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Lucky to be a Mom

Lucky to be a MomHappy St. Patrick’s Day, moms! With kids in your life, you probably often feel lucky to be a mom. Even when things are hard and stressful (as they can certainly be in motherhood), having children opens your eyes to so many new and beautiful experiences in life. Whether you believe in fate, karma, fortune, happy accidents, destiny, divine intervention, nature’s intentions or strategic planning, motherhood is an awe-inspiring role. Today we’ll call it luck, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. And with luck – or whatever you believe it is – comes a whole lot of gratitude for these extraordinary gifts that your kids add to your life.

Curiosity & Thirst for Knowledge

Seeing the world through the eyes of a child is an opportunity to relive youth, innocence and discovery. Whether it’s a baby who is just learning to explore objects, colors and textures, a preschooler whose budding imagination takes you to far away lands, or an older child who is soaking in adventures through science and literature, children possess unwavering curiosity. For better or for worse, adults take much for granted and forget to ask “why” on a continued quest for learning. Your children open your eyes, heart and soul to the newness of knowledge, one of the most important goals of life.

Unconditional Love

Loving a child is different than anyone else you’ve loved in your life, including your parents, best friends and spouse. The unconditional love you have for your child makes the impossible, possible. Nothing is off limits for what you would do for your children and this makes you lucky to be a mom and stronger than you would ever imagine. This strength builds your character, ingenuity and stamina to take on life’s everyday and sometimes out-of-the-ordinary challenges. Motherhood makes you resilient and ready to win out of unconditional love.

Honest & Pure Joy

Sure, you probably miss the freedom of sleeping late or a carefree weekend of doing whatever you want. But have you every felt honest and pure joy like that of being a mom? When your kids are happy and you see pure joy come over your child’s face in the form of a smile, giggle or downright belly laugh, it is the most magical moment on earth. That’s when you feel lucky to be a mom.

Improving the World

As you work hard on parenting – through the joys and triumphs and the challenges and hardships – you are molding an incredible human being. Like nothing you’ve done before, this person will one day do amazing things in the world all on his own. And you’ll know that you had a role in shaping him into someone who makes great contributions. No matter how old your child is – 1, 10 or 50 – you’ll feel lucky to be a mom and proud of all your baby has achieved.

We hope you cherish all the moments you feel lucky to be a mom!

Superfoods for Babies

Superfoods for BabiesBreastfed babies are used to the best nutrition known to babykind. So when you’re looking for healthy options for your baby’s solid food diet, superfoods are the way to go. March is National Nutrition Month so we’re looking at all sorts of ways to continue your baby’s healthy nutritional path. That’s why we’re sharing superfoods for babies.

Superfoods are defined as nutrient-rich foods that are superior for health and wellness. When it comes to superfoods for babies, the options should be easily-digestible and support your baby’s growth and development.  Fresh, delicious and naturally baby-friendly, here are the best superfoods for babies:

Avocados: It’s mostly about the Omega-3s when it comes to Avocados. These essential fatty acids are amazing for your baby’s heart and brain development and they reduce inflammation that can lead to disease.

Sweet Potatoes: Sweet, delicious and full of phyto-nutrients, this orange veggie is among the most nutritious. It’s also packed with Vitamins A and C that help combat free radicals.

Eggs: It can be tough to get your baby to eat protein. Eggs are an excellent choice because they have folate, iron and important vitamins. Plus, they are easy to make and eat.

Beans: Full of fiber and already in bite-size pieces, beans add protein to your baby’s diet. They also have iron, zinc and folate, among other baby-loving nutrients.

Oats: Another high-fiber superfood, oats will keep your baby full and energized. Oats help metabolize food and slow its conversion to simple sugar. Plus it has magnesium to support healthy use of glucose and insulin.

Blueberries: All berries have antioxidants but blueberries are particularly potent in them. Blueberries also help your baby convert carbs and fat into energy for continued growth and development.

Spinach: Leafy greens are so important for your baby and spinach is among the healthiest. With lots of Vitamins C and K, plus iron, potassium, magnesium, lutein and beta-carotene, spinach is great for many organs and helps stave off disease.

Quinoa: Quinoa is a superfood that is a complete protein. The small granules pack in lots of B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium along with many other nutrients. Quinoa has nine essential amino acids crucial for muscle growth.

Winter Squash: Yummy and creamy, winter squashes including acorn, spaghetti and butternut squash contain many immune-boosting nutrients like Vitamins A, B, C and K, as well as folate, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

We hope you and your baby enjoy National Nutrition Month with these superfoods for babies!

Sources: Natural News and Momtastic

Tax Savings for Families with Kids

Tax Savings for Families with KidsIt’s getting to be that time of year when everyone is working on their tax returns for the previous year. With some careful research, you may be able to deduct many expenses for your family and children. Today we’re giving an overview of tax savings for families with kids as a starting point for your research.

Per Child Tax Deduction

There is a standard $1,000 deduction offered per child in your household. This includes children, step-children, foster children, siblings or grandchildren in your care. They must be under 19 years old, or 24 if they are a full-time student. Some lower income families may be eligible for more than the $1,000 standard deduction depending on their income level and number of children.

Childcare Tax Credit

Officially called the child and dependent care credit, this tax break is a real money saver for families where both parents work and children require childcare. Parents can reduce their tax bill by up to $3,000 for a single child or $6,000 for multiple children. Both parents must have an income or be actively looking for work and you must have paid a person or childcare facility for childcare. This tax break applies to children under 12 as well as a spouse or dependent that is unable to care for themselves. Consider filing for the child and dependent care credit if you have a nanny or use daycare, aftercare, or holiday care for your kids. Even summer day camps can apply if you are working during that time.

Medical Deductions

Many families are happy to know they can deduct medical expenses as well. This includes well and sick doctor’s visits, prescription and OTC medications, necessary medical treatments, transportation to health care providers and healthcare premiums. There’s more good news when it comes to breastfeeding: You can deduct the cost of your breast pump and breast pump accessories. Just remember, medical expenses must be itemized so keep a list of these throughout the year.

Education Deductions

Depending on your income level, you may be able to deduct some of your child’s college tuition. The deduction is usually between $2,000 and $4,000 based on education expenses and household income. Additionally, Educational Savings Accounts allow you to invest up to $2,000 tax free as long as the money is used towards college education in the future.

Flexible Spending

Be sure to research your options for flexible spending when it comes to medical and childcare expenses. Some employers allow you to set aside pre-tax funds for these necessities. While you may have to fork over the money earlier than usual, it can save you a significant amount in the long run.

We hope these tips for tax savings for families with kids encourages you to check with the IRS about potential deductions, exemptions and tax credits that apply to your family. They say having kids is expensive but you can do your best to save some money when tax time rolls around.

Sources: TurboTax, and What to Expect



New Play Spaces in Your Home

New Play Spaces in Your HomeAre you and your kids getting bored with the play spaces in your home? As engaging as your play room or kids’ rooms may be, fatigue often sets in when you’re playing in the same space day-in and day-out. Perhaps it’s time for new play spaces in your home. The good news: you don’t have to look far.

When you need to jazz up playtime, try these ideas for new play spaces in your home:

Closets: Secret Spaces

Closets make awesome secret play spaces for little kids. Designating special toys to floor space in a closet may bring new joy to toys once overlooked. For older kids, a closet can be a secret clubhouse or reading nook.  Closets are also great places to play with flashlights. Babies to elementary schoolers alike enjoy watching lights dance across a dark space and making funny hand shadow puppets is also a wonderful closet pastime.

Here’s another closet idea: dress up! Pull out some old clothes you don’t mind your kids wearing and let them have a ball dressing up like mommy and daddy. Be sure to take lots of pictures of whatever fabulous outfits your kids design.

Car: Zoom into Play

We know cars are not toys but under your supervision a parked car that is turned off (keys out of reach) can be a lot of fun for kids. They can pretend to drive and you can show them what all of the gears, buttons and levels do on your dashboard. This is a grand time for imaginative play, such as high-speed car chases, space shuttle missions or exploring new lands. Definitely sit in the car with your kids while they play and participate in the make-believe along with them.

Kitchen: Cook Up Some Fun

If you have a sitter, crawler or toddler, kitchen playtime can be a rockin’ time. Set aside some kitchen items that are safe for your little one to play with, such as pots, plastic bowls, spoons, cups and empty spice bottles. Designate a kids-safe drawer where your children know they can find these items and are free to play whenever they want. They may make a lot of racket but they can be a blast too.

Forts: Creative Construction

The space between your couch and your love seat may not look like much to you but to kids it can make the perfect fort. Pull out some sheets and help your kiddos tuck them into the couches to create a somewhat enclosed area. Drag in some pillows and whatever else the kids want to decorate their fort and you’ll have hours of fun with very little construction required.

Bathtub: Splish, Splash

If your kids just can’t get enough bath time before bed, make it a fun daytime activity.  Bath play time may call for some out of the ordinary toys that differentiate true bath time from playtime. You can even incorporate child-safe bath colors or bath crayons. This is a great activity when it’s too hot or rainy to be at the pool in summer, or during wintertime when the pool isn’t an option.

Get creative with new play spaces in your home to keep playtime interesting and engaging!

How Motherhood Makes you Smarter Part 2

Earlier this week we started our discussion on how motherhood makes you smarter. Based on neuro-scientific research, your brain begins to change during pregnancy to help you develop the skills you need for successful motherhood, such as sharpened senses, improved memory and more empathy. Today we’re taking a look at one specific area of motherhood that makes you smarter and it’s our favorite one to talk about: breastfeeding!

How Motherhood Makes you Smarter First, let’s start with hormones. Oxytocin is an essential hormone required for lactation and is an integral part of a complex web that involves neurotransmission in your brain. It also contributes to feelings of joy and peacefulness, especially as it pertains to bonding with your baby. Research links the relaxation associated with oxytocin to greater capacity for learning and memory. Plus, the unique baby-stimulated process of producing oxytocin for lactation makes new neurochemical pathways that train mothers to respond lovingly to their babies. And it reduces a new mom’s stress response too, which could otherwise lower her mental capacity.

Furthermore, mothers who breastfeed are more likely to be social, perhaps because breastfeeding is such a unifying experience. Even during challenging times, nursing moms tend to lean on other moms for social and emotional support. And guess what? Socialization improves cognition too! The satisfaction of engaging social interactions and friendships boosts your brain, in addition to stimulating conversations you may have while being social.

From an evolutionary perspective breastfeeding is also related to brain size. Two researchers – Robert Barton and Isabella Capellini – studied mammalian brain sizes in correlation to the duration of the maternal investment of the species. Their findings concluded that mammals that spend longer in the gestation and lactation phases of childhood have larger brains and are therefore smarter. Examples include elephants, dolphins, monkeys and, of course, humans.

You’ve certainly heard a lot about how breastfeeding improves your baby’s cognition and studies point to breastfed babies having higher IQ. Part of this is the incredible nutrition found in breast milk, but the other part is about parental attentiveness. As you know, breastfeeding is an intimate relationship that promotes bonding. Learning your baby’s physical and emotional cues is a significant skill that actually helps make you smarter, as well as your baby. As we learned earlier this week, your brain is being hard-wired during pregnancy to sense these cues.

Like other aspects of motherhood, breastfeeding makes you smarter because you are navigating a new skill and a new relationship. You’re learning to read your baby and your own body; your baby requires extreme empathy; you’re managing your time and energy; you’re prioritizing your family’s needs; and you are planning ahead to ensure all the pieces of your life as a new mom run smoothly. And you’re doing all of it on less sleep with not much of a break. It’s a lot to think about and it may make your mind hurt sometimes but these new experiences are fantastic for your brain.

It’s enthralling to see how motherhood makes you smarter, especially the most precious period of breastfeeding. Next time you’re kicking yourself for making a silly mommy mistake, remember that that’s anything but mommy brain. Mommy brain makes you smarter, stronger and better able to face the world of motherhood and beyond!

Sources: BabyCenter, Smithsonian, The Bump, The Alpha Parent and The Mommy Brain



How Motherhood Makes You Smarter Part 1

Come on now, ladies. You all know you’re smart cookies. But did you know that you’re even smarter now that you’re a mom? Despite the fact that some days you feel like you’re losing your mind, motherhood is actually sharpening your intelligence. This week we’re telling you all about how motherhood makes you smarter!

You and your mom friends may jokingly refer to temporary brain malfunctions as “mommy brain” and you probably mean it in a less-than-flattering way. However, research indicates that “mommy brain” may actually have a positive impact on cognition. That certainly seems to be the case with aspects related to child rearing, but the implications beyond motherhood are also eye-opening. This theory was written about by journalist-turned-author Katherine Ellison in her aptly named book The Mommy Brain: How Motherhood Makes us Smarter.

How Motherhood Makes You SmarterIn her book Ellison calls out five areas of intelligence where mothers excel based on neuro-scientific research: perception, efficiency, resilience, motivation and emotional intelligence. These categories cover sensory improvements, time-management, survival skills, research, networking, problem-solving, memory, risk-taking, creativity, prioritizing, multi-tasking and empathy, among other critical skills for mothers.

You may not realize you are improving these important life skills during motherhood, but you absolutely are. For example, the chores you may have had all of a Saturday to complete prior to having a baby now must be squeezed into one naptime – serious efficiency and motivation at work. Negotiating a two-year-old off the temper tantrum ledge takes a great deal of emotional intelligence and resilience. And networking about pediatricians, educational toys and nutritious recipes at your play group are all ways you use perception and motivation to ensure the well-being of your children.

Science backs up these claims as well. In a study done earlier this decade, mother rats showed higher mental capacity than rats without young. This was true in several fascinating iterations. First, mother rats were better able to complete mazes than non-mothers, indicating greater intelligence. They were more advanced at finding food once they had been trained where to find it, showing improved memory. Mother rats were also less stressed when faced with distressing situations such as nurturing and protecting multiple young or defending against potentially dangerous situations.

Longwood University biology professor Adam Franssen’s research shows that many of these cognitive changes are happening during pregnancy. The size of an expectant mom’s neurons is growing and new connections are being made while her baby is growing and developing in the womb. Franssen and others believe this is in preparation for being good mothers and the neurological changes improve a mother’s brain for her new role and beyond. Other research also cites that pregnant women become more perceptive at noticing their environments, from what they see, to what they smell and taste. These are also areas where moms-to-be are honing their skills to nurture and protect their babies.

The skills you acquire in motherhood are applicable in other areas of life, including the workplace, PTO, neighborhood associations, social committees, and daily interactions. The mommy resume should not be ignored when it comes to working hard, strategic thinking, creative solutions and managing multiple projects on deadlines. That’s basically what mothers are doing all day long, usually without being paid!

Additionally, mothers have newfound passion and motivation thanks to their new priorities. Accomplishments come in new forms and have new meaning. That’s not to say that dreams are forgotten, but moms find avenues to channel their goals in new and better ways.

These are only some of the ways motherhood makes you smarter. Later this week we’ll look more specifically at how breastfeeding makes you smarter. Stick around for more brain-boosting benefits of motherhood!

Sources: BabyCenter, Smithsonian, The Bump, The Alpha Parent and The Mommy Brain

Carotenemia in Babies

Many parents are shocked to discover their babies suddenly have an orangey tint to their skin, especially after starting solids. While the thought of your baby’s skin changing colors seems extreme, it is probably a condition called carotenemia that occurs when your baby consumes excessive carotene. Fortunately carotenemia in babies is not dangerous. Here’s what you need to know about carotenemia in babies:

Carotenemia in BabiesYour baby is exploring the many amazing flavors in his new diet that now includes solid foods. Fruits and vegetables are an excellent place to start solids and the more nutrient-rich the better. Many babies enjoy brightly colored foods not only for their dynamic taste, but also their beautiful hues.

Many fruits and vegetables contain the natural plant pigment carotene. There are different types of carotene, the most popular one being beta-carotene, which helps the body synthesize essential Vitamin A. When babies eat too much carotene – either in their own diet of solids or through their mother’s breast milk – they can develop carotenemia. This simply means that your baby’s blood carotene levels are elevated and may result in orangey discoloration to skin.

Carotenemia is not dangerous for babies, although it can be alarming for many parents. It usually appears near sweat glands such as on the nose, face, soles of the feet or palms of the hands. It can also present in the white part of the eyeball. Changes are usually more apparent in babies with fair skin.

Foods that contain carotene include fruits and vegetables of the orange and yellow variety like carrots, squash, pumpkin, egg yolks, and sweet potatoes. Other foods such as beans, spinach and kale also contain carotene. The darker or brighter the color, the more carotene the food has.  Absorption of the pigment is higher in cooked or pureed foods rich in carotene, which is one reason why carotenemia in babies is more common than in others.

Babies and toddlers may also go through phases of enjoying certain foods. Parents who want to please their little ones and are excited that they are enjoying healthy foods may serve a favorite carotene-rich food more often. This frequency can contribute to carotenemia.  A varied diet is important for health and to avoid carotenemia. Even breastfeeding mothers should ensure a diverse diet to avoid over-exposure to carotene.

The good news is that carotenemia is not harmful to your baby and will go away over time, especially as you diversify your baby’s diet. It does not lead to Vitamin A poisoning, which is associated with supplemental use of Vitamin A. There are, however, other medical conditions that could change your baby’s skin color so check with your pediatrician if you are concerned that your baby’s discoloration is anything other than carotenemia.

If you are sure your baby has carotenemia, embrace your orangey baby and know that he’s going to be just fine.

Sources: Wholesome Baby Food and LaLecheLeague


Limiting Screen Time for Kids and Parents

In our digital age, the amount of screen time your children get is a matter of health. That’s why the American Academy of Pediatrics recently revised their guidelines for the amount of screen time recommended for various age groups. But get this: the direction comes with the advice for parents to limit their screen time as well. Here’s the scoop:

Limiting Screen Time for Kids and ParentsBetween browsing websites, online shopping, social media, gaming and general entertainment, screen time is on the rise for adults as much as kids. A recent survey showed that parents spend nearly 8 hours using digital media, much of which unrelated to their jobs. Surprisingly, despite the survey’s findings most parents say they are good role models for their children when it comes to limiting screen time.

It’s hard for children to understand screen time limitations when their own parents are addicted to digital media. The constant drone of a television set in the home, checking social media updates regularly, and taking phone calls during family time are all examples of poor media habits for families.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limited to no screen time for children under the age of six. Babies and toddlers should not have any exposure to digital media, including in the background, as it can be distracting and over-stimulating. Even during breastfeeding, babies should have their mother’s attention and eye contact to improve their health and confidence and strengthen the bond between mother and child.

The AAP sets a limit of one hour of screen time for children between two and five years old. This includes television, videos and computer games. Parents of children six and older should set their own limitations to digital media based on their child’s needs and the family’s situation and priorities. And of course children, tweens and teens should be monitored to ensure they are not exposed to inappropriate subject matters online. The only exclusion to screen time is that used for homework, including research, educational programming and academically focused learning websites.

Screen time should never come at the expense of other important activities productive to your child’s health and wellness.  Children need plenty of sleep and physical activity, neither of which should be interrupted due to digital media. Additionally, spending quality time together as a family during meals, playtime and beyond is essential for the emotional health and wellbeing of your kids.

Limiting screen time for kids is a critical parenting decision. It’s one that starts by being a good role model and continues by putting digital media rules in place to meet the needs of your entire family.

Sources: Huffington Post and CNN



Signs Your Baby is Ready for Solids

Signs Your Baby is Ready for SolidsFeeding your baby is one of the biggest responsibilities of new parenthood. Breastfeeding is also one of the most rewarding aspects of being a new mom. The effort, love and thoughtfulness you put into breastfeeding will surely continue once your baby is ready for solids.

Breast milk is the best nutrition for your baby for the first six months of her life and should continue once solids are introduced. But when exactly should that transition happen? It differs for every baby. Today we’re reviewing signs your baby is ready for solids.

Your Baby is at least 4 Months Old

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently revised their guidelines for introducing solids to recommend beginning between four and size months depending on the baby’s readiness. But some pediatricians and breastfeeding experts still recommend exclusive breastfeeding until six months or more. One thing everyone can agree on is that solids are not appropriate for your baby’s body prior to four months of age regardless of other signs your baby is ready for solids.

Your Baby Can Sit Up with Support

Sitting up is an essential part of eating. If your baby can sit with back support without tipping to one side or flopping forwards, this is a sign of readiness. Some experts believe babies shouldn’t eat until they can sit independently without back support.

Your Baby Shows Interest in Food

Forcing food into your baby’s mouth before she is ready is not necessary, even if that’s well past six months. If your baby sees you and other family members eating and is interested in it, she’s more likely to want to try it herself. Babies that show no interest in others foods will probably not be successful eaters at that time because putting food in the mouth and chewing are mimicked motions for babies.

Your Baby Doesn’t have the Tongue Thrust Reflex

Babies are born with a reflex that causes their tongues to push things out of their mouths. This is called the Tongue Thrust Reflex. Feeding a baby who still has it will be frustrating for everyone. The Tongue Thrust Reflex usually goes away by around four months.

Your Baby is Working on the Pincer Grasp

Grasping food is imperative to your baby’s successful eating. She may not have it down perfectly at first, but she should at least be trying to grab items with her thumb and forefinger, which will be essential for picking up food and putting it her own mouth.

Your Baby Wants to Participate in Mealtimes

Family meals should be happy times of togetherness.  If your baby is ready to join the group and participate in the dining experience, she’s on her way to being ready for solid foods. Not every meal will be the most pleasant experience depending on your baby’s mood or what you are serving, but most should be good times for everyone.

Sources: KellyMom & CafeMom

The Best Valentine’s Day Dates for New Moms

Valentine’s Day dates for new moms may feel a bit different than the wining and dining of years past. Your family has grown and so has your love, not only for your baby but also for your significant other. You may not be jet-setting to a tropical location or drinking fancy wines this year but we’re sharing the best Valentine’s Day dates for new moms so you can feel the love like never before.

Check out our low-key, moderate and extravagant ideas for Valentine’s Day dates for new moms in each category:

The Foodie Experience

The Best Valentine’s Day Dates for New Moms1 – Make Dinner at Home: Cook up some love in your very own kitchen. Who cares what you cook or how it tastes. It’s really about being together.

2 – Take a Cooking Class: Add some skills to your repertoire while also enjoying a romantic experience. Let new flavors spice up your relationship

3 – Go to a New Trendy Restaurant: You know the one you’ve been dying to try but you haven’t had the chance because, well, you just had a baby? That one! Go there!

For the Love of Games

1 – Have Your Own Game Night: Dust off your old favorite board games or borrow new ones from friends. Let the fun and games get sexy as you up the competitive stakes.

2 – Go to an Indoor Play-space for Adults: They’re widely popular these days because adults deserve to have fun too! Look for ones with activities you enjoy like bowling, bumper or race cars, arcade games and obstacle courses.

3 – Think Outside the Box: Find an activity you wouldn’t normally do like a break-out game or paint ball. Even with a little one in the mix, you can make new memories together as a couple.

Entertainment Junkies

1 – Rent a Movie: Perhaps you do this for all of your date nights but if cuddling together while enjoying a movie is a tried and true favorite, don’t reinvent the wheel.

2 – Go to a Movie: Seeing a thrilling blockbuster on the big screen may be just what you need to get your heart pumping on Valentine’s Day.

3 – Watch a Play: Bump up the quality by seeing live theater. Consider dinner theater or a murder mystery interactive experience in addition to traditional plays.

The Art of Love

1 – Tackle a Home Project: Doesn’t sound too romantic but what better gift than completing a project together. Just make sure you have all the supplies you need and don’t try something that may cause tension.

2 – Visit a Museum: Check out a local art or history museum. This date can open your mind to new ideas and information while spending time together.

3 – Paint the Town: Take an art or dance class together and emerge with a new masterpiece or moves to show off at the party you attend.

Relax, Rejuvenate and Reconnect

1 – Chill: Your life has been turned upside down as you’re taking care of the needs of a new baby. Some chill time at home just talking or snuggling by a fire may be your best date night ever.

2 – Treat your Feet: Get a foot massage or pedicure together. Your guy may balk at the idea but we bet he’ll end up loving it, especially the part about getting to spend time with you.

3 – Pamper at a Spa: Get a sitter and spend a few hours at the spa. Sure, you may need to pump between your massage and facial, but the relaxation time is totally worth it.

Pump Up the Volume

1 – Go for a Walk: A romantic stroll (even with baby in tow) can be a fun date. Reminisce about happy times in your relationship and be sure to hold hands.

2 – Take an Exercise Class: Get your blood pumping in new ways by taking an energizing exercise class together. Even if the workout whoops you, you can commiserate together afterwards.

3 – Go Mountain Biking or Horseback Riding or Skating: You couldn’t do any of these things for 9 months while pregnant so go extreme and get active.

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breast milk
Breast Milk and Your Baby’s Gender
breast milk donation
breast milk donor
breast milk movies
Breast Milk Production
breast milk storage
breast pump
breast pump flange
breast pump flanges
breast pumps
Breast Reduction and Breastfeeding
breastfeeding a baby with a cold
Breastfeeding a Baby with a Tongue-Tie
Breastfeeding Advice
breastfeeding after c-section
Breastfeeding and Baby's Brain
breastfeeding and babywearing
Breastfeeding and Bonding with Baby
breastfeeding and burning calories
breastfeeding and co-sleeping
Breastfeeding and Earth Day
Breastfeeding and Exercise
Breastfeeding and Health Care
breastfeeding and healthy eating
breastfeeding and medications
Breastfeeding and Ovulating
Breastfeeding and Pregnancy
breastfeeding and pumping
Breastfeeding and Radiation Exposure
breastfeeding and returning to work
breastfeeding and SIDS
breastfeeding and skin-to-skin
breastfeeding and smell
breastfeeding and the environment
breastfeeding and the working mom
Breastfeeding and the Workplace
breastfeeding and touch
breastfeeding and Valentine's Day
breastfeeding and weight loss
breastfeeding and your baby's gut
Breastfeeding Benefits
breastfeeding benefits for mothers
Breastfeeding Beyond One Year
breastfeeding body cleanse
breastfeeding challenges
Breastfeeding Classes
breastfeeding diet
breastfeeding diet restrictions
Breastfeeding During the Holidays
Breastfeeding Education
Breastfeeding for the Health & Well-Being of Babies and Mothers
Breastfeeding Glossary
breastfeeding good for moms
breastfeeding help
Breastfeeding in Public
breastfeeding in sling
breastfeeding in the first 28 days
breastfeeding issues
breastfeeding latch
breastfeeding latch tips
breastfeeding laws
breastfeeding makes you hungry
breastfeeding makes you thirsty
breastfeeding news
breastfeeding on Valentine's Day
Breastfeeding Policy
breastfeeding positions
breastfeeding positions lying down
breastfeeding problems
Breastfeeding Promotes Healthy Eating Habits
breastfeeding pumping
Breastfeeding Registry
breastfeeding struggles
breastfeeding success
breastfeeding success story
breastfeeding supplies
Breastfeeding Support
Breastfeeding Support Groups
Breastfeeding Support in Hospitals
breastfeeding support organizations
breastfeeding tax deductions
Breastfeeding Tips
breastfeeding tops
breastfeeding twins
Breastfeeding with Inverted Nipples
breathable nursing bra
breathing techniques during pregnancy
bug spray
bump style
caesarean section
can dads have postpartum depression
can pregnant women eat shrimp
car accident while pregnant
car activities for kids
car safety during pregnancy
Car Seats for Every Age
Carotenemia in Babies
causes of preterm labor
celebrate baby's first Thanksgiving
Celebrate Mother's Day
celebrate Valentine's Day with your kids
Celebrating New Years with Kids
celebrating with kids
Celebrity Babies
celebrity pregnancies
characteristics of children based on birth order
child development
child proofing
childhood development
childhood obesity
children and dry drowning
Children's Play
Chris Hemsworth
Christian Bale
Christmas crafts
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve activities
Christopher Nolan
chubby babies
cleaning car
cloth diapers
Cluster Feeding
cold weather activities
colicky baby
colostrum benefits
comfort nursing bras
Comfortable Bras
comfortable nursing bras
common poisons
common pregnancy questions
compression tights
confident children
confident kids
cooking with kids this Thanksgiving
Coping with Sleep Deprivation
cord blood banking
corn maze
cosmetics during pregnancy
cotton nursing bra
cotton nursing bras
cradle cap
craft ideas for the holidays
crafts for kids
Crawling and Sleep
Creative Kids Ornaments
crib safety
cross eyed baby
crossed eyes
Crossing the Midline
crossover nursing bra
Cute Babies
cute maternity clothes
dad and baby bonding
dads and babies
dads with depression
Danah Bordner
dangers of smoking during pregnancy
dangers of smoking while breastfeeding
dates for new moms
deciding to have a second child
decrease a baby's risk of SIDS
dental health
depression and weaning
detox while breastfeeding
developing baby's senses
development of hearing
developmental milestones
diaper bag
diaper bags
diaper change
diaper tips
Diapering Tips
dietary restrictions
dieting while breastfeeding
different ways to praise a child
digital media
digital media for kids
disadvantages of being left handed
discipline tactics that work
DIY baby Halloween costumes
DIY holiday ornaments
do kids need supplements
does my baby need therapy
dogs and kids
donate breast milk
donating toys
Doutzen Kroes
dream feeding
Drew Barrymore
drinking while pregnant
dropping naps
dry drowning
dry skin
Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex
ear infection
ear wax buildup
early childhood
early detection and breast cancer
Earth Day
Earth-Friendly Baby Care
easy Halloween costumes
easy Thanksgiving crafts
eating fish during pregnancy
Eating Fish During Pregnancy and While Breastfeeding
eating fish while breastfeeding
eating healthy during Halloween
Eating your Placenta
eco-friendly baby care
economics of breastfeeding
Elie Saab
Elsa Pataky
Emily blunt
emotions behind weaning
entitled children
establishing a bedtime routine
exercise and breastfeeding
exercise during pregnancy
exercise with baby
Extended Breastfeeding
factors that influence Length of Labor
facts about breast cancer
facts about Valentine's Day
fall activities
fall nursing bras
fall treats
fall wardrobe
family beach vacation
family bed
family escape plan
family Halloween costumes
family photos
family physician
Family Planning
family planning trends
family road trip
Family Road Trip Hacks
family size
family vacation
fashion bags
Fashion Bags for Moms
Father's Day
Father's Day gift
Father's Day gift ideas
Father's Day gifts
feeding your baby
Fertility Calendar
festive holiday home
fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
fetal alcohol syndrome
fighting in front of kids
fighting in front of your kids
finger foods
finger foods for babies
finger foods for toddlers
fire safety for babies
fire safety for toddlers
fire safety in your home
fire safety tips
first birthday party
First Birthday Party Ideas
fish oil
fish recommendations for breastfeeding
flanges breast pump
flat nipples
flower crafts
Flower Crafts for Mother’s Day
flu shot during pregnancy
Flying While Pregnant
flying with baby
fold-down nursing bra
food allergies
food and drug administration
food poisoning
food poisoning while breastfeeding
food poisoning while pregnant
food waste
food waste with kids
foods to avoid during pregnancy
Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding
formal maternity dresses
fostering sibling relationships
free breast pump
free family activities
free family fun
front closure nursing bra
Fun family activities on Christmas Eve
funny facts about breastfeeding
funny moments in parenting
funny things that happen during pregnancy
Fussy Baby
Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones HBO
Games for Siblings and Babies
gender neutral colors
gender neutral names
gender neutral nursery
gender neutral parenting
Gender Prediction
get organized
Getting Pregnant
getting ready for baby
getting rid of toys
Gift Ideas
gifts for mom
gifts moms want
girl baby vs. boy baby
girl names
girl or boy baby
give thanks for kids
giving back
giving back during holidays
good luck in the New Year
goodbye routines
grandparent relationships
grandparents and grandchildren
guidelines for successful playdates
hair during pregnancy
hair loss after pregnancy
hair loss during pregnancy
hair tourniquet
hair tourniquet syndrome
Halloween activities
Halloween activities for babies
Halloween costume ideas
Halloween costumes
Halloween eating tips
Halloween masks
Halloween tips
Halloween treats
hand foot and mouth
hand foot and mouth disease
handbags for moms
handling tantrums
handprint crafts
hands on pumping
happy baby
happy family
happy kids
Happy Thanksgiving
harness car seats
Healing Powers of Breast Milk
health benefits of breastfeeding
healthcare for babies
healthcare for children
healthy babies
healthy benefits of breastfeeding
Healthy Breakfasts
healthy diet
Healthy Eating
healthy eating habits
healthy families
healthy family habits
healthy Halloween
healthy lifestyle
healthy parenting
healthy snack tricks for kids
healthy snacks
healthy snacks for kids
healthy tips
hearing loss
Heart disease
heart health
heart health and your baby
heart healthy diet
heart healthy family
heart healthy lifestyle
Hilarious Pregnancy Moments
hind milk
history of Valentine's Day
holiday craft ornaments
Holiday Crafts
holiday crafts for kids
holiday crats
holiday gifts for caregivers
holiday gifts for teachers
holiday handprint crafts
holiday photos
holiday schedule
holiday spirit
holiday traditions
holidays with baby
home decor for holidays
home remedies for babies
homemade bug spray
homemade flowers
homemade gifts
homemade insect repellent
homemade Mothers Day gift ideas
homemade Mothers Day gifts
honey and botulism
honey for babies
Hospital Bag Checklist
hospitals and breastfeeding
How Baby Traits Influence Personality
how breast milk changes
how breastfeeding benefits moms
how breastfeeding makes you smarter
how different animals breastfeed
How Learning to Crawl Affects a Baby’s Sleep
how many calories does breastfeeding burn
how many calories should I eat while breastfeeding
How Motherhood Makes You Smarter
how to avoid dry drowning
How to Avoid Food Waste with Kids
how to avoid poisoning
How to Avoid Raising Entitled Children
how to avoid reflux
how to baby proof
how to be a good patient
how to be earth-friendly with a baby
how to be sexy while breastfeeding
how to breastfeed
how to clean baby ears
how to clean up play room
how to clean your baby’s ears
how to diaper a baby
how to discipline a baby
how to discipline a child
How to Donate Breast Milk
how to dream feed
how to ease baby into swimming
how to engage your baby with toys
how to establish a bedtime routine
how to fall asleep
how to fall asleep fast
How to Foster Long Distance Relationships with Grandparents
how to get a free breast pump
how to get baby to sleep longer
how to get help while breastfeeding
how to get kids to drink water
how to get kids to eat healthy
how to get rid of cradle cap
how to get rid of stretch marks
how to go to sleep
how to handle thumb sucking
how to have good luck
how to have healthy family habits
how to help a left handed child
how to hire a nanny
how to hold baby while nursing
how to improve baby's hearing
how to increase milk supply
how to keep car clean
How to Keep Your Babysitter Happy
how to latch your baby
How to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding
how to manage pain during labor
how to potty train
how to prepare for breastfeeding
how to prepare for your week
how to prevent baby from getting sick
how to raise happy kids
how to say goodbye to a child
How to Select a Pediatrician
how to shop for nursing bras
how to sleep better
how to sleep train a baby
How to Stay Calm during a Child’s Tantrum
how to stop breastfeeding
how to stop breastfeeding at night
how to support a friend with breast cancer
how to take great family pictures
how to tell if baby is overweight
how to tell if your baby is a boy or girl
how to tell older kids mom is pregnant
How Your Body Prepares for Breastfeeding during Pregnancy
humor in parenting
Hypoglycemia in Newborns
I am Totally Pregnant App
immune system
importance of play dates
Improved Healthcare for Children
In the Media
increase milk supply
indoor activities for babies
infant directed speech
infant safety
infant sleep
introducing solids
inverted nipples
is it safe to drink alcohol while breastfeeding?
items to avoid used
Jason Goldberg
Jason Wu
john krasinski
juggling a newborn and a toddler
July 4th
July 4th Desserts
Just for Fun
juvenile diabetes
juvenile diabetes and babies
keep my car clean
keeping baby well
Keeping Secrets
Kerry Washington
kid-friendly Thanksgiving
kids activities for the weekend
kids and dehydration
kids and Halloween
kids and juice
kids and secrets
kids and sleep
kids at play
kids can help make Thanksgiving dinner
kids crafts
kids drink water
Kids New Year
kids view of marriage
Kraft Nabisco tournament
Kristen Cavallari
La Leche League
labor & delivery
labor and delivery
Labor Day
labor pain
Labor Pain Management Techniques
lack of sleep
Lactation Consultant
lactation products
language development
Last Minute Reminders for Thanksgiving
last minute Thanksgiving crafts
Latching On
laura silverman
Leading Lady nursing bras
leaf rubbing
leaking breast milk
leaking breasts
leaking nipples
leaving your baby for the first time
leaving your job
left handed children
Length of Labor
limit juice for kids
Limiting Screen Time for Kids and Parents
liquid gold
little one
long distance grandparents
Losing Baby Weight
Losing Weight After Pregnancy
LPGA tour
Lucky to be a Mom
make breastfeeding easier
makeup during pregnancy
making mom friends
mammals and breastfeeding
mammals and lactation
managing tantrums
marriage and parenting
maternity bras
maternity clothes
maternity dress
maternity dresses
maternity fashion
maternity leggings
Maternity Nursing Bras
maternity support leggings
maternity top
meal prep
medicine safe for babies
men and babies
men with babies are sexier
mental health during pregnancy
mercury in fish
mercury levels in fish
midwife vs. doula
Mila Kunis
milk movie
Milk Supply
modeling healthy marriage
molded seamless wirefree nursing bra
mom friends
mom is pregnant
mom judging
moms judging moms
most poisonous substances for babies
Mother's Day
Mother's Day crafts
Mother’s Day Changes Throughout Your Life
Mothers Day gift ideas
Mothers Day gifts
Mothers Day ideas
Motivational Breastfeeding Thoughts
multivitamin for kids
multivitamins for kids
music and babies
my baby has colic
my baby is turning orange
nameberry baby names
nameberry unusual names
Nanny vs. Daycare
National Breastfeeding Month
National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month
National Heart Month
natural baby care
natural childbirth
natural home remedies
Natural Home Remedies for Babies
natural insect repellent
navigating sleep transitions
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
never throw away old clothes
new baby
new mom
new mom sleep deprivation
new moms
new parents
New Play Spaces in Your Home
New Year's superstitions
New Year's traditions
New Years
New Years Resolutions
New Years with Kids
newborn photography
night weaning
nighttime breastfeeding
nighttime weaning
Nipple Confusion
nipple pain
nipple pumping
Nipple Soreness
no carve pumpkin
no carve pumpkin ideas
Non Candy Halloween Treats
number of kids per family
nursing attire
nursing bra
nursing bra donation
nursing bra donations
nursing bra for sensitive skin
nursing bra styles
Nursing Bras
nursing cami
nursing camis
nursing cover
Nursing Fashion
Nursing Mom's Lifestyle
Nursing Positions
Nursing Supplies
nursing tank
nursing tank top
Nursing Tank Tops
nursing tanks
nursing top
nursing tops
nursing wardrobe
Nurture your Baby’s Sense of Hearing
nutritional supplements
Nutritional Supplements for Kids
occupational therapy
Old Wives Tale Gender Prediction
Olivia Wilde
omega 3
omega 3 fatty acids
opportunities to read to your baby
oral bacteria during pregnancy
oral thrush
orange baby
organizational tips
Organizations that Support Mothers
organizing car
origin of Valentine's Day
Oscar awards
Outdoor safety
Ovarian Cancer Awareness
overweight baby
Parental Guidance
parenting and exercise
parenting and health
parenting to your child
Paternal Instinct
patriotic crafts
patriotic crafts for kids
Patriotic Crafts for the 4th of July
patriotic crafts for toddlers
patriotic desserts
Paula Garces
PCOS and fertility
peanut allergies
peanut allergy
peanut allergy symptoms
pediatrician for newborn
peeling skin
perinatal mental health
photos with babies
photos with children
physical therapy
placental abruption
Plan Your Own Mother’s Day
play dates
play room
play spaces
playground recommendations for babies
plus size nursing tank tops
PMS during pregnancy
poison control
poison deaths in babies
poison prevention
poisons for babies
polka dot maternity clothes
polycystic ovarian syndrome
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Pregnancy
positive discipline
Positive Discipline Techniques
positive effect of smiling
positive parenting
post-partum depression
postpartum care
postpartum depression
Postpartum Depression in Dads
postpartum hair loss
postpartum smoking
potty training
praise for children
pre potty training tips
pre-pregnancy body
pre-pregnancy weight
precautions for babies while playing outside
pregnancy and older siblings
pregnancy announcement
pregnancy apps
Pregnancy Calendar
pregnancy changes
pregnancy concerns
pregnancy cravings
pregnancy diet
Pregnancy Discrimination
pregnancy edema
Pregnancy Edema or Pregnancy Swelling
pregnancy exercise
pregnancy fashion
pregnancy gingivitis
pregnancy health
pregnancy hormones
Pregnancy in the work place
pregnancy leggings
Pregnancy Myths
pregnancy nipples
pregnancy PMS
pregnancy rules
Pregnancy Stretch Marks
pregnancy swelling
pregnancy symptoms
pregnancy tips
pregnancy workouts
Pregnant Belly
pregnant celebrities
pregnant women
Prenatal Dental Care
prenatal yoga
Prenatal Yoga vs. Regular Yoga
prepare for your week
Prepare for Your Week on Sundays
preparing for a second baby
Preparing for baby
preparing for childbirth
preparing older children for the arrival of a new baby
Preparing to be a Stay at Home Mom
Preparing to Breastfeed
preterm labor
probiotics for kids
products that promote lactation
proper latch
protect your baby
public breastfeeding
pumping at work
pumping breast milk
pumpkin activities for babies
pumpkin dishes
pumpkin latte
pumpkin lattes
pumpkin pie
pumpkin rolls
pumpkin seeds
purpose of umbilical cord
radiation exposure
raising children
Raising Confident Kids
Raising Happy Kids
Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere
read to your baby
reading and smart babies
reading to baby
ready for a second child
reasons to be thankful
reasons to be thankful for your kids
red carpet
red carpet dresses
reduce risk of SIDS
refresh your play room
Reminders for your Babysitter
reproductive acupuncture
reproductive health
respect women
Returning to Work
reward charts
Reward Charts for Children
Rh disease
Rh factor
Rh Factor and Pregnancy
Rh negative
Rh positive
Rh status
risk factors for breast cancer
Risk Factors of Preterm Labor
risk of preterm labor
risk of SIDs
risks of water birth
road trip
role of a doula
role of a midwife
Rules for Cleaning out Toys
Rules of Babysitters
rules of playdates
rules of pregnancy
sadness and weaning
safe drugs while breastfeeding
safe medications for breastfeeding
safety guidelines for toys
saving money with kids
saying goodbye
Scarlett Johansson
science behind happy kids
science of motherhood
screen time
screen time for kids
Seamless Cotton Nursing Cami
select a pediatrician
sensory experiences for babies
separation anxiety
sexy new moms
Sexy Nursing Bras
sexy nursing bras for Valentine's Day
Sheryl Sandberg
should i get a nanny
should my baby go to daycare
siblings and babies
siblings and baby
side sleeping during pregnancy
signs of labor
Signs Your Baby is Ready for Solids
simon cowell
Simple 4th of July Desserts
simple holiday desserts
Simple Ways to Make your Home Festive for the Holidays
skin-to-skin contact
sleep and baby
sleep and kids
sleep bras
sleep deprivation with baby
sleep during pregnancy
sleep nursing bras
sleep schedule
sleep schedules for kids
sleep tips
sleep training methods
sleep transitions
sleep while your baby sleeps
sleeping and SIDS
sleeping in bed with baby
slimming maternity leggings
smart babies
smart moms
smoking during pregnancy
snobby kids
social development
soft nursing bra
soleil moon frye
solid food
solid food for babies
sound machine
special gifts for dad
speech development
speech therapy
spicy foods
spider veins
spirit of giving
Spring Fashion
Spring Fashion for Nursing Moms
St. Patrick's Day
starting solids
starting solids and breastfeeding
stay at home mom
staying connected
Staying Connected When You’re Away
stop mom judging
Storing Breaskmilk
stretch marks
stylish nursing tank
sucking your thumb
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
sugar on Halloween
Sugar substitutes
summer maternity clothes
summer vacation
Superfoods for Babies
support a friend with breast cancer
support for moms
support mothers
supporting moms supporting babies
supportive maternity leggings
sweet nursing bras
swelling during pregnancy
swimming with baby
swimming with baby in bath
Switch Breasts while Breastfeeding
swollen feet during pregnancy
symptoms of common cold in baby
symptoms of dry drowning
symptoms of pregnancy
taking pictures of baby
talking to babies
talking to your baby
tax deductions for kids
tax return
Tax Savings for Families with Kids
Tdap during pregnancy
Teach babies about heart health
teacher gifts
teaching children about giving back
Teaching Children about Safe and Unsafe Secrets
teaching kids about secrets
teaching respect
teeth during pregnancy
Thanksgiving Activities
Thanksgiving attitude
Thanksgiving cooking with kids
Thanksgiving crafts
thanksgiving day parade
Thanksgiving dinner
Thanksgiving gratitutde
Thanksgiving reminders
Thanksgiving table decor
Thanksgiving tips
thanksgiving trivia
that 70s show
the benefits of acupuncture
The Benefits of Acupuncture for Fertility and Pregnancy Symptoms
the benefits of breast milk
The Benefits of Breastfeeding for Baby
The Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mom
The Benefits of Music for Babies
The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga
The Benefits of Sleep for Kids
The Best Nursing Bras
The Best Nursing Tank Tops
The Cost of Breastfeeding
the dangers of hair tourniquet
The Ecological Benefits of Breastfeeding
The Economic Advantages of Breastfeeding
The First Response Tracker
the golden rule
The History of Breastfeeding
the importance of reading to your baby
the importance of sleep for kids
The Importance of Vitamin K for Newborns
the Milky Way documentary
the Milky Way movie
the Milky Way: every mother has a story
The Most Common Poisons for Babies
the positive effects of smiling at your baby
The Pregnancy Companion App
therapy in early childhood
Things to do on Christmas Eve
things to get done before having a baby
things to recycle
thrush in adults
thrush in babies
thrush symptoms
thrush treatment
thumb suckers
thumb sucking
time away from kids
tips for breastfeeding
tips for cleaning out toys
tips for colic relief
tips for diapering a baby
Tips for Family Photos
Tips for Flying with a Baby
tips for handling tantrums
tips for parents of left handed children
tips for sleep training
Tips for Taking your Baby to the Beach
tips for toy safety
tips to avoid food waste
toddler and newborn
toddler play dates
top things to do during pregnancy
tote bags for moms
toxins in cosmetics
toxins in makeup
toxins that are bad for babies
Toy and Gift Safety Awareness Month
Toy Safety
Toy Safety for a Happy Holiday Season
traditional nutritional supplements for kids
traits that influence personality
transitioning to solids
traveling with baby
treat your babysitter like family
trends in family size
type 1 diabetes
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Ultimate World Breastfeeding Week
umbilical cord
umbilical cord care
unique baby boy names
unique baby girl names
unique baby names
united states
Unusual Signs of Labor
Unusual Things to Recycle
update your play space
used baby items
used car seats
used clothes
used cribs
uterus transplant
vaccines during pregnancy
vaginal birth
Valentine's activities for kids
Valentine's crafts
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day crafts
Valentine's Day crafts for kids
Valentine's Day dates for new moms
Valentine's Day nursing bras
Valentine's Day while breastfeeding
Valentine's Day with kids
Valentine’s Day Fun Facts
varicose veins
varicose veins treatment
visiting the doctor
Vitamin K
Vitamin K and blood clotting
water birth
Ways for Dad to Bond with Baby
Ways to Burn Calories with a Baby
Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Thanksgiving
ways to encourage Crossing the Midline
ways to find other new moms
Ways to Get Kids to Drink Water
Ways to Get Rid of Cradle Cap
ways to make your home festive
ways to praise your child
ways to relieve congestion in babies
Ways to Say Goodbye to your Child
ways to sweeten Valentine's Day
Ways to Teach Sons to Respect Women
weaning breastfeeding
weaning from breastfeeding
well-balanced diet
what can a baby hear
What Dogs Teach about Love
what is colic
what is colostrum
what is cradle cap
What is Dream Feeding?
what is preterm labor
what is the umbilical cord
what is thrush
What Kids Perceive about Marriage from their Parents
what medications can baby take
what medicines can I take while breastfeeding
what not to buy used
what not to do during pregnancy
what not to eat during pregnancy
what things can be recycled
what to avoid during pregnancy
what to do about colic
what to do before baby arrives
what to do before potty training
What to do if you have Food Poisoning while Pregnant or Breastfeeding
What to do in a Car Crash when you’re Pregnant
what to do on Christmas Eve
what to do on Mother's Day
what to do to relieve pain during labor
what to do with a toddler while breastfeeding a baby
What to do with kids on New Years
what to do with old clothes
what to do with used kids clothes
what to eat during pregnancy
what to expect from play dates
what to get for Father's Day
What to Look for in a Crib
what to look for in pediatrician
what to tell your babysitter
what type of car seat do I need
what we learn about marriage from our parents
What You Should Do with Used Clothes
what your baby does in womb
When to Buy Nursing Bras
when to call the pediatrician
when to start solids
when to stop breastfeeding at night
where to buy nursing bras
where to buy Sexy Nursing Bras
where to donate breast milk
where to find a pediatrician
which foods to serve a baby
which vaccines are ok during pregnancy
white noise machine
why babies like baby talk
why babies like high-pitched voices
Why Babies Should Not Eat Honey
Why Breastfeeding Makes you Hungry and Thirsty
why can't babies eat honey
why children need praise
why do moms judge each other
Why Do Newborns have Crossed Eyes?
why is juice bad for kids
why juice is bad for kids
why kids suck thumbs
why men with babies are sexy
Why You Should Limit Juice for your Kids
winter vacation activities
wintertime activities
wirefree nursing bras
women's bags
women’s breast milk
womens hair
World Breastfeeding Week
World Breastfeeding Week 2016
World Breastfeeding Week 2017
yeast diaper rash
yoga during pregnancy
yoga with baby
you baby's gut
your baby's gut