Full Figure Fashion: Fall Fashion Report

Fall is just a stone’s throw away, which means it’s time to talk about fall full figure fashion!  This year’s fall fashion is super easy to follow with lots of draping, flirty lines and plenty to keep you warm.  The colors of the season are burgundy, grey, white and classic black.

Check out our full figure fashion report before you stock your fall wardrobe:

Tops and Coats

Ponchos and capes are sticking around for another cooler weather season and we can’t get enough of them.  They make a fabulous fashion statement and are ideal for all body types.  ASOS-CURVE-Longline-Duster-Jacket-Plus-SizeLook for ponchos featuring interesting necklines and capes can incorporate the colors of the season.

Plaid shirts are trending this fall, along with flowing white blouses.  Plaid is perfect for fall weekend excursions and a comfy cozy weekend brunch.  White blouses are getting a makeover this season with embroidery, fabric pleats and details, and angelic wing-like sleeves.  Dress up your white blouse with trousers for work or jeans for a more casual look.

Men’s inspired blazers and coats make layering simple as the weather cools off.  Blazers work over top almost any blouse or dress.  Duster coats are stylish for fall in a variety of neutral colors.  And while full fur is not on trend, fur (or faux fur) cuffs are right on target to keep you fashionable and warm this season.


car-wash-11Your bottom half will get to have a lot of full figure fall fashion fun in 2015 with snazzy silhouettes and sassy hemlines.  First up, the high waist look is in this season for skirts and pants.  Try the look with a feminine pant suit, which is super chic this fall, especially in grey.

Skirts and dresses will make you want to twirl, dance and swing this fall.  “Car wash” inspired pleats – meaning cut into strips rather than traditional folded pleats – are popular.  Or, try a fun twist on your average pencil skirt or dress with a flamenco-style hemline.  Let your skirt give a little wave at the bottom with a sexy ripple.  This may also help balance larger bums and hips.


Fashionable fall shoes call for feminine loafers, black boots and a touch of fur.  As the weather gets colder, more foot coverage will help keep you warm.  Solid or color-blocked loafers with a blocked heel are versatile for almost any outfit and are practical too.  Utilitarian-style black boots are popular with hardware included.  And to stay extra warm, try fur boots, heels or even dressy sandals.

Accessories & Embellishments

fall_winter_2014_2015_accessory_trends_long_gloves1Fringe has been a signature statement of 2015 and it is here to stay as we round out the year.  Add fringe to blouses, coats, dresses, ponchos, bags, shoes, you name it!  You can’t go wrong with fringe.  Also, bling is back so feel free to go big and sparkly with rings, earrings, broaches and hair accessories.  And, if you’re feeling elegant, try long gloves as a fantastic fall fashion statement.

We can’t wait to see what you’re wearing this fall!  Share your pics with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Six Inexpensive Essential Oils and Their Benefits

Essential oils are the new thing everyone is raving about! Essentially, they can be used for just about everything from a sore throat to a household cleaner. But how can something used to treat your body also are used to clean your hardwood floors? It’s simple! Essential oils come from plants out in nature. They are produced from flowers, bark, seeds, trees and roots. These plants hold powerful qualities that can ward off illnesses and disease, promoting healthy lives. Some can even help with hair growth, acne, stress and fatigue.

While essential oils can be great for you they can also hurt your wallet. Most oils have a price ranging from $3 to over $100! In this article we are going to discuss six essential oils that are cost effective and can be used during your everyday routine.

Ginger Oil

Ginger essential oils are one of the best when it comes to effective, inexpensive oils. Not only can it help manage your cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose levels it can also get rid of cellulite and varicose veins! Holistic and natural practitioners believe ginger oil can be used for all sorts of methods to heal your body, mind, and soul. It works great when it comes to your emotions because it can help relieve stress by making you feel relaxed and centered. Additionally, it can also be used as an aphrodisiac by acting as a mind stimulant. Ginger oil can help women who struggle with morning sickness due to pregnancy. Plus it can help ease the pain of menstrual cramps, muscle pain, and migraines. Ginger oil has been said to have amazing results when used in skin cleansers because it can clear up acne and it has anti-aging qualities that firm and tone your skin.

Lemon Oil

Lemon essential oils are great for a lot of things including acne and boosting your metabolism. Lemons are bursting with amazing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They stimulate your white blood cells, increasing your body’s ability to fight off diseases such as malaria and typhoid. Lemon oil can also be a beneficial substitute to use on injuries as in scraps, burns and even infections. Furthermore, they are a natural and healthier way to detox your body because they help burn fat for weight loss. Lemon oil can work as a stain remover, as a natural hand sanitizer, a solution for skin callouses, and they are an excellent ingredient to put in your water or tea to help with regaining concentration and focus.

Lime Oil

Lime essential oils are similar to lemon essential oils because like lemons, limes are full of antioxidants. Also like lemons, lime oil can be used for skin problems like acne and other blemishes. It’s also great for stress and can help with anxiety. Believe it or not, lime oil has been linked to helping with depression! Just add a few drops to your water and it can help change your mood. Lime essential oils are also really great to put in homemade deodorants, and can be rubbed on the skin to help get rid of cellulite and varicose veins. Plus they can help with lowering blood pressure.


Grapefruits have been known to be one of the best foods to eat for weight loss or weight management. The fruit holds a very powerful antioxidant that stops sugar cravings and helps the body feel fuller longer. Grapefruit essential oils have not only improved the dieter’s struggle to say no to cravings, but it can also be beneficial to everyday living. Grapefruit oil is one of the best solutions for people who have trouble with their digestive system because it’s a great detox, and rids the body of unwanted toxins. It’s also perfect for curing a sore throat and easing the pain of headaches and migraines. Like other essential oils, grapefruit oil can help with those who struggle with acne, and it can banish cellulite for good when used daily. Grapefruit oil can also be put in drinks like white wine to add a little more flavor!

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint essential oils are one of the best cures when it comes to skin blemishes. Because it contains menthol that has a cooling effect, it works wonders on brightening dull skin. Rub a few drops on dark spots and watch them fade away! Peppermint oil also works really well with people who have allergies, hair loss, and sunburns. It can help with tight or sore muscles, and can be used as an anti-itch cream. Peppermint oil can even be used on babies who are teething to help relieve pain. Also, just a few drops can even ease your indigestion!

Lavender Oil

As most know, Lavender essential oils are great for stress relief and many use it to help aid sleep by putting a few drops on their pillow. But did you know Lavender oil can improve the look of scar tissue and heal bruises and cuts? It’s also great for repelling insects, as a natural fabric softer, and it can helps relieve headaches.


All of these essential oils are in the price range of $3-12 and can be found at any whole foods store. You will find a lot of grocery stores are now selling many oils because they are in such high demand these days. Give your local grocery store a call and see what they have!

Before you try them out for yourself, talk to your doctor to find out if you have any skin allergies or problems that could affect your body by using these essential oils, and always read product labels to make sure they can be consumed or used for your skin.

Break Your Unhealthy Nail Biting Habit

nail-bitingThey say that bad habits die hard.  If you are a nail biter, you probably know what we mean.  Nail biting can be one of those bad habits that appears to be harmless, but can really cost you in the long run.  And when we say cost you, we don’t just mean the price of a few extra manicures.  There are some health dangers lurking in that nail biting habit that may surprise you.

If you’re not ready to quit yet, consider these reasons to break your unhealthy nail biting habit, stat!

You’re more likely to catch a cold or get sick.  Sticking your unwashed hands in your mouth is just not clean.  Hands are the body parts that pick up the most germs.  When you introduce those microbes into your mouth, you are ingesting lots of potentially harmful substances that can lead to colds, stomach bugs and other illnesses.

You may mess up your teeth.  Biting on your nails all day long is bad for your teeth.  It can cause a change in your dental alignment or breaks in your teeth or enamel.  Now, we’re pretty sure you would rather not wear adult braces, are we right?  Also, nail biters are prone to teeth grinding causing nail biters to spend significantly more on dental bills over the course of their lifetime.

You can get a skin infection.  Paronychia is an infection of the skin around the nail bed caused by bacteria or fungus.  It creates red, inflamed skin surrounding your nail that is not only uncomfortable, but also distracting from your beautiful manicure.

You can temporarily or permanently disfigure your nails.  Nails that are subject to repeated infection may become disfigured with bumps and ridges.  Sometimes this disappears after awhile but other times it is permanent.

You can get warts.  The human papilloma virus causes warts and it is a common virus for nail biters.  Warts spread easily so you could end up with warts on various areas of your hands, mouth and lips.  (And we should mention, anyone who touches these areas or kisses them may also get warts!)

It ruins your manicure.  Yes, this is a rather vain reason but don’t we get manicures for vanity anyways?  If you’re taking 45 minutes of your week to enjoy a manicure, why ruin the beauty of it by biting your nails.  Plus, ingesting nail polish is not good for your internal organs.

It’s kind of gross.  Have you ever watched someone else bite their nails?  It is a rather unattractive habit that may really turn people off.  Would you want to shake hands with someone who has just been gnawing on their nails?  Probably not!

You are avoiding your stress issue.  Nail biting is a nervous habit caused by stress.  Addressing your stress or at least channeling it in other ways is much healthier.  Meditate, exercise, talk to a friend or find a healthier way to handle stress.

Hopefully you now have some good reasons to break your unhealthy nail biting habit.  Good luck!

What does it mean to be Hangry?

81e7afa9724594fb3273997b9dd317617a3377afHave you ever felt so hungry that you become angry?  That’s called hangry, your body’s response to low blood sugar that reduces your impulse control to the point that you let out frustrations and emotions, often in an inappropriate manner.  Today we’re exploring the science behind being hangry and what you can do about it.

Why We Get Hangry

After a meal, the fats, carbohydrates and protein in our food are broken down and used as energy for every party of the body.  One of the byproducts of the break-down of food is glucose or sugar, which our bodies, especially our brains, need to function.  As time goes by after a meal, blood glucose lowers.  Most organs can rely on other nutrients for survival, but the brain must have glucose to perform.  This is why you may start losing focus and make mistakes when you are hungry – your brain needs glucose, fast.

Along with your brain’s ability to concentrate on a task at hand, your brain controls your mood and reactions.  When you are hangry, you are more likely to lack the impulse control for patience and you may lash out at others angrily.  It often happens to those who we feel most comfortable around, such as friends, family members and spouses.  It seems that hunger trumps self control in these hangry moments.

can-you-really-be-hangry-a-doctor-told-us-the-truthAdditionally, the brain releases hormones as a response to low glucose levels.  Without this crucial sugar, the brain believes the body is under attack and needs back-up.  Two of the hormones released are the stress hormones epinephrine and cortisol that make up adrenaline.  As you know, adrenaline comes into play under extreme stress and is a part of the “fight or flight” response.  Like in most stressful situations, shouting, short temperedness and other signs of anger are more likely to occur when you are hangry due to adrenaline.

Neuropeptide Y is another reason why hanger exists.  Neuropeptide Y is a brain chemical that is released to counteract hunger.  It is also the chemical responsible for aggression and anger.  So as the body naturally tries to correct the feeling of hunger, it inadvertently allows you to be more aggressive than usual.  If you top that with hormones and lose of impulse control from low blood sugar, you can be one hangry gal.

How to Combat Hanger

The easiest way to not be hangry is to not get hungry.  But we all know that sometimes that’s not possible as food isn’t always available the second we need it.  What we eat can also help us control hanger.  Foods high is simple sugars like sweets and white carbohydrates (white bread, white rice, regular pasta) may give us a temporary sugar spike but then crashes down quickly.  Complex carbohydrates combined with protein and healthy fats will last longer in our system to keep blood glucose levels stable for longer.

It’s also important to know yourself.  Not everyone responds to being hungry in the same way.  If you know you tend to get hungry at certain times of day, plan to have a snack available.  Also, plan your meals so you save your best hours of concentration during an important meeting, when you’re spending time with your family or when you’re hunkering down for some tedious work.

The Denim Trend: Denim is IN

While the summer sun may still be blazing, we’re thinking ahead to fall fashion.  One of the hottest trends of the season is denim.  In fact, denim blends nicely from summer to fall as many of the pieces can be used transitionally.  From denim dresses, jumpsuits and jackets, to denim bathing suits and purses, the denim trend is big and bold for 2015.

If the extent of your denim wardrobe begins and ends with jeans, you may want to revisit denim as you start making purchases for your fall wardrobe.  Yes, jeans are a staple for most women, but denim is good for so much more than just that.  Some women may fear looking too “country” in denim, but this fall, denim is edgy, breezy and sleek.  Try this trend in dark or light blue denim, even black or white denim.  There are so many possibilities. Let’s take a look.

denim dresses and skirts are all the rage as we transition from summer to fall.  Sleeveless or long sleeve, short or below the knees, denim makes a trendy feminine statement as a fitted skirt or dress.  Look for shirt style dresses with buttons, a wrap dress or a structured fit. Skirts work nicely with buttons down the center, a front zipper or a little flair.  And don’t forget distressed denim – it’s not only sexy in your jeans, it’s also way awesome for your denim skirts and dresses too.  Not much adornment is needed on denim, but a simple pattern, ruffle of fringe detail can add some pizzazz.

On top, denim can be worn in the summer and into fall as a cute camisole.  Definitely make sure your top is tailored because the thick material can sometimes be unflattering if it adds bulk or bulges to your midsection or bustline.  Embroidery is a fun twist for denim tops.  Feel free to layer your denim camis as the weather cools, adding a cardigan or light jacket over it.  Denim tops can be worn with denim pants or skirts if the colors match exactly or contrast nicely, such as a pale blue denim with a dark blue jean.

denim ponchoWe can’t forget denim jackets, of course.  Denim jackets have gone in and out of style over the past seven decades or so.  They’re back in but have mellowed a bit.  Forget the thick, structured denim with silver buttons and a collar.  Instead go for a breezy blazer, an athletic-style hooded jacket or a full length denim coat.  That’s right, you can wear a trench-like coat in denim as the weather grows colder. Ties and zippers are great hardware for long denim coats or wear it open.  Another cool style for fall is a denim poncho, either in traditional denim fabric or as a denim-printed sweatshirt poncho.

denim wedge_articles.lovingyou.comLast but not least, let’s talk about denim accessories.  Denim purses are definitely a good move this fall.  Keep it small and simple in a patchwork design or simple pattern or embellishment.  Denim sandals or pumps allow you to incorporate this trend easily into your fall wardrobe.  Even denim hats and watches will make a fashion statement this fall.  And if you’re fortunate enough to enjoy a few more months of summer where you live, turn some heads with a denim bathing suit.

Have fun with the denim trend this fall!  Share pictures with us on Facebook of your favorite denim ensembles.

The Staples of a Healthy Mediterranean Diet

mediterranean-diet-680x280For decades nutrition experts have been touting the advantages of a Mediterranean diet for health and longevity.  From healthy fats and omega-3s, to antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables, the fertile Mediterranean environment is ripe with some of the healthiest foods on the planet.  Today we’re looking at the staples of a healthy Mediterranean diet that you can easily incorporate into your daily meal plan to reap the benefits too.

What is a Mediterranean Diet?

Before you can adopt new eating habits, you must understand the elements that comprise a healthy Mediterranean diet.  The Mediterranean region refers to countries that border the Mediterranean Sea, including Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Morocco and Tunisia, among others.  While the cuisines in these countries may differ greatly, they all draw from the rich regional land and sea to create unique healthy culinary styles.

The key components of a Mediterranean diet include:

  • Focus on seafood – whole fish and shellfish – over red meat
  • Replacing butter and other fats with natural oils, especially olive oil
  • Consuming many fruits and vegetables native to the region: olives, chickpeas, apples, fits, pears, plums, grapes, Brussels sprouts, fennel, cauliflower, broccoli, beets, kale and kohlrabi
  • Adding whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, bulgur and whole wheat bread to every meal rather than refined grains
  • Having one or two servings of low-fat dairy daily
  • Drinking plenty of water and even consuming red wine occasionally

Each style of Mediterranean cuisine has its own flair based on the individual combination of these important elements of a Mediterranean diet.  Spices unique to various cultures also contribute to the extraordinary flavor coming from a country’s kitchen.  While pasta, tomato sauce and oregano may hail from Italy, and tortillas, salsa and chili spices come from Spain, the essential nutrients of these two cuisines is very similar, and quite healthy at that!

Why is a Mediterranean diet so healthy? 

First of all, any well-balanced diet will contain a balance of fats, protein and carbohydrates, while also integrating vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.  The make-up of the Mediterranean diet achieves this balance quiet beautifully.  Olive oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils with monounsaturated fats, a healthy fat that shows wonderful heart-health benefits.  Seafood also contains good fats, including brain-boosting Omega-3 fatty acids that come from salmon, sardines, albacore tuna, trout, mackerel and herring, as well as some shellfish.  Nuts, beans and green leafy vegetables native to the Mediterranean also contain Omega-3s.

Eating habits and the make-up of a meal from the Mediterranean also focus on health.  Meals are based on fruits, vegetables and whole grains with appropriate portions of protein incorporated into a dish.  With half of the plate being produce and energy-boosting whole grains, the body fuels on a variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and fiber found in these foods.  Protein can then do its intended job of building and repairing muscles for strength.

Snacks in Mediterranean countries also tend to be fresh produce and light carbohydrates.  Plus, Mediterranean diets often boast wonderful dips and sauces based on local produce, such as humus, spinach dips and salsa, to name a few.

Studies show that adopting a Mediterranean diet can not only give you more energy and a range of immediate health benefits, it also has long term health advantages.  One report indicated that women who followed a Mediterranean diet during middle age were less likely to be plagued with chronic illness, physical impediments or mental impairments in their 70s and beyond.  Researchers believe that less inflammation and oxidative stress over many years, in addition to stabilizing glucose metabolism, can stave off series illness and disease.

If you’re looking for a dietary change, consider adopting a Mediterranean diet.  With simple delicious and nutritious substitutions you can greatly improve your health for years to come.

Wear your Comfy Clothes to Work!

Wouldn’t it be nice to wear yoga pants and your leisure bra all day, every day?  Well, maybe you can!  Functional fashion is all about versatility.  Everyone longs to be comfortable while also looking stylish.  It is all possible when you learn how to dress your most comfy wardrobe pieces for the workplace and beyond.

We’re bringing you tips on how to wear your comfy clothes to work.  And yes, that even includes your gym clothes, ladies!  Here’s how you can achieve the comfy-chic look:


T-shirts are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, however you may never see even your closest pals wearing them.  Relegated to sleepwear and late night trips to the grocery store, t-shirts don’t get much love during daylight hours.  But you can wear a simple t-shirt in a fashionable way.  It’s all about how you style it.  Add a breezy scarf to a solid color or subtly printed t-shirt along with a bold bracelet and earrings for a fabulously effortless look in your favorite t-shirt.

Yoga Pants

Who says yoga pants are only for the gym?  Yoga pants are now offered in a variety of styles, many of which are suitable for work.  Look for a basic pair in a dark color that are not too snug but still offer structure.  Pair it with a blouse or blazer and pumps or boots to add professional flair.

Tank Tops

Depending on your workplace, a structured tank top may or may not be appropriate.  If you can wear sleeveless tops, select a tank that has interesting detail that makes it look dressier, but avoid spaghetti straps.  Otherwise, layer your tank with a blazer, wrap dress or tunic.  This is a terrific way to wear your gym clothes to work.  Simply shed the layers and head straight to the gym after work.


Dress them up or dress them down, you can rock leggings in a variety of ways.  For work, leggings pair beautifully with a long button-down blouse.  Add a blazer for meetings with clients or the boss.  Leggings with a side stripe elongate and slim your legs, as do pumps or wedges.  And of course, riding boots over leggings are a hot look for winter as well.


Sweatshirts aren’t just a way to cheer on your favorite sports team or college, they can be chic and work appropriate too.  Find a thin sweatshirt in a solid or simple print that you can pair with slim fit jeans or pants.  For additional panache, wear a collared shirt underneath and let the tail peep through the bottom.  Style it with fun jewelry such as a long necklace and dangly earrings.


Flats have been in style in the workplace for some time, but now you can even wear swanky sneakers on the job.  No, we’re not talking about your gym shoes, but basic sneakers with a sophisticated print, either in slip-on or lace-up, can be super trendy with Capri pants or other work trousers.

You CAN be comfy at work.  Take a look through the casual section of your closet, even your gym clothes, to find ways to incorporate your favorite comfy clothes in your workplace wardrobe.  And don’t forget your comfiest full figure bras to complete the outfit so you look and feel great all day!

How to Improve the Air Quality in your Home

imagesAir is one of our most basic human needs.  So, how’s the air quality in your home?  Indoor pollutants accumulate in our homes much faster than most of us realize.  Every day items such as cleaning solvents, heavy metals, fragrance chemicals and pet dander are undetected sources that congest our air and can be harmful allergens, especially to those who suffer from asthma.  Today we’re sharing how to improve air quality in your home to support your family’s best health.

Clean Household Surfaces Regularly

The first step to improve air quality in your home is to keep your household surfaces as clean as possible, including floors and countertops.  Topping that list is placing floor mats at every door so your family and guests can wipe their feet before tracking outdoor allergens such as pesticides, pollen and transferable pet dander into your home. Clean floors regularly with a HEPA filter vacuum and microfiber mops.  This greatly reduces the concentration of lead in your home, which is a major pollutant that can be harmful to the entire body.  Don’t use feather dusters but rather damp cloths to wipe down furniture and other household surfaces.  In most cases you can avoid abrasive chemical cleaning solvents.  If you do need a product, look for all-natural options that won’t introduce new, harmful toxins into your home.

Circulate Air and Avoid Too Much Humidity

Keep air flowing through your home safely and effectively.  As long as no one in your home suffers from pollen or other outdoor allergies, try circulating fresh air through open widows and screen doors.  Otherwise, run fans but be sure you dust them regularly to avoid spreading airborne particles.  If you choose to run your air conditioning, be sure your filters and vents are clean so you’re not blowing pollutants and dust along with cool air.  Keeping your home at a low humidity level, between 30 to 50% will help deter dust, mold, pollen and other pollutants from sticking around.  Make sure your home is well-ventilated while cooking, dishwashing, washing and drying clothes and don’t leave standing water around in tubs, showers, sinks, leaky pipes or while watering houseplants.

Use Natural Resources

Houseplants such as the Boston Fern, Lady Palm and Wax Begonia are all great options that filter out heavy metal toxins such as ammonia, formaldehyde and benzene that enter the home by way of furniture, cabinets and flooring as well as other common household products.  Plants absorb and dilute these harmful toxins which can be inhaled or absorbed through the bloodstream.  Also, many products designed to make homes more fragrant are often laced with dangerous toxic chemicals.  Instead of scented candles and air fresheners, opt for natural scents such as lemon and baking soda or essential oils.

Other tips for how to improve the air quality in your home:

  • Make your home a non-smoking environment.  Never let anyone smoke in or around your home and ask smokers to change their clothes before coming into your home.
  • Wash pets regularly to remove dander and lose hair.  Clean up pet hair around your home and wash clothes that are laden with pet hair.
  • Run drapes, cloth shower curtains and table cloths through the laundry regularly as dust loves to cling to these thick surfaces.
  • Make an effort to clean hard-to-reach areas such as above your high cabinets, along floorboards and in small crevices.  Pollutants linger in these areas that are often unseen and untouched.
  • Check for radon in your home through an at-home or professional screening kit.  Radon is a dangerous odorless gas that is carcinogenic.
  • Adopt a no shoe policy in your home to avoid the spread of toxins, pollutants and microbes that live on the bottom of shoes.

Why a Big Butt is Good for your Health

a7b26192b24e4d91f412ed9f758ed6c1If you’ve ever cursed your well-endowed rump, we’re here to give you a different perspective on the matter.  A big butt is good for your health!  From less incidence of disease and better support for your body, to beauty and more cushioning on your back side, a big butt is quite desirable for many reasons.  We’re divulging each of them here today.

Big butts lower risk of disease.  The fat that is stored in the butt is generally not dangerous, disease-causing fat.  Heart disease, diabetes and a variety of conditions that arise from high cholesterol levels are less common in women with larger bottoms and smaller waists.  Women with more meat on their back side tend to have well-balanced cholesterol and sometimes even higher levels of good HDL cholesterol and low levels of harmful LDL cholesterol that can lead to disease including heart attack and stroke.  Even type 2 diabetes is less likely with a wider waist-to-butt ratio.

Big butts help with physical activity and support the legs.  A bigger bottom works in conjunction with your legs to propel you forward during movement.  Plus, your gluteus maximus is a large muscle that can aid in more intense exercise and physical activity.  Your big butt can help with everything from walking up stairs to running a marathon.

Big butts take pressure off your back.  When your butt is assisting your legs and other large movement muscles, your lower back is protected.  When your butt and legs aren’t able to support your movement, they call on smaller muscles, including your low back muscles to help.  This can put a lot of strain in sensitive areas.  Plus, your posture improves when your butt can support your back alignment and lengthen hip flexors.  Less back stress and better posture are both advantages during pregnancy too.

Big butts are biologically more attractive to men.  It’s undeniable that big butts are quite popular and men can’t help but stare.  Part of this is evolutionary:  larger rumps accentuate the curvature of the spine, which is required for a woman to carry a baby during pregnancy.  As humans evolved, men selected women who were better suited for childbirth.  While this may not be what most men cite as their attraction to big butts, it’s an evolutionary fact.

Big butts make a better silhouette.  Curves in the front and back are sexy and the way women’s clothes are designed.  You’ll never have saggy jeans with a big butt.  A large backside also gives the illusion of a smaller waistline for a more traditionally desirable hourglass figure.

Big butts store more omega-3 fatty acids.  The reserve of this brain and heart-healthy nutrient is great for women and even better for their kids.  When new moms with big butts breastfeed, they call on this storage of essential fatty acids to pass along to their babies.  Breastfeeding has many advantages for kids, in part due to the transfer of essential fatty acids, including creating smarter children.

Big butts offer more cushion.  If you’re sitting on a hard surface or you fall on your tush, you’ll enjoy that extra padding from a big butt.  It is also great for seated sports such as cycling or rowing.  Without the cushion, you are more likely to fracture your pelvic bone or bruise your tail bone during accidental falls or sports injuries.

Love your big butt and embrace all of these reasons a big butt is good for your health!

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Is a Gluten-Free Diet Right for You?
James Early O’Brien
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The Importance of Hugging
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Things Your Coworkers Hate
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Unconventional Ways to Give Thanks this Thanksgiving
Unexpected Causes of Fatigue
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ways to give thanks on Thanksgiving
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Why All Women Should Take a Trip Alone
why am I so tired?
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Why You Should Take Power Naps
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