3 Reasons to Learn Self Defense

Self defense is an important life skill for women.  While we all hope we never have to use it, knowing how to defend ourselves may determine a life-or-death outcome if you are faced with an attacker.  Some women choose to take self defense classes designed to teach defense moves against realistic criminal attacks by replicating assault scenarios.  Others opt for a longer methodical self defense path, such as martial arts.  Both are incredibly helpful as means of protection, physical improvement and has emotional benefits.  Today we’re exploring three reasons to learn self defense.

3 Reasons to Learn Self DefenseProtection

Anyone can be faced with a life-threatening situation at any time.  Crimes against women occur every day all over the world.  While we expect the best in others, we have to be prepared to protect ourselves in the event of a personal assault.  Knowing basic moves to defend yourself against an attacker can save your life.  Becoming a black belt martial artist or S.W.A.T. member doesn’t have to be your goal.  Simply learning blocks, punches, kicks and escape strategies may help you knock down someone who is trying to harm you and give you enough time to run away or find help.  Plus, you will develop greater awareness of your surroundings and ability to spot dangerous situations.

You can view self defense as a self-insurance policy.  Just as you would invest in life, home and property insurance, make the investment in protecting yourself from harm with self defense classes.  Not only is it important for you, but also those who love and depend on you.  Some crimes occur when children are in the care of their mothers so being able to ward off an attacker is also protecting your kids.  And even if children aren’t present during an attack, they deserve to have their mother safe and sound.

Physical Improvement

Finding time to take a self defense class may be difficult for you.  But if you think about it as your daily exercise you can skip the gym or your morning jog.  Learning self defense moves in a self defense class or with a private instructor can be a great workout.  You’ll challenge your body and brain to move in different ways than your typical workouts and you will probably work up a sweat.  Repeating moves over and over can be a great way to make self defense more strenuous and practicing on an opponent can intensify the exercise too.

For those who want to make self defense more of a lifestyle exercise choice, marital arts classes are a terrific way to incorporate both protection and physical improvement into your life.  In addition to cardiovascular and muscular work, marital arts improves flexibility, stamina, reflexes and balance.

Empowerment and Confidence

When you feel strong and have learned the skills necessary to defend yourself, there are some fabulous emotional byproducts.  Women often feel empowered and gain confidence from self defense classes.  Knowing you can stand up to an attacker may make you willing to try new things using smart precautions and being more aware of your surroundings.  These tools can spill over into other areas of your life too, making you more ambitious in your professional and personal life and sometimes changing your entire outlook.  Exuding confidence and feeling empowered makes you a wonderful role model to your children, friends and others around you as well.

Protect yourself and become a stronger person physically and emotionally by learning self defense!

What to look for in your Sumer Full Figure Bras

The official start of summer is next week and we’re helping you prepare with seasonal full figure bras.

Summer is a time for lots of outdoor fun.  The activities you’re doing in the summer may warrant a few new full figure bras to ensure you are comfortable and supported.  Plus, being outdoors in the summertime means hours in the hot sun.  Sweating in an already uncomfortable bra is a recipe for disaster.  Here’s what to look for in your summer full figure bras:

full figure brasSupport:  When you have large breasts, support is super important for your full figure bras.  Your bra should encapsulate your breast and offer light compression to fit snugly but not too tightly.  Adjustable straps help give you optimal support.  If your bra has hook-and-eye closures, you can use this feature to ensure your best support everyday.  Keep in mind, if you’re wearing your bras on the last hook, it may be time to re-measure and reevaluate your bras.

Breathability:  Hot summer heat calls for soft, breathable fabrics.  Full figure bras made of cotton are excellent choices for the summertime.  Also, sports bras with sweat-wicking material and ventilated designs will keep you cool without causing chaffing.

Flexibility:  You’re surely going to be active this summer so you want great range of motion in your full figure bras.  Restrictive bras will hinder your ability to enjoy activities.  Stretchy fabrics, adjustable straps and multiple hook-and-eye closures help give you the best flexibility for a variety of activities you’ll be doing this summer.

Style:  Your bra’s style should be a reflection of you.  Feeling great in your bra is two-fold:  it should be comfortable but also make you feel terrific about how you look.  Select full figure bra styles that give you confidence and bring a smile to your face.  Also, be sure to wear styles that are conducive to the activities you’ll be doing daily.

Fit:  As with any bra year round, you want to ensure you have the proper fit.  Measure yourself every three months to make sure your size hasn’t changed.  Leading Lady offers a handy fit calculator and printable measuring tape to properly measure your size and find your best fit.  A well-fitting full figure bra will allow your breasts to sit upright and centered on your chest.  The straps should remain in place during movement.  The band, straps and cups should feel comfortable without digging into your skin or leaving gapping spaces.  If your breasts are sagging or spilling over the cups in any direction, your bra is not the right fit.

Keep these features in mind as you shop for your full figure bras this summer.  We look forward to seeing you on!

Dos and Don’ts of Summer Skin Care

As we round the corner into summer, we’re helping you keep your skin looking and feeling its best.  Follow these Dos and Don’ts of summer skin care for your brightest, healthiest, most beautiful skin during the upcoming season.

Do wear sunscreen everyday.  By now you should know that UV rays penetrate your skin even on cloudy days.  And just because you won’t be spending hours in the sun doesn’t mean you can skip the sunscreen.  Even minor exposure warrants daily sunscreen.

summer skin careDon’t buy the wrong sunscreen.  Your sunscreen should be broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, SPF 15 or higher, and water resistant.

Do apply sunscreen properly.  Put on your sunscreen about 30 minutes prior to going outdoors and re-apply every 80 to 90 minutes.  You may need to re-apply more often if your sunscreen rubs off, you are sweating a lot or you’ve been in the water.

Don’t forget to protect your lips.  Your lips are very thin and vulnerable to the sun’s rays as well.  Use lip balm or lipsticks with SPF to keep your lips luscious and smoochable.

Do dress for the skin safety.  Darker colors and tighter woven clothing help block UV absorption.  Thinner materials and lighter colors may let harmful rays through to damage your skin.

Don’t go hatless.  Your face is highly susceptible to skin cancer and is usually where the first signs of aging appear.  Invest in a few trendy summer hats to keep the sun off your face.

Do eat for optimal hydration.  Your diet can help prevent summer skin damage too.  Eat lots of hydrating seasonal fruits and vegetables like watermelon, cucumber, berries and lettuces.  Foods with antioxidants will also help protect your skin cells against free radicals.

Don’t overstay your welcome.  The sun is a lovely thing but too much of it is not good for you.  Take breaks from the sun by finding shade or going indoors for awhile.

Do wear sunglasses.  Your eyes are another area that can be impacted by harmful rays.  Sunglasses should have UV400 protection and should be a dark shade.

Don’t think cosmetics alone are enough protection.  Even cosmetics that claim to have sun protection should not replace sunscreen.  Apply make-up over your sunscreen if you plan to wear it.

Do use sunless tanners rather than spending hours in the sun.  If you’re eager for a suntan, use a sunless tanning spray.  This is safe and effective at giving you that glowing, sunkissed look.

Don’t ease up on your skin care routine.  The summer sun often dries up skin blemishes for a smoother appearance.  But that doesn’t mean you should skip taking care of your skin.  Continue to wash, exfoliate and moisturize your skin during the summer.  This will keep newer, fresher skin cells resurfacing.

Have a blast this summer and keep your skin looking amazing with our summer skin care tips!

Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Ways to Reduce Food WasteFood waste is a serious issue:  Billions of tons of food are wasted every year adding up to billions of wasted dollars.  Worldwide, a third of all food produced is ultimately wasted.  That amount of food could feed hungry populations four times over.

Furthermore, food waste is bad for the environment.  When food waste ends up in landfills, it converts to methane gas that is harmful to the environment and causes climate change.  When you reduce food waste you also help conserve energy and resources that would have gone towards growing, manufacturing, shipping and disposing of excess food, and cut down on pollution too.

There are many good reasons to use up food responsibly and today we’re showing you ways to reduce food waste.

Organize:  Keep the oldest items with the nearest expiration dates at the front of your refrigerator and pantry.  This will help you use these items first.

Shop at Home:  When planning meals, check out what you have available at home that may expire soon.  Before purchasing new food, make meals using what needs to be eaten before it spoils.

Plan your Shopping List Carefully:  Plan out your meals before shopping to only buy exactly what you need.  Consider smart ways to use up the entirety of an item.  For instance, if a recipe calls for half an onion, find another recipe to use the rest of the onion.

Eat All of a Food:  Skins and stems are usually safe to eat so incorporate them into your dishes.  Potato skins and broccoli stems, for example, have additional nutrients and add texture and flavor to your meals.

Eat Leftovers:  Don’t let your hard work go to waste by discarding food you didn’t eat in one meal.  Enjoy leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day.  This goes for restaurant food as well. If you get tired of eating the same leftovers, repurpose it to come up with something else.  The chicken you roasted can become chicken salad and the extra steak you grilled makes a great steak fajita.

Make Soup:  If you have wilting vegetables, make soup.  Save bones from recent meat dishes to create your own bone broth.  Then chop and toss in vegetables and add in spices for a delicious homemade soup.

Store Food Properly:  Store your food so it will last as long as possible. This goes for refrigerated and non-refrigerated items.  Tightly sealed containers are a great place to start.

Freeze Food:  Produce, meat, bread and other food items can be frozen and used at a later date.  If you find you’ve made too much of something or have more raw foods than you can use, freeze them and save yourself a trip to the store or preparing a meal another day.

Share Food:  If you’ve made too much of something, share it with a friend or neighbor.  They will probably be thrilled to have it and not have to do their own cooking.

Donate Food Scraps:  Farmers often accept food scraps for their pigs or to make compost.  If you live near a farm, check to see if you can drop off food to be put to good use.

Expiration Dates:  Don’t toss food just because it is past the expiration date.  Often expiration dates are a guideline for the foods peak quality but it doesn’t necessarily mean food is bad past that date.  If the food looks, smells and tastes OK, it probably is.

Join us in employing these ways to reduce food waste.  It’s good for the environment, it’s good for your wallet and it’s good for humanity.

Why You Should Take a Walk Everyday: 30 Health Benefits of Walking 30 Minutes a Day – Part 3

As the final installment of our series on why you should take a walk everyday, we’re sharing even more health benefits of walking 30 minutes a day.  As you will see, walking can truly improve every aspect of your life to keep you fit and strong physically, mentally and emotionally.

21 – Walking is low impact.  For those who have minor injuries or joint pain that prevent them from doing other forms of exercise, walking is a great alternative.  Walking is not as jarring on the body as running, jumping, kicking and other forms of aerobic workouts.

why you should take a walk everyday

22 – Walking helps prevent osteoporosis.  Walking protects your cartilage required for good bone health.  Studies show that moderate weight-bearing aerobic activity can decrease the effects of osteoporosis, a bone-weakening condition.

23 – Walking reduces risk of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  Outdoor walking gives your skin exposure to sunlight.  Even in the winter when the sun is not as strong, walking outside can elevate your mood.  Plus it releases pleasure hormones that will perk you up too.

24 – Walking can be intensified easily as fitness levels improve.  Walking can start easy and build up to more intense exercise.  You can start slow and steady and then gradually increase your range of motion and inclines as your fitness level improves. Also consider adding lunges, squats and backwards walking to the mix to make your walking workout even harder.

25 – Walking tones your glutes.  If you want to lift your tush the natural way, start walking everyday.  Walking engages the glutial muscles by contracting them with each step.  Sounds a lot better than squats, right?

26 – Walking gives you stronger legs.  Of course your legs benefit from walking as well.  Walking works each of the muscles in your legs.  Uphill climbs and even downhills intensify your muscles differently so try to incorporate a range of inclines into your walks for maximum leg results.

27 – Walking doesn’t require days off.  Unlike other strenuous workouts, walking can be done every day without need for muscle recovery breaks.  This helps you establish a routine quickly and again keeps your body in motion, one of the healthiest lifestyle habits you can have.

28 – Walking barefoot helps you absorb free electrons from the earth.  This practice is known as grounding.  According to Dr. Mercola, grounding has many benefits including relief from joint, muscle and arthritic pain; improving the quality of sleep; aiding respiration; elevating energy; reducing stress; lowering blood pressure; stabilizing blood glucose levels; and improving the immune system, among others.

29 – Walking helps you reach other goals in your life.  Taking a walk everyday will probably make you feel quite accomplished.  Once you reach this goal, other goals will seem more attainable.  This jumpstart may be just what you need to pep yourself up to succeed in other areas of your life.

30 – Walking allows you to enjoy nature and the world around you.  Experiencing the world is one of the best joys in life.  Being in nature and observing the world around you can be an exhilarating experience.  Walking allows you to take in the sights, sounds, smells and feelings of life, one step at a time.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the health benefits of walking.  Join us in taking a walk everyday for your best health!

Why You Should Take a Walk Everyday: 30 Health Benefits of Walking 30 Minutes a Day – Part 2

Walking is one of the best exercises for your body.  Almost anyone can do it and it is less taxing on the body than other workouts.  In fact, it is a great way to slow age-related disease and illness for a stronger, more positive overall health outlook.  We’re continuing our series on 30 health benefits of walking 30 minutes a day.  Now here are even more fabulous advantages of why you should take a walk everyday:

11 – When you are walking, you’re not sitting.  Sitting is one of the worst health habits on the planet.  Especially those with “desk jobs” probably spend way too much time sitting during the day, which leads to many unwanted health conditions.  Getting up and going for a walk as a break from sitting is a health benefit in and of itself.

12 – Walking reduces risk of cancer.  Amazingly, walking for multiple hours per week significantly reduces risk of certain types of cancers.  For women, walking may stave off breast cancer.  For men, prostate cancer is less likely.  And for everyone, walking may help prevent colon cancer.

Why You Should Take a Walk Everyday13 – Walking is good for your heart.  Like any type of exercise, walking helps stabilize blood pressure and can reduce cholesterol and triglycerides as well.  All of these factors help lower risk for heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular complications.

14 – Walking may help you lose weight.  Walking alone is not going to make you the fittest person on the planet, but it can help you lose a moderate amount of weight.  Adding hills and intensifying your walking with weights can lead to greater weight loss.

15 – Walking is good for weight maintenance.  Once you’ve reached your desired weight, walking can help you keep the pounds off.  Physical activity every day is vital to weight management and weight maintenance.  Walking is one of the simplest ways to get your heart rate going to sustain your weight.

16 – Walking reduces risk of diabetes. Exercise helps balance blood glucose levels.  This is important for everyone, especially those who are genetically predisposed to diabetes or are borderline diabetic.  Walking can even help improve blood sugar levels in people who have already developed diabetes.

17 – Walking helps your digestive tract.  Need a little help getting your GI system going?  Take a walk!  Walking stimulates mobility in the digestive system, especially when you engage your core and abdominal muscles that put pressure on your stomach and intestines.  Get moving to keep your bowels moving!

18 – Walking has anti-inflammatory effects.  Inflammation is the root cause of many diseases.  Walking helps prevent inflammation from building up in your body.  Therefore, walking can help protect you for illness and disease.

19 – Walking helps prevent dementia.  The 2014 World Alzheimer’s Report states that regular exercise, like walking, can help reduce risk of Alzheimer’s disease.  Because walking promotes oxygenation to the brain, it combats vascular disease and age-related dementia.

20 – Walking boosts the immune system.  As we’ve already discussed, walking helps reduce inflammation and promotes brain function, cardiovascular strength and the digestive tract.  These all support a healthier immune system.  Moreover, research shows that walking regularly increases T-cell counts that help stave off illness and disease.

Herbs to Improve Breast Health

Natural health solutions are a great preventative measure and way to boost sustained health and wellness.  When it comes to breast health, the natural way is no exception.  For centuries specific herbs has been used to promote healthy breasts and to enhance the female form.  Many of them are still recommended today so we’re taking a closer look at herbs to improve breast health.

Herbs to Improve Breast HealthFennel:  This popular herb helps regulate female hormones, especially in women with amenorrhea or lack of a menstrual cycle.  It supports breast milk production and can help enlarge breasts as well.

Turmeric:  Curcumin is a rare antioxidant extract found primarily in turmeric that is tremendous for breast health.  The best way to reap the benefits of this herb is to add turmeric to foods or you can find curcumin in capsule form.

Watercress Leaf:  Shaped like a heart, this herb is super for your breasts and fertility.  It contains Vitamin E, folic acid and lucein that promotes healthy breast development.

Scutellaria Barbata:  Hard to pronounce, yes, but this herb in the mint family helps scavenge mutated cells that may cause breast cancer.  Scutellaria Barbata is rich in wogonin, a supercharged antioxidant that quashes free radicals.

Red Clover:  Red clover is called an “anti-cancer” herb by some because it contains phytoestrogens that may reduce and dissipate cancerous cells.  This herb is usually consumed in hot tea or as an infused chilled beverage.

Fenugreek:  Commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine, Fenugreek is most widely known to increase breast milk production in lactating mothers.  It contains diosgenin, a compound that mimics estrogen and stimulates lactation, menstruation, fertility and breast enlargement.

Wild Yam:  This herb helps regulate female hormones, especially prior to and after menopause.  It can be consumed as a tea or in a powder supplement, or its paste can be massaged directly onto breasts.

Dandelion Root:  Research indicates that dandelion root helps new breast cells and breast tissue form.  This increases healthy cell production, which is critical for breast health and reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Saw Palmetto:  The phyto-nutrients in saw palmetto help strengthen breast tissue.  The herb is most commonly used for prostate health, but because it stimulates the thyroid, it also helps with female reproductive issues as well as breast health.

These herbs to improve breast health are the first step in strengthening your breasts and reducing risk of cancer and other breast problems.  Incorporate these into your daily diet for a lifetime of healthy breasts.

Why You Should Take a Walk Everyday: 30 Health Benefits of Walking 30 Minutes a Day – Part 1

As the weather warms and one beautiful day follows the next, take advantage of the opportunity to perk up your health.  Many experts agree that everyone should take a walk everyday to improve physical and mental health.  Walking has incredible full body benefits from your brain to your feet.  Over the next few weeks we’re examining 30 health benefits of walking for 30 minutes a day and why you should take a walk everyday.

1 – Walking has anti-aging effects.  One study showed that a group of subjects added seven years to their life-expectancy from walking, jogging, strength training or doing high intensity interval training as exercise.  Just 30 minutes a day seems pretty doable when you get another seven years out of life!

2 – Walking makes you smarter.  Yup, that’s right.  Cognition, academic performance and memory improvement are all associated with the benefits of walking everyday.  Next time you need a brain lift, go for a walk and step into a smarter you.

3 – Walking doesn’t require equipment.  Well, maybe you need a good pair of walking shoes but other than that, nothing is required except your own dedication.  Forget lugging around a bag of supplies when you can simply take yourself on a walk.

4 – You can walk anywhere.  Walking can be done anywhere at any time.  On a gorgeous day you can walk outside in your neighborhood or at a park.  On rainy or cold days you can walk on an indoor track, on a treadmill, in the mall or inside your own home.  There are no excuses because you can walk absolutely anywhere.

5 – Walking is easier to incorporate into your day than other exercise.  Depending on the weather, the intensity of your walk and your fitness level, walking may not require a major wardrobe change or an additional shower.  If you’re short on time and just need to get a quick workout in during your lunch break, try walking.

Why You Should Take a Walk Everyday6 – Walking can be social.  Unlike an exercise class or sports, you can be social while you are walking.  In fact, taking a walk with a friend is a great way to pass the time, catch up and enjoy your exercise.  You can probably still gab during intense walking too.

7 – Walking helps you get Vitamin D.  Outdoor walking allows your body to absorb essential Vitamin D from the sun.  Walking in just your sports bra or a tank top will help you get more exposure to the sun.  However, don’t forget your sunscreen.  You can still absorb Vitamin D with sunscreen on.

8 – Walking is good for your mental health – it makes you happier and relieves stress.  Walking actually has an impact on your nervous system, which controls your body’s stress levels and mood.  Walking with friends and walking outdoors further increases its effectiveness as a mood enhancer.

9 – Walking makes you more creative and a better problem solver.  Movement stimulates the brain to think more creatively, which gives you new perspective on how to tackle challenges and solve problems.  Also, “walking away” from a situation can be helpful to give yourself space to digest and adjust your thinking for more positive results.

10 – Walking allows you to multi-task while exercising.  You probably cannot read a book, check your email, listen to music or talk on the phone while swimming or playing tennis, but you can when you’re walking.  This helps justify the time you’re spending on this important health habit.  Also, walking to get somewhere you needed to go anyways is super efficient.

New Superfoods Part 3: Extraordinary Liquids

New Superfoods

New superfoods are all the rage but no one every said you couldn’t drink in their nutritious benefits.  In fact, some of the latest and greatest new superfoods are liquids.  So put down your fork and pick up a glass to try these hot (and cold) new superfoods:

Maple Water:  The pure sap of the maple tree is known as maple water.  Of course any type of water is hydrating but this one also contains important antioxidants and minerals to support full body health.  It is especially good for the thyroid and for balancing blood glucose levels.  Plus it is a sweet and delicious alternative to plain water that doesn’t contain refined sugars.

Coffee:  Coffee may not be a “new” drink but it is new to the superfoods list.  Coffee has high antioxidant value thanks to its content of flavonoids.  These powerful antioxidants are deft at protecting and repairing cells that naturally deteriorate over time and weaken due to environmental factors.  Studies show that coffee may also reduce risk of depression.  Beware of added sugar in coffee drinks.  Keep your coffee beverages light and consider ground coffee beans as a cooking seasoning or dessert ingredient as well.

Kefir:  With a consistency cross between milk and yogurt, kefir is fermented animal milk, typically from a cow.  Kefir is a terrific source of probiotics that combines yeast and lactic acids helping create healthy bacteria that is good for digestion and an overall properly functioning body.  It is naturally low in lactose and has a somewhat sour, pungent taste.  Most people add fruit or make a smoothie out of kefir due to its distinct flavor.

Cactus Water:  There’s a lot of hype about cactus water and for good reason.  It has over 20 types of supercharged antioxidants called betalains, in addition to essential vitamins, minerals and body-stabilizing electrolytes.  The natural flavor is said to be somewhat berry-like with a hint of watermelon and kiwi.  Due to its unique nutrient content, cactus water is super hydrating.  Pretty funny for a plant that doesn’t require much water to survive, huh?

new superfoods

Bone Broth:  Your mom said soup was good for you, especially when you’re sick, and she was right!  Rather than buying a can or carton of stock broth, make your own bone broth by boiling water with chicken, pork or beef bones.  Bones are full of vitamins, minerals and protein, as well as collagen and elastin that will improve skin elasticity, hair and nails.  You can add veggies and seasoning to taste.

Discovering new foods is part of the spice of life.  We hope you’ve enjoyed our series on new superfoods.  From grains to greens, from broth to beans, and from fruit to fermentation, new superfoods offer amazing benefits for your entire body.  Keep an eye out for them as you continuously improve and diversify your diet.  Enjoy!

Supermarket Marketing Ploys to Avoid

Have you ever left the grocery store with much more than you went in to buy?  If the answer is yes, then supermarket marketing ploys probably got the best of you.  Some of them are very sneaky and hard to avoid.  Others you may recognize but fall prey to them anyways.  Today we’re exploring some common supermarket marketing ploys and how to avoid them.

The name of the game for supermarkets is getting you to spend more than you intended.  It’s not that you are buying items that you won’t use.  After all, you need food and supplies to make your household operate.  But paying more for certain items than necessary, buying more than you need at one time or getting a few additional things you hadn’t supermarket marketing ploysintended are part of the marketing strategy for grocery stores.  This often includes getting you to spend more time in the store by having interesting and obstructive displays, often at the front of the store, and selling bonus items beyond the basics.

One of the most common supermarket marketing ploys is placing the most expensive items at eye level.  This trick is most apparent on the cereal aisle where boxes of similar products are lined up, probably for most of the aisle.  As you’ll notice, the top name brand cereals are at eye level and above and below you may find other brands of almost the exact same product or a store brand version of it.  Your eye is drawn to the name brand – i.e. most expensive – boxes however you can usually get something just as good in the lesser known brand boxes.

Supermarkets also try to appeal to your senses.  As you are trying to focus on what you need to buy, the store may smell of freshly baked bread or rotisserie chickens making your mouth water and crave these or similar products.  You may not notice that the music is periodically interrupted by advertisements – a not-so-subtle way of getting you to contemplate buying another product.  Also, you may come across a few sample tasting stations at your local market.  When you’ve tasted something and like it, you are more inclined to buy it.

Beware of sales or sale-like phrasing too.  Grocery store sales may be somewhat deceiving, such as buy five of an item and get a discount.  This encourages you to buy more than you may actually need.  Also, flashy tags that look like sale claims may just be a gimmick.  Read carefully to determine if products are really on sale or are just being touted as a good price in general.  Coupons may use the same devices so think carefully about what you need.

Grocery stores are increasingly offering more and more products or services that aren’t food and household supplies.  This tactic keeps you in the store longer and gives them yet another up-sell advantage.  Buying lawn chairs, toy trucks or picking up a prescription will keep you spending time and money in the store.

Another popular supermarket marketing ploy trend is selling health.  Products that are labeled as healthy or that target a particular health need – gluten-free, lots of fiber, or low fat – may cost more.  However, it doesn’t mean alterative products don’t fit the same bill.  Also, watch out for single-serving products like 100-calorie packs or pre-made meals.  These often cost a lot more when you could easily portion out these amounts for yourself.  Beware of buying bulk as well.  Check prices to make sure packages with more of an item actually are less per unit than a smaller package.

Bringing your kids to the store may also hurt your wallet.  Kids are notorious for falling for supermarket marketing ploys.  After the 10th time of your children asking for a stuffed animal or cool superhero cup they see at the store, you may just give in to save your sanity.  Grocery stores are counting on it…all the way to the bank.

To avoid supermarket marketing ploys, follow these tips:

  • Make a list and stick to it.  If you walk in and randomly shop, you’re likely to spend more.
  • Try to get everything you need in one trip so you’re not shopping multiple times a week.  The more you go in, the more you’ll probably buy.
  • Don’t go down aisles if it doesn’t have something you need.
  • Read signs, tags and coupons carefully so you don’t get duped.
  • Don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry as you’ll be tempted by more items you don’t need.
  • Check the price per unit.  Bulk isn’t always cheaper.
  • Avoid bringing your kids if possible.
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boosting your metabolism
boyshort with firm tummy control
bra basics
bra calculator
bra care
bra donations
Bra Fit
bra fit tips
Bra Fitting
bra fitting tips
bra history
bra recyclers
Bra Recycling
bra recycling month
Bra Size
bra size calculator
bra sizes
Bra storage
Bra Style
bra styles
Bra Technology
Bra Wardrobe
brain games
Brain Games for Adults
brain workout
bras for large breasts
bread bowls
break your nail biting habit
break your unhealthy nail biting habit
Breakfast rules
breast cancer
Breast Cancer Awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
breast cancer cause
breast cancer statistics
Breast enhancers
Breast forms
Breast Health
breast sizes
breastfeeding moms
breastfeeding schedule
breastfeeding success story
bridesmaid dresses
brief with firm tummy control
brown rice
build a stronger immune system
building relationships with coworkers
building self confidence
burn calories doing housework
Burn Calories while Spring Cleaning
burn fat for weight loss
business communication
cancer prevention
caring for indoor plants
caring for your bras
Celebrate Mom Friends
Celebrating Women
Celebrity News
celiac disease
cellulite and varicose veins
chapped lips
charitable partnerships
chili peppers
chocolate dinner
Chocolate dinner for Valentine's Day
chocolate good for health
chocolate recipes
Christmas albums
Christmas Eve
Christmas music
circulate air in your home
clothing donations
coffee in beauty products
cold showers
Comfortable Bras
comfortable work clothes
compression sports bra
contour bras
cost effective
cotton bras
Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra
crafty in the kitchen
create a sexier bedroom
creativity at work
Cristela Alonzo
curve model
curvy actresses
curvy body
curvy celebrities
curvy fashion
curvy fashionista
curvy models
cut the clutter
cute clothes
cute summer clothes
dangers of nail salons
dark chocolate
dark chocolate health benefits
dark spots
date ideas
Davids Bridal
day of the dead
de-clutter tips for fall
declutter your house
decorating the table for thanksgiving
denim trend
denim trend 2015
depression and women
depression screenings
detox ingredients
detox ingredients for water
detox ingredients for your water
detox with water
detox your body
detox your body with water
Diabetes Awareness Month
diabetes health complications
diabetes prevention
diabetes statistics
Diet Plans
digestive health
digestive system
dinner table
DIY Halloween costumes
doctor and patient
doctor patient relations
donate clothes
Dos and Don’ts of Summer Skin Care
dressing your curves
dried fruits
dry shampoo
dull skin
earth day
earth day 2014
easy dinners
Easy Exercises
eat healthy
eat more veggies
eating for breast health
eating healthy
edible bowls
Edward scissor hands
efficiency at work
egg nutrition
Egyptian princess
Elly Mayday
email etiquette
email mistakes
Emma Watson
Emme Plus Size Model
Emotional Eating
emotional health
energy bars
energy breakfast
enjoy life
environmentally friendly lifestyle
essential oils
exercise and spring cleaning
exercise for heart health
exercising with pets
face mask
fall colors
Fall Decorating Ideas
fall decorations
fall fashion
fall fashion 2015
fall fashion 2016
fall fashion trends
fall fitness
fall fitness ideas
fall fitness tips
fall superfoods
falling asleep
family history
farm fresh
farm fresh foods
fashion industry
fashion tips
fashion trends
Fashion's Night Out PLUS
Father's Day
female activist
feminine figures
finding your passion in life
finger nails
finger nails and health
First Time Bra Fit
fitness and pets
fitness goals
Fitness Trends
Fitness Trends in 2016
fitting room
flavored soymilk
flip flops
food waste
foods that are surprisingly bad for you
foods that boost energy
French maid
fresh foods
freshman fifteen
fringe trend 2015
front closure bra
front-closure bras
fruit bowls
fruits and vegetables
frustration in the workplace
Full Figure
full figure athletic wear
full figure belts
full figure black bras
full figure bra
Full Figure Bras
full figure cardigans
full figure clothes
Full Figure Fashion
full figure fashion for spring
full figure fashion on red carpet
full figure fashion report
full figure jeans
full figure leather clothes
full figure raincoats
full figure sports bra
full figure sports bras
Full Figure Stars
full figure sweaters
full figure trends
full figure tut
full figure women
full figure women and exercise
full figure women on tv
Full Figured Celebrities
Full Figured Fashion
full figured women
fun things to do on Christmas Eve
gardening and exercise
gardening and stress relief
gerber daisies
germs at nail salons
get fit with your pet
get the most out of your vacation
Gift Ideas
gifts for mom
ginger essential oils
ginger oil
Giovanna Morales Vargas
girls HBO
Girls tv show
glucose levels
gluten intolerance
gluten-free diet
goal oriented
good habits
good people
grapefruit essential oils
grapefruit oil
green living
growing plants
Guide to Black Friday
gynecological cancer
habits to save the earth
hair care
hair care tips
hair color
hair growth
hair loss
hair ties
hairband infections
hairstyles 2015
Halloween costumes
Halloween season
hand wash bras
hand washing bras
hanger management
happy Monday
hard to fit bra sizes
Harmione Granger
Hayley hasselhoff
health and wellness
health benefits
health benefits of eggs
health benefits of gardening
health benefits of hugging
Health Benefits of Pumpkins
health benefits of taking a walk
health benefits of walking
health benefits of walking everyday
health problems with large breasts
health risks of nail biting
health risks of wearing a hairband
health risks of wearing a hairband around your wrist
health screenings
Health Screenings for Women
Healthier Alternatives to Pasta
healthier diet
healthiest BBQ foods
healthiest rice
healthy at any size
healthy at every size
healthy BBQ
healthy bedtime habits
healthy diet
healthy eating
healthy eating habits
healthy fats
healthy foods
healthy foods for energy
healthy habits
healthy hair
healthy hair tips
healthy life
healthy lifestyle
healthy lives
healthy living
healthy morning habits
healthy pasta
healthy pregnancy diet
healthy rice
healthy skin
healthy sleep habits
healthy smoothies
healthy snacks
healthy winter diet
heart disease
Heart Health
heart health tips
heart healthy diet
herbal natural remedies for anxiety
herbs for breast health
Herbs to Improve Breast Health
hiking in fall
history of bras
holiday celebrations
holiday dinner
holiday dinner table
holiday scents
holiday spices
holiday spirit
holiday traditions
home decor
home organization
home pedicure
Homemade Face Masks
Hottest Summer Sandals
house plants
houseplants for better air quality
how do you wash bras
How Gardening is Good for your Health
how many bras should I have
how many calories does housework burn
how to achieve balance
How to Avoid a Wardrobe Malfunction
how to avoid hair dryness in winter
how to avoid razor burn
how to be a good coworker
how to be inspiring
how to be sexy
how to become a better hugger
how to boost energy
how to care for lips
how to combat hanger
how to correct under eye bags
how to deal with stress
how to do pool exercises
how to dress a big bottom
how to drink more water
how to eat healthy
How to Eat More Vegetables
how to exercise in the pool
how to fall asleep faster
how to find balance
how to find balance in life
how to find out your family history
how to get healthy
how to get healthy hair
how to get the best deals
how to get the best shave
how to get the most out of your breakfast
How to Get the Most out of your Office Space
how to have a better relationship with doctor
how to have a healthy heart
how to heal chapped lips
how to identify your passions
how to improve digestion
how to improve hair health
how to improve the air quality in your home
how to live longer
how to look younger
how to love your Mondays
how to make a face mask
how to meal plan
how to measure bra size
how to measure for a bra
how to measure your bra size
how to moisturize hair
how to prevent diabetes
how to prevent Osteoporosis
how to protect yourself at nail salons
how to recycle bras
how to reduce allergy symptoms
how to reduce food waste
How to Reduce Under Eye Bags
how to relax on vacation
how to relieve anxiety naturally
how to relieve heartburn
how to relieve PMS
how to relieve stress
how to save money
how to save time
how to shave your legs
how to slow down and enjoy life
how to stay cool in summer
how to stay positive at work
How to Store Winter Clothes
how to take care of skin
How to Take Care of Your Lips during Winter
How to Take the Best Selfie
How to Truly Unwind on Vacation
how to wear fringe
how to wear fringe without looking like a hippie
How to Write a Letter to your Mom for Mother’s Day
how to write thank you notes
hugging and your heart
hugs and heart
ideas to share the holiday spirit
immune boosters
immune system
immunity cold showers
importance of breakfast
importance of drinking water
importance of health screenings
Improve Your Digestive Health
improve your life
Improve your Relationship with your Doctor
In the Media
indoor garden
indoor plants
inexpensive oils
inspire those around you
inspiring confidence
Invigorate your Breakfast in the New Year
Is a Gluten-Free Diet Right for You?
James Early O’Brien
jazz up jeans and sweaters
jeans and sweaters
jeans for curvy women
jeans for full figure women
jersey shore
Jessica Alba
July 4th
jumpsuits for full figured women
jumpsuits for summer
keeping brain active
Kerosene Deluxe
kids table
Know your family history
Knowing Your Family History
lace bras
lace full figure bras
lady gaga
large breasts
latest fashion trends
Laura Wells
lavender essential oils
lavender oil
Leading ladies
Leading Ladies We Love
leading lady
Leading Lady 514
Leading Lady bras
leaky gut
leaky gut syndrome
learn self defense
learning for tv moms
learning from mistakes
leisure bra
Leisure Bras
leisure bras plus size
lemon essential oils
lemon oil
Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham in Girls
Lenny newsletter
leopard print bras
leopard print fashion
letter writing
life balance
Life Goals
lime essential oils
lime oil
lip crayon
lip liner
lip stain
lips in winter
Lipstick Hacks
Lisa Cole
little black dress
Living with Passion
London fashion week
long car ride
looking younger
losing weight
love life
lower body curves
lus size modeling
Maintain These Healthy Summer Habits All Year Long
make eating more fun
make magic with jeans and sweaters
Make the Most of Time Spent in your Car
makeup tips
manicures and pedicures
marketing ploys
mayonnaise face mask
meal planning
Mediterranean diet
Meghan Trainor
Melissa McCarthy
Memorial Day
menstrual cramps
mental health
mental wellness
metabolism and women
miniature foods
modeling industry
Molded Padded Seamless Full Figure Bra
Molded Padded Seamless Underwire Full Figure Bra
mom friends
Monday people
Monday person
money saving tips
morning routine
morning sickness
Morticia Adams
most comfortable bra in America
Mother's Day
Mother's Day 2016
mother's love
mothers day gift ideas
mothers day gifts
mothers day ideas
muffin tin baking
muffin top
muscle pain
nail biters
nail biting
nail biting habit
nail polish trends
nail trends
nail trends 2014
Natalie Portman
National Nutrition Month
national ovarian cancer coalition
national womens history month
natural living
natural remedies
natural remedies for allergies
Natural Remedies for Anxiety
Natural Remedies for Heartburn
Natural Remedies for PMS
negative effects of sitting
never text while driving
new food labels
new skills
new superfoods
New Years Resolutions
non padded bras
nursing shapewear cami
nut bars
nutrition of pumpkin
nutritional guidelines
office ettique
office space
Online Shopping
organizational ideas
organize lingerie drawer
ovarian cancer
padded bras
paleo diets
party hosting ideas
peanut butter
pedicure supplies
pedicure tools
peppermint essential oils
peppermint oil
personal finance
personal finance tips
plus size belts
plus size bra
Plus Size Bras
plus size clothes
plus size clothing
plus size clothing line
Plus Size Fashion
plus size fashion week
plus size jeans
plus size jumpsuits
Plus Size Lingerie
Plus Size Mannequin
plus size model
plus size modeling
plus size modeling agencies
Plus Size Models
Plus Size Printed Leggings
plus size raincoats
plus size sports bra
Plus Size Supermodel
plus size sweaters
plus size wedding dresses
plus size women
plus size women and leather
plus sized models
Plus-Sized Fashion
pollen count
pool exercises
pool workouts
posh spice
positive attitude
positive body image
positive self image
positive thinking
postpartum depression
postpartum nursing shapewear cami
postpartum nursing shapewear cami with tummy control
postpartum shapewear
postpartum shapewear boyshort with firm tummy control
postpartum shapewear brief with tummy control
power breakfast
power nap
power naps
pre-baby shape
pregnancy diet
premature skin aging
premenstrual syndrome
productivity at work
professional image
prolonged sitting
proper bra fit
Protect Your Hair from Winter Weather
protecting your skin
protein in eggs
puffiness under eyes
pumpkin beauty products
pumpkin candles
pumpkin decor
pumpkin desserts
Pumpkin Season
pumpkins and antioxidants
push up bra
Racer Back
racer back bras
racer back sports bra
racerback bra
rain gear
razor burn
reasons for fatigue
Reasons to Get a Workout Buddy
Reasons to Learn Self Defense
reasons to strengthen your body
recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers
recycle bras
recycle your bras
red rice
reduce salt in your diet
reigniting passions
relationship with doctor
remedies for anxiety
remedies for heartburn
remedies for PMS
repelling insects
Reset your Metabolism
Retro Style
rice crackers
risk factors for Osteoporosis
risk factors of diabetes
Robyn Lawley
romantic Valentine's dinner
Routine Depression Screenings for Women
rule of five
running music
running playlist
running shoes
sale shopping
salt in your diet
salt intake
salvation army donation
sandal trends
sandal trends 2016
Saturday Night Live
save money
save the earth
Save the planet
saving money
savory holiday spices
scar tissue
Seamless Bra
seasonal affective disorder
seasonal allergies
seasonal depression
self care
self defense
self defense and confidence
self defense and empowerment
self defense and martial arts
self defense and protection
setting goals
sexy bedroom
sexy black bra
sexy black full figure bra
Sexy bra
Sexy Bras
sexy bras for Valentine's Day
sexy full figure bras
Sexy Full Figure Bras for Valentine’s Day
Sexy is a State of Mind
Sexy lace bra
Sexy Lingerie
Sexy Plus Size Bras
sexy shoes
sexy Zorro
shapewear boyshort with firm tummy control
shapewear brief with firm tummy control
shapewear cami
signs of skin cancer
Signs you are Eating Too Much Salt
skin blemishes
skin cancer
Skin Cancer Awareness
skin cancer signs
skin cancer stats
skin cancer symptoms
skin care
skin care myths
Skin care tips
skin cleansers
skin problems
sleep and leisure bra
Sleep and the brain
sleep and the heart
sleep bra
sleep bras
sleep habits
sleep tips
slow down and enjoy life
slow the appearance of aging
Smaller Waist
smart texting
sore muscles
sore throat
Specialty Bra Sizes
speed up metabolism
Spice Girl
Spices of the Holiday Season
spicy food
spicy food and living longer
spicy foods
spider plants
sport bra
Sport Bras
sports bra
Sports Bras
spring 2014 fashion trends
spring allergies
Spring Clean your Diet
spring cleaning
spring colors
spring dresses
spring fashion
spring fashion 2014
spring fashion 2015
spring summer 2014 fashion trends
spring summer fashion trends
Springtime Full Figure Fashion
springtime gardening
stay positive at work
stimulating cold showers
storage containers for clothes
storing clothes
strange tips to fall asleep faster
strengthen your body
stress and fatigue
Stress Management
stress relief
stronger immune systems
Sucker Punch
sugar free
sugary snacks
Summer Beauty Tips
summer bras
summer budget
summer fashion
summer fashion 2014
summer full figure bras
summer habits
summer hair care
summer heat
summer makeup
summer sandals
summer skin
summer skin care
summer wardrobe
sun safety
sun safety habits
sunglass trends
supermarket marketing ploys
Supermarket Marketing Ploys to Avoid
support breast cancer awareness
supportive bras
sustainable living
sustainable practices
sweater trends
sweet holiday spices
symptoms of anxiety
t shirt bras
t-shirt bra
taking care of yourself at work
taking vacation alone
texting rules
thank you notes
Thanksgiving leftovers
the benefits of farm fresh foods
the benefits of meal planning
the bra recyclers
The Health Benefits of Cold Showers
The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate
The Healthiest BBQ Foods
The Importance of Hugging
The Importance of Sleep
The Rules of Cardigans
the science behind hangry
the tutu trend
thigh brow
thigh gap
things that make you sexy
Things to do on Christmas Eve
Things Your Coworkers Hate
think more positive
thinking positive
tips for avoiding pollen
Tips for Bargain Shopping
Tips for Black Friday
Tips for Healthy Hair
Tips for Surviving the Summer Heat
tips for winter hair
tips for women with large breasts
tips for working out
Tips for Writing Great Thank You Notes
tips for writing thank you notes
Tips to Allergy-Proof your Home
tips to beat the heat
Tips to Fall Asleep Faster
title 9
title ix
title nine
too much salt
travel clothes
travel wardrobe
trendy jumpsuits
Trendy Plus Size Clothes
trendy plus size fashion
trendy raincoats
trendy white shoes
trouble staying focused
tummy control
TV Moms
TV Moms we love
type 2 diabetes
Ultimate World Breastfeeding Week
ultraviolet light
unclutter your house
Unconventional Ways to Give Thanks this Thanksgiving
under eye baggage
under eye bags
underwire bras
Unexpected Causes of Fatigue
Unintentionally Slowing Your Metabolism
unprofessional email
unprofessional email etiquette
unwanted toxins
unwind on vacation
uv light
v for vendetta
vaginal bacterial infection
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Surprises
Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day Full Figure Fashion
Valentine’s Day ideas
varicose veins
Volunteering on Thanksgiving
walking 30 minutes a day
walking for health
wardrobe essentials
wardrobe tips
warrior princess
wash bras
ways to be sexy
Ways to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month
ways to celebrate Thanksgiving
ways to combat fatigue
Ways to Create a Sexier Bedroom
ways to get fit with your pet
ways to give back on Thanksgiving
ways to give thanks
ways to give thanks on Thanksgiving
ways to improve concentration
ways to inpire
Ways to Reduce Food Waste
ways to reduce symptoms of allergies
ways to save money
ways to save money this summer
Ways to save the earth
ways to strengthen your immune system
ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers
Wear your Comfy Clothes to Work
wearing a hairband around your wrist
wedding dress
wedding dresses
weekday dinners
weight gain
weight loss
what causes allergies?
what do do on Christmas Eve
what is a Mediterranean diet
what is a power nap
what is Osteoporosis
What is Zapping your Concentration?
what to do for faster metabolism
what to do in the car
what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers
what to eat besides potato chips
what to eat for faster metabolism
what to pack
what to pack for women
What to Wear on Black Friday
what to wear on Valentine's Day
What Your Nails Say about your Health
when to buy a new bra
where to buy full figure bras
where to store clothes
which bras to wear in summer
white blood cells
white shoes
white shoes for spring
white shoes for summer
white wardrobe
white wine
whitney Thompson
whole foods
Why All Women Should Take a Trip Alone
why am I so tired?
why hugging is good for you
Why Hugs are Good for your Heart
why sitting is bad for health
why sleep is important
why to reduce food waste
why walk everyday
why we get hangry
why women need hugs
why women need mom friends
why women need strength
why women should travel alone
why working out in the morning is better
why you can't concentrate
why you should eat breakfast
why you should take a cold shower
Why You Should Take a Walk Everyday
Why You Should Take Power Naps
wicked witch of the west
wild rice
winter accessories
winter fashion
winter fashion trends
winter fruits
winter hairstyles 2015
winter holidays
Winter Superfoods
winter trends 2015/2016
winter vegetables
women and seasonal affective disorder
women health
women traveling alone
women who struggle with morning sickness
women's accessories
Women's History Month
women's shaving
womens health
womens health week
working out
working out in the morning
working out in the pool
working out your brain
workout buddy
workout music
workout partner
workout playlist
workout playlists
workout routines
workout songs
write a letter to your mom
yeast infection
yogurt covered fruits
younger looking hairstyles
youthful skin
Zac Posen
Zig-Zag Weave Front-Closure Leisure Bra