therapy
dogs and kids
donate breast milk
donating toys
Doutzen Kroes
dream feeding
Drew Barrymore
drinking while pregnant
dropping naps
dry drowning
dry skin
Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex
ear infection
ear wax buildup
early childhood
early detection and breast cancer
Earth Day
Earth-Friendly Baby Care
Earth-Friendly Halloween Decorations
easy Halloween costumes
easy Thanksgiving crafts
eating fish during pregnancy
Eating Fish During Pregnancy and While Breastfeeding
eating fish while breastfeeding
eating healthy during Halloween
Eating your Placenta
eco-friendly baby care
economics of breastfeeding
Elie Saab
Elsa Pataky
Emily blunt
emotions behind weaning
entitled children
establishing a bedtime routine
exercise and breastfeeding
exercise during pregnancy
exercise with baby
Extended Breastfeeding
factors that influence Length of Labor
facts about breast cancer
facts about Valentine's Day
fall activities
fall nursing bras
fall treats
fall wardrobe
family beach vacation
family bed
family dinners
family dinners with a baby
family escape plan
family Halloween costumes
family holiday card
family photos
family physician
Family Planning
family planning trends
family road trip
Family Road Trip Hacks
family size
family vacation
fashion bags
Fashion Bags for Moms
Father's Day
Father's Day gift
Father's Day gift ideas
Father's Day gifts
feeding your baby
Fertility Calendar
festive holiday home
fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
fetal alcohol syndrome
fighting in front of kids
fighting in front of your kids
finger foods
finger foods for babies
finger foods for toddlers
fire safety for babies
fire safety for toddlers
fire safety in your home
fire safety tips
first birthday party
First Birthday Party Ideas
fish oil
fish recommendations for breastfeeding
flanges breast pump
flat nipples
flower crafts
Flower Crafts for Mother’s Day
flu shot during pregnancy
Flying While Pregnant
flying with baby
fold-down nursing bra
food allergies
food and drug administration
food poisoning
food poisoning while breastfeeding
food poisoning while pregnant
food waste
food waste with kids
foods to avoid during pregnancy
Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding
formal maternity dresses
Fostering Positive Body Image
fostering sibling relationships
free breast pump
free family activities
free family fun
front closure nursing bra
Fun family activities on Christmas Eve
funny facts about breastfeeding
funny moments in parenting
funny things that happen during pregnancy
Fussy Baby
Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones HBO
Games for Siblings and Babies
gender neutral colors
gender neutral names
gender neutral nursery
gender neutral parenting
Gender Prediction
get organized
Getting Pregnant
getting ready for baby
getting rid of toys
Gift Ideas
gifts for mom
gifts moms want
girl baby vs. boy baby
girl names
girl or boy baby
give thanks for kids
giving back
giving back during holidays
good luck in the New Year
goodbye routines
grandparent relationships
grandparents and grandchildren
guidelines for successful playdates
hair during pregnancy
hair loss after pregnancy
hair loss during pregnancy
hair tourniquet
hair tourniquet syndrome
Halloween activities
Halloween activities for babies
Halloween costume ideas
Halloween costumes
Halloween Decorations
Halloween eating tips
Halloween masks
Halloween tips
Halloween treats
hand foot and mouth
hand foot and mouth disease
handbags for moms
handling tantrums
handprint crafts
hands on pumping
happy baby
happy family
happy kids
Happy Thanksgiving
harness car seats
Healing Powers of Breast Milk
health benefits of breastfeeding
healthcare for babies
healthcare for children
healthy babies
healthy benefits of breastfeeding
Healthy Breakfasts
healthy diet
Healthy Eating
healthy eating habits
healthy families
healthy family habits
healthy Halloween
healthy lifestyle
healthy mom
healthy parenting
healthy snack tricks for kids
healthy snacks
healthy snacks for kids
healthy tips
hearing loss
Heart disease
heart health
heart health and your baby
heart healthy diet
heart healthy family
heart healthy lifestyle
Hilarious Pregnancy Moments
hind milk
history of Valentine's Day
holiday craft ornaments
Holiday Crafts
holiday crafts for kids
holiday crats
holiday gifts for caregivers
holiday gifts for teachers
holiday handprint crafts
holiday photos
holiday schedule
holiday spirit
holiday stress
holiday traditions
holidays with baby
home decor for holidays
home remedies for babies
homemade bug spray
homemade flowers
homemade gifts
homemade insect repellent
homemade Mothers Day gift ideas
homemade Mothers Day gifts
honey and botulism
honey for babies
Hospital Bag Checklist
hospitals and breastfeeding
How Baby Traits Influence Personality
how breast milk changes
how breastfeeding benefits moms
how breastfeeding makes you smarter
how different animals breastfeed
How Learning to Crawl Affects a Baby’s Sleep
how many calories does breastfeeding burn
how many calories should I eat while breastfeeding
How Motherhood Makes You Smarter
how to avoid dry drowning
How to Avoid Food Waste with Kids
how to avoid poisoning
How to Avoid Raising Entitled Children
how to avoid reflux
how to baby proof
how to be a good patient
how to be earth-friendly with a baby
how to be sexy while breastfeeding
how to breastfeed
how to clean baby ears
how to clean up play room
how to clean your baby’s ears
how to diaper a baby
how to discipline a baby
how to discipline a child
How to Donate Breast Milk
how to dream feed
how to ease baby into swimming
how to engage your baby with toys
how to establish a bedtime routine
how to fall asleep
how to fall asleep fast
How to Foster Long Distance Relationships with Grandparents
how to get a free breast pump
how to get baby to sleep longer
how to get help while breastfeeding
how to get kids to drink water
how to get kids to eat healthy
how to get rid of cradle cap
how to get rid of stretch marks
how to go to sleep
how to handle thumb sucking
how to have good luck
how to have healthy family habits
how to help a left handed child
how to hire a nanny
how to hold baby while nursing
how to improve baby's hearing
how to increase milk supply
how to keep car clean
How to Keep Your Babysitter Happy
how to latch your baby
How to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding
how to manage pain during labor
How to Maximize Skin-to-Skin Contact with Baby
how to potty train
how to prepare for breastfeeding
how to prepare for your week
how to prevent baby from getting sick
how to raise happy kids
how to say goodbye to a child
How to Select a Pediatrician
how to shop for nursing bras
how to sleep better
how to sleep train a baby
How to Stay Calm during a Child’s Tantrum
how to stop breastfeeding
how to stop breastfeeding at night
how to support a friend with breast cancer
how to take great family pictures
how to tell if baby is overweight
how to tell if your baby is a boy or girl
how to tell older kids mom is pregnant
How Your Body Prepares for Breastfeeding during Pregnancy
humor in parenting
Hurricane Relief
Hurricane Relief Donation
Hypoglycemia in Newborns
I am Totally Pregnant App
immune system
importance of play dates
Improved Healthcare for Children
In the Media
increase milk supply
indoor activities for babies
infant directed speech
infant safety
infant sleep
introducing solids
inverted nipples
is it safe to drink alcohol while breastfeeding?
items to avoid used
Jason Goldberg
Jason Wu
john krasinski
juggling a newborn and a toddler
July 4th
July 4th Desserts
Just for Fun
juvenile diabetes
juvenile diabetes and babies
keep my car clean
keeping baby well
Keeping Secrets
Kerry Washington
kid-friendly Thanksgiving
kids activities for the weekend
kids and dehydration
kids and Halloween
kids and juice
kids and secrets
kids and sleep
kids at play
kids can help make Thanksgiving dinner
kids crafts
kids drink water
Kids New Year
kids view of marriage
Kraft Nabisco tournament
Kristen Cavallari
La Leche League
labor & delivery
labor and delivery
Labor Day
Labor Day Activities for Kids
labor pain
Labor Pain Management Techniques
lack of sleep
Lactation Consultant
lactation products
language development
Last Minute Reminders for Thanksgiving
last minute Thanksgiving crafts
Latching On
laura silverman
Leading Lady nursing bras
leaf rubbing
leaking breast milk
leaking breasts
leaking nipples
leaving your baby for the first time
leaving your job
left handed children
Length of Labor
limit juice for kids
Limiting Screen Time for Kids and Parents
liquid gold
little one
long distance grandparents
Losing Baby Weight
Losing Weight After Pregnancy
LPGA tour
Lucky to be a Mom
Luxe Body Lace Nursing Bra
make breastfeeding easier
makeup during pregnancy
making mom friends
mammals and breastfeeding
mammals and lactation
mammogram while breastfeeding
managing tantrums
marriage and parenting
maternity belt
maternity bras
maternity cami
maternity clothes
maternity dress
maternity dresses
maternity fashion
maternity jeggings
maternity layering tank top
maternity leggings
Maternity Nursing Bras
maternity support leggings
maternity top
maternity wardrobe
meal prep
media portrayal of pregnancy
medicine safe for babies
men and babies
men with babies are sexier
mental health during pregnancy
mercury in fish
mercury levels in fish
midwife vs. doula
Mila Kunis
milk movie
Milk Supply
modeling healthy marriage
molded seamless wirefree nursing bra
mom friends
mom is pregnant
mom judging
moms judging moms
most poisonous substances for babies
Mother's Day
Mother's Day crafts
Mother’s Day Changes Throughout Your Life
Mothers Day gift ideas
Mothers Day gifts
Mothers Day ideas
Motivational Breastfeeding Thoughts
multivitamin for kids
multivitamins for kids
music and babies
my baby has colic
my baby is turning orange
nameberry baby names
nameberry unusual names
Nanny vs. Daycare
National Breastfeeding Month
National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month
National Heart Month
natural baby care
natural childbirth
natural home remedies
Natural Home Remedies for Babies
natural insect repellent
Natural Remedies for a Clogged Milk Duct
navigating sleep transitions
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
never throw away old clothes
new baby
New Breastfeeding Research
new mom
new mom sleep deprivation
new moms
New Moms on Valentine's Day
new parents
New Play Spaces in Your Home
New Year's superstitions
New Year's traditions
New Years
New Years Resolutions
New Years with Kids
newborn photography
night weaning
nighttime breastfeeding
nighttime weaning
Nipple Confusion
nipple pain
nipple pumping
Nipple Soreness
no carve pumpkin
no carve pumpkin ideas
Non Candy Halloween Treats
Normalize Breastfeeding
number of kids per family
nursing athleisure bra
nursing attire
nursing bra
nursing bra donation
nursing bra donations
nursing bra for sensitive skin
nursing bra styles
Nursing Bras
nursing cami
nursing camis
nursing cover
Nursing Fashion
nursing layering tank tops
Nursing Mom's Lifestyle
Nursing Positions
nursing sports bra
Nursing Supplies
nursing tank
nursing tank top
Nursing Tank Tops
nursing tanks
nursing top
nursing tops
nursing vacation
nursing wardrobe
Nurture your Baby’s Sense of Hearing
nutritional supplements
Nutritional Supplements for Kids
occupational therapy
Old Wives Tale Gender Prediction
Olivia Wilde
omega 3
omega 3 fatty acids
opportunities to read to your baby
oral bacteria during pregnancy
oral thrush
orange baby
organizational tips
Organizations that Support Mothers
organizing car
origin of Valentine's Day
Oscar awards
Outdoor safety
Ovarian Cancer Awareness
overweight baby
Own Your Parenting
Parental Guidance
parenting and exercise
parenting and health
parenting styles
parenting to your child
Paternal Instinct
patriotic crafts
patriotic crafts for kids
Patriotic Crafts for the 4th of July
patriotic crafts for toddlers
patriotic desserts
Paula Garces
PCOS and fertility
peanut allergies
peanut allergy
peanut allergy symptoms
pediatrician for newborn
peeling skin
perinatal mental health
photos with babies
photos with children
physical therapy
placental abruption
Plan Your Own Mother’s Day
play dates
play room
play spaces
playground recommendations for babies
plus size nursing tank tops
PMS during pregnancy
poison control
poison deaths in babies
poison prevention
poisons for babies
polka dot maternity clothes
polycystic ovarian syndrome
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Pregnancy
positive discipline
Positive Discipline Techniques
positive effect of smiling
positive parenting
post-partum depression
postpartum body image
postpartum care
postpartum depression
Postpartum Depression in Dads
postpartum hair loss
postpartum smoking
potty training
praise for children
pre potty training tips
pre-pregnancy body
pre-pregnancy weight
precautions for babies while playing outside
pregnancy and older siblings
pregnancy announcement
pregnancy apps
pregnancy belly support
Pregnancy Calendar
pregnancy changes
pregnancy concerns
pregnancy cravings
pregnancy diet
Pregnancy Discrimination
pregnancy edema
Pregnancy Edema or Pregnancy Swelling
pregnancy exercise
pregnancy fashion
pregnancy gingivitis
pregnancy health
pregnancy hormones
Pregnancy in the work place
pregnancy leggings
Pregnancy Myths
pregnancy nipples
pregnancy PMS
pregnancy rules
pregnancy sleep
Pregnancy Stretch Marks
pregnancy swelling
pregnancy symptoms
pregnancy tips
pregnancy workouts
Pregnant Belly
pregnant celebrities
pregnant women
Prenatal Dental Care
prenatal yoga
Prenatal Yoga vs. Regular Yoga
prepare for your week
Prepare for Your Week on Sundays
preparing for a second baby
Preparing for baby
preparing for childbirth
preparing older children for the arrival of a new baby
Preparing to be a Stay at Home Mom
Preparing to Breastfeed
Pretend Breastfeeding
preterm birth
preterm labor
probiotics for kids
products that promote lactation
proper latch
protect your baby
public breastfeeding
pumping at work
pumping breast milk
pumpkin activities for babies
pumpkin dishes
pumpkin latte
pumpkin lattes
pumpkin pie
pumpkin rolls
pumpkin seeds
purpose of umbilical cord
radiation exposure
raising children
Raising Confident Kids
Raising Happy Kids
Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere
read to your baby
reading and smart babies
reading to baby
ready for a second child
reasons to be thankful
reasons to be thankful for your kids
Reasons to Celebrate Back-to-School
red carpet
red carpet dresses
reduce risk of SIDS
refresh your play room
Reminders for your Babysitter
reproductive acupuncture
reproductive health
respect women
Returning to Work
reward charts
Reward Charts for Children
Rh disease
Rh factor
Rh Factor and Pregnancy
Rh negative
Rh positive
Rh status
risk factors for breast cancer
Risk Factors of Preterm Birth
Risk Factors of Preterm Labor
risk of preterm labor
risk of SIDs
risks of water birth
road trip
role of a doula
role of a midwife
Rules for Cleaning out Toys
Rules of Babysitters
rules of playdates
rules of pregnancy
sadness and weaning
safe drugs while breastfeeding
safe medications for breastfeeding
safety guidelines for toys
saving money with kids
saying goodbye
Scarlett Johansson
science behind happy kids
science of motherhood
screen time
screen time for kids
Seamless Cotton Nursing Cami
select a pediatrician
sensory experiences for babies
separation anxiety
sexy new moms
Sexy Nursing Bras
sexy nursing bras for Valentine's Day
Sheryl Sandberg
should i get a nanny
should my baby go to daycare
siblings and babies
siblings and baby
side sleeping during pregnancy
signs of labor
Signs Your Baby is Ready for Solids
simon cowell
Simple 4th of July Desserts
simple holiday desserts
Simple Ways to Make your Home Festive for the Holidays
skin-to-skin contact
sleep and baby
sleep and kids
sleep bras
sleep bras while breastfeeding
sleep deprivation with baby
Sleep Disorders During Pregnancy
sleep during pregnancy
sleep nursing bras
sleep schedule
sleep schedules for kids
sleep tips
sleep training methods
sleep transitions
sleep while your baby sleeps
sleeping and SIDS
sleeping in bed with baby
slimming maternity leggings
smart babies
smart moms
smoking during pregnancy
snobby kids
social development
soft nursing bra
soleil moon frye
solid food
solid food for babies
sound machine
special gifts for dad
speech development
speech therapy
spicy foods
spider veins
spirit of giving
spoil a newborn
Spring Fashion
Spring Fashion for Nursing Moms
Spring Outings
Springtime Workouts with Your Baby
St. Patrick's Day
starting solids
starting solids and breastfeeding
stay at home mom
staying connected
Staying Connected When You’re Away
stop mom judging
Storing Breaskmilk
stretch marks
stylish nursing tank
sucking your thumb
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
sugar on Halloween
Sugar substitutes
summer maternity clothes
summer vacation
Superfoods for Babies
support a friend with breast cancer
support for moms
support mothers
supporting moms supporting babies
supportive maternity leggings
sweet nursing bras
swelling during pregnancy
swimming with baby
swimming with baby in bath
Switch Breasts while Breastfeeding
swollen feet during pregnancy
symptoms of common cold in baby
symptoms of dry drowning
symptoms of pregnancy
taking pictures of baby
talking to babies
talking to your baby
tax deductions for kids
tax return
Tax Savings for Families with Kids
Tdap during pregnancy
Teach babies about heart health
teacher gifts
teaching children about giving back
Teaching Children about Safe and Unsafe Secrets
Teaching Children Compassion
teaching kids about secrets
teaching respect
teeth during pregnancy
Thanksgiving Activities
Thanksgiving attitude
Thanksgiving cooking with kids
Thanksgiving crafts
thanksgiving day parade
Thanksgiving dinner
Thanksgiving gratitutde
Thanksgiving reminders
Thanksgiving table decor
Thanksgiving tips
thanksgiving trivia
Thanksgiving-Themed Sensory Activities for Babies
that 70s show
the benefits of acupuncture
The Benefits of Acupuncture for Fertility and Pregnancy Symptoms
the benefits of breast milk
The Benefits of Breastfeeding for Baby
The Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mom
The Benefits of Music for Babies
The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga
The Benefits of Sleep for Kids
The Best Nursing Bras
The Best Nursing Tank Tops
The Cost of Breastfeeding
the dangers of hair tourniquet
The Ecological Benefits of Breastfeeding
The Economic Advantages of Breastfeeding
The First Response Tracker
The Germiest Places for Your Baby
the golden rule
The History of Breastfeeding
The Importance of Nutrition During Breastfeeding
the importance of reading to your baby
the importance of sleep for kids
The Importance of Vitamin K for Newborns
the Milky Way documentary
the Milky Way movie
the Milky Way: every mother has a story
The Most Common Poisons for Babies
the positive effects of smiling at your baby
The Pregnancy Companion App
The Value of Pretend Breastfeeding
therapy in early childhood
Things to do on Christmas Eve
things to get done before having a baby
things to recycle
thrush in adults
thrush in babies
thrush symptoms
thrush treatment
thumb suckers
thumb sucking
time away from kids
tips for breastfeeding
tips for cleaning out toys
tips for colic relief
tips for diapering a baby
Tips for Family Photos
Tips for Flying with a Baby
tips for handling tantrums
Tips for Keeping Your Family Happy for the Holidays
tips for parents of left handed children
tips for sleep training
Tips for Taking your Baby to the Beach
tips for toy safety
tips to avoid food waste
toddler and newborn
toddler play dates
top things to do during pregnancy
tote bags for moms
toxins in cosmetics
toxins in makeup
toxins that are bad for babies
Toy and Gift Safety Awareness Month
Toy Safety
Toy Safety for a Happy Holiday Season
traditional nutritional supplements for kids
traits that influence personality
transitioning to solids
traveling with baby
treat your babysitter like family
trends in family size
type 1 diabetes
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Ultimate World Breastfeeding Week
umbilical cord
umbilical cord care
unique baby boy names
unique baby girl names
unique baby names
united states
Unusual Signs of Labor
unusual things that happen while breastfeeding
Unusual Things to Recycle
update your play space
used baby items
used car seats
used clothes
used cribs
uterus transplant
vaccines during pregnancy
vaginal birth
Valentine's activities for kids
Valentine's crafts
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day crafts
Valentine's Day crafts for kids
Valentine's Day dates for new moms
Valentine's Day gifts
Valentine's Day nursing bras
Valentine's Day while breastfeeding
Valentine's Day with kids
Valentine’s Day Fun Facts
varicose veins
varicose veins treatment
visiting the doctor
Vitamin K
Vitamin K and blood clotting
water birth
Ways for Dad to Bond with Baby
Ways to Burn Calories with a Baby
Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Thanksgiving
ways to encourage Crossing the Midline
ways to find other new moms
Ways to Get Kids to Drink Water
Ways to Get Rid of Cradle Cap
ways to make your home festive
ways to praise your child
ways to relieve congestion in babies
Ways to Say Goodbye to your Child
ways to sweeten Valentine's Day
Ways to Teach Sons to Respect Women
weaning breastfeeding
weaning from breastfeeding
weird things about breastfeeding
well-balanced diet
what can a baby hear
What Dogs Teach about Love
what is colic
what is colostrum
what is cradle cap
What is Dream Feeding?
what is preterm labor
what is the umbilical cord
what is thrush
What Kids Perceive about Marriage from their Parents
what medications can baby take
what medicines can I take while breastfeeding
what not to buy used
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