What you Should Know about Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is a form of depression that usually occurs in wintertime.  Contrary to what many people think, SAD is more than just the winter blues.  It may be a sign of a larger mental or emotional condition and can have serious implications on your wellbeing.

As we enter the heart of winter, seasonal affective disorder is a health topic that is well worth examining, especially for women.  Women are more prone to the condition, which is consistent with all forms of depression.  Also, people who live in northern states or colder climates are more likely to be diagnosed with SAD.  That’s because it is related to the weather and the lack of sun.

Although all causes of seasonal affective disorder are not fully known, experts believe it occurs for several reasons stemming from the absence of sunshine.  Less sun in the winter can take its toll on our bodies in major ways.  First, it may interrupt our circadian rhythm, that internal body clock that helps us stay on a daily routine.  You may notice your circadian rhythm is off when traveling to different time zones.  SAD works similarly but has a longer term effect due to many months without much sun.

Winter portrait of a woman of stressSun is also a key component of a couple of essential chemical reactions in our brains and bodies.  Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that creates feelings of joy and happiness.  Less sun causes a reduction in serotonin, which can lead to depression.  Also, melatonin, a hormone that controls sleep and wake cycles, can be disrupted by the lack of sun.

Seasonal affective disorder is a depression marked by sadness, fatigue, anxiety, lethargy and disinterest in activities that you typically enjoy.  People with SAD often feel unmotivated to do much of anything.  In severe cases, SAD can lead to deep depression and thoughts of suicide.  Those who already have some form of depression or bipolar disorder are more likely to suffer from SAD or experience a flare-up of symptoms during certain seasons.  SAD typically occurs in winter but can rear its head in other seasons as well.

The standard treatment for seasonal affective disorder used to be light therapy or phototherapy.  The idea here is to jumpstart the body into producing serotonin, melatonin and reviving a normal circadian rhythm.  Now, various recommendations are made based on an individual’s medical status.  Regular talk therapy or medication may be a more effective solution for some patients.

If you feel you are experiencing SAD or know someone who is, speak up and take action.  Visit your physician and encourage others to do the same.  Treatments are highly effective and can make the difference between a depressing winter and one that is productive and bright.

How to Reduce Under Eye Bags

Pretty woman touching skin below the eyesWe’ve all got baggage, but some more than others.  The same is true for the baggage under your eyes.  Under eye bags are a common complaint of many women as they dissect their facial appearance.  While not always avoidable, there are ways to reduce under eye bags to create a brighter, healthier, younger looking appearance around the eyes.

Under eye bags are caused by several factors.  The skin under our eyes is thinner than other areas of the face, making blood vessels more visible beneath.  Blood vessels can appear brown, purple or greenish depending on your skin tone.  Sometimes eye bags are genetic and no matter how hard we try to eliminate those dark half-moons under our eyes, they will still show to some extent.

Other causes of under eye bags are behavioral and lifestyle choices.  Lack of sleep is a major culprit of under eye bags.  Tired skin tends to sag and discolor under the eyes, creating that all-too-familiar zombie-like appearance.  Also, fluid can build up under the eyes causing puffiness.  This may be a result of allergies, sinus congestion, too much salt intake, excessive alcohol consumption or other dietary or environmental reasons.  Spending too much time in front of a computer or television screen may cause eye bags as well.

Here are a few tips for those of you who want to try to reduce under eye bags without cosmetic procedures:

  • Get plenty of sleep.  Seven to nine hours of sleep per night is the standard, but read your skin to see how much sleep you need to reduce under eye bags.  Also, sleep on your back propped up on pillows.  Side-sleepers may have more pronounced under eye bags due to gravity.
  • Limit salt intake.  The daily recommended value of salt is 2,300 milligrams.  Read labels to discover hidden sources of salt in your diet.
  • Manage nasal congestion and sinus issues by clearing them out through irrigation or steam.
  • Remove all makeup, especially eye makeup, before going to bed.  Use a gentle cleanser or makeup remover.  Try not wearing mascara on your lower lashes for a few days to see if that improves your under eye bags.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol.  While an occasional drink is OK, excessive alcohol consumption contributes to skin aging and under eye bags.
  • Eat antioxidants and potassium and drink water.  Antioxidants help protect and nourish skin cells for a glowing appearance.  Potassium helps reduce water retention and water flushes toxins and waste from the body.
  • Moisturize day and night.  Keep your skin hydrated with a daytime and nighttime moisturizing cream.  Be sure to massage your moisturizer under your eyes and always wear SPF sunscreen while outdoors.
  • Try one of these natural home remedies on your under eye bags:
    • Cold cucumber slices
    • A used tea bag
    • Lemon juice
    • Honey
    • Cold spoons
    • Potato slices

With these tips to reduce under eye bags, we hope your brightest, most beautiful skin is just a few steps away!

Make Magic with Jeans and Sweaters

Jeans and a sweater are a staple casual look for many women during the winter.  But this typical uniform may feel stale as the winter trudges on and we’ve worn the same combinations several times already.  Don’t fall into a rut with your jeans and sweaters outfits.  Instead, look for ways to spice up the same basics to make a wow statement with every wear.  Here are some ideas to make magic with jeans and sweaters this season:

Add a Layer:  Layers can drastically change your outfit and create an entirely new look out of the same ho-hum pieces.  By adding a blazer or vest over a sweater, you’re altering your outfit completely.  Or, put a layer underneath your sweater such as an oxford shirt with the collar spilling over the top of your sweater, or a long colorful shirt that adds a pop beneath the hem of your sweater.

Young Woman Holding Red Handbag. Model ReleasedBe a Bag Lady:  By pairing your jeans and sweaters with a new bag – perhaps one with some bling or color – you can really jazz up an outfit.  Look for complimentary colors, such as reds with blues and purples with yellows, that will help your bag be an accent asset.  Your bag can also help transform a daytime look with an oversized handbag into a nighttime ensemble with a clutch.

Chunk up the Jewelry:  No one will notice the same old jeans and sweaters when you wear them with different chunky jewelry.  Necklaces are a great start.  Try bolder sheens and colors with neutral sweaters and more classic neckwear with brightly hued sweaters.  Long earrings or chunky bracelets can also snazz up a traditional look by drawing attention elsewhere.  Pin up your hair or roll your sleeves to show off your jewelry selections.

Invest in Scarves:  Scarves are both functional and fashionable in the winter months.  Collect a variety of scarves of different fabrics, colors, patterns and lengths that compliment many of your sweaters.  Try tying them in unique ways to add an interesting twist to your look.

Wear a Hat:  Hats are super fun and trendy.  Find hats that fit your head shape and face nicely and buy several to elevate your winter wardrobe.  From beanies with balls, berets, boaters and buckets, to floppies, fedoras and forties-inspired headwear, hats draw attention to your face and make a great winter statement.

Shoes Make the Look:  Of course no outfit is complete with a great pair of shoes.  Boots are certainly in season including ankle boots, rider boots or heeled boots, but do pick the right styles for the cut of your jeans.  Also, winter heals or wedges look great with jeans and sweaters and can add height to your appearance.  Or go for a sneaker or loafer that will keep you comfy and trendy this winter.

Change your Hair:  Although it isn’t a wardrobe piece, changing your hair do can modify the look of an outfit.  You may find that v-necks look better with a down-do while turtle-necks and higher collars are complimented by a bun or ponytail.  Your hair alters the view of your neckline and can give your outfits that last boost they really need.

We hope you make lots of magic with jeans and sweater looks this winter!

Invigorate your Breakfast in the New Year

Ok ladies, it’s 2016 and it’s time to invigorate your breakfast in the New Year for a healthier, more energized you.  Overnight, your body fasts and (thankfully) goes into rest mode.  But in the morning, it’s time for a serious energy boost, which begins with a healthy breakfast.

Healthy avocado, egg open sandwiches on a plate with colorful tomatoes against rustic woodThe best nutrients to consume for breakfast include healthy fats, protein and fiber.   You may have been taught that all fat is bad, but that is not true.  We need fat in our diet to sustain all normal bodily functions.  The best fats are monounsaturated fats such as almonds, peanuts, cashews, avocados, and polyunsaturated fats like walnuts, flaxseed, tofu, and essential fatty acids from salmon, tuna and other types of fish.  Protein helps with the breakdown and repair process required in muscle growth and is also great for brain power.  Fiber from whole grains and complex carbohydrates aid in sustaining energy by slowing the digestion process for a more efficient use of nutrients.

Here are 6 options to invigorate your breakfast in the New Year:

Oatmeal with Almond Butter:  Oatmeal is a fabulous grain chock full of fiber and many heart-healthy benefits.  Prepared with soymilk and a teaspoon of almond butter, you can fulfill your protein and healthy fat quota too.  Plus, the nut butter adds a rich and delicious flavor to traditional oatmeal.

Breakfast Bowl:  Create a smorgasbord of scrumptious breakfast nutrients with a breakfast bowl.  Start with a hard-boiled egg white base and add in sautéed vegetables, salmon and avocado to your liking.  Cover with a slice of cheese or soy cheese and milk for 30 seconds.

Greek Yogurt and Seasonal Berries:  Greek yogurt has at least twice the protein and less sugar than regular yogurt, making it a terrific source of both protein and dairy.  Seasonal berries offer lots of powerful antioxidants to strengthen cells and especially immune health.

Breakfast Burrito:  Using a whole grain tortilla, wrap a slice of cheese, black or refried beans and scrambled eggs into a burrito.  Feel free to toss in some veggies too, such as tomato, green peppers, onions or avocado.  This breakfast twist contains all the energy essentials to get your day started with a bang.

Power Protein Smoothie:  Blend up your breakfast with tons of wholesome nutrients.  This is a great choice if you’re not a fan of raw vegetables.  You can mask the taste of kale, spinach and other greens behind sweet fruits, nut butters and coconut milk.  (Almond milk, soymilk and skim milk also work.)  Add a scoop of flaxseed or chia seed for extra healthy fats, fiber and protein.

Egg Sandwich:  Who needs a bacon, egg & cheese biscuit when you can make a healthy alternative?  Toast whole grain bread or an English muffin and brush with olive oil.  Cook a thin layer of egg in a skillet or microwave and add to bread.  Top wit avocado, turkey bacon and/or cheese for a nutritious breakfast sandwich.

Invigorate your breakfast this New Year to start every day with energy.  Bon Appétit!

How to Take Care of Your Lips during Winter

closeup of a cute young woman lips

Luscious, supple lips are something most women desire.  But when it’s bitterly cold outside and overly dry inside, how is a gal supposed to maintain beautiful lips?  It takes a bit of extra effort in the winter, but hydrated, smooth lips are attainable even in the coldest winter months.  Today we’re sharing how to take care of your lips during winter to keep them sweet, sassy and smoochable!

Lips get cracked and chapped during the winter – or any time of year for that matter – for several reasons.  As the weather becomes colder, moisture gets sucked out of the air and the wind can be abrasive to the very thin, sensitive skin on your lips.  Most people have the heat on indoors during the winter, which creates dry air inside as well.  You just can’t escape it!  Additionally, many people use chemical-based lip balm or lick their lips to combat dryness, which both contribute to dehydration.  And if all of this isn’t bad enough, the natural aging process can cause lips to crack and chap as well.

Protect your lips in the winter and year-round with these tips:

  • Keep lips moisturized at all times, even at night, with a natural lip balm.  Beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, petroleum jelly, aloe vera and jojoba oil are all great natural ingredients for your lips.
  • Drink plenty of water.  Moisturization occurs from the inside out just as much as the other way around.  Drink your 8 glasses a day for plumper lips.
  • Don’t lick your lips.  While you think you may be helping them, it actually dries them out much more than you think.
  • Wear SPF sunscreen on your lips.  Even the winter sun can cause damage to your lips.
  • Stop smoking.  Nicotine, combined with the heat source touching your lips, is a terrible combination.  Besides, smoking is bad for your entire body in every way.
  • Stay out of the sun and wind whenever possible.  Your lips and all of your skin will thank you.
  • Use a humidifier in your home to add moisture back into the air.

Also, try these natural remedies for combating dry lips:

  • Press your lips against a used green tea bag for 5 minutes a day.  The extreme antioxidants will seep into your thin lip skin and hydrate them.
  • Rub honey, butter or any type of natural oil over your lips.  Let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing.
  • Create an exfoliant with raw sugar and olive oil.  Scrub lips for 2-3 minutes and then wash off the solution.  This will help rid your lips of dry, dead skin and allow newer, fresher skin cells to rise to the surface.
  • Use natural age-defying foods like lemons and cucumbers on your lips too.  Crush them and use the juice as a lip solvent for about 15 minutes a day for best results.

Silky, lush, kissable lips are attainable even in the winter with these tips for how to care for your lips!


Knowing Your Family History

Family history may seem like a string of distant stories that has no relevance on your life now.  But the truth is, knowing your family history can be a very important and connective piece of your family’s health and dynamics.  Taking the time to research your family history may be a fascinating journey back in time, as well as a critical measure to understanding aspects of the present and future.

When you were a kid, you may have heard many tales of your family’s past from various generations.  While these stories may have seemed so far away – from both a sense of time and place – they can shed much light onto the choices, behaviors, values and health ingrained into your family.  As you’ve grown older, you may notice how one generation influences the next.  But what about the generations you haven’t met and witnessed?  They have had a profound impact on the subsequent generations of your family too.

Family history helps create unity and understanding within families.  Knowing the struggles, challenges, sacrifices, passions, triumphs and amazing feats of the past can help you better understand older generations in your family.  The influences of past situations – good and bad – stick with each of us in ways that form our psyche, traditions, values and Family treelifestyle choices.  Studying the stories of your family such as where generations past grew up, the political and cultural pressures of their times, their professions, family life and much more can help connect families, bridge gaps and secure strong familial bonds.

Knowing your family history is also valuable for health purposes.  Scientific research continues to show genetic factors involved in countless health conditions.  While you cannot change your genes, you can be aware of increased risk factors based on patterns in your family’s medical history.  Having this information can help determine a course of action and the level of vigilance needed for preventative care.  For instance, it may be recommended that families with increased risk of certain types of cancer should have more frequent health screenings to catch potential issues early.

Whether you are a history buff or not, mapping a family tree and digging into medical records can be an eye-opening experience.  Start with any records you have and reach out to relatives who can help you begin to piece together your family’s history.  The act of reconnecting with relatives alone may be extremely rewarding.  Although it’s a rather new invention, the Internet can be a magnificent tool in tracking genealogy too.  Once you know relative’s names and a few things about them, you can search for more info.  Genealogy programs are also available on a subscription basis to help fill in the gaps.

Be sure to check causes of death and read through any existing medical records.  Often, putting together medical history can be the most challenging part of knowing your family history because you have to put the puzzle together yourself.  But it is well worth the effort if it can help inform your family’s health and recommended preventative care.

Use family history as a bridge from the past to the future.  Connect with generations past – living or deceased – by getting to know their stories and their medical history.  You’ll be amazed at how this small step back in time can broaden your horizons in many giant ways.

Winter Superfoods

Verdure e frutta invernale mista,We’re back with our seasonal edition of superfoods and today we’re focusing on winter superfoods!  We’ve got the best fruits and vegetables to nourish your wintertime meals and help stave off seasonal illnesses, ailments and even emotional lows.  Add these winter superfoods to your diet for a super-charged season:

Winter Squash:  Move over fall pumpkins, winter squash is taking the spotlight this season.  Filled with the same nutritious beta-carotene as pumpkins, winter squash include butternut squash, spaghetti squash and acorn squash, among others.  Each variety has its own merits and specialties.  Spaghetti squash yields long thin strands and makes a great alternative to pasta.  Other squashes can replace regular squash or zucchini during winter or can be whipped into faux mash potatoes for a lighter, lower-carb version of a winter classic.

Fennel:  Hailing from the Mediterranean, fennel is bursting with vitamins and minerals including potassium, folate, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin A and many others.  It has cardio-protective properties, strengthens the immune system, intensifies bony capacity and combats inflammation.  The distinctive fennel bulb has a licorice-like flavor that adds robust intrigue to many cuisines.

Beetroot:  This beautiful deep red root vegetable has a high concentration of antioxidants that help counteract free radicals that damage bodily cells.  Beets can be served cold, often as salad toppers, baked or as a soup puree.  Even the leafy top is nutritious and can be cooked with the flesh of the vegetable for added value.

Jicama:  Most commonly found in Central America and Asia, jicama is a crunchy vegetable with a slightly nutty, refreshing flavor.  It is often chunked or shredded and tossed into salads for a little phyto-crunch, but it can also be eaten raw in strips.  Jam-packed with Vitamin C for immune strength as well as iron, potassium and fiber, jicama is a great low-calorie snack option.

Avocado:  In the U.S., avocado is eaten all year long but it is truly in season in the wintertime.  It is a terrific plant source of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, plus other healthy monounsaturated fats. Avocado also contains folate and the B vitamins, all of which are good for disease-prevention and have heart-healthy benefits.

Pears:  Sweet and scrumptious, pears are a wonderful winter superfood.  Although the saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” in wintertime we can include pears as well.  They contain Vitamin B2, Vitamin E, pectin and copper, which help lower bad cholesterol levels and support the cardiovascular system.  Plus, pears come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to add to your winter kitchen décor.

Pomegranates:  Pomegranates are rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, two super-charged antioxidant categories that help stave off cancer and other diseases caused by cellular mutations.  This festively bright red fruit is somewhat difficult to gut but once you do the work, the sweet and tart pomegranate beads are your treat.  Add them to salads, cereals or pop them individually as a snack.

Kiwi:  Little fuzzy kiwis are a small fruit with a large amount of nutrients.  One kiwi contains more Vitamin C than an orange plus it has great fiber and potassium that yield heart-health benefits.  Kiwis are good for digestion, smooth skin and even help you sleep better.

Tangelo:  This mix between a tangerine and a pomelo has enough Vitamin C to meet your daily recommended value.  Vitamin C is, of course, known to boost immune strength and has terrific disease-fighting capacity.  Tangelos are a fabulous twist on more common citrus fruits that are ripe during winter.  And tangelos are easy to carry for an on-the-go wintertime pick-me-up.

What are you waiting for?  Enjoy these winter superfoods today!

Get Inspired by the “Healthy at Any Size” Campaign

If you’re still not sure how you’re going to spend your winter vacation, here’s an idea:  start loving your body and getting healthy at the same time.  The official “Healthy at Any Size” campaign may be over, but the premise is one that we can all strive to achieve.

Plus size model Melinda Parrish didn’t enter the modeling world looking nearly as confident as she does in her photo shoots.  In fact, she, like many other women, struggled all her life to accept her body.  That’s why she started the “Healthy at Any Size” (#HealthyatAnySize) campaign and the Get Moving (#getmoving15) holiday challenge with Plus Model Magazine.

healthy at any size__1450660327_108.89.138.209In our modern society, exercise has been eternally linked to weight loss and continues to lose its true, original intention…health.  It seems physical activity gets lost in a world obsessed with being thin.  As the Health at Every Size (HAES) movement cites, this body preoccupation leads to abuse of food, eating and body disorders, negative body image and self-hatred, discrimination and worst of all, unhealthy lifestyles.  Melinda Parrish and many others are taking a stand to change the purpose behind exercise and redefine “movement” to stand for health, not weight obsession.

The goal of Melinda’s campaign as well as the HAES movement is to recognize the physical, mental and emotional benefits of being active for health and wellness purposes.  When women understand that fitness stretches way beyond weight loss, they have a better chance of reaping the amazing benefits of exercise that extend beyond physical wellbeing.  Physical activity is linked to so many mental and emotional advantages including releasing brain chemicals and neurotransmitters that actually make you feel better.  And when we feel better, we have better perspective on ourselves and can love our bodies for what they are, not how we long for them to be.

While there are health risks associated with obesity, the healthcare industry is actually NOT obsessed with weight.  The medical field acknowledges that bodies can be healthy at many sizes but physical activity is a key component to achieving and maintaining health.  Unfortunately, many people are turned off by the idea of exercise because they feel weight loss is unattainable.  Campaigns like “Healthy at Any Size” strive to dispel these associations with weight loss and motivate movement for the sake of health and health alone.

Of course mental and emotional health are an important piece of the puzzle for Melinda Parrish and many others too.  Accepting your body in a weight-obsessed world often takes strength and courage.  As Melinda squashes the weight loss connection to exercise, she hopes to replace it with a message of self-love, body positivity and recognition that bodies can be healthy and strong at any size.

So this holiday season, get inspired to be Healthy at Any Size.  It doesn’t mean you have to run a marathon, but do find some ways to move your body for a healthier new you in the New Year.

How to Truly Unwind on Vacation

Relax sul pratoSo you’re headed off on a much needed vacation – go you!  Surely you’re excited but maybe a bit stressed too, as you’re trying to wrap things up at home and prepare for your trip.  Today we’re bringing you tips on how to truly unwind on vacation.

Tie up lose ends before you leave.  If you feel confident that things are taken care of on the home front, you’ll be able to relax more on vacation.  This may mean putting in a few extra hours to get things done in the office or at least creating a memo for co-workers to know exactly where things stand so they can fill your shoes in your absence.  Do the same for anything you have going on for social, volunteer or familial projects.  Don’t let the stressful details of things you’ve forgotten to do or tell someone weigh on your mind when you’re trying to enjoy your trip.

Designate a brief time to check-in every day.  For those who are extremely dedicated to their work, severing communication for 2 weeks may not be an option.  And certainly you will want to communicate with your children if they’re staying home while you are on an adult vacation.  Set aside time when you can be reached by your boss or caregiver every day.  Obviously anyone should contact you in the event of a huge emergency, but otherwise, let them know that you will be checking emails, voicemails or calling-in at a certain time.  This will put everyone at ease, including you.  But do be mindful of your own boundaries and don’t make yourself more available than necessary.  This will eat into your down time on vacation.

Wind down slowly.  It’s hard to go from 100 mph to a complete halt.  Instead, give yourself time to wind down from a stressful period and ease into vacation mode.  If you have a few days to spend at home before your trip, that may help.  Otherwise, keep you mind occupied without focusing on your daily tasks, such as doing a puzzle, Sudoku or reading a stimulating or motivating book.  As your vacation progresses, switch gears to more relaxing activities like watching movies, reading a juicy novel or flipping through magazines.

Plan challenges and adventures on vacation.  If you are a goal-oriented person, lying on the beach for days-upon-days may not be fulfilling.  Rather, select several challenging activities during your vacation.  Perhaps it’s climbing a nearby mountain, taking a cooking class or trying to pick up on the local language.  After all, vacation you should be more relaxed, but you’re not an entirely different person.  Don’t deny your natural instincts for adventure and challenge.  Instead embrace them and let them add fun and excitement to your vacation.

Use relaxation techniques.  If you find yourself stressed on vacation, seek relaxation techniques early so you don’t waste your entire trip.  Employ meditation and deep breathing to try to loosen up.  You can also get a massage or spend an entire day soothing yourself at a spa.  Do what it takes to really unwind so you feel rejuvenated and refreshed rather than regretting the fact that you couldn’t chill on your vacation.

Wind up slowly too.  When it is time to reenter your “real world,” do so slowly and with caution.  Don’t destroy all the relaxation you enjoyed by abruptly returning to stressful situations.  Try to have a day at home to unpack, do your laundry, do some prep work for your job and think about the challenges ahead.  Hopefully everything will seem easier to handle after your vacation.  Try to remember the fun you had and go into your new week with a cheery, positive, relaxed attitude like you had on vacation.

We hope you can use these tips to truly unwind on vacation.  Enjoy!!

Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Anxiety comes in many forms and strikes at different times for different people.  General worrying is what we most commonly call anxiety, but more severe conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and social anxiety disorder are all forms of anxiety as well.  Certain times of year, say around the holidays when we’re out of our routines and spending lots of time with family, may cause elevated anxiety.  In extreme cases, medication may be required.  But we can often curb everyday worrying with natural remedies for anxiety.  Today we have a few suggestions that may take your mind off the worry and get you back to your usual self.

Herbal Natural Remedies for Anxiety

There are many herbal options that have a calming effect on the body.  Most are healthy and safe, although do discuss with your physician before starting a new herbal regimen if you take prescriptions medications as there may be some interactions.  Herbal remedies include lavender, GABA (gamma-aminobutyic acid), chamomile, green tea, passionflower, lemon balm, valerian and hops.  Many of these contain essential nutrients and volatile oils that trigger neurotransmitter reactions that reduce stress and anxiety.  By drinking these herbal teas, taking an herbal supplement or even smelling or absorbing them topically through oils, your body may immediately begin to loosen up.

Seek Relaxation

Relaxation is different to everyone, but for those who experience anxiety, it is a great natural remedy to relieve symptoms.  Scheduling relaxation before anxiety strikes can be very helpful, and of course making time for it when you’re already feeling anxiety is a no-brainer.  Relaxation may come from meditation, spending time in nature, watching television, reading a book, deep breathing techniques, practicing yoga, exercise, gardening or getting a massage.  Employ whatever ways you find therapeutic relaxation to your advantage to help address anxiety.

Get Warm

Portrait of a pretty happy young woman holding a cup of coffeeWarmth is believed to trigger the feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin.  Soaking in a bath, spending time in a steam room, drinking a hot cup of tea, enjoying sunshine, and curling up by a fire are all great ways to heat your body and release this wonderful, natural sensation.  This may also be why exercise gives you a “high” despite any pain it may cause.  Next time you feel angst, try doing or sipping something warm for a quick fix.

Eat a Healthy Diet

When your body needs nutrients, many things can go awry, including elevating your anxiety levels.  Keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day by eating a balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits.  Omega-3s are a terrific anxiety-relieving nutrient found in many fish, nuts and oils.  Also, don’t skip breakfast.  Studies show that anxiety-prone people are more likely to skip breakfast.  Stop the anxiety before it starts by eating healthily and not missing a meal.

Isolate Issues and Face Fears

Sometimes getting to the root cause of anxiety can help reduce future anxiety, even if it requires some uncomfortable soul searching in the moment.  When you are faced with anxiety, try to determine what it is that is really bothering you.  Sometimes we make up reasons for anxiety that aren’t truly the root cause.  Dig deep to decide why you are worrying and what myths you may be telling yourself that leads you there.  Try not to let other issues build on top of the underlying cause of your anxiety.  Creating a catastrophe  only makes anxiety worse.  Once you know what the issue is, work on facing that fear so it doesn’t continue to agitate you and cause long term anxiety.


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bra fitting tips
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Brain Games for Adults
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break your nail biting habit
break your unhealthy nail biting habit
Breakfast rules
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Breast Cancer Awareness
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Breast enhancers
Breast forms
Breast Health
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Burn Calories while Spring Cleaning
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Celebrate Mom Friends
Celebrating Women
Celebrity News
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Chocolate dinner for Valentine's Day
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Health Benefits of Pumpkins
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Health Screenings for Women
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Heart Health
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Homemade Face Masks
house plants
houseplants for better air quality
how do you wash bras
How Gardening is Good for your Health
how many bras should I have
how many calories does housework burn
how to achieve balance
How to Avoid a Wardrobe Malfunction
how to avoid hair dryness in winter
how to avoid razor burn
how to be a good coworker
how to be inspiring
how to be sexy
how to become a better hugger
how to boost energy
how to care for lips
how to combat hanger
how to correct under eye bags
how to deal with stress
how to do pool exercises
how to dress a big bottom
how to drink more water
how to eat healthy
how to exercise in the pool
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how to find balance
how to find balance in life
how to find out your family history
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how to get the most out of your breakfast
how to have a better relationship with doctor
how to have a healthy heart
how to heal chapped lips
how to identify your passions
how to improve digestion
how to improve hair health
how to improve the air quality in your home
how to live longer
how to look younger
how to love your Mondays
how to make a face mask
how to measure bra size
how to measure for a bra
how to measure your bra size
how to moisturize hair
how to prevent Osteoporosis
how to protect yourself at nail salons
how to recycle bras
how to reduce allergy symptoms
How to Reduce Under Eye Bags
how to relax on vacation
how to relieve anxiety naturally
how to relieve heartburn
how to relieve PMS
how to relieve stress
how to save money
how to shave your legs
how to slow down and enjoy life
how to stay positive at work
How to Store Winter Clothes
How to Take Care of Your Lips during Winter
How to Take the Best Selfie
How to Truly Unwind on Vacation
how to wear fringe
how to wear fringe without looking like a hippie
How to Write a Letter to your Mom for Mother’s Day
how to write thank you notes
hugging and your heart
hugs and heart
ideas to share the holiday spirit
importance of breakfast
importance of drinking water
importance of health screenings
Improve Your Digestive Health
improve your life
Improve your Relationship with your Doctor
In the Media
indoor garden
indoor plants
inexpensive oils
inspire those around you
inspiring confidence
Invigorate your Breakfast in the New Year
Is a Gluten-Free Diet Right for You?
James Early O’Brien
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jeans and sweaters
jeans for curvy women
jeans for full figure women
jersey shore
Jessica Alba
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Kerosene Deluxe
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Know your family history
Knowing Your Family History
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lace full figure bras
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Laura Wells
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Leading ladies
Leading Ladies We Love
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Leading Lady 514
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leaky gut syndrome
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Living with Passion
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Monday person
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National Nutrition Month
national ovarian cancer coalition
national womens history month
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natural remedies for allergies
Natural Remedies for Anxiety
Natural Remedies for Heartburn
Natural Remedies for PMS
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New Years Resolutions
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Plus Size Bras
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Plus Size Mannequin
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Plus Size Models
Plus Size Printed Leggings
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Plus Size Supermodel
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Plus-Sized Fashion
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power breakfast
power nap
power naps
pre-baby shape
pregnancy diet
premature skin aging
premenstrual syndrome
professional image
prolonged sitting
Protect Your Hair from Winter Weather
protecting your skin
protein in eggs
puffiness under eyes
pumpkins and antioxidants
push up bra
Racer Back
racer back bras
racer back sports bra
racerback bra
rain gear
razor burn
reasons for fatigue
reasons to strengthen your body
recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers
recycle bras
recycle your bras
red rice
reduce salt in your diet
reigniting passions
relationship with doctor
remedies for anxiety
remedies for heartburn
remedies for PMS
repelling insects
Retro Style
rice crackers
risk factors for Osteoporosis
Robyn Lawley
romantic Valentine's dinner
rule of five
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running playlist
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salt intake
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Saturday Night Live
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save the earth
Save the planet
saving money
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Seamless Bra
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seasonal allergies
seasonal depression
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Sexy bra
Sexy Bras
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Sexy Full Figure Bras for Valentine’s Day
Sexy is a State of Mind
Sexy lace bra
Sexy Lingerie
Sexy Plus Size Bras
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shapewear boyshort with firm tummy control
shapewear brief with firm tummy control
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signs of skin cancer
Signs you are Eating Too Much Salt
skin blemishes
skin cancer
Skin Cancer Awareness
skin cancer signs
skin cancer stats
skin cancer symptoms
skin care
skin care myths
Skin care tips
skin cleansers
skin problems
Sleep and the brain
sleep and the heart
sleep habits
sleep tips
slow down and enjoy life
slow the appearance of aging
Smaller Waist
smart texting
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sore throat
Specialty Bra Sizes
speed up metabolism
Spice Girl
Spices of the Holiday Season
spicy food
spicy food and living longer
spicy foods
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Sport Bras
sports bra
Sports Bras
spring 2014 fashion trends
spring allergies
Spring Clean your Diet
spring cleaning
spring colors
spring dresses
spring fashion
spring fashion 2014
spring fashion 2015
spring summer 2014 fashion trends
spring summer fashion trends
Springtime Full Figure Fashion
springtime gardening
stay positive at work
storage containers for clothes
storing clothes
strange tips to fall asleep faster
strengthen your body
stress and fatigue
Stress Management
stress relief
stronger immune systems
Sucker Punch
sugar free
sugary snacks
summer budget
summer fashion
summer fashion 2014
summer wardrobe
sun safety
sun safety habits
sunglass trends
supermarket marketing ploys
Supermarket Marketing Ploys to Avoid
sustainable living
sustainable practices
sweet holiday spices
symptoms of anxiety
t shirt bras
t-shirt bra
taking care of yourself at work
taking vacation alone
texting rules
thank you notes
Thanksgiving leftovers
the benefits of farm fresh foods
the bra recyclers
The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate
The Importance of Hugging
The Importance of Sleep
The Rules of Cardigans
the science behind hangry
the tutu trend
thigh brow
thigh gap
things that make you sexy
Things to do on Christmas Eve
Things Your Coworkers Hate
think more positive
thinking positive
tips for avoiding pollen
Tips for Bargain Shopping
Tips for Black Friday
Tips for Healthy Hair
tips for winter hair
tips for women with large breasts
Tips for Writing Great Thank You Notes
tips for writing thank you notes
Tips to Allergy-Proof your Home
Tips to Fall Asleep Faster
title 9
title ix
title nine
too much salt
travel clothes
travel wardrobe
trendy jumpsuits
Trendy Plus Size Clothes
trendy plus size fashion
trendy raincoats
trendy white shoes
trouble staying focused
tummy control
TV Moms
TV Moms we love
ultraviolet light
Unconventional Ways to Give Thanks this Thanksgiving
under eye baggage
under eye bags
Unexpected Causes of Fatigue
Unintentionally Slowing Your Metabolism
unprofessional email
unprofessional email etiquette
unwanted toxins
unwind on vacation
uv light
v for vendetta
vaginal bacterial infection
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Surprises
Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day Full Figure Fashion
Valentine’s Day ideas
varicose veins
Volunteering on Thanksgiving
wardrobe essentials
wardrobe tips
warrior princess
wash bras
ways to be sexy
ways to celebrate Thanksgiving
ways to combat fatigue
Ways to Create a Sexier Bedroom
ways to get fit with your pet
ways to give back on Thanksgiving
ways to give thanks
ways to give thanks on Thanksgiving
ways to improve concentration
ways to inpire
ways to reduce symptoms of allergies
ways to save money
ways to save money this summer
Ways to save the earth
ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers
Wear your Comfy Clothes to Work
wearing a hairband around your wrist
wedding dress
wedding dresses
weight gain
weight loss
what causes allergies?
what do do on Christmas Eve
what is a Mediterranean diet
what is a power nap
what is Osteoporosis
What is Zapping your Concentration?
what to do for faster metabolism
what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers
what to eat besides potato chips
what to eat for faster metabolism
what to pack
what to pack for women
What to Wear on Black Friday
what to wear on Valentine's Day
What Your Nails Say about your Health
where to buy full figure bras
where to store clothes
which bras to wear in summer
white blood cells
white shoes
white shoes for spring
white shoes for summer
white wardrobe
white wine
whitney Thompson
whole foods
Why All Women Should Take a Trip Alone
why am I so tired?
why hugging is good for you
Why Hugs are Good for your Heart
why sitting is bad for health
why sleep is important
why we get hangry
why women need hugs
why women need mom friends
why women need strength
why women should travel alone
why working out in the morning is better
why you can't concentrate
why you should eat breakfast
Why You Should Take Power Naps
wicked witch of the west
wild rice
winter accessories
winter fashion
winter fashion trends
winter fruits
winter hairstyles 2015
winter holidays
Winter Superfoods
winter trends 2015/2016
winter vegetables
women and seasonal affective disorder
women health
women traveling alone
women who struggle with morning sickness
women's accessories
Women's History Month
women's shaving
womens health
womens health week
working out in the morning
working out in the pool
working out your brain
workout music
workout playlist
workout playlists
workout routines
workout songs
write a letter to your mom
yeast infection
yogurt covered fruits
younger looking hairstyles
youthful skin
Zac Posen