How to Eat More Vegetables

“Eat your vegetables” is something you’ve probably heard all of your life.  Veggies are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and other phyto-nutrients that really improve your operating system.  If you struggle to get your three to five servings of veggies a day, we’re giving you tips on how to eat more vegetables.

How to Eat More VegetablesReplace Carbohydrates with Vegetables

Yes, you can convert recipes for your favorite carbs – including bread, pasta and potatoes – into veggie dishes instead.  Brilliant!  Here are some ideas:

  • Use a sheet of lettuce to make a sandwich wrap instead of bread or tortillas
  • Shred squash and zucchini into long, thin pieces and sauté them as a replacement for noodles
  • Puree cauliflower or a variety of squash to make a mashed potato substitute
  • Dip raw veggies in hummus, spinach or queso dips rather than crackers or pita
  • Make veggie dough for breads and pizza
  • Skip the rice in your sushi and add in another vegetable
  • Substitute sweet potato, squash or zucchini slices to make crust for quiche
  • Crisp kale or Brussels sprouts to top salads rather than croutons

Slip Vegetables into other Concoctions

Veggies are easy to hide in many delicious recipes.  This is especially helpful when you’re trying to sneak in vegetables so your kids won’t notice them.  You can puree the vegetables before adding them or simply chop them finely so they are hard to identify.  Try these favorites with veggies added:

  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Sloppy Joes
  • Chili
  • Casseroles
  • Stews & Soups
  • Mac n Cheese
  • Scrambled Eggs

Other Ideas to Eat More Vegetables

Need more inspiration?  Here are additional ideas on how to eat more vegetables:

  • Use avocado or bean puree as a moisturizing spread rather than mayo
  • Crust your bread with a veggie – cauliflower works great here
  • Add vegetables to other side dishes like rice pilaf, risotto and pasta salads
  • Fry your vegetables, but use a healthy, all-natural oil
  • Eat veggies for breakfast – straight up or mixed in a breakfast food, get one serving in to kickstart your day.
  • Veggie Burger – enough said!
  • Add vegetables to your power smoothie.
  • Fill half your plate with vegetables at lunch and dinner.
  • If you don’t like the flavor of vegetables, spice up your veggies with flavors you do like.
  • Scoop out a vegetable and use it as a bowl, such as a large mushroom or a bell pepper.  Be sure to eat the bowl too!
  • Change the texture of vegetables to make them more palatable.  For instance, you can shave asparagus, Brussels sprouts and kale so they are less dense.
  • Top your salads with flavors you love like grilled chicken, nuts or cranberries

Enjoy your veggies with these ideas on how to eat more vegetables!

How to Get the Most out of your Office Space: The Nitty Gritty

How to Get the Most out of your Office Space: The Nitty GrittyEarlier this week we brought you basic ideas for how to get the most out of your office space.  From your desk position and lighting, to temperature and organization, our tips are designed to help you focus and be your most productive self.  Today we’re getting into some more subtle details that can really make the difference when you try to get the most out of your office space.


Unless you work in an extremely strict office environment, you can add a little décor to get the most out of your office space.  While posters of inspirational quotes can give you a boost now and then, science says bringing nature into your office is the best choice.  You can do this in several ways.  First, as discussed in part 1 of this series, you can move your desk closer to the window to enjoy natural light and the sights of nature.  Secondly, you can bring in some potted plants to place on your desk or on the floor around your office.  (Watering them daily will give you a good reason to walk around a bit too.)  Finally you can bring in your own artwork of your favorite nature scenes.  Anything from snow-capped mountains and fields of flowers, to beautiful sunsets on the beach and trees in the park can boost your mood and bring on a more positive attitude at work.


Much like décor, sounds of nature are the best choice for your office space.  Play a rainforest, ocean or bird-chirping soundtrack as you plow through your workday.  These are even better than the peaceful harmonies or classical music.


So, you may not be allowed to paint the walls in your office, but even subtle color choices surrounding you can inspire more productivity and a more relaxed state of being.  Blue is the top choice when it comes to both of those goals, however you should incorporate whatever colors bring out the best in you.  Bring items from home to line your desk or hang on your walls so you can let the power of color work for you.


What you see, hear and even smell effects your creative process and work effectiveness.  We don’t recommend lighting a candle in your office space because it may be a fire hazard, but you can bring along a spice jar or a plug-in air freshener to get your nose in the game.  Peppermint, lavender and citrus improve your mood while cinnamon and wood scents make you more focused.  These will be especially helpful around lunchtime if your co-workers microwave meals stink up the office.


Studies show bringing your dog to work is an excellent idea if it is permitted in your office.  First, it will probably make you like your job better to have your best friend along.  But having your dog in the office may make you less stressed because pets in general are great stress relievers.

Switch things up now and then.  Work from a conference room alongside your co-workers for a few days or ask if you can spend half a day working at a coffee shop.  These environmental changes, even if only temporary, can help you see your work in a new light.

Take breaks often to invigorate your mind.  You may think pausing work is a waste of time, but it actually increases your productivity and creativity.  Get up for a brief walk, chat with a co-worker or read a non-work related article every hour.  Just be careful not to let your 5 minute brain-boost turn into a 1-hour social media session.

Sources:  The Week and Life Hack


How to Get the Most out of your Office Space: The Basics

How to Get the Most out of your Office Space: The BasicsIf you work full time, you probably spend most of your waking hours during the week in your office.  Therefore, your office space should become a home away from home and be set up to maximize your productivity, efficiency, creativity and energy.  Even if you have little control of the size, shape and location of your office, you can make a few simple adjustments to ensure you get the most out of your office space.  Here are our best tips:

Desk and Chair

You probably know by now that the sedentary lifestyle contributes to chronic disease and a shorter lifespan.  Yes, sitting all day is just that dreary when it comes to your health.  Standing desks are the new “it” office furniture because they allow you to be productive while on your feet.  Not all offices can make the switch so if you have a regular seated desk, get up and walk around at least once an hour.  Have “walking meetings” or go to the cafeteria and use a high top table for a few hours of your workday.

For seated desks, make sure your computer monitor is approximately 30 inches from your eyes and at eye level.  Your arms should extend naturally to your keyboard without tensing your shoulders and your feet should be on the ground or on a foot rest.  Get an adjustable chair that will keep you comfortable and offer lower back support.  You should be in a slightly reclined position and consider using a pillow for added comfort and support.


In an office outside your home, lighting is probably outside your control. If you can make a suggestion to your employer, request natural light bulbs which you can explain will make you more alert and productive.  Should you be so lucky to have a window in your office, move your desk closer to utilize natural lighting as much as possible.  Otherwise you can invest in a light therapy system that will give you the benefits of natural light when you’re cooped up indoors.


Office spaces are notoriously cold but studies show that warmer temperatures promote more productivity and accuracy.  Anywhere upwards of 70 degrees should do it.  If you cannot control the thermostat, bring along a sweater or lap blanket to make your own heat.


How organized your office space is may be somewhat of a personal preference and you’ll have to gage the benefits of organization vs. clutter based on trial and error.  Some camps believe that a messy office makes workes scattered and unfocused, and may cause you to waste time as you are looking for important papers and files.  Others say clutter makes you more creative as your mind reacts differently when items are left about.  If a messy office drives you nuts, however, filling it with clutter will not do you any good. So you’ll have to be the judge of what works best for you here.  Just remember, an immaculate desk isn’t always the best choice.

Later this week we’ll be back with more tips for how to get the most out of your office space!

Sources:  The Week and Life Hack

Hottest Summer Sandals: Sandal Trends 2016

Strappy – yes!

Lace-up – yes!

Metallic – yes!

Chunky heels and flats – yes!

All of these trends are part of the hottest summer sandals this season.  When you’re showing off your feet, do it with style and follow these sandal trends 2016:

Gladiator Sandals

Strappy and sexy, gladiator sandals are hot hot hot for summer 2016.  Look for styles that have multiple horizontal straps or straps that criss-cross over your feet and even up your Hottest Summer Sandals:  Sandal Trends 2016legs.  Lace-up sandals count here too and feel free to go as high up your leg as you like.  You’ll surely look like a goddess in this trend.

Metallic Sandals

Take your cues from the bright sun, shimmering moon and glistening water this season by going metallic all the way.  This trend works for every sandal style from lace-up to high heels.  Gold, silver and copper hues are fabulous in their natural metallic state, or try a colored metallic like blue or hot pink.  Also consider metallic sandals with texture like a scaly snakeskin pattern or a glittered shoe.

Chunky Sandals

Give yourself a lift with chunky sandals.  And we’re not just talking about heels here.  Chunky flats are all the rage among the hottest summer sandals.  A one to two inch layer beneath your feet will had height to your overall look and flare to your feet.  These work nicely with casual flip flops, sporty Velcro sandals, lace-ups and more.  Also go chunky on your heels.  Block heels are particularly hot this season.  Not only will you find it easier to walk, but you’ll be right on trend for 2016.

Bold Florals

Every gal needs at least one bold print during summertime and we can’t think of a better way to wear it than on your feet.  Large and bright floral prints look amazing on wedges, mules or clogs when the print covers the entire shoe.  These styles have more space to show the outrageous print and give you a terrific pop of color that the season requires.

Versatile Basics

Save yourself some shopping time and mula by buying some day-to-night styles that work with everything from shorts to sundresses to your hot Saturday night outfit.  A black sandal with a medium block heel is a terrific choice that will match just about everything in your wardrobe.  Also select an elegant yet simple nude heeled sandal that can be worn for casual and dressy occasions.

We can’t wait to see you in the hottest summer sandals this season!

10 Tips for Surviving the Summer Heat

It’s hot out there in the summertime!  Surviving the summer heat is tough when you’re spending time at the beach, pool, sporting events and other fun outdoor summer gatherings.  Today we have 10 tips for surviving the summer heat!

Tip #1:  Stay in the Shade

This is somewhat of a no-brainer but when you are in direct sunlight, you’re going to get warm much faster than if you stay in the shade.  Seek shade whenever possible.  For a picnic, find a nice spot under a tree.  At the pool or beach, bring along an umbrella.  For tailgating, easy to assemble tents are helpful for shading you and your friends.

Tip #2:  Hydrate

Drinking water all day long on hot summer days is essential to surviving the summer heat.  If you are thirsty, you know you’ve waited too long to drink.  Sip water constantly throughout the day to avoid dehydration.

10 Tips for Surviving the Summer HeatTip #3: Dress for the Heat

Lose fitting lighter color clothes will help keep you cool when you are outdoors.  Also wear a hat with a large brim to shade your face and upper body from the sun.

Tip #4:  Avoid Peak Sun Hours

Spending time outdoors in the early morning, evening and night are better options.  If you are gardening, exercising, visiting an outdoor attraction or playing sports outdoors, go early or late to avoid the hottest part of the day.

Tip #5:  Soak Midday

On really hot and steamy days, cool off by taking a dip in the pool, soaking in a lukewarm bath or enjoying a refreshing shower.  This will help cool you down and hopefully allow your body to return to a more stable state.

Tip #6:  Be Smart about Fans

Fans may make you feel better but they aren’t necessarily cooling off your body.  For effective cooling, fans should turn counter-clockwise.  (You can reverse them in the winter to help circulate hot air.)  Create a cross breeze with fans by opening a window and placing fans facing in several directions throughout the room.

Tip #7:  Unplug

Turning off lights, unplugging electronics and steering clear of hot appliances like the oven and stove will help reduce the heat around you.  Plus it saves energy which is good for the environment and your pocket.

Tip #8:  Eat Optimally

Eating water-based foods will help keep you hydrated.  Also, avoid hot meals and heavy meals that will warm your insides and drain your energy.

Tip #9:  Cold Compresses

Using a damp washcloth, ice cube, ice pack or cold water bottle on pulse points like your wrists, neck, knees and elbows can immediately cool you down if you’re feeling faint from the heat.

Tip #10:  Sleep Tight

At night, keep your sheets cool by selecting light-weight cotton in light shades.  You can even put your sheets in the freezer to cool them off before bedtime.  Sleeping alone reduces the heat generated in your bed and also spreading out wide will keep you cooler.  Another way to beat nighttime heat is sleeping nude.

Summer Beauty Tips

summer beauty tipsSummer is in full swing and hopefully your summer glow is too.  With a little more skin exposure and lots of fun happenings, every glam gal could use a few summer beauty tips to keep her lookin’ her best.  Check out our top summer beauty tips here!


  • Everyone knows the #1 rule of summer is…wear your sunscreen!  For best protection select a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher and re-apply several times during the day.  Also, look for a non-comedogenic sunscreen that won’t clog your pores.
  • Most gals long for a nice tan in the summer months but don’t go about it the right way.  The safest option is a sunless tanning lotion or glow lotion that will give you a hint of a tan without the dangerous side-effects of free radicals.
  • Moisturize often to keep your skin supple and soft.  You can lock in some of the dampness from your refreshing shower by using a moisturizing body wash and then applying lotion immediately when you get out.  Buy moisturizers with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients like aloe vera that will help correct some of the damage done by sun exposure.
  • Exfoliate to help refresh your skin, but do it at night so new, tender skin cells are not irritated by the sun.  Be sure to exfoliate your chest too as this is an area sits high and gets a lot of sun exposure when you’re wearing scoop neck tops, sun dresses and bathing suits.  Start at your neck and gently exfoliate down to your breast to avoid premature aging of chest skin.
  • Invest in a signature hat this summer that will keep you looking hot while staying cool and shielding your face.  This protective fashion wear is multi-functional!
  • Shave your legs, armpits and bikini area the night before or several hours before visiting the beach or pool.  When salt, chlorine and UV rays get into freshly opened follicles, it can result in rashes, bumps and razor burn.
  • Eat antioxidants that will help combat the free radicals you’re getting form the sun.  Fresh fruits and veggies are chock full of antioxidants and are deliciously refreshing for light summer meals.


  • Try going bare-skinned during the summer.  This will not only show off your beautiful summer glow, but also help prevent blemishes caused by that make-up and sweat combo.
  • Even without a base, you can highlight areas like your cheeks with bronzer and blush.
  • Select a few light and breezy summer hues for your eyelids and lips that will enhance your summer look.  Make sure your lip-wear includes SPF to protect those pretty smackers!
  • Get funky with your nail colors.  Neon nails or shades of blue or green are outrageously awesome for summertime.


  • Your hair needs a bit of protection from the sun too. You can do this by wetting your hair before going outdoors.  When your strands are moisturized, they’ll absorb fewer chemicals from the sun and chlorine.
  • If ever there was a time to go natural with your hair, it’s summer.  Let those locks roam free on pool and beach days.  Getting your hair wet and letting it air dry is a great summertime look.  To pull your hair back, try an athletic headband.
  • Moisturize your hair with a nutrient-rich conditioner.  Leave in conditioners are great for highly damaged hair.  Also try UV protection hair spirtz to repair and strengthen your strands.
  • Experiment with up-dos.  Keep your hair off your neck and out of your eyes with a swanky up-do.  Check out the newest clips and pins to assist with your new summer look next time you’re at the drugstore.

Have a fabulous summer with these summer beauty tips!

Routine Depression Screenings for Women

Mental health may have turned a new leaf as a major health concern, a step that mental health care professionals have been encouraging for years.  The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force makes recommendations for preventative health care measures such as screenings, services, supplements, medications and lifestyle changes that would improve the quality of life for patients where the benefits outweigh the risks.  This group has recommended routine depression screenings during primary care visits since 2002.  In a new development they recently amended their recommendation with more emphasis on depression screenings for women who are childbearing and childrearing.

It is estimated that 12% of Americans experience moderate to severe depression or anxiety.  Nearly half of this population admits that their mental state affects their professional and personal lives to a large extent.  Without routine depression screenings, up to half of depression cases go undetected and undiagnosed.

Routine Depression Screenings for WomenThe recommendation of routine depression screenings puts mental health in the same category as other serious and chronic physical health conditions including diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease.  The screening process is as innocuous as they come, a simple questionnaire from health care providers regarding the mental state and feelings of depression, anxiety and stress of patients.  This is far less invasive and less expensive than screenings and procedures for other potential health risks such as MRIs, mammograms, colonoscopies and biopsies.

While health care providers recognize mental health as an important element of holistic health and preventative health care, a stigma remains in the eyes of our society.  This may be one reason that depression screenings are even more necessary.  If someone had a physical ailment, they may be more likely to raise a red flag than if they have bouts of depression or anxiety.  Yet the repercussions of mental health disorders can be just as devastating, especially as mental health is intimately intertwined with physical health and can lead to further health complications.

For women, depression screenings are especially important in childbearing and childrearing years.  Adding new family members can be a huge stressor.  With added hormones and the responsibility of caring for a new life, pregnant women and new mothers are at increased risk for depression.  And when mothers suffer, babies suffer too.  That’s why the USPSTF updated the recommendation with an emphasis on routine depression screenings for pregnant and postpartum women.

Mental health is just as crucial to our overall health outlook as our physical health.  Health care providers can help their patients identify and get treatment for mental health problems by following the new depression screening guidelines.

The Healthiest BBQ Foods

This Fourth of July weekend you may be hosting or heading to a BBQ.  With all of the scrumptious selections at a traditional BBQ, it may be difficult to make healthy choices.  Options may be limited and temptations are high.  Well, we’re here to say, you CAN eat healthy at a BBQ.  Today we’re sharing the healthiest BBQ foods and which ones to avoid.


Burgers, hot dogs and pork are among the major meats at most BBQs.  If you’re going to opt for the real deal, select lean, top grade cuts of ground beef, beef hot dogs and pork.  Alternatively, you can make delicious turkey burgers and turkey dogs that will satisfy the cravings with less fat and calories.  Chicken and salmon are also great choices for the grill.  If you’re cooking in advance, try a BBQ pulled chicken in the crock pot.

healthiest BBQ foods

When putting together your sandwich, keep a few things in mind: First, whole wheat bread is better than white bread.  Or better yet, try an open faced sandwich with only one side of the bun.  Use lower fat and calorie condiments like mustard and relish rather than mayo and ketchup.  Skip the cheese because that adds about 100 calories per slice.

When grilling, use spices to flavor your meats.  Studies show they can actually cut down on HCAs caused by grilling.  Also, consider using alcohol as a marinade.  This also reduces carcinogenic effects from grilling.


While the meats may have fat, they pack in a lot of protein.  Many sides contribute extra fat and calories without much nutritional value.  Steamed, roasted or grilled veggies are a great choice and would definitely top the list of healthiest BBQ foods, or raw veggies with a hummus dip are another way to go.  Potato and pasta salads made the traditional way use a lot of mayonnaise which can be very fattening.  Instead, try a quinoa or brown rice side dish tossed with olive oil, spices and chopped veggies.  Side salads are another option that can help fill you up on nutrient-rich vegetables.  If you decide to have corn, skip the butter and enjoy the natural sweetness of the kernels.


Who can resist a chocolate firecracker tort, apple pie or an American flag cupcake?  Desserts are challenging and may be the one area where you splurge a little.  If you want to try a dessert, share it with a friend or just slice a nibble to give yourself a tidbit of the flavor without overdoing it.  Fresh fruit salad is a grand idea for a healthy dessert or juicy, sticky watermelon slices make a fabulous alternative that is both sweet and hydrating.  Frozen fruit bars are another healthy way to cool off at your holiday BBQ.


As with any healthy diet, avoid sugary sodas and sweet tea.  You may be tempted to have a margarita, sangria or other fruity cocktail at your July 4th BBQ but those are laden with empty calories.  A glass of wine or a light beer is a much better choice if you’re going to indulge in an alcoholic beverage.  Also consider water flavored with fruit slices or sparkling water to spice up your non-alcoholic selections.

Making Healthy Choices

It is hard to make healthy choices in social situations, especially if you’re a guest and the menu is out of your control.  You may want to ask your host what will be served so you can think ahead and plan accordingly.  You can also volunteer to bring several dishes to ensure you, and others, have healthy options.

Enjoy your 4th of July weekend with these healthiest BBQ foods.  After the holiday, you’ll be proud of your commitment to your health.

8 Reasons to Get a Workout Buddy

Studies show that working out with a partner has many benefits.  Ultimately, it can help you have better success in reaching your goals faster.  Whether you are trying to get healthier, lose weight, tone or lift your mood, working out with a friend is much better than doing it solo.  Today we’re sharing 8 reasons to get a workout buddy to help keep your fitness goals on track.

Accountability:  Setting fitness goals is terrific, but having a workout buddy help keep you accountable to your goals is even better.  Once you tell someone your goal, it is more real and you’ll feel more inclined to work towards achievement.  Your workout buddy will also help remind you of your goals to ensure you stay on the right path.  Also, when you have a workout buddy that is depending on you, you’ll be less likely to skip workouts or go easy on yourself.  A workout buddy requires you to make a plan and stick to it.

8 Reasons to Get a Workout BuddyFun:  Working out alone can be boring and losing interest is a fast way to fall off your routine.  Having a workout buddy makes exercising more fun.  You get to hang out with your friend while checking off your daily workout.  Even if your exercise isn’t conducive to chit-chat or you’re too out of breath to have a conversation, just being with a buddy is more fun than being by yourself.

Motivation:  Everyone goes through ups and downs when trying to achieve fitness goals.  You may start out strong but lose motivation.  A workout buddy can help lift your spirits when you need a boost.  Seeing your friend work as hard as you can be just the motivation you need to stick to it and achieve your goals.

Safety:  Working out with a partner is safer than exercising alone.  A workout buddy can help ensure you have proper form when doing exercises and is on the scene to help if you have an injury.  You’ll always have a spotter for weight lifting, someone to hold your feet for sit-ups and you’ll never be out by yourself on a late night jog.  There is safety in numbers, especially when it comes to working out.

Competition:  Healthy competition can help you work harder to achieve your goals.  If your workout buddy is experiencing better results, you’ll probably push yourself a bit more to try to achieve the same success.  Even small daily competitions such as racing to a finish line, doing more reps or reaching a higher intensity can be helpful in making a difference towards your goals.

Support:  With a workout buddy you’ll always have a cheerleader by your side.  On those rough days when you don’t think you can take another step, your workout buddy will encourage and support you through it.  When you cannot believe in yourself, your workout buddy will!

Variety:  Your partner will bring different skills and interests to your workout regimen.  Together you can try new exercise classes, sports and workout activities.  You may not have been adventurous enough to try belly dancing or mountain climbing on your own, but with your workout buddy, you may be more likely to give them a go.

Cheaper:  You and your workout buddy can split the cost of equipment and even hire a trainer together.  These items and services can add up but going halvies can make the bill more tolerable.

Get your fitness goals in gear with a workout buddy this summer!

New Food Labels Coming to a Package Near You

new food labelsLast month the Food and Drug Administration announced a recommendation for new food labels for all packaged food items in the U.S.  The nutritional guidelines are undergoing final review but are expected to go into effect over the next few years.  All packages require updating by July 2018.

What is changing about standard food labels?

Food labels will follow generally the same format but the information on them will change somewhat.  Here’s what you can expect:

Calories:  The font listing the total number of calories per serving will be larger and it is no longer mandatory to include “calories from fat.”

Servings:  Serving sizes are becoming more reasonable for what the average person would eat at one time.  For instance, a bottle of soda or a can of soup would be considered one serving, whereas old labels list it as two servings.  Larger packages with multiple servings will show nutritional information for one serving as well as the entire package in a two-column format.  The serving size section will also appear in a larger font.

Sugars:  Packages will now be required to list the amount of added sugar to food products.  This will allow consumers to differentiate added sugars from natural sugars.

Vitamins and Minerals:  Vitamin D, potassium, iron and calcium will now be required categories including showing the quantity and the percent of recommended daily value.  Vitamin A and Vitamin C will be optional.

Daily Recommended Values:  These are updated to reflect current scientific research regarding the amount of specific nutrients we need daily.

*Total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates (including fiber and sugars) and protein will all continue to be listed on new food labels.

Why are food labels changing?

Current food labels were instituted in 1994 but much research has been done about nutrition and the human body in the past 22 years.  Therefore, the Food and Drug Administration believes the guidelines on how nutrition is reported on food packages should be updated.

Some of the changes are for the sake of clarity, such as larger fonts and more accurate serving sizes.  Other changes are based on what information experts believe we should be concerned about in our diet, like added sugars versus natural sugars.  And yet other changes reflect research indicating the importance of certain nutrients like potassium and Vitamin D that contribute to healthy development, sustained health and lowered risk of chronic disease.

Preventative health is intimately related to what we eat.  New food labels are an effort to better inform consumers about food and help people make better nutritional choices.

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Chocolate dinner for Valentine's Day
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Dos and Don’ts of Summer Skin Care
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Health Benefits of Pumpkins
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health benefits of walking
health benefits of walking everyday
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health risks of wearing a hairband
health risks of wearing a hairband around your wrist
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Health Screenings for Women
Healthier Alternatives to Pasta
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Heart Health
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Herbs to Improve Breast Health
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How Gardening is Good for your Health
how many bras should I have
how many calories does housework burn
how to achieve balance
How to Avoid a Wardrobe Malfunction
how to avoid hair dryness in winter
how to avoid razor burn
how to be a good coworker
how to be inspiring
how to be sexy
how to become a better hugger
how to boost energy
how to care for lips
how to combat hanger
how to correct under eye bags
how to deal with stress
how to do pool exercises
how to dress a big bottom
how to drink more water
how to eat healthy
How to Eat More Vegetables
how to exercise in the pool
how to fall asleep faster
how to find balance
how to find balance in life
how to find out your family history
how to get healthy
how to get healthy hair
how to get the best deals
how to get the best shave
how to get the most out of your breakfast
How to Get the Most out of your Office Space
how to have a better relationship with doctor
how to have a healthy heart
how to heal chapped lips
how to identify your passions
how to improve digestion
how to improve hair health
how to improve the air quality in your home
how to live longer
how to look younger
how to love your Mondays
how to make a face mask
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how to measure bra size
how to measure for a bra
how to measure your bra size
how to moisturize hair
how to prevent diabetes
how to prevent Osteoporosis
how to protect yourself at nail salons
how to recycle bras
how to reduce allergy symptoms
how to reduce food waste
How to Reduce Under Eye Bags
how to relax on vacation
how to relieve anxiety naturally
how to relieve heartburn
how to relieve PMS
how to relieve stress
how to save money
how to save time
how to shave your legs
how to slow down and enjoy life
how to stay cool in summer
how to stay positive at work
How to Store Winter Clothes
how to take care of skin
How to Take Care of Your Lips during Winter
How to Take the Best Selfie
How to Truly Unwind on Vacation
how to wear fringe
how to wear fringe without looking like a hippie
How to Write a Letter to your Mom for Mother’s Day
how to write thank you notes
hugging and your heart
hugs and heart
ideas to share the holiday spirit
immune boosters
immune system
immunity cold showers
importance of breakfast
importance of drinking water
importance of health screenings
Improve Your Digestive Health
improve your life
Improve your Relationship with your Doctor
In the Media
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indoor plants
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inspire those around you
inspiring confidence
Invigorate your Breakfast in the New Year
Is a Gluten-Free Diet Right for You?
James Early O’Brien
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jeans for full figure women
jersey shore
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July 4th
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Know your family history
Knowing Your Family History
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Leading Ladies We Love
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Life Goals
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Lipstick Hacks
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Living with Passion
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Maintain These Healthy Summer Habits All Year Long
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Make the Most of Time Spent in your Car
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Natalie Portman
National Nutrition Month
national ovarian cancer coalition
national womens history month
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natural remedies
natural remedies for allergies
Natural Remedies for Anxiety
Natural Remedies for Heartburn
Natural Remedies for PMS
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never text while driving
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new skills
new superfoods
New Years Resolutions
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peppermint oil
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Plus Size Bras
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plus size clothing
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Plus Size Fashion
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Plus Size Lingerie
Plus Size Mannequin
plus size model
plus size modeling
plus size modeling agencies
Plus Size Models
Plus Size Printed Leggings
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plus size sports bra
Plus Size Supermodel
plus size sweaters
plus size wedding dresses
plus size women
plus size women and leather
plus sized models
Plus-Sized Fashion
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pool workouts
posh spice
positive attitude
positive body image
positive self image
positive thinking
postpartum depression
postpartum nursing shapewear cami
postpartum nursing shapewear cami with tummy control
postpartum shapewear
postpartum shapewear boyshort with firm tummy control
postpartum shapewear brief with tummy control
power breakfast
power nap
power naps
pre-baby shape
pregnancy diet
premature skin aging
premenstrual syndrome
productivity at work
professional image
prolonged sitting
proper bra fit
Protect Your Hair from Winter Weather
protecting your skin
protein in eggs
puffiness under eyes
pumpkin beauty products
pumpkin candles
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Pumpkin Season
pumpkins and antioxidants
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Racer Back
racer back bras
racer back sports bra
racerback bra
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reasons for fatigue
Reasons to Get a Workout Buddy
Reasons to Learn Self Defense
reasons to strengthen your body
recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers
recycle bras
recycle your bras
red rice
reduce salt in your diet
reigniting passions
relationship with doctor
remedies for anxiety
remedies for heartburn
remedies for PMS
repelling insects
Reset your Metabolism
Retro Style
rice crackers
risk factors for Osteoporosis
risk factors of diabetes
Robyn Lawley
romantic Valentine's dinner
Routine Depression Screenings for Women
rule of five
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salt intake
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sandal trends 2016
Saturday Night Live
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save the earth
Save the planet
saving money
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Seamless Bra
seasonal affective disorder
seasonal allergies
seasonal depression
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self defense
self defense and confidence
self defense and empowerment
self defense and martial arts
self defense and protection
setting goals
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sexy black bra
sexy black full figure bra
Sexy bra
Sexy Bras
sexy bras for Valentine's Day
sexy full figure bras
Sexy Full Figure Bras for Valentine’s Day
Sexy is a State of Mind
Sexy lace bra
Sexy Lingerie
Sexy Plus Size Bras
sexy shoes
sexy Zorro
shapewear boyshort with firm tummy control
shapewear brief with firm tummy control
shapewear cami
signs of skin cancer
Signs you are Eating Too Much Salt
skin blemishes
skin cancer
Skin Cancer Awareness
skin cancer signs
skin cancer stats
skin cancer symptoms
skin care
skin care myths
Skin care tips
skin cleansers
skin problems
sleep and leisure bra
Sleep and the brain
sleep and the heart
sleep bra
sleep bras
sleep habits
sleep tips
slow down and enjoy life
slow the appearance of aging
Smaller Waist
smart texting
sore muscles
sore throat
Specialty Bra Sizes
speed up metabolism
Spice Girl
Spices of the Holiday Season
spicy food
spicy food and living longer
spicy foods
spider plants
sport bra
Sport Bras
sports bra
Sports Bras
spring 2014 fashion trends
spring allergies
Spring Clean your Diet
spring cleaning
spring colors
spring dresses
spring fashion
spring fashion 2014
spring fashion 2015
spring summer 2014 fashion trends
spring summer fashion trends
Springtime Full Figure Fashion
springtime gardening
stay positive at work
stimulating cold showers
storage containers for clothes
storing clothes
strange tips to fall asleep faster
strengthen your body
stress and fatigue
Stress Management
stress relief
stronger immune systems
Sucker Punch
sugar free
sugary snacks
Summer Beauty Tips
summer bras
summer budget
summer fashion
summer fashion 2014
summer full figure bras
summer habits
summer hair care
summer heat
summer makeup
summer sandals
summer skin
summer skin care
summer wardrobe
sun safety
sun safety habits
sunglass trends
supermarket marketing ploys
Supermarket Marketing Ploys to Avoid
support breast cancer awareness
supportive bras
sustainable living
sustainable practices
sweater trends
sweet holiday spices
symptoms of anxiety
t shirt bras
t-shirt bra
taking care of yourself at work
taking vacation alone
texting rules
thank you notes
Thanksgiving leftovers
the benefits of farm fresh foods
the benefits of meal planning
the bra recyclers
The Health Benefits of Cold Showers
The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate
The Healthiest BBQ Foods
The Importance of Hugging
The Importance of Sleep
The Rules of Cardigans
the science behind hangry
the tutu trend
thigh brow
thigh gap
things that make you sexy
Things to do on Christmas Eve
Things Your Coworkers Hate
think more positive
thinking positive
tips for avoiding pollen
Tips for Bargain Shopping
Tips for Black Friday
Tips for Healthy Hair
Tips for Surviving the Summer Heat
tips for winter hair
tips for women with large breasts
tips for working out
Tips for Writing Great Thank You Notes
tips for writing thank you notes
Tips to Allergy-Proof your Home
tips to beat the heat
Tips to Fall Asleep Faster
title 9
title ix
title nine
too much salt
travel clothes
travel wardrobe
trendy jumpsuits
Trendy Plus Size Clothes
trendy plus size fashion
trendy raincoats
trendy white shoes
trouble staying focused
tummy control
TV Moms
TV Moms we love
type 2 diabetes
Ultimate World Breastfeeding Week
ultraviolet light
unclutter your house
Unconventional Ways to Give Thanks this Thanksgiving
under eye baggage
under eye bags
underwire bras
Unexpected Causes of Fatigue
Unintentionally Slowing Your Metabolism
unprofessional email
unprofessional email etiquette
unwanted toxins
unwind on vacation
uv light
v for vendetta
vaginal bacterial infection
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Surprises
Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day Full Figure Fashion
Valentine’s Day ideas
varicose veins
Volunteering on Thanksgiving
walking 30 minutes a day
walking for health
wardrobe essentials
wardrobe tips
warrior princess
wash bras
ways to be sexy
Ways to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month
ways to celebrate Thanksgiving
ways to combat fatigue
Ways to Create a Sexier Bedroom
ways to get fit with your pet
ways to give back on Thanksgiving
ways to give thanks
ways to give thanks on Thanksgiving
ways to improve concentration
ways to inpire
Ways to Reduce Food Waste
ways to reduce symptoms of allergies
ways to save money
ways to save money this summer
Ways to save the earth
ways to strengthen your immune system
ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers
Wear your Comfy Clothes to Work
wearing a hairband around your wrist
wedding dress
wedding dresses
weekday dinners
weight gain
weight loss
what causes allergies?
what do do on Christmas Eve
what is a Mediterranean diet
what is a power nap
what is Osteoporosis
What is Zapping your Concentration?
what to do for faster metabolism
what to do in the car
what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers
what to eat besides potato chips
what to eat for faster metabolism
what to pack
what to pack for women
What to Wear on Black Friday
what to wear on Valentine's Day
What Your Nails Say about your Health
when to buy a new bra
where to buy full figure bras
where to store clothes
which bras to wear in summer
white blood cells
white shoes
white shoes for spring
white shoes for summer
white wardrobe
white wine
whitney Thompson
whole foods
Why All Women Should Take a Trip Alone
why am I so tired?
why hugging is good for you
Why Hugs are Good for your Heart
why sitting is bad for health
why sleep is important
why to reduce food waste
why walk everyday
why we get hangry
why women need hugs
why women need mom friends
why women need strength
why women should travel alone
why working out in the morning is better
why you can't concentrate
why you should eat breakfast
why you should take a cold shower
Why You Should Take a Walk Everyday
Why You Should Take Power Naps
wicked witch of the west
wild rice
winter accessories
winter fashion
winter fashion trends
winter fruits
winter hairstyles 2015
winter holidays
Winter Superfoods
winter trends 2015/2016
winter vegetables
women and seasonal affective disorder
women health
women traveling alone
women who struggle with morning sickness
women's accessories
Women's History Month
women's shaving
womens health
womens health week
working out
working out in the morning
working out in the pool
working out your brain
workout buddy
workout music
workout partner
workout playlist
workout playlists
workout routines
workout songs
write a letter to your mom
yeast infection
yogurt covered fruits
younger looking hairstyles
youthful skin
Zac Posen
Zig-Zag Weave Front-Closure Leisure Bra