New Superfoods Part 2: Fruits and Vegetables

new Superfoods
Today marks part 2 of our series on new superfoods.  We’re taking a look at lesser known fruits and vegetables that are phenomenal additions to your diet.  While most fruits and vegetables are nutritious, these new superfoods are particularly exceptional choices.

Moringa:  With nearly 100 phyto-nutrients, Moringa is a mighty superfood.  The leaves can be eaten raw or it can be consumed in powder, capsule, tea or liquid oil forms.  Moringa has been known to increase energy, support the cardiovascular system, boost mental clarity and emotional stability, and protect cells from the natural aging process.

Seaweed:  You’re probably used to seaweed in sushi but how about a seaweed salad?  This veggie from the sea has a ton of antioxidants and calcium that does a body good.

new superfoods

Lucuma:  Native to South America, lucuma is a sweet fruit packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber and carbohydrates.  From the outside it looks like an avocado and the inside is mango-like.  Lucuma is great for the immune system, boosts energy and also has an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effect.

Baobab:  This fruit of the African baobab tree may be the latest smoothie ingredient to hit the market.  It has a smooth, sweet flavor and is rich in antioxidants, calcium, potassium and magnesium. It’s also a wonderful source of fiber.  Try it raw, mixed with yogurt or blended in drinks.

Jackfruit:  As the largest tree fruit in the world, jackfruits can weigh up to 100 pounds each.  The tropical superfruit contains lots of protein, iron, vitamin B and potassium.  It has hundreds of seeds and its appearance and texture is both leathery and spiny.  Jackfruit can be eaten raw, dried, roasted or turned into flour.

Fermented Vegetables:  Here’s a little known fact – when you pickle a vegetable, the fermentation process generates healthy probiotics that help the flora in your gut.  Not only will fermented veggies help digestion, they may boost your immune system as well. The more nutritious the vegetable, the more powerful it will be when pickled.

Banana Flour:  Sweet and nutty, banana flower is a gluten-free baking and cooking alternative made from green bananas.  It is highly absorbent so less is required for the same results as using other flours.  Banana flour is known to improve blood sugar levels and help support the colon.

Black Raspberries:  Different than blackberries, black raspberries are believed to have three times the antioxidants in raspberries.  We all know that berries contain phenomenal immune-boosting, disease-fighting properties.  Black raspberries just happen to be a little more supercharged than most.

We hope you enjoy these sweet and savory new superfoods.  Check out our last installment of our new superfoods series next week when we’ll be talking all about superfoods you can drink!

What Your Nails Say about your Health

what your nails say about your healthMost people don’t realize that their nails are a surprising indicator of the condition of their health.  While symptoms of illness, infection and disease don’t always show up on nails, they very often do.  Without noticing nail changes, many people are left unaware of the warning signs of something very serious happening in their bodies.  Today we’re examining what your nails say about your health.


Brittle and Cracked Nails may simply be due to changes in the weather like when the air becomes dry in wintertime.  Or it may be related to over-stimulating nails to certain cleaning chemicals, dishwashing soaps, nail polish remover or chlorine during swimming.  In some rare instances brittle, cracked nails are an indicator of a thyroid malfunction called hypothyroidism.

Blue-Tinted Nails are a sign of poor oxygenation in the body.  It may be caused by improper circulation, or a lung or heart condition.

Ridges in your Nails may be caused by several factors.  Horizontal ridges on multiple nails are usually a sign that the body is fighting a complex sickness and doesn’t have extra energy to produce strong nails.  They also may be due to potent drugs that are helping fight off serious illness.  Vertical lines, however, are generally part of the normal aging process.

Bitten Nails are not hard to figure out.  Usually when someone bites their nails it is a sign of anxiety or stress. Although biting nails is not good for you, the underlying reason why someone bites their nails is usually much worse.

Dark lines beneath Nails is a reason to see your doctor immediately.  These dark stripes are most commonly a form of melanoma or skin cancer.  Those with darker skin may notice more intense dark lines.

Yellowish Nails usually indicates a fungal infection in the nails.  That’s the best case scenario.  Occasionally yellow nails may be a sign of a bigger problem such as diabetes, a thyroid disorder or lung malfunctions.

Pale Nails are typically a symptom of malnutrition or anemia (lack of iron).  They can sometimes predict severe heart and liver conditions.  Extremely white nails are the biggest sign of liver problems including hepatitis.  But don’t confuse white spots with solid white nails.  White spots may simply be nail trauma and in rare cases it is due to calcium deficiency.

Rippled Nails most commonly means inflammation.  This may be caused by psoriasis, arthritis or other inflammatory conditions.

Were you surprised to find out what your nails say about your health?  Next time you see anything out of the ordinary on your nails, don’t dismiss it too soon.  Consider what it may be saying about your health.

New Superfoods Part 1: Seeds, Grains and Pulses

New Superfoods

With the expansive list of foods on our planet, it’s incredible to think that there are so many we have not tried.  Food is both a cultural and social experience and diversity in the diet is essential to a healthful lifestyle.  As more research emerges about foods around the world, new superfoods are periodically touted for their amazing nutritional value.

Today begins our three-part series on new superfoods.  We’ll explore phenomenal foods that you’ll probably see pop up in markets near you soon.  We’re starting with wholesome seeds, grains and pulses that can be used in a variety of ways to increase flavor, nutrition and excitement in your diet.

Teff:  This fine gluten-free cereal grain is terrific for eating plain or baking.  It’s common in Ethiopian food and is rich in protein, fiber and the antioxidant Vitamin C.  If you can’t find it raw, look for teff flour and try it in your next baking project.

New SuperfoodsSorghum:  Although you may have never heard of it, Sorghum is the fifth most popular grain in the world.  It is grown mostly in the warmer climates on earth and in the U.S. is primarily fed to livestock.  Like teff, sorghum is gluten-free and is versatile for baking, adding to soups and salads or eating straight-up.

Amaranth:  Quinoa has risen in popularity in past few years and amaranth may be on the same trajectory.  Like quinoa, it is a seedy grain that cooks quickly and is high in amino acids that are the building blocks of protein.  It makes a great side dish and can be flavored with a variety of spices.

Sacha Inchi:  This star-shaped nut-like seed is chock full of omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber.  The raw seeds can be eaten as healthy treat. Recently Sacha Inchi oil has become a hot ingredient in many beauty products because it has age-defying effects.  The oil can also be used for cooking and preparing foods.

Pulses:  This is not just one food but a category of foods that includes lentils, beans, peas and chickpeas.  These foods are high in protein and fiber, making them terrific for lowering cholesterol, cleansing the body, stabilizing blood glucose levels and assisting in weight loss.  Get creative with your pulses.  Add them to salads and smoothies, or try purees or roasting them for an on-the-go snack.

Next time you’re bored with your go-to seeds, grains and pulses, look for these new superfoods at your grocery store.  Until they gain popularity they may only be available in specialty stores.  If you cannot find them in their whole, raw format, look for powdered versions that offer the same great health benefits.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more on new superfoods including fruits, vegetables and drinkable superfoods!

How to Write a Letter to your Mom for Mother’s Day

Expressing your love and gratitude for your mom may be something you do often, or you may be remiss in telling her how much you care.  While each mother-daughter relationship is unique, all moms enjoy feeling appreciated, especially on Mother’s Day.  That’s why it’s a perfect holiday to tell mom exactly how you feel about her.  Today we’re going to help you tap into your inner-scribe and go over how to write a letter to your mom for Mother’s Day.

Portrait of romantic young woman writing in a diary lying down over the grass. Relax outdoor time concept.

Why Write a Letter

Telling your mom your true feelings is wonderful and we highly encourage you to do it often.  But on special occasions like Mother’s Day, putting your thoughts and feelings on paper is something she can keep with her and revisit often.  Also, writing letters allows you time to thoughtfully express exactly what you want to say with time constraints, losing your train of thought or other distractions that may be an impediment during your Mother’s Day celebrations.  Whether you type it or hand-write it, your mother will surely love receiving a personal letter from you on Mother’s Day.

What to Say to Mom

Before you write a letter to your mom for Mother’s Day, spend a few minutes brainstorming what you want to express to her.  You probably want to start off by thanking her for all the wonderful ways she’s helped you and shaped your life.  From caring for your every need as an infant, to helping you through challenging times in your life, your mother has probably done a lot for you.  Make sure she knows how much you appreciate that unwavering love and support throughout your life.

In your letter, celebrate your mom’s wonderful qualities.  Is she kind, caring and compassionate?  Is she edgy, sarcastic and witty?  Is she smart, clever and resourceful?  Whoever she is, tell her that you love those terrific aspects of her.

Acknowledge what you’ve learned from your mother as well.  Mothers want to know that their influence has guided their children’s ideals, values and successes.  This shows her that her innate qualities and all the hard work she did in raising you were completely worth it because she molded the wonderful person that you have become.

Also, give specific examples of how she was a super mom to you.  This is a personal letter recognizing your intimate relationship with your mom.  If you wanted to praise her generically, you can buy a card.  But expressing your personal feelings should include examples from your personal interactions.

A Few Reminders

Not everyone is flowery and sentimental and that’s OK.  Chances are, your mom knows you well enough to know if you’re being authentic in your letter so don’t go overboard if that’s not true to who you are.

Also, your letter doesn’t have to be a novel.  A few paragraphs is all it takes to make mom feel incredibly special and loved on Mother’s Day.

Feel free to write letters to other mothers in your life too, not just your own mom.  This gift of all gifts is fabulous for grandmothers, aunts, sisters and friends as well.

We hope you find these tips helpful as you write a letter to your mom for Mother’s Day.  We wish you a very happy Mother’s Day!

Celebrate Mom Friends

When you become a mother you join this amazing club of moms.  More than most other experiences in life, motherhood bonds women in incredible ways.  Celebrating joys and victories, overcoming struggles and challenges, navigating the various stages of your children’s lives – these are the moments that mom friends share.  So on the day of showing love and gratitude towards moms – Mother’s Day – don’t forget to celebrate mom friends too.

If you’re like most new moms, you’re making a lot of new friends through your kids.  Yes, your kids are sort of like “wing men,” so to speak because you’re “picking up” new mom friends as you experience the world with your children.  Moms often meet other mom friends with kids the same age through baby and toddler classes, school or daycare, neighborhood play groups or participating in other activities in your community.

Two Girlfriends Enjoy A Casual Conversation

Sharing common experiences with moms that have children around the same age as yours is an important part of motherhood.  Women especially need emotional connections and to share what is happening in their lives along with their feelings about these experiences.  Because most women have this desire, leaning on other moms in a similar place in their lives is a way moms can meet this need.  Just like moms are comforting to their children, mom friends are comforting to other moms.

Mom friends are also wonderful problem-solvers because they can impart knowledge and wisdom about their own experiences in similar situations.  Even if their advice isn’t perfect for your own issues, at the very least moms can sympathize and commiserate with you because they’ve been there themselves.  And as all moms know, sometimes we don’t need someone to fix our problem as much as we need someone to listen and care about them as deeply as we do.

So this Mother’s Day, take time to celebrate mom friends.  If your day allows, spend time with your mom friends doing what you like to do.  Maybe you can slip out for a glass of wine, go shopping or catch a movie matinee.  Perhaps your entire families meet up for a picnic at the park or pool so the kids can be involved too.  Or if you can’t get together on Mother’s Day, try planning something before or after the holiday to celebrate mom friends.

While elaborate gifts aren’t necessary, consider doing a little something special for your mom friends.  Giving them a potted plant, a copy of your favorite book or baking their favorite dessert are terrific ways to show your mom friends you love them and appreciate their friendships.  If you have a group of mom friends you hang out with regularly, organize gift exchange so everyone gets one nice item as a Mother’s Day gift.

As you’re bonding over diaper blow-outs, leaky breasts, impossible tantrums, picky eaters and sleep deprivation, you are forming incredible friendships that are an invaluable part of motherhood.  Don’t forget to celebrate mom friends along with all of the other moms in your life this Mother’s Day.

How to Slow Down and Enjoy Life

enjoy life__1460039892_162.206.228.38Life is hectic…downright crazy sometimes.  Juggling all that life throws at you can be stressful and cause you to lose sight of yourself and things that are important to you.  With the dawning of a new season it’s time to stop and “smell the roses” this spring.  Today we’re offering tips on how to slow down and enjoy life.


Recognize your stress. Then stop and change the scenery.

No matter how we adjust our lives, there is probably always going to be something that stresses us out.  It’s a product of human nature and our modern desire for productivity. When you do find yourself rushing about, being short tempered, obsessing over details or otherwise feeling stressed, react immediately.  These feelings are perpetuated when we allow them to continue.  Instead, stop in your tracks, take a few deep breaths and redirect yourself.  You may need to ask yourself why you’re feeling the way you are.  Is what you’re upset about really that horrible?  If you’re late somewhere, is it the end of the world?  When you let the stress get the best of you, you can’t slow down and enjoy life.  But if you take a moment to calm down and revaluate, you’ll have a better shot at getting a whiff of what’s beautiful in life.

Be present.

If your mind is constantly wandering towards your schedule or to-do list, you probably are not enjoying the current moment.  When you have something important on your mind, write it down so you can get it off your chest, so to speak.  Then go back to what you were doing and try your best to focus on the present.  This will help you form better relationships, be more creative, be more productive and have more fun in life.

Turn off electronics.

Many times we’re not enjoying ourselves because we’re caught up in our electronics.  Periodically checking your mobile phone is one thing but being buried in it while you’re spending time with family or having lunch with your girlfriends will consume you.  Keep your phone, tablet and laptop away when you’re trying to enjoy people or an activity so you won’t be tempted or distracted.

Spend time outdoors.

Nature can be very relaxing and help us all reset.  Plus, it’s certainly a place where you can literally “smell the roses.”  Nature is inherently balanced, which has a soothing effect on us.  Find what is most peaceful to you about nature and take time to enjoy it often.  For some, that’s water, which may give you a sense of figurate weightlessness and causes you to move slower.

Eat slower.

We’ve all been guilty of gulping down food too fast sometimes.  Eating is a time to relax and enjoy nourishment.  While not possible in every circumstance, do try to embrace your meals by eating slower.  It will help you savor flavors, aid in digestion and give you an overall sense of calm in an otherwise chaotic day.

Lose your inhibitions and play.

The free-spiritedness of children is something we can all embrace.  Experts agree that even adults should play every now and then.  If you have children, let them be your guide into imaginary worlds, new games and creative play.  When it’s adults only time, find a hobby that allows you to let loose and play without being consumed by your daily tasks and responsibilities.

Do less and schedule time for nothingness.

We often don’t have time to slow down and enjoy life when our schedules are packed to the brim.  Learn how to say “no” when non-mandatory requests come up if it would cause your plate to be too full.  Also, mark off time on your calendar for nothingness.  This will allow you to be spontaneous and do whatever strikes you at that time.  Hopefully whatever you choose will involve smelling the roses.

Tips to Allergy-Proof your Home

allergies__1460040180_162.206.228.38Spring brings many wonderful things but one not-so-fabulous part of spring is allergies.  Over 20% of people suffer from one sort of allergy or another.  Between pollen, ragweed, pet dander, mold, mildew and dust particles, spring can be a real sneezey, coughy, watery eyed, sore throat, itchy season for many of us.  Help reduce your tendency for allergy symptoms with these tips to allergy-proof your home:

Avoid Allergen Traps

Bedding, drapery and carpet are three of the largest areas where dust, dander and pollen get trapped.  When allergens are literally covering you when you sleep or thriving beneath your feet every day, you will surely continue to suffer from symptoms.  You can help get rid of some of these allergy culprits by eliminating spaces where they reside.  Here’s how:

  • Shield your mattress, box spring and pillow cases in allergy-proof covers.
  • Put away the winter comforter and use a lighter quilt and sheets.  Wash them often.
  • Replace carpeting with wood, tile or other flooring that won’t attract allergens and can be wiped clean easily.
  • Wash rugs regularly.
  • Use shades or blinds instead of fabric curtains that collect allergens.
  • Select wood, leather or other materials for your furniture rather than fabric.
  • Keep pets in spaces that are less likely to trap dander.  Especially keep them out of bedrooms of family members who suffer from allergies.
  • Ask family members and guests to thoroughly wipe their feet before entering your home. Or better yet, have everyone remove their shoes before entering.

Protect Your Air Space

Beyond surfaces that trap allergies, many allergens are airborne.  Keep these strategies in mind so your air space remains as clean as possible:

  • Keep windows and doors shut during high pollen season.
  • Don’t use fans because they can blow around allergens from surfaces.
  • Change your air filters regularly.
  • Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter that will collect more allergens and not blow particles back into your home.
  • Wear a face mask when cleaning to avoid breathing in allergens.

Bust through the Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew are other common allergens that can affect people in their homes.  Don’t let these creepy multipliers cause you to suffer by employing these tips:

  • Use a mold and mildew-fighting cleaning solvent in bathrooms and your kitchen.
  • Place dehumidifiers around your home, especially in your basement.
  • Fix leaks and cracks immediately to avoid standing water in your home.
  • Never leave wet clothes in the washer as they can quickly grow moldy.
  • Turn on exhaust fans in bathrooms and your kitchen to eliminate moisture from the air.
  • Limit the number of indoor plants you have in your home as their soil can become moldy.

While you can’t avoid all allergens, you can use these tips to allergy-proof your home, reduce your allergy symptoms and enjoy spring again.

12 Easy Habits to Save the Earth

earth day 4__1458740213_162.206.228.38Tomorrow is Earth Day, a day to celebrate all of the glorious gifts our planet has to offer.  It’s also a time to give back and think about our global impact.  How can we be better at reducing our ecological footprint?  If you’re trying to find ways to be a better environmentally-friendly citizen, check out these 12 easy habits to save the earth:

Take public transportation.  Taking your car off the road saves on gas, oil and emissions.  Each of these has an impact on our land, water and air. Even taking a bus or train just a few times a week can save on resources and reduce pollution in big ways.

Turn off the water.  Leaving water running while brushing teeth or for a long round of dish washing can be wasteful.  Similarly, baths use much more water than a quick shower.  Make a point to use as little water as possible.  Invest in low flow toilets and shower heads that conserve water.  If you are bathing your kids in a tub, have them bathe together.  You and your spouse can also shower together to save water.

Unplug electronics.  Keeping computers, chargers, lamps, appliances and other electronics plugged in constantly pulls a lot of unnecessary electricity.  Unplug items that you aren’t using.

Buy Thrifty.  One gal’s junk is another gal’s treasure. Shopping at thrift stores for you and your family members is a terrific way to reuse consumer products.  Plus, you’ll save money and find unique items.

Subscribe electronically.  Opt in to email newsletters and bill paying to reduce the amount of unnecessary mail you receive.  Not only is snail mail a waste of paper, it is also taxing on the environment to produce and deliver it to you.

Eat less meat.  Raising and feeding cows for meat takes up a lot of land, food and natural resources.  Cows also release a good deal of methane gas that contributes to global emissions.  Skip the red meat and replace it with vegetarian options every now and then for a cleaner, more eco-friendly diet.

Bring your own water bottle and coffee cup.  Rather than popping open a new disposable water bottle every time you need refreshment, refill a washable bottle.  Do the same with your coffee cup.  Some coffee shops will even give you a discount for having your own cup.

Adjust the lights.  Your mother probably told you to turn off the lights you aren’t using and she’s right.  Also, swap out your most frequently used lights for LEDs.  They are more expensive but can last for up to 10 times longer than other light bulbs and they produce less heat reducing the need for air conditioning.

Wash your clothes with cold water and air-dry them.  Heating water to wash clothes takes a ton of energy.  When possible, use cold water.  Also, skip the dryer and let your clothes air dry.  You’ll probably enjoy that fresh breeze natural scent too.

Tune up your car.  When your car doesn’t work efficiently you may be doing more damage than you think.  Maintaining your vehicle will reduce emission pollution, require less gas and keep you driving it for longer.

Wrap creatively.  Skip the wrapping paper and use recycled materials to wrap gifts creatively.  Or simply tie a bow around your present and hand it over letting the recipient know that part of the gift is helping the environment.

Reuse, recycle and donate.  Play your part in saving the earth by reusing as much as possible, recycling what you can and donating any items you no longer need or want.

Happy Earth Day!

The 5 Full Figure Bras Every Woman Should Own

You don’t don the same outfit every day, or do the same activities every day, or see the same people every day.  Therefore, you shouldn’t wear the same bra every day.  This is especially true for full figure bras that have specific comfort, fit and support features for various occasions.

For every shade of you there is a perfect full figure bra pairing.  While we’re all for having a favorite bra, might we suggest having 5 favorite types of bras instead?  Here are the 5 full figure bras every woman should own:

molded_padded_seamless_underwire_full_figure_bra_5028_The “Ready-for-Anything” T-shirt Bra

You’re going from work, to lunch with the girls, to your kid’s soccer game, to dinner with your guy.  Finding the perfect outfit (and shoes!) for that day may be challenging but the perfect bra is a piece of cake.  It’s our Molded Padded Seamless Full Figure Bra that comes in wirefree or underwire options and a multitude of colors.  With lightly padded cups and straps for comfort, flexibility with adjustable straps, 4 hook-and-eye closures in the back, plus an ideal fit, this bra takes you everywhere without missing a beat.  And it will help you keep a smooth and flattering silhouette in whatever it is you decide to wear.

lace_cup_underwire_full_figure_bra_5408_The “Happy to See You” Bra

Dressing up from head-to-toe includes your bra.  So make sure you have a super sexy special occasion bra in your intimates drawer at all times.  Our Lace Cup Underwire Full Figure Bra is just the ticket.  With soft lace cups in a plunging v-cut shape, your breasts will be dressed to the nines like the rest of your body.  But looking this gorgeous doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort and support.  This bra not only looks hot, it feels amazing too.

ultimate_sports_bra_5430_The “Ultimate Fitness” Active Bra

Squeezing in a cycling class, power walk or weight lifting session is hard enough. Don’t let your sports bra hold you back.  Our Ultimate Sports Bra is a full figure woman’s dream come true.  It lightly compresses and supports your breasts to prevent bounce and features weight-dispersing adjustable straps that convert from regular to racerback.  The breathable, sweat-wicking fabric makes it ideal for your light-to-moderate workouts.  Did we mention it looks cute too?  Once you try it, you’ll never hit the gym without this bra again.

wirefree_full_figure_bralette_5403_The “Cross Function Versatile” Bralette

Versatile and comfortable – two very highly-rated qualities in a full figure bra.  You can check off those boxes with our Full Figure Bralette.  The wirefree design is uber comfy and supportive for a variety of outfits and activities.  You may just forget you’re even wearing a bra!  With lace trimming, it doubles as a camisole that can show under blouses and dresses without adding an extra bulky layer.  This winning bra is a multi-tasker, just like you!

cotton_front_closure_leisure_bra_110_The “Lazy Sunday” Leisure Bra

For those days when you never slip out of your pajamas, you’ll need the perfect sleep/leisure bra.  That would be our Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra, aka, “The Most Comfortable Bra in America.” This leisure bra is great for sleeping or lounging. Soft cotton fabric, full coverage cups and cute colors and prints will make it your weekend go-to choice.  With front-closing hook-and-eye clasps, this full figure bra is a cinch to take on and off.  Although, you really never need to take it off…it’s just that comfortable.

So, do you have these 5 bras in your intimates drawer?  If not, what are you waiting for?  Click on over to our full figure collection and start shopping!

Skin Care Myths

skincare myths__1458740810_162.206.228.38When it comes to your skin, you probably have some firm beliefs.  But there are many rumors swirling around the beauty-sphere about things that are good or bad for your skin.  Today we’re debunking some common skin care myths to keep you in the know on how to protect your skin and keep it looking vibrant and youthful.



Myth:  Double SPF in sunscreen means double the protection.

The most effective sunscreen will offer broad spectrum UVA (rays that penetrate deeply and induce a tan) and UVB (rays that cause sunburn, cancer and photoaging) protection.  But SPF 30 is not twice as good at SPF 15.  In reality, there is only a 4% difference.  SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVB rays while SPF 30 blocks 97%.  Dermatologists recommend at least SPF 15 protection daily and sunscreen should be re-applied every 2 hours.

Myth:  The shade completely protects you from UV rays. 

Up to 80% of your ultraviolet radiation exposure is atmospheric.  That means that just walking around – whether you’re in the shade or sun – you are being exposed to harmful rays.  Therefore, sunscreen is always necessary even on cloudy days or days when you’ll be outdoors in a shaded area.

Myth:  Washing your face more often will clear up blemishes.

Washing is important but over-washing can actually damage your skin.  Your skin produces natural oil known as sebum oil that acts as a protective barrier.  Sebum oil shields your face from microbes as well as some UV rays.  So don’t go overboard on scrubbing away your body’s natural defenses.

Myth:  Junk food causes acne.

No studies have clearly indicated that eating junk will make you break-out.  However, some research shows that foods that cause inflammation, including those with refined sugar, can lead to blemishes.  So if you’re going to eat sugary foods, counterbalance them with anti-inflammatory foods like fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

Myth:  Make-up with SPF counts as sunscreen.

You would have to apply over 10 times the normal amount of make-up to qualify as facial sunscreen.  Don’t fall prey to this marketing ploy.  Always wear sunscreen under foundation or powder.

Myth:  You should pop your pimples.

Popping pimples often pushes the bacteria that caused them deeper into skin layers.  This usually results in more pimples in the same general area within a few days.  Avoid popping and picking at blemishes and allow them to dissolve naturally.

Myth:  Expensive anti-aging products work better.

Most anti-aging skin care products contain very similar ingredients, plus or minus a few elements that are part of the latest skin care fad.  Drug store brands often work just as effectively for a fraction of the cost.

Myth: Anti-wrinkle creams permanently remove wrinkles.

In general, anti-wrinkle creams help hydrate skin to fill in fine lines and wrinkles temporarily.  Their perceived effectiveness only lasts as long as you use them and your skin remains hydrated.  Retinol and Vitamin C are two ingredients that have the best track record for reducing signs of aging.

Myth:  Skin aging is completely genetic.

Your lifestyle choices and habits contribute to your skin’s outlook.  Eating anti-oxidants, exercising and not-smoking are all good skin choices. Also, avoid squinting, piercing your lips and sleeping with your face smushed into your pillow to help keep your skin looking its best.

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best ways to organize bras
best workout songs
Beyond the Fitting Room
big butts and back pain
big butts are good for health
big is beautiful
bikini bridge
black bras
black dress
Black Friday
Black Friday shopping
black full figure bras
black rice
black swan
black t-shirt bra
blood pressure
Body Acceptance
body image
body positivity
body satisfaction
body types
boost energy
boost your energy
boosting your metabolism
boyshort with firm tummy control
bra basics
bra calculator
bra care
bra donations
Bra Fit
bra fit tips
Bra Fitting
bra fitting tips
bra history
bra recyclers
Bra Recycling
bra recycling month
Bra Size
bra size calculator
bra sizes
Bra storage
Bra Style
bra styles
Bra Technology
Bra Wardrobe
brain games
Brain Games for Adults
brain workout
bras for large breasts
bread bowls
break your nail biting habit
break your unhealthy nail biting habit
Breakfast rules
breast cancer
Breast Cancer Awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
breast cancer cause
breast cancer statistics
Breast enhancers
Breast forms
Breast Health
breast sizes
breastfeeding moms
breastfeeding schedule
breastfeeding success story
bridesmaid dresses
brief with firm tummy control
brown rice
build a stronger immune system
building relationships with coworkers
building self confidence
burn calories doing housework
Burn Calories while Spring Cleaning
burn fat for weight loss
business communication
cancer prevention
caring for indoor plants
caring for your bras
Celebrate Mom Friends
Celebrating Women
Celebrity News
celiac disease
cellulite and varicose veins
chapped lips
charitable partnerships
chili peppers
chocolate dinner
Chocolate dinner for Valentine's Day
chocolate good for health
chocolate recipes
Christmas albums
Christmas Eve
Christmas music
circulate air in your home
clothing donations
coffee in beauty products
cold showers
Comfortable Bras
comfortable work clothes
compression sports bra
contour bras
cost effective
cotton bras
Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra
crafty in the kitchen
create a sexier bedroom
creativity at work
Cristela Alonzo
curve model
curvy actresses
curvy body
curvy celebrities
curvy fashion
curvy fashionista
curvy models
cut the clutter
cute clothes
cute summer clothes
dangers of nail salons
dark chocolate
dark chocolate health benefits
dark spots
date ideas
Davids Bridal
day of the dead
de-clutter tips for fall
declutter your house
decorating the table for thanksgiving
denim trend
denim trend 2015
depression and women
depression screenings
detox ingredients
detox ingredients for water
detox ingredients for your water
detox with water
detox your body
detox your body with water
Diabetes Awareness Month
diabetes health complications
diabetes prevention
diabetes statistics
Diet Plans
digestive health
digestive system
dinner table
DIY Halloween costumes
doctor and patient
doctor patient relations
donate clothes
Dos and Don’ts of Summer Skin Care
dressing your curves
dried fruits
dry shampoo
dull skin
earth day
earth day 2014
easy dinners
Easy Exercises
eat healthy
eat more veggies
eating for breast health
eating healthy
edible bowls
Edward scissor hands
efficiency at work
egg nutrition
Egyptian princess
Elly Mayday
email etiquette
email mistakes
Emma Watson
Emme Plus Size Model
Emotional Eating
emotional health
energy bars
energy breakfast
enjoy life
environmentally friendly lifestyle
essential oils
exercise and spring cleaning
exercise for heart health
exercising with pets
face mask
fall colors
Fall Decorating Ideas
fall decorations
fall fashion
fall fashion 2015
fall fashion 2016
fall fashion trends
fall fitness
fall fitness ideas
fall fitness tips
fall superfoods
falling asleep
family history
farm fresh
farm fresh foods
fashion industry
fashion tips
fashion trends
Fashion's Night Out PLUS
Father's Day
female activist
feminine figures
finding your passion in life
finger nails
finger nails and health
First Time Bra Fit
fitness and pets
fitness goals
Fitness Trends
Fitness Trends in 2016
fitting room
flavored soymilk
flip flops
food waste
foods that are surprisingly bad for you
foods that boost energy
French maid
fresh foods
freshman fifteen
fringe trend 2015
front closure bra
front-closure bras
fruit bowls
fruits and vegetables
frustration in the workplace
Full Figure
full figure athletic wear
full figure belts
full figure black bras
full figure bra
Full Figure Bras
full figure cardigans
full figure clothes
Full Figure Fashion
full figure fashion for spring
full figure fashion on red carpet
full figure fashion report
full figure jeans
full figure leather clothes
full figure raincoats
full figure sports bra
full figure sports bras
Full Figure Stars
full figure sweaters
full figure trends
full figure tut
full figure women
full figure women and exercise
full figure women on tv
Full Figured Celebrities
Full Figured Fashion
full figured women
fun things to do on Christmas Eve
gardening and exercise
gardening and stress relief
gerber daisies
germs at nail salons
get fit with your pet
get the most out of your vacation
Gift Ideas
gifts for mom
ginger essential oils
ginger oil
Giovanna Morales Vargas
girls HBO
Girls tv show
glucose levels
gluten intolerance
gluten-free diet
goal oriented
good habits
good people
grapefruit essential oils
grapefruit oil
green living
growing plants
Guide to Black Friday
gynecological cancer
habits to save the earth
hair care
hair care tips
hair color
hair growth
hair loss
hair ties
hairband infections
hairstyles 2015
Halloween costumes
Halloween season
hand wash bras
hand washing bras
hanger management
happy Monday
hard to fit bra sizes
Harmione Granger
Hayley hasselhoff
health and wellness
health benefits
health benefits of eggs
health benefits of gardening
health benefits of hugging
Health Benefits of Pumpkins
health benefits of taking a walk
health benefits of walking
health benefits of walking everyday
health problems with large breasts
health risks of nail biting
health risks of wearing a hairband
health risks of wearing a hairband around your wrist
health screenings
Health Screenings for Women
Healthier Alternatives to Pasta
healthier diet
healthiest BBQ foods
healthiest rice
healthy at any size
healthy at every size
healthy BBQ
healthy bedtime habits
healthy diet
healthy eating
healthy eating habits
healthy fats
healthy foods
healthy foods for energy
healthy habits
healthy hair
healthy hair tips
healthy life
healthy lifestyle
healthy lives
healthy living
healthy morning habits
healthy pasta
healthy pregnancy diet
healthy rice
healthy skin
healthy sleep habits
healthy smoothies
healthy snacks
healthy winter diet
heart disease
Heart Health
heart health tips
heart healthy diet
herbal natural remedies for anxiety
herbs for breast health
Herbs to Improve Breast Health
hiking in fall
history of bras
holiday celebrations
holiday dinner
holiday dinner table
holiday scents
holiday spices
holiday spirit
holiday traditions
home decor
home organization
home pedicure
Homemade Face Masks
Hottest Summer Sandals
house plants
houseplants for better air quality
how do you wash bras
How Gardening is Good for your Health
how many bras should I have
how many calories does housework burn
how to achieve balance
How to Avoid a Wardrobe Malfunction
how to avoid hair dryness in winter
how to avoid razor burn
how to be a good coworker
how to be inspiring
how to be sexy
how to become a better hugger
how to boost energy
how to care for lips
how to combat hanger
how to correct under eye bags
how to deal with stress
how to do pool exercises
how to dress a big bottom
how to drink more water
how to eat healthy
How to Eat More Vegetables
how to exercise in the pool
how to fall asleep faster
how to find balance
how to find balance in life
how to find out your family history
how to get healthy
how to get healthy hair
how to get the best deals
how to get the best shave
how to get the most out of your breakfast
How to Get the Most out of your Office Space
how to have a better relationship with doctor
how to have a healthy heart
how to heal chapped lips
how to identify your passions
how to improve digestion
how to improve hair health
how to improve the air quality in your home
how to live longer
how to look younger
how to love your Mondays
how to make a face mask
how to meal plan
how to measure bra size
how to measure for a bra
how to measure your bra size
how to moisturize hair
how to prevent diabetes
how to prevent Osteoporosis
how to protect yourself at nail salons
how to recycle bras
how to reduce allergy symptoms
how to reduce food waste
How to Reduce Under Eye Bags
how to relax on vacation
how to relieve anxiety naturally
how to relieve heartburn
how to relieve PMS
how to relieve stress
how to save money
how to save time
how to shave your legs
how to slow down and enjoy life
how to stay cool in summer
how to stay positive at work
How to Store Winter Clothes
how to take care of skin
How to Take Care of Your Lips during Winter
How to Take the Best Selfie
How to Truly Unwind on Vacation
how to wear fringe
how to wear fringe without looking like a hippie
How to Write a Letter to your Mom for Mother’s Day
how to write thank you notes
hugging and your heart
hugs and heart
ideas to share the holiday spirit
immune boosters
immune system
immunity cold showers
importance of breakfast
importance of drinking water
importance of health screenings
Improve Your Digestive Health
improve your life
Improve your Relationship with your Doctor
In the Media
indoor garden
indoor plants
inexpensive oils
inspire those around you
inspiring confidence
Invigorate your Breakfast in the New Year
Is a Gluten-Free Diet Right for You?
James Early O’Brien
jazz up jeans and sweaters
jeans and sweaters
jeans for curvy women
jeans for full figure women
jersey shore
Jessica Alba
July 4th
jumpsuits for full figured women
jumpsuits for summer
keeping brain active
Kerosene Deluxe
kids table
Know your family history
Knowing Your Family History
lace bras
lace full figure bras
lady gaga
large breasts
latest fashion trends
Laura Wells
lavender essential oils
lavender oil
Leading ladies
Leading Ladies We Love
leading lady
Leading Lady 514
Leading Lady bras
leaky gut
leaky gut syndrome
learn self defense
learning for tv moms
learning from mistakes
leisure bra
Leisure Bras
leisure bras plus size
lemon essential oils
lemon oil
Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham in Girls
Lenny newsletter
leopard print bras
leopard print fashion
letter writing
life balance
Life Goals
lime essential oils
lime oil
lip crayon
lip liner
lip stain
lips in winter
Lipstick Hacks
Lisa Cole
little black dress
Living with Passion
London fashion week
long car ride
looking younger
losing weight
love life
lower body curves
lus size modeling
Maintain These Healthy Summer Habits All Year Long
make eating more fun
make magic with jeans and sweaters
Make the Most of Time Spent in your Car
makeup tips
manicures and pedicures
marketing ploys
mayonnaise face mask
meal planning
Mediterranean diet
Meghan Trainor
Melissa McCarthy
Memorial Day
menstrual cramps
mental health
mental wellness
metabolism and women
miniature foods
modeling industry
Molded Padded Seamless Full Figure Bra
Molded Padded Seamless Underwire Full Figure Bra
mom friends
Monday people
Monday person
money saving tips
morning routine
morning sickness
Morticia Adams
most comfortable bra in America
Mother's Day
Mother's Day 2016
mother's love
mothers day gift ideas
mothers day gifts
mothers day ideas
muffin tin baking
muffin top
muscle pain
nail biters
nail biting
nail biting habit
nail polish trends
nail trends
nail trends 2014
Natalie Portman
National Nutrition Month
national ovarian cancer coalition
national womens history month
natural living
natural remedies
natural remedies for allergies
Natural Remedies for Anxiety
Natural Remedies for Heartburn
Natural Remedies for PMS
negative effects of sitting
never text while driving
new food labels
new skills
new superfoods
New Years Resolutions
non padded bras
nursing shapewear cami
nut bars
nutrition of pumpkin
nutritional guidelines
office ettique
office space
Online Shopping
organizational ideas
organize lingerie drawer
ovarian cancer
padded bras
paleo diets
party hosting ideas
peanut butter
pedicure supplies
pedicure tools
peppermint essential oils
peppermint oil
personal finance
personal finance tips
plus size belts
plus size bra
Plus Size Bras
plus size clothes
plus size clothing
plus size clothing line
Plus Size Fashion
plus size fashion week
plus size jeans
plus size jumpsuits
Plus Size Lingerie
Plus Size Mannequin
plus size model
plus size modeling
plus size modeling agencies
Plus Size Models
Plus Size Printed Leggings
plus size raincoats
plus size sports bra
Plus Size Supermodel
plus size sweaters
plus size wedding dresses
plus size women
plus size women and leather
plus sized models
Plus-Sized Fashion
pollen count
pool exercises
pool workouts
posh spice
positive attitude
positive body image
positive self image
positive thinking
postpartum depression
postpartum nursing shapewear cami
postpartum nursing shapewear cami with tummy control
postpartum shapewear
postpartum shapewear boyshort with firm tummy control
postpartum shapewear brief with tummy control
power breakfast
power nap
power naps
pre-baby shape
pregnancy diet
premature skin aging
premenstrual syndrome
productivity at work
professional image
prolonged sitting
proper bra fit
Protect Your Hair from Winter Weather
protecting your skin
protein in eggs
puffiness under eyes
pumpkin beauty products
pumpkin candles
pumpkin decor
pumpkin desserts
Pumpkin Season
pumpkins and antioxidants
push up bra
Racer Back
racer back bras
racer back sports bra
racerback bra
rain gear
razor burn
reasons for fatigue
Reasons to Get a Workout Buddy
Reasons to Learn Self Defense
reasons to strengthen your body
recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers
recycle bras
recycle your bras
red rice
reduce salt in your diet
reigniting passions
relationship with doctor
remedies for anxiety
remedies for heartburn
remedies for PMS
repelling insects
Reset your Metabolism
Retro Style
rice crackers
risk factors for Osteoporosis
risk factors of diabetes
Robyn Lawley
romantic Valentine's dinner
Routine Depression Screenings for Women
rule of five
running music
running playlist
running shoes
sale shopping
salt in your diet
salt intake
salvation army donation
sandal trends
sandal trends 2016
Saturday Night Live
save money
save the earth
Save the planet
saving money
savory holiday spices
scar tissue
Seamless Bra
seasonal affective disorder
seasonal allergies
seasonal depression
self care
self defense
self defense and confidence
self defense and empowerment
self defense and martial arts
self defense and protection
setting goals
sexy bedroom
sexy black bra
sexy black full figure bra
Sexy bra
Sexy Bras
sexy bras for Valentine's Day
sexy full figure bras
Sexy Full Figure Bras for Valentine’s Day
Sexy is a State of Mind
Sexy lace bra
Sexy Lingerie
Sexy Plus Size Bras
sexy shoes
sexy Zorro
shapewear boyshort with firm tummy control
shapewear brief with firm tummy control
shapewear cami
signs of skin cancer
Signs you are Eating Too Much Salt
skin blemishes
skin cancer
Skin Cancer Awareness
skin cancer signs
skin cancer stats
skin cancer symptoms
skin care
skin care myths
Skin care tips
skin cleansers
skin problems
sleep and leisure bra
Sleep and the brain
sleep and the heart
sleep bra
sleep bras
sleep habits
sleep tips
slow down and enjoy life
slow the appearance of aging
Smaller Waist
smart texting
sore muscles
sore throat
Specialty Bra Sizes
speed up metabolism
Spice Girl
Spices of the Holiday Season
spicy food
spicy food and living longer
spicy foods
spider plants
sport bra
Sport Bras
sports bra
Sports Bras
spring 2014 fashion trends
spring allergies
Spring Clean your Diet
spring cleaning
spring colors
spring dresses
spring fashion
spring fashion 2014
spring fashion 2015
spring summer 2014 fashion trends
spring summer fashion trends
Springtime Full Figure Fashion
springtime gardening
stay positive at work
stimulating cold showers
storage containers for clothes
storing clothes
strange tips to fall asleep faster
strengthen your body
stress and fatigue
Stress Management
stress relief
stronger immune systems
Sucker Punch
sugar free
sugary snacks
Summer Beauty Tips
summer bras
summer budget
summer fashion
summer fashion 2014
summer full figure bras
summer habits
summer hair care
summer heat
summer makeup
summer sandals
summer skin
summer skin care
summer wardrobe
sun safety
sun safety habits
sunglass trends
supermarket marketing ploys
Supermarket Marketing Ploys to Avoid
support breast cancer awareness
supportive bras
sustainable living
sustainable practices
sweater trends
sweet holiday spices
symptoms of anxiety
t shirt bras
t-shirt bra
taking care of yourself at work
taking vacation alone
texting rules
thank you notes
Thanksgiving leftovers
the benefits of farm fresh foods
the benefits of meal planning
the bra recyclers
The Health Benefits of Cold Showers
The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate
The Healthiest BBQ Foods
The Importance of Hugging
The Importance of Sleep
The Rules of Cardigans
the science behind hangry
the tutu trend
thigh brow
thigh gap
things that make you sexy
Things to do on Christmas Eve
Things Your Coworkers Hate
think more positive
thinking positive
tips for avoiding pollen
Tips for Bargain Shopping
Tips for Black Friday
Tips for Healthy Hair
Tips for Surviving the Summer Heat
tips for winter hair
tips for women with large breasts
tips for working out
Tips for Writing Great Thank You Notes
tips for writing thank you notes
Tips to Allergy-Proof your Home
tips to beat the heat
Tips to Fall Asleep Faster
title 9
title ix
title nine
too much salt
travel clothes
travel wardrobe
trendy jumpsuits
Trendy Plus Size Clothes
trendy plus size fashion
trendy raincoats
trendy white shoes
trouble staying focused
tummy control
TV Moms
TV Moms we love
type 2 diabetes
Ultimate World Breastfeeding Week
ultraviolet light
unclutter your house
Unconventional Ways to Give Thanks this Thanksgiving
under eye baggage
under eye bags
underwire bras
Unexpected Causes of Fatigue
Unintentionally Slowing Your Metabolism
unprofessional email
unprofessional email etiquette
unwanted toxins
unwind on vacation
uv light
v for vendetta
vaginal bacterial infection
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Surprises
Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day Full Figure Fashion
Valentine’s Day ideas
varicose veins
Volunteering on Thanksgiving
walking 30 minutes a day
walking for health
wardrobe essentials
wardrobe tips
warrior princess
wash bras
ways to be sexy
Ways to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month
ways to celebrate Thanksgiving
ways to combat fatigue
Ways to Create a Sexier Bedroom
ways to get fit with your pet
ways to give back on Thanksgiving
ways to give thanks
ways to give thanks on Thanksgiving
ways to improve concentration
ways to inpire
Ways to Reduce Food Waste
ways to reduce symptoms of allergies
ways to save money
ways to save money this summer
Ways to save the earth
ways to strengthen your immune system
ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers
Wear your Comfy Clothes to Work
wearing a hairband around your wrist
wedding dress
wedding dresses
weekday dinners
weight gain
weight loss
what causes allergies?
what do do on Christmas Eve
what is a Mediterranean diet
what is a power nap
what is Osteoporosis
What is Zapping your Concentration?
what to do for faster metabolism
what to do in the car
what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers
what to eat besides potato chips
what to eat for faster metabolism
what to pack
what to pack for women
What to Wear on Black Friday
what to wear on Valentine's Day
What Your Nails Say about your Health
when to buy a new bra
where to buy full figure bras
where to store clothes
which bras to wear in summer
white blood cells
white shoes
white shoes for spring
white shoes for summer
white wardrobe
white wine
whitney Thompson
whole foods
Why All Women Should Take a Trip Alone
why am I so tired?
why hugging is good for you
Why Hugs are Good for your Heart
why sitting is bad for health
why sleep is important
why to reduce food waste
why walk everyday
why we get hangry
why women need hugs
why women need mom friends
why women need strength
why women should travel alone
why working out in the morning is better
why you can't concentrate
why you should eat breakfast
why you should take a cold shower
Why You Should Take a Walk Everyday
Why You Should Take Power Naps
wicked witch of the west
wild rice
winter accessories
winter fashion
winter fashion trends
winter fruits
winter hairstyles 2015
winter holidays
Winter Superfoods
winter trends 2015/2016
winter vegetables
women and seasonal affective disorder
women health
women traveling alone
women who struggle with morning sickness
women's accessories
Women's History Month
women's shaving
womens health
womens health week
working out
working out in the morning
working out in the pool
working out your brain
workout buddy
workout music
workout partner
workout playlist
workout playlists
workout routines
workout songs
write a letter to your mom
yeast infection
yogurt covered fruits
younger looking hairstyles
youthful skin
Zac Posen
Zig-Zag Weave Front-Closure Leisure Bra