Beyond The Fitting Room: 4th of July Essential Style for Curvy Girls

Kiyonna Roselyn sleeveless tankIt’s time to fire up the grill, chill the drinks, and have a good time celebrating with family and friends. The 4th of July always feels like it’s the official launch party of summer.  How are you going to spend your day free from work? At the beach, or hosting a picnic at your favorite park? At a backyard barbecue? Watching fireworks light up the sky at night is an absolute 4th of July must. Whatever the occasion, celebration attire is required.  Choose from a sleeveless tank or a dressy kimono topfor your perfect all-day party companions. Add white denim jeans or capris (the top fashion picks for summer must-haves!) and you’ll look sizzling for all 4th of July activities.

Kiyonna Kimono wrap topTake your sexy one step further with Leading Lady’s Scalloped Lace Bra as your go-to bra solution. My clients’ reactions to when they try on this bra has been nothing short of WOW, is that me?!  This bra is one of the best kept secrets in the lingerie world.  Bra fit key to remember: natural enhancementequals LOVE! This bra makes a woman feel fabulous underneath it all.  Fit Tip: did you know that when you’re proportioned in the right size bra, your clothes look better instantly? Now that’s a very stylish girl with confidence…and confidence is the ultimate style companion. Enjoy your 4th of July Ladies!

Lisa Cole, Bra and Body Confidence Expert believes every woman should give themselves permission to look and feel amazing with proper fit foundations.  She has been seen and heard at live events around the country, as well as in leading publications such as Consumer Reports.Com, Confessions of a Curvy Girl, Los Angeles Times, Essence.Com, and Today’s Innovative Woman. Connect with Lisa via Facebook/LisaFitExpert or Twitter @BraStylist.

Actress Melissa McCarthy Plans to Launch Plus Size Clothing Line

Actress Melissa McCarthy Plans to Launch Plus Size Clothing LineSome of Hollywood’s biggest stars are redefining red carpet fashion by flaunting their curves in gorgeous, body-conscious gowns fit for any Oscars event. But despite the collective successes of these curvy women, finding an elegant gown larger than a size 4 is a challenge for many shapely actresses and performers.

Recently, A-list actress Melissa McCarthy spoke out about her experience trying to find a designer to dress her for the 2012 Oscars ceremony. McCarthy confirmed in an interview that she approached a handful of well known top-notch clothing designers and was repeatedly told that they would be unable to dress her for the important event. With curvy stars like Mindy Kaling, Gabourey Sidibe, Christina Hendricks, Amber Riley and Rebel Wilson ruling the big screen, there’s no reason why designers can’t expand their patterns and give these fabulous women the elegant dresses they deserve!

That’s why Melissa is taking matters into her own hands; before she became a small-screen star in shows like Gilmore Girls and Mike and Molly, the funny actress studied clothes and textiles and expressed interest in designing her own plus size clothing. Thanks to her current popularity and desire to provide curvy actresses with suitable red carpet dresses, it looks like that dream is becoming a reality. Melissa is teaming up with designer Daniella Pearl to produce a plus size clothing line called Pearl. Danielle and Melissa’s line will offer women over a size 10 beautifully produced plus size clothing that is appropriately fashion-forward for the 20 to 40-year-old range of consumers.

Plans for the actual clothing line launch have not yet been announced, but we’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for Melissa’s Pearl collection. Your Leading Lady full figure bras will fit beautifully under McCarthy’s new designs with all the comfort and support your curves need.

Knowing Your Bra Size and Avoiding Common Bra Fitting Mistakes

Knowing your bra size and avoiding common bra fitting mistakesA crucial element to looking great is feeling good in the bras you wear. When you wear a bra based on what size it is rather than how it fits and supports your breasts, you’re sacrificing your own overall look based on numbers and letters. It’s time to change the way women think about bra sizes; instead of feeling discouraged by band numbers of cup sizes, feeling empowered to wear whatever size fits your curves best, period. A recent study conducted by a plus size clothing retailer indicated that 90 percent of women agree that “what you wear can affect how you feel” and we’re sure this sentiment applies to lingerie.

A fabulous outfit can lift your mood, so why not expect the same from your bra? Even though it serves as the foundation for your outfit, bras typically don’t get the same kind of compliments cute wrap tops or dresses do. Make sure you’re wearing the correct bra size by checking these bra fit factors to see if your current bras pass the test:

Do your underwires press directly against your breast tissue? Time to measure yourself and see if you’re wearing a too-tight band size. If you do try a bra in one band size above, try both your regular size cup option as well as a bra with one cup smaller to see which has the capacity you need.

Do you feel like you’re spilling out of your bra all over—cups, side wings, and back? Some curve-hugging outfits highlight bumps so try out a smoothing bra that works to provide coverage and a seamless silhouette. Different bra styles can change how your shape fits as well, so experiment with full cup coverage, demi cup coverage, or even front closure bras. You never know, you might find your new favorite fit.

Are your bra straps constantly slipping throughout the day? Even if you’ve tried adjusting them and have had no luck, this might be a sign that your current bra size is too big for your curves. Also keep in mind that your shoulder’s width and shape will affect how your bra straps fit. If you have narrow shoulders, try a bra style with straps that taper inwards slightly. Racer back bra styles are great for women with chronic strap-slip issues, because the unique back design anchors your straps firmly into place.

The same study we referenced earlier also reported that 90 percent of women “feel more confident while wearing an awesome outfit.” Why not take care to wear the right size bra every day so you can build an amazing outfit on top of an already fabulous foundation? Give your curves the care they need to look their best in whatever you wear. Wearing the right size bra can also eliminate your chances of feeling back and neck pain, and your bra will reinforce good posture. So go ahead and make sure you’re rocking the right size for your fashion style and your health.

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Beyond the Fitting Room: Curvy Style After 5 with Lisa Cole

Kiyonna Sleeveless Crossover TopBra stylist Lisa Cole shares how to take your 9-to-5 wardrobe to happy hour ready in a flash!

Women generally fall into two groups when it comes to picking out an outfit and getting dressed for work in the morning: it’s either a blast or a daunting task that makes hiding under the covers seem like a good idea. The question of “what do I want to wear to work today?” is on our minds as we toss and turn, ready to embrace the day ahead.  Now that the weather is warmer and the days are longer, it’s the season for a happy hour date, a spontaneous barbecue with co-workers after work, or a night on the town just for you simply because you want to seize the evening! Shoe department, open your doors, because here I come to buy some wedges I have to have…(my personal favorite).
Kiyonna wrap topHow does a curvy fashionista transform from office appropriate to night out fabulous?  Trending currently is the Statement Wrap Top from Kiyonna which shows your figure oh so beautifully.  A great fitting bra is always in style, and Leading Lady Seamless Racerback Bra is the perfect match under this cute top.  This low plunge t-back bra allows you to have sensational uplift and coverage in the cup.  No spillage here!  Always remember when you’re NOT in the correct size bra, it can make you look larger in curve-hugging clothing.  Take the same fabulous intimates foundation and wear it with a Kiyonna Sleeveless Crossover Top.   During the day, pair it with a skirt, then convert for your night out with a pair of denim jeans. Bring them to work and you’ll be ready to rock ‘n’ roll for the evening.  Consider this your modern-day Superwoman way to change your wardrobe in a flash!  Shoes and jewelry must-haves this season include chandelier necklaces and platform sandals that give you an ultra-glam look without much fuss.

Enjoy your summer nights in style.  Go ahead girlfriend, have some fun!

Lisa Cole, Bra and Body Confidence Expert believes every woman should give themselves permission to look and feel amazing with proper fit foundations.  She has been seen and heard at live events around the country as well as in leading publications such as Consumer Reports.Com, Confessions of a Curvy Girl, Los Angeles Times, Essence.Com, and Today’s Innovative Woman to name a few.  Connect with Lisa via Facebook/LisaFitExpert or Twitter @BraStylist.


Healthy Eating Tips from the Most Successful Diet Plans

Healthy eating tips from the most successful diet plansEver wonder how so many fad diets spur their rise to fame? Even though it’s rarely long-lasting, we’ve seen plenty of craze diets sweep the nation before falling out of favor altogether. Weight Watchers, the Atkins diet, the South Beach diet—there’s no real end to the amount of healthy eating experts who have claimed to revolutionize past dieting systems in favor of a newer, more effective plan. Diets in Review recently penned an article that shares some of the best healthy eating tips that most diet plans have in common. These five reasonable, health-driven eating habits don’t promote counting calories or restricting diets; instead, they offer solutions to craving issues and will help you maintain a safe, healthy dining mentality.

What do most successful diets have in common? They urge followers to eat more than five servings of produce a day, which is the current recommended amount. Fruits and veggies are packed with nutrients and vitamins that are essential for any healthy diet, but that’s not all—they’re also naturally low in calories and will keep you feeling full (and satisfied!) longer. Aim for seven to nine servings of produce a day to maximize your diet and boost your health overall.

Most diet plans don’t include dessert, and if they do, they’re unsatisfying and ultimately not true healthy options. Interestingly, the most effective diets build in “cheat” eats, which most people use to satisfy a sweet tooth. Enjoying a small dessert is a great example of moderation, and has also been proven as a mood booster. In fact, rigid diets are most commonly associated with mood disorders and diet failures. So keep yourself in check by not skipping out on desserts altogether.

Plate size also plays an important factor in diet plan success. Portion control is an important tool that successful diets utilize for maximum weight loss without cutting types of food you need to maintain good health. Sure, you’ll be tempted to turn away completely from carbs, but portion control changes the need to eliminate food groups completely. There’s another bonus too: following suggested portion sizes will train your body to resist feeling stuffed. Worried about sticking to a portion plan? Enlist friends or family members to make the healthy-eating changes with you. Studies show that workout buddies and fellow dieters can yield better dieting results.

What else can you do to improve your overall diet? Plan at least 30 minutes of exercise a day to complete your healthy lifestyle revolution! Whether you bike to and from work or get up early for a sunrise jog, a half an hour a day will go a long way to keeping you fit, healthy, and happy.

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Beyond the Fitting Room: Answer Yes I Can and Build Your Self Esteem with Lisa Cole and Cathy Alessandra

Ask yourself this question: do you really love your body?  What if you don’t, or feel as though your body is not the best representation of how you see yourself?  Would you take the risk and begin a journey to have the body you love, at the size that works for you?  It’s a big question, and it’s not easy for any woman to answer. Self esteem is a fragile part of all of us and many women feel that theirs could use reinforcement every now and again.

Weight gain or loss is one of the trickiest subjects to talk about. You could be a new mom holding on to baby weight, or the “freshman fifteen” you once acquired have now turned into thirty pounds or more over the years since graduation. When it comes to helping women to embrace a positive self image, I find that weight is the topic of conversation nobody is comfortable discussing. That is what I love most about fitting bras—it doesn’t matter what size you are, it’s about the right fit. The right fit happens when you feel lifted, confident, and possess a deep sense of your inner and outer selves match perfectly. Whether talking about bras or a reflection in the mirror, I believe the right fit is a metaphor for life.

Cathy AlessandraIn 2006, I met Cathy Alessandra, a dynamic speaker and creative entrepreneur who built a media enterprise through a family magazine publication and events series. What’s Up for Kids, Cathy’s business, focuses mainly on family dynamics and relevant issues kids face today. Cathy didn’t stop with just one focus, though; she has also successfully launched Today’s Innovative Woman for emerging women entrepreneurs in any stage of their professional journeys. Cathy is no stranger to success, but her personal life has not always found the same results.

Just last year Cathy realized her buckets were full of success, but her personal life had taken a toll and the evidence was in her weight gain: over fifty pounds overweight on her 5″5 frame. Cathy took a step back and realized how overwhelmed she was when it came to her personal care. From that point forward, she worked to shed the weight and also launched two signature inspirational programs for women.  Yes I Can!, and Your Daily Yes help women to practice the same “self care” Cathy forgot about while pursuing professional success. At the core of each project, Cathy’s goal is to teach and inspire women to answer Yes, I can! to every difficult question or tricky personal goal that arises. I asked Cathy to share her self esteem journey with me:

What was your primary motivation for losing weight?

I had a lot of events planned that I was launching across the country, a hectic travel schedule, and the thought of running through the airport with the extra weight made me realize I could not handle it!  It was about my health, and it needed to be about me.  I was on blood pressure medication, and I simply was not comfortable anymore.  I needed to take care of myself for a change.  Food was a substitute for dealing with painful emotions, fear, doubt and just not coping correctly. The weight also affected my speaking to other women.  I didn’t feel like I was at the top of my game. Do they believe me?  My business was a success, but my internal barometer was failing.  I needed a change.

What has losing weight done for your confidence?  Do your bras fit, have you broken out the bikini yet?

Now I have the confidence to wear pretty, sexy bras.  I was wearing “frumpy” and basic styles. I remember you saying in one of your presentations how when you wear sexy lingerie, it takes your confidence to the next level even if you’re the only person who knows what’s going on underneath it all.  I have my sexy back and I love it!  Yes, I have a bikini!  I am going to places like the Oaks Health Resort and Hawaii.  I now have options to choose from that make me feel empowered.  Now when I speak, I can share my story, and tell women about my journey from a powerful place. I limited myself and my opportunities based on my weight and self perceptions. I needed to do this for me.

What can women expect from the Yes I Can event that were hosting at The Oaks Health Resort in Ojai, Ca on July 25-27 and August 22-24?

I will share in depth my own Yes I Can Journey with women. I will be sharing the top three things I needed to do to practice “self care.” The women attending will learn how to set boundaries, and say yes to things that will support them and their mission in life.  We will talk about support, and how your friends play a major role in your journey of self care. This will be a place to kick start their own journey of self care.  Healthy eating, exercise, creating a vision board are some of the planned activities. What do you want your life to look like?  Women don’t answer this question because they are busy taking care of everybody else.  It takes daily work. This will be a launching pad for your own Yes I Can! moment.   

In addition to Cathy’s itinerary, I will be speaking and providing private consultations to women on proper bra fit featuring Leading Lady Bras, shaping solutions, and what’s currently trending in fashion with a fun and interactive presentation. I thank Cathy for sharing her story of self care and making her personal shift. I will bring a follow-up post in August. Stay tuned Leading Ladies, and remember self care equals self love. Say yes to making new choices in your life today that empower and inspire a better you!

If you would like to join us, please email Cathy Alessandra email address Cathy’s attendees get a special rate, so please contact her for details.Cathy Alessandra email address


Beyond the Fitting Room: Travel Wardrobe Bra Must-Haves with Lisa Cole

Bon Voyage Leading Ladies – Pack Those Bags and Your Bras, It’s Time for Summer Fun! Lisa Cole Bra Fit Expert and Stylist Shares Her Top Picks for summer 2014. 

Beyond the Fitting Room: Travel Wardrobe Bra Must-Haves with Lisa ColeA tropical destination makes the perfect vacation and a trip away is probably what we’re all dreaming of us the beginning of summer passes by…yahoo!  It’s time to rest, relax and runaway to your favorite hideaway. Have you picked out your favorite place to play yet?  If the answer is yes, congratulations!  If the answer is no, maybe a staycation is in the cards for you. Even though you’re not physically leaving your town for a more glamorous destination, you get the chance to make home your cave, so take advantage of your time off!

I was helping my client Mary with building her wardrobe for an upcoming cruise recently. She wanted a selection of bras that could take her from day to evening and support her through her various cruise activities and in-between times.  I liked her approach, and wanted to share what we picked together as a reminder that getting dressed for travel is about leisure first and foremost. There are so many options to look great, but remaining comfortable is not as easy. Who wants to struggle with falling straps or too-tight underwire while in paradise? Not Mary! Let’s review her selections:

The Leisure Bra – By wearing a wirefree cotton bra while traveling to her final destination, Mary is able to rest comfortably starting with the long plane ride to Hawaii all the way to her cruise ship. The minimal cup seams give lift and light shaping. She was amazed at how great she looked in wirefree when she first slipped it on! So many of my clients tell me NO when it comes to wearing a non-underwire bra.  Ladies, get into the comfort zone and try this solution today.  This bra’s polka dot print is ideal for the sheer summer blouse that’s trending currently. Yes, it’s ok to have it show, I promise. You’ll be a Fashionista to the max in this bra style.

Leading Lady's Lace Cup Underwire Full Figure BraThe Luxe Lace BraEvery woman needs a bra that makes her feel amazing underneath it all.  I selected the two-tone full figure bra in nude with black lace overlay for Mary and her stunning evening attire. It’s simply gorgeous and the shape it gives Mary is sensational.  Style is about having options, and this bra is a must have for vacation and beyond. As much as you love the beach during vacation, you’re sure to go out to a nice dinner once or twice, and Mary is more than excited for her elegant night now that her entire outfit is planned.

The Multi-purpose Sport BraYoga, Pilate’s or the gym anyone?  A sports bra is your solution  to combat jiggling while on a walking tour or hike. Sports bras are all about “compression” (no jiggling allowed) and will keep your girls lifted and secure. In addition, when you add stylish colors and prints to the mix, a sports bra becomes your ideal leisure lifestyle companion.  I recommended that Mary bring one for her early morning walks around the deck of the cruise ship.  Because of the racerback design of the bra, you can also use this as a layering top underneath a jacket or sweater. Love the two for one!

Packing Tips…How Many Bras Do I need?   When packing for a trip, whether it’s a few days or a couple of weeks, you should have no less than four bras. The formula I like to use is: wear one, rest one, and have one multipurpose bra ready in case there is an emergency for when your others get soiled or dirty. I have had many clients over the years share stories of how luggage has been lost and thank goodness they had their bras and underwear with them in their carry-on luggage. So slip an extra bra into your carry-on bag just in case.

Get ready to go this summer by getting your bra wardrobe in order.  There are so many bra solutions and styles that give women all of the options they need to look fabulous from the inside out.  Bon Voyage, ladies!

Lisa Cole is the Founder/Fit Expert of StyleFitSolutions.Com. She provides advice on all aspects of style as it pertains to bra fit and body confidence solutions for women.  She is a speaker and hosts private events around the country. 

Photo attribution

Bra Care 101: How to Wash Your Bras

Bra care 101: how to wash your brasA recent article from the UK’s Daily Mail reported that on average, British women own 16 different bras at any given time. What’s more, the magazine stated that British women also buy at least 4 bras a year and will spend around $4,500 on lingerie alone in their lifetimes. If you assume that a typical bra retails at $35 dollars, that’s enough money to buy 128 bras—that’s quite a bra wardrobe. Even though a bra’s lifetime technically spans between 4 to 6 months, we’re sure that most women hold onto their trusted, favorite bras longer than that. To keep your bras in the best condition possible, we’re providing essential laundry tips specifically for lingerie.

Hand Wash is the Best Method

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bra whose care instructions don’t advise hand washing. Sure, bras are designed to be the foundation of your outfit (sturdy, dependable, and stylish!), but did you know that bras are commonly made with 30 different parts during the manufacturing stage? They are one of the most intricate garments that women use every day. So, if you can, hand wash your bras with delicate detergents only. If you do hand wash your bras, you probably notice how your straps won’t roll or fray and how your wings don’t shrink—these are damage issues that arise from being thrown in the washing machine.

Hang to Dry

When it comes to drying your bras, you’re going to want to avoid your clothes dryer too. Air drying your clean bras is the best way to ensure a continued proper fit. If you don’t have to space to hang them, lay out a towel and carefully lay your bras out to air dry. As long as your bras are not being subjected to the clothes dryer’s too-hot temperatures, you will find that your bras will hold their shape and remain in pristine condition longer.

Keep a Rotation

We all have a favorite bra that’s our go-to style and the first bra that gets pulled from our drawer. Even though it’s your best-fitting bra, you still should let it rest and resist the urge to wear it 4 days in a row. A smart shopping trick: buy your favorite bra style in an array of different colors and prints so you can easily change up your bra wardrobe and be confident about your fit. Sweat stains, stretched-out bands—you can avoid these lingerie issues by rotating evenly through your bra collection.

Treat your bras with the care they deserve—they work hard to keep you lifted and supported every day!

Lace Up for National Running Day

Lace up for National Running DayHappy National Running Day, Leading Ladies! Have you taken to the park or closest sidewalk yet to celebrate? Even if you’re more of a jogger or walker, fitness at any level is beneficial for your overall health. With the right mindset and equipment, we’re going to show you how to get started with your jogging routine.

Lace Up

Even if you plan to walk, wearing the right kind of tennis shoes is essential to maintaining your health and safety. Flip flops and converse sneakers are not good long-distance shoes for exercise because they offer no arch support. Before you hit the pavement, get yourself fitted for a proper pair of running shoes. A sales associate or informative online video should be able to guide you in the right direction on your search for the perfect exercise sneakers. Just like wearing the right size and style bra, the right pair of running shoes will transform the way you work out and feel. So take your time and make the selection that’s right for you.

Plot Your Path

If you’ve ever had a conversation with a running enthusiast, you might feel daunted about your own exercise goals when you hear them casually mention the 10+ miles they run weekly. Everyone’s different, and we can assure you that your fitness friend worked hard to reach that workout goal. With a park or neighborhood route in mind, try plotting your desired path in your GPS system to see exactly how far you want to run. Give yourself a reasonable goal distance to start with and work your way towards a longer run.

Leading Lady medium to high impact sports braHave Fun

Smile while you walk, take time to notice what you pass—just because you’re running doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. Working out releases endorphins, wakes up your mind, and causes your heart to pound in a positive way. Make the most out of your exercise by finding ways to enjoy what you’re doing. It will be a lot easier to make running a habit if you concentrate on what you find positive about the experience, even if physically you feel worn out.

Keep the Bounce on the Road

You’re going to need a supportive sports bra, there’s no doubt about that. Check out our cotton racer back sports bra in a pull-over style if you’re planning on light workouts. Coming this fall, we’re excited to introduce our medium to high impact sports bra (sneak peek picture included!) that is every woman’s perfect running partner. We’re taking the extra bounce factor out of jogging and giving you a stylish sports bra that keeps up with your busy lifestyle.

Photo attribution

Beyond the Fitting Room: Look White-Hot This Summer in Your New Summer White Wardrobe

White mesh hoodie from the CAbi collectionSummer is coming soon, and all the women said yes! It’s time to pull out our play clothes that make us feel fierce! If you’re feeling like your summer wardrobe might not be up to your fashionable standards, treat yourself to some new stuff. (Go ahead; give yourself permission—you’ve earned it.)  One trend that is on fire is wearing a crisp white top or pants as a statement piece that can work with the rest of your entire closet.  White is definitely trending in the fashion world as the stylish go-to this summer, so get ready to rock a white wardrobe.

Although white clothes are fresh, clean and just scream it’s time for fun, white can be intimidating to wear for any woman no matter your frame or figure. It’s all about finding the pieces you absolutely adore and building your outfits around them. A friend of mine gave me the gift of a white hooded sweatshirt from the CAbi collection (Carol Anderson By Invitation).  Let me tell you, it was LOVE at first sight, and because I knew what bras and tanks to rock underneath (I selected my Leading Lady Leisure Bra and a white tank top), I felt ready to dazzle in my adorable new white top. Paired with my new navy skirt, I felt sexy, comfortable and confident!  Are you scared or will you dare to wear white this summer?  Here’s how to make this your favorite shade in your summer closet:

Needle white shell from the CAbi collectionThe foundation: a must-have for any woman is a nude or white bra that you love to wear. White bras are trending right now and make the perfect start to any great outfit.  Don’t be afraid to let your bra show girlfriend, but if you don’t want your straps to show underneath your tank top, consider Leading Lady’s racer back front closure bra. Ideal for tanks and tees, the Leading Lady t-back bra will hide your straps and keep you slip-free all day long. Instant style solution that can revolutionize your wardrobe! A contour bra that has molded cups provides modesty and great shaping underneath if you like traditional bra straps. Feeling flirty? Maybe you want to wear lace with a camisole layered underneath. It’s imperative to have the right bra to pull off the statement white look. No wrong color straps ALLOWED! Appearing flawless in your foundations is a must when wearing white.

Love your look this summer by slipping into luxurious white collections over your Leading Lady bras.  Cheers to fun in the sun and looking fearlessly good in your bright whites!

Lisa Cole is the Founder/Fit Expert of StyleFitSolutions.Com.  She provides advice on all aspects of style as it pertains to bra fit and body confidence solutions for women.  She is a speaker and hosts private events around the country. 

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