Holiday 2011 Fashion Trends

Whether your holiday plans include your annual office party, a family gathering or a hot New Year’s Eve date, you’ll want to add that hint of style to brighten the occasion. This season’s holiday trends are bold, vivid and playful. It may be cold outside but that’s all the more reason for you to look HOT, from your intimates — out. Our fit and fashion experts have created bra pairings — coupling Leading Lady’s perfect intimates with the seasons most wow-worthy looks — to ensure you look your best. Oh, and did we mention we’ll keep you comfortable, confident and supported to bring out the best in your holiday outfits and attitude? We will. Just read on…

Play Dress Up: Gone are the days of dressing down to dress up. The cocktail dress is back in a big way for, you guessed it, cocktail parties. Baby doll silhouettes, one shoulder frocks and 3/4 sleeve dresses are all great choices this holiday. Our stylists recommend pairing your cocktail dress with Leading Lady’s lace cup crossover front closure racer back bra, which will create a smooth line in both front and back.

Excuse Hue: Bright and bold colors are hot this year. When you and your wardrobe are in the mood to “Deck the Halls,” get decked out in poinsettia red, emerald green and glittery gold, or switch it up with rich royal blue or a hot pink that will warm even the chilliest of nights. Start the trend under your clothes by donning a matching bra. Leading Lady’s molded padded seamless bras in underwire or wirefree come in a variety of colors to match whatever holiday hue you select.

Glitz & Glam: Holiday lights are not the only things that should twinkle this season. Sequins and shiny fabrics are trends to try, from sparkly dresses to twinkly shoes and iridescent bags. A word of caution to the glitter enthusiasts — be careful not to over dazzle. Stick to the “one shiny object is enough” rule, and who knows? A little glitter to your wardrobe may also bring out some of your inner sparkle. Our stylists and fit team suggest pairing this look with a classic molded padded seamless bra or our lace cup crossover front closure racer back bra, depending on the style and cut of your ensemble.

Black & White…And Any Combo Thereof: Dust off that little black dress and take her for a spin because she is “in” again. Jazz up the LBD with jeweled accessories (like an oversized cocktail ring or chunky necklace), flashy pumps and a sassy clutch. And black & white includes all of the shades in between like faded black, charcoal grey and winter white. Our stylists are not just talking solids here, ladies — mix it up and try these classic hues in plaids, polka dots and other contrasting patterns. Keep it comfortable underneath with Leading Lady’s lightly molded crossover leisure bra, which comes in both black and white, naturally.

Veiled Sexiness: Playing peek-a-boo with your silhouette is both a sexy and sophisticated look for this holiday season. We’re talking sheer, yet modest looks like chiffon blouses, lacy skirts and even see through stripes, all paired with a complimentary cami or bra. Choose to rock the same color on the top and bottom layers to be sure you are fully covered. The key to upping the chic is selecting a form fitting under layer that is still form fitting enough to show off your curves. Speaking of peek-a-booing, check out our super chic scalloped lace underwire bra that shows a touch of skin and a lovely sweetheart bustline while still offering support and coverage. If you’re feeling so bold, try letting a hint of lace peek out. But just a hint — our stylists recommend leaving the rest to imagination, or your lucky partner!

Whichever styles suit you best this holiday season, remember that every festive outfit starts with fabulous intimates. From bra to toe, your holiday look should make you feel like the self-assured fashionista that you are.

Happy Holidays from Your Fit and Style Team at Leading Lady!

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