How to Store Winter Clothes

It’s about time to pull out your capris, pastels and sandals to get your closet ready for spring.  But what’s a girl to do with all of her winter clothes when they are out of season?

Proper storage will maintain the integrity of your clothes while also giving you space for your spring wardrobe.  And by proper storage we don’t mean shoving sweaters, coats and thick pants into a cardboard box and not revisiting them again until next October.  Your fashionista detective skills worked tirelessly to curate your fabulous wardrobe so don’t let all that hard work go to waste by not ensuring your clothes are well taken care while not in use.  Here are some tips on how to store winter clothes during the off season:

Storage Containers:  There are a variety of options for storing clothes.  Cardboard boxes are not an ideal choice because they are acidic and the glue that binds them together often attracts bugs.  Plus, they are flimsy and while they may cost less now, you’ll definitely store winter clotheshave to replace them more often.  Spring for plastic containers with lids to keep your clothes sealed safely.  Be sure to pick a size that fits your storage space.  For instance, if you’re stacking boxes in your closet, large, deep rectangles work well.  For under the bed, shallow, long rectangles are preferable.  You may want boxes with wheels that are easy to slide out from tight space or moveable from room-to-room.

Alternatively, you can use storage containers you may already have at home.  Large comforter cases make great clothes storage bags.  They are malleable and can therefore fit in many types of spaces.  Suitcases are another terrific place to pack your off-season clothes because they are sturdy, spacious and you have to store them somewhere anyways.  If you have to keep your clothes in sight, opt for fun bins or baskets with patterns that match your home décor.  Place a blanket on top so it appears to be a basket of cozy rather than your entire winter wardrobe.

Storage Location:  Cool, dry and dark locales are the best storage places for your clothes.  You’ll want good air circulation as heat can damage clothing fibers.  Plus, direct sunlight can fade fabrics so a darker space is better.  Attics are tempting but can get very hot in the summertime.  If an indoor closet isn’t an option, see what storage space you can make in your garage.  Some crafty people hang tracks from the ceiling of their garage and dangle their storage bins overhead.  Be sure the space is accessible so you can check on your clothes every once in a while.  You’ll want to make sure there is no water damage or bug infestation.  Both of these problems can be remedied if discovered quickly.

Wash Clothes First:  Be sure to thoroughly clean your clothes before storing them.  Stains, dirt or even particles left on clothes can stain them permanently.  Bugs are also attracted to certain unclean scents that may linger on your wardrobe.  You’ll probably want to wash clothes again before wearing them the following season.

Organize:  Before you store winter clothes purge items that you haven’t worn in several years.  Someone else less fortunate could probably get more use out of it than you.  Also, pack like items together: sweaters with sweaters; pants with pants; etc…  Label your boxes so you know where to find things should the spring weather take a turn and you need to pull out a few items on the fly.  Put winter coats near the back of your storage space and potentially useful things closer to the front so they are more easily accessible.

Hang Only What You Must:  Hanging heavy clothes for too long can cause them to lose their shape or stretch.  Only hang items when it is completely necessary.  Always use an appropriate hanger for the garment.  Suits and coats will most certainly need sturdier and better padded hangers.  Use the loops on your clothes to reinforce them on the hanger.

It’s National Nutrition Month!


March is National Nutrition Month, which is a great time to remind ourselves about healthy eating habits for ourselves and our families.  Designated by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the goal of the campaign is to celebrate smart eating and physical activity to encourage a healthy body weight and lowered risk of chronic disease.  March couldn’t be a better time to ensure each of us is staying on track towards the healthy goals we set for ourselves earlier in the year.

This year’s theme of National Nutrition Month is “Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle,” which reminds us that healthy eating isn’t about restricting food, but more about making healthful choices.  That includes consuming fewer calories, eating nutrient-dense foods, reducing intake of non-nutritional foods, balancing diet with exercise and sustaining a healthy eating pattern.  National Nutrition Month advocates the MyPlate campaign set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture and supported by First Lady Michelle Obama.

There have been many evolutionary steps in what is considered a “balanced diet” throughout the years.  You probably remember them from health class.  Once we were taught the four food groups.  Then it evolved into the food pyramid.  Now, MyPlate provides a visual representation of how a balanced meal should look.  The ideal plate includes 1) varied vegetables, 2) lots of fruit, 3) protein with each meal, 4) grains, preferably whole grains, and 5) dairy.  All of these should be achieved during every meal within a healthy caloric allotment.

As most of us know, even within these healthy categories, not all foods are created equal, which is why diversity is essential.  For instance, carrots are a vegetable with more sugar but contain beta-carotene and additional nutrients hard to find in other vegetables.  Green leafy vegetables, or cruciferous vegetables, such as spinach, collard greens, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cabbage, are especially rich in nutrients and fiber, giving you a bigger bang for your buck.  The same is true of fruits.  Berries have vital antioxidants but are more sugary than apples and melons.  Both are important in a balanced diet in moderation.

When it comes to protein, the key is to go lean.  Chicken, fish, turkey and beans are examples of terrific lean proteins.  Preparation also matters.  Baking, grilling and sautéing food is always more healthful than drowning it in oil for frying.  Pork and beef can be consumed in moderation, and cuts that are “rounds” or are marked “choice” or “select” are considerably healthier than other parts of pigs and cows.

Good choices are also crucial for the last two categories, grains and dairy.  Whole grains such as whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, brown rice and quinoa pack in a ton of nutrients and will help satiate the body for longer than white breads, pastas and rice, which contains a lot of sugar.  Lean dairy includes low-fat milk, cottage cheese, yogurt and cheeses.  Diary can become a major source of unhealthy fats and calories if over-consumed, however a balanced quantity helps boost the metabolism and promotes healthy bacteria in the gut.

Healthful eating is all about having the right mindset.  Consuming a balanced diet isn’t about dieting and certainly is no longer for the sole purpose of weight loss.  Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen will strengthen the body in many ways, including boosting the immune system to keep chronic, life-threatening diseases at bay for a healthier future.  We hope you join us in celebrating National Nutrition Month and literally bite into a healthy lifestyle.

The Ultimate Full Figure Sports Bra

When you have large breasts, having the right coverage and support during exercise is crucial.  And we know firsthand how difficult it can be to find a great full figure sports bra.  Well, look no further, ladies.  Leading Lady is proud to offer the Ultimate Full Figure Sports Bra that features everything you need for your active lifestyle.

We believe that all bras should be comfortable and supportive.  Sports bras are certainly no exception.  In fact, sports bras should offer extreme support plus several other important features.  Leading Lady’s full figure sports bra is the solution to the plus size woman’s sports bra dilemma.

full figure sports braOur full figure sports bra allows you maximum mobility during exercise without the pain and discomfort of bounce.  With just the right amount of compression and a double layered cup, this bra keeps your breasts lifted and firmly in place.  The side seam and high-cut design are ideal for full figure women whose breasts tend to slip out of the sides or spill over the top of their bras.  That’s never attractive or comfortable, but even worse when trying to focus on exercise.

At Leading Lady, we know that one size does not fit all.  And one size may not even fit the same woman every day.  That’s why our full figure sports bra offers options.  The adjustable plush straps help you find daily comfort and you can decide between a traditional or racer back style.  The leotard back design ensures the straps stay in place so you won’t be worried about slippage during your workout.

Your sports bra should help you achieve your best in whatever exercise you choose.  And you’ll probably work up a sweat doing it.  Our full figure sports bra is made of breathable lightweight fabric and a sweat-wicking band to keep you cool during workouts.  It also helps relieve skin irritations caused by chaffing or pooling of excess sweat.

Looking good during your workout is important too.  The sleek design is made for the modern women, whether you’re hitting the gym, enjoying the great outdoors or doing your own hard core boot camp.  Our full figure sports bra comes in three color combinations to meet your personal style:  black with blue piping, pink with black piping or all white.  We’re pretty sure you’ll want to get all three to match all of your fitness outfits.

There you have it: our full figure sports bra is the ultimate in everything you need to look great and feel great while you exercise.  We hope you enjoy your workouts even more with this fantastic new addition to the Leading Lady collection.

Age-Defying Hair: Younger Looking Hairstyles

hairstyles-for-girls-age-14long-hairstyles-long-straight-hair-styles-df9evvlzMost women are on the never-ending quest to look younger.  We eat our antioxidants, moisturize twice a day and keep up with the latest fashion trends – all to knock a few years off our appearance.  But what if we told you your hairstyle can make you look younger too…years younger!  Yup, one way to achieve a more youthful appearance is through younger looking hairstyles.  No, we’re not talking pig tails here.  But slight variations can make a big difference in defying your age.  Check out these tips and tricks for younger look hairstyles:

Long and Strong:  Healthy long hair is not only youthful, it’s sexy and glamorous too.   Depending on your hair type, shorter hair tends to spazz at the ends, creating an unflattering shape around the face.  Instead, keep your hair long to add weight and avoid unsightly tips.  Also, ask your stylist to cut long, subtle layers to frame your face.

ShNice-Short-Bob-Hairstylesort with Volume:  If you don’t have the patience for long hair, ask for a voluminous short cut, such as a modern bob.  With the right layers angling towards the face, a chin-length cut can reverse the clock without making you look too juvenile.  Try uneven sides for an edgier look.

Gray Smay:  Coloring your hair can help you achieve a younger appearance, however many women love their natural graying color.  Plus, maintaining color treatments are costly and severely damaging to your hair.  If you choose to accept your gray hair, get a super trendy hair cut to remind the world how young you are at heart.  Try a razored layered look for a modern appeal.

Bang Bangs:  Straight bangs can be drab and schoolmarish.  But a wispy side bang is in-style and quite youthful.  Make sure your side sweep blends nicely into the rest of your hair where it meets your frame, and ensure the proper length to stay out of your eyes.

Embrace Your Curls:  Whether you have a slight wave or a head full of curls, nurture your natural body.  Curls add lots of volume but your stylist can tone it down by cutting layers around the face and thinning the ends.  Usually, thick curly hair works better in shoulder-length cuts or longer.

up doSofter Up-Dos:  A tight, sleek up-do can be very harsh on the face and emphasizes wrinkles and imperfections.  A softer, fuller up-do redirects the focus for a more holistic appearance.  Silky curls framing the face also lighten the load of this elegant style.

Deep Side Part:  No one likes a flat head.  Give yourself a boost by teasing up the under-hair on top of your head.  One of the easiest ways to do this is create a deep side part and tease beneath both sides.  This also allows one side to sweep over for a more interesting and dramatic look.

To Curl or Not to Curl:  Some women look more youthful with a soft curl at the tips.  Usually this works nicely for long hair, below the shoulders.  For shorter than shoulders, a straight look is more sleek and sophisticated.

Wash and Wear:  Youthful people have vibrant, fresh hair.  Over-styled, over-heated and over-treated hair begins to look damaged, which contributes to an older appearance.  To preserve a youthful look, select a hairstyle that is simple to maintain and won’t require too much styling or heated tools.  A wash-and-wear hairstyle also takes less time so you can focus on other things in your life that will keep you young.

Are You Unintentionally Slowing Your Metabolism?

Whether you exercise regularly and eat a perfectly balanced diet or not, everyone strives for an active metabolism.  The metabolism keeps the body energized and helps avoid excess fat storage.  Your resting metabolic rate is how quickly your metabolism works without having to do any physical activity.  Obviously, the higher the rate, the less you have to do to maintain a healthy weight.  Unfortunately, many dietary and lifestyle habits inhibit the metabolic process and could be unintentionally slowing your metabolism.

As women age, their metabolism slows, which on average leads to a yearly weight gain of around 1.5 pounds after age 40.  Luckily, you can curb some of the causes of unintentionally slowing your metabolism.  Keep these tips in mind to keep your metabolism working for you all day and night:

What to Eat

Enough Food:  The metabolism is like a fire, burning energy inside your body that requires fuel to keep going.  Without enough food, your metabolism will slow imagessignificantly.  Meals should be approximately 400 calories each, which is enough to keep the body evenly satiated for three to four hours.  Morning and afternoon snacks are important to keep the metabolism fueled as well.  And like your mother said, breakfast is essential.  Otherwise your body stores energy and slows down until it gets a new source of nutrients.

Complex Foods:  Nutrient-dense foods that also contain fiber take more effort for your body to break down and distribute throughout the body.  This extra work keeps your metabolism speedy and agile.  Fruits, vegetables and whole grains like whole wheat breads and pastas are particularly fibrous.  Sugars and simple carbs such as white bread and rice spike blood sugar and absorb quickly into the system, which is counterproductive for metabolic rate.

Lean Protein:  This is a crucial part of every meal and snack that can keep burning calories long after a meal is complete.  By adding grilled chicken to a salad, nuts to your oatmeal, or yogurt to your fruit, you can enjoy this fabulous benefit.  Avoid fatty meats and other high fat foods, such as fried foods, because they overwhelm the body.  The metabolism essentially rests when it receives too much fat while it waits for it to be stored.

Avoid Pesticides:  Toxins found in pesticides are proven to slow the metabolism and prohibit weight loss.  Buy organic fruits and veggies when possible, or peel them if organic is cost-prohibitive.

Iron:  Strong blood requires iron to improve circulation and deliver nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.  Muscles require oxygen to burn fat and speed the metabolism.  Women lose iron through menstruation so it’s important to consume plenty of iron in your diet with foods like spinach, cereals, beans and most plant-based superfoods.

Calcium:  The nutrients in your food only work for you if it is absorbed into the bloodstream.  Calcium is one of the best elements to increase absorption of a variety of nutrients, allowing them to benefit the body, including the metabolism.  So drink your milk and eat your yogurt and cheese, ladies.

What to Drink

Natural Caffeine:  Coffee and tea are bursting with antioxidants that stimulate the metabolism.  Depending on your favorite variety, they can increase the metabolism by 5 to 12%.

clean-drinking-waterCold Water:  Drinking cold water requires the body to work harder to digest. Water and other cold foods must be warmed to body temperature before it can be used.  This simple way to speed your metabolism could buy you 50 more calories a day.

Limited Alcohol:  Alcohol severely inhibits the metabolism and causes you to burn less fat because alcohol cannot fuel the metabolism at all.  One glass of wine or one cocktail is fine, but more than that can ruin the metabolic headway you’ve made throughout your day.

What to Do

Sleep More:  The more you sleep, the more energy you’ll have throughout the day.  This encourages and motivates lots of physical activity or just more energized intention to whatever your day brings.  Moreover, when you are sleep deprived, your body uses less energy when it actually gets to sleep, lowering that resting metabolic rate.

Move Around:  Sitting for just 20 minutes at a time can lower your metabolism.  If you have a sedentary job, try to get up periodically to stretch and walk around to keep blood flowing and the metabolism churning.

Keep a Schedule:  Upsetting your circadian rhythm from jet lag or all-nighters really disrupts your cellular function and metabolic rate.  Try to eat meals and sleep at around the same times daily for a more well-balanced system.

The Importance of Sleep

sleepSleep is one of the most basic human needs.  It’s unlikely you’ll forget to eat or wear clothes, but sleep is one of the most neglected areas of health.  Sleep is essential for many functions of the body, from supporting vital organs, to making you look and feel refreshed.  Most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep per night for full body recuperation and to reap the maximum benefits of sleep.  Today we’re diving into the importance of sleep for four areas of your health and wellness:

Brain Power

Brains are somewhat like machines – they need to power off for awhile to re-charge.  The brain isn’t actually “off” during sleep, but it is resting in very important ways.  Your brain is making new connections and repairing itself from a hard day’s thinking.  By getting the recommended amount of sleep, your brain will be sharper and better able to handle daily demands.  Sleep improves concentration, mental clarity and focus that supports everything from greater cognition and problem-solving, to quicker response reactions when driving.  Sleep also reduces headaches because you are better able to deal with stress and anxiety.


Sleep is vital for heart health on several levels.  First, it supports every aspect related to the heart including stable blood pressure levels, lower bad HDL cholesterol levels, a steady heart beat and improved circulation, all of which lower risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke and diabetes.  Sleep also prevents the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which causes the heart to work harder unnecessarily.  Moreover, a better night’s sleep gives your immune system a boost.  Immune defense is not only essential for staving off colds and infection, it also plays a major role in disease prevention, including heart disease.

Happy Go Lucky

You’ve probably noticed that sleep makes you happier and conversely, not sleeping makes you rather miserable.  Sleep is a natural mood elevator because the body has had a chance to rejuvenate itself.  Whether you realize it or not, daily stressors take a toll on your entire system and it needs time to rest and recoup.  Sleep allows you to better deal with life’s challenges and view the world optimistically without constantly breaking down over small issues.  Furthermore, sleep helps build and maintain better relationships.  When you are more pleasant to be around, you’re less likely to start arguments or project your crankiness on others.  Plus, you have more tolerance and compassion towards others, which they will surely notice.

Full Body Boost

One obvious benefit of sleep is that it gives the body more energy for daily activities.  That means you can attack your day with intention and purpose.  It also means you will have more energy for exercise and physical activity, whether you hit the gym, play tennis or are chasing your kids around the backyard.  Sleep improves many elements of exercise, including stamina, endurance, strength and your threshold for pain, as well as the time it takes for muscles to repair after workouts.  Beyond energy for exercise, if you’re trying to los weight or maintain your healthy weight, sleep keeps hormones in check to advance your goals.  When you don’t sleep your body produces more ghrelin, a hormone linked to hunger, and you make less leptin, the hormone that makes you feel satiated.  When ghrelin and leptin are off-balance, they can not only increase your desire to eat, but increase sugary snack cravings too.  Here’s another great full body benefit of sleep:  it piques your interest in sex!

Making sleep a priority is crucial for your health in a variety of ways.  Just like taking your vitamins and getting all your steps in each day, ensure sleep is part of your daily health routine.

Full Figure Superstar full of Full Figure Fashion: Spotlight on Cristela Alonzo

Watch out, there’s a new superstar in town.  Her name is Cristela Alonzo and this breakout star is proving to be a role model to many.  As the first Latina to create, write, produce and star in her own sitcom, Cristela is breaking down barriers in more ways than one.

Cristela casualBorn and raised in a Spanish-speaking home in Texas, Cristela grew up watching American television.  Her favorites were always sitcoms and that’s how she learned to speak English.  Even when her family could not afford food, her single mother always made sure they had television to keep her kids inside and away from danger.  Cristela was beyond fascinated with what she saw and quickly studied much more than just language.  She came to understand American family dynamics and how they differed from her own life, and she fell in love with comedy.  Her happy spirit was always spreading joy – and sometimes song too – even to her mother who was often gloomy over their family’s hard life.

All that happiness paid off as Cristela went to college and eventually found her niche as a clean stand-up comedian.  She pulled much of her material from her own life as a Latina, full figured woman.  Although humble, Cristela felt compelled and responsible for representing Hispanics authentically to the world.  And she does it with a lot of familiar humor that is relatable and laughable to many cultures.  Her hit show Cristela about a Latina who lives with her extended family and works at a law firm is unique and popular.

cristela-alonzo-abc2Cristela also embraces her curvy body as part of her show and comedy through full figure fashion.  For work scenes, her on-screen character has a signature style of trendy empire-waist dresses topped with a cardigan and classy costume jewelry.  At home her character is more laid back in curve-hugging t-shirts, casual jeans and the currently stylish fitted lumberjack plaid button-down.  She’s also usually donning her famous dimpled sly smile after popping off her customary zingers.

Cristela+Alonzo+Disney+ABC+Television+Group+ZmegudmshnBlOn the red carpet, Cristela’s personal full figure fashion style is a little more sassy and but just as chic.  She knows how to dress her curves in cross-over tops and dresses, v-cut blouses, jackets that hit her body at the perfect spot and curve-loving jeans.  With just a hint of sexiness and a lot of class, Cristela’s positive, wholesome act doesn’t just describe her comedy.

Her inner and outer beauty, combined with her effortless style, is just another way Cristela is breaking the mold of what a modern day superstar can be.  We’ll keep watching, Cristela, if you keep inspiring us with your fashion and making us laugh.




8 Unexpected Valentine’s Day Surprises for your Sweetheart

Psst…Here’s a secret: Valentine’s Day is not all about sex.  Spending quality time with your husband or boyfriend can be just as intimate, stimulating and loving as making love itself.  Fortunately, you have an entire day to pack it all in!

We believe Valentine’s day should be full of the unexpected joyfulness that represents you and your man as a couple.  If you’re still struggling with what to do on the day of love, we’ve got eight Valentine’s Day surprises that may be perfect for you and your sweetheart this year:

young-couple-dancing-2012-08Take a Dance Class:  Nothing gets the juices flowing like dancing.  This full-body experience will get you and your beau in sync.   Even if you aren’t the best dancers, let lose a little and let the rhythm guide you.  The closeness of being in each other’s harms and moving your bodies together is just what this holiday is all about.

Make a Meal Together…In Your Undies:  Cooking together stimulates many senses at once.  And if you do it in a bra and panties, it will stimulate a few more.  Making a meal is an activity that requires joint decision making and teamwork, two important qualities of your partnership. Plus, doing anything half naked is a lot more fun!

Partake in an Extreme Adventure:  If dancing and cooking don’t really do it for you, maybe something a little more extreme is in order.  Take the plunge and try something heart-pounding together such as skydiving, parasailing, race car driving, spelunking or bungee jumping.  See who is the biggest dare devil in your relationship.

flowerGive a Plant:  Traditional Valentine’s flowers fade, wilt and eventually die.  That’s not representative of your love!  Buy your honey a beautiful flowering plant that will last much longer, perhaps one you can plant in your yard this spring.  Like your love, you can nurture it together.

Have a Change of Heart:  Have you been holding on to something that is causing tension in your relationship?  Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to let it go and give the gift of a changed heart.  Maybe you’ve been resistant to a change your partner suggested or trying new things.  Show him how much you care by giving his ideas a chance.

5044 blackGive Him a Sexy New Bra:  Ok, ok, not for him to wear!  Buy yourself a beautiful new sexy full figure bra from and wrap it up for your man.  Trust us, he’ll love this gift once you’re in it.

Give From the Heart:  Spending time with your loved one doing something for others is an awesome way to spend part of your V-day.  Volunteer at a shelter, clean up a nature preserve, visit a hospital or give blood – It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it is helping others from the heart.

Go To the Park:  More than wild activities or wining and dining, perhaps what you need most is a little R&R.  Strolling through the park or having a picnic is a wonderful way to kick back and relax on a beautiful backdrop with the person you love.  There’s nothing like nature to rejuvenate the spirit, including the spirit of love.

Sexy Full Figure Bras for Valentine’s Day

Your heart may be ready for Valentine’s Day, but is your bra wardrobe?  As if you needed an excuse to buy new sexy full figure bras, Valentine’s Day may be the greatest occasion for such a purchase.  And if you’re looking for the best selection of sexy full figure bras including sensual lace, Valentine’s red, blushing pink or just plain adorable bras, you’ve come to the right place.  Leading Lady is your destination for sexy full figure bras this Valentine’s Day.

5028 redWhen you think of Valentine’s Day, we bet sweetheart red comes to mind.  Red is on our minds too and we’ve got the perfect red Valentine’s Day bra for you.  It’s one of our newest color additions to our best selling Molded Padded Seamless Full Figure Bra, which comes in both underwire and wirefree.  This classic cranberry bra offers comfort and support in a fun, vibrant color that couldn’t scream Valentine’s Day any louder.  The padded cups and straps ensure ultimate blissful wearing, while the adjustable straps and four back hook-and-eye closures ensure your best fit every day.  The sweetheart neckline is great for that sexy dress you’ve been saving for Valentine’s Day or any v-cut or scoop neck top that requires a lower cut bra. You’ll surely have your man seeing hearts in your eyes with this festive bra.

NeLeading Lady's Lace Cup Underwire Full Figure Braxt on your Valentine’s sexy full figure bra wish list is probably black lace.  Are we right?  Well, we’ve got titillating lace in a variety of styles that will suit your personal fashion and wardrobe.  Our stunning Lace Cup Underwire Full Figure Bra and our Scalloped Lace Underwire Full Figure Bra will give you the best that black lace has to offer. If you think lace is itchy, uncomfortable and flimsy, you should rethink your lace bras.  Ours are made from the softest lace that will not irritate skin.  With lined, slightly padded cups, your breasts will be supported and lifted to create fabulous cleavage and eliminate sag.  The Scalloped Lace style allows some of your skin to peek through the bra, making you irresistible on Valentine’s Day.

5048pink_hooksBut wait, lace comes in other colors too and they can be just as sexy.  Our Lace Cup and Scalloped Lace bras come in white and nude options, which may be more versatile for your wardrobe and have the same sex appeal.  Additionally, our Crossover Front Closure Racer Back Leisure Bra features lace cups in a sporty-meets-sexy style offered in pink, white and black.  The plunging neckline and racer back make it a great alternative for non-traditional tops and dresses, like halters.  And we can’t forget how adorable lace trim can be too, such as our Wirefree Full Figure Bralette, which can be worn as a bra or cami-like option.

plus size sport braFor a more subtle Valentine’s flavor, pink is a terrific choice.  We have a variety of pink bras to suit your style including our most popular leisure bras: our pink Cotton Front Closure Leisure Bra, a.k.a. The Most Comfortable Bra in America, and our rosewood or nude blush Zig-Zag Weave Front Closure Leisure Bra.  Both of these sexy pink hued leisure bras are amazing for lazy Valentine’s mornings when you intend to lounge with your love.  (Doesn’t that sound like fun!?) Or if you plan to get in a workout on Valentine’s Day, do it in a hot pink Wirefree Sport Full Figure Bra.

Nothing says, “Happy Valentine’s Day” like a sexy bra.  At, sexy full figure bras are just a few clicks away.  Happy Shopping!

Full Figure Fashion: How Every Woman Can Wear Leather

Move over biker chicks, leather is a trend that every woman can wear.  No longer just edgy and radical, leather is now super stylish and posh.  So much so that anyone with any body type or personality can pull it off.

Just like any other fabric selection or style of clothing, wearing leather requires dressing for your body type and individual taste.  Because leather can be clingy, it’s important to ensure the pieces you select are tailored appropriately for you.  Keep in mind, leather doesn’t have to be tight to be trendy and leather makes a great accent piece if you’re not ready to deck yourself in leather from head-to-toe.

michael-kors-brown-michael-plus-size-seamed-zip-front-leather-jacket-product-1-22016815-0-220532654-normal_large_flexLeather jackets are a terrific way to incorporate the leather trend into your wardrobe.  These days there are many styles that fit a variety of personalities and body types.  For women looking for a slimming effect, select a leather jacket with buttons straight down the middle or interesting off-set zippers that angle down. Plus size women often look better in a collarless jacket or thinner soft leather that won’t add bulk.  To create a broader shoulder, wear a leather jacket with detail, embellishments or texture on the shoulders.  Short fitted leather jackets that hit at the top of your natural waistline will allow you to show off your curves on top and on the bottom.

leather pantsFor a bolder look, try leather pants.  If you think you have to be a rockstar to wear them, think again.  Leather pants can be extremely chic and classy.  A relaxed fit leather pant or a jeans-like trouser pant is great at hiding problem areas.  If you have larger hips, select a classic boot cut design or a slightly flared crop pant.  Another great way to wear a leather pant is as leggings.  The thinner material will not add bulk and you can pair these with an over-sided sweater, empire-waist blouse or dress.  Alternatively, select leggings of a different fabric with a leather stripe down the sides for a similar fashion statement.  Leather pants pair best with a top of a different material but mixes well with almost any texture you desire.

leather topLeather tops can also be sleek and sexy.  Because leather is a more structured material, it naturally helps create a flattering silhouette.  Some of the hottest styles include tops with leather peplums or leather bodies and a different fabric sleeve.  This use of mixed textures and sheens offers a fun and interesting contrast.  Leather is a great fabric for all seasons, and leather tops allow you the flexibility to layer depending on the weather.  Black leather is definitely the way to go with leather tops.

Last but not least, we have to mention leather accents and accessories.  Leather fringe was all the rage at Milan’s Spring 2015 Fashion Week.  This native-esque detail is playful and flirty.  If you’re not into fringe clothes, try a fringe necklace, earrings or even an adornment to your favorite leather purse.  Leather embellishments, especially black-on-black, are very fashionable and can dress up otherwise drab black outfits.  For example, if you’re in the mood for all black, throw a black leather belt of a different sheen into the mix to break up the outfit and add some pizzazz.

Quality leather can be expensive but for the right pieces, invest in real leather instead of faux substitutes.  You’ll feel the difference on your skin and usually the clothes look better and last longer too.

So let’s see your leather, ladies!  Have fun with this hot fashion trend.  We have a hunch it’s here to stay for a long time.

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