What We’re Excited about for 2015: A New Clothing Line by Melissa McCarthy

There are many things to look forward to in a New Year.  One thing we’re ecstatic about for 2015 is the arrival of Melissa McCarthy’s new clothing line.  Set to launch in the fall of next year, it is sure to be a hit for women of all sizes.

melissa_mccarthy_a_pYou’d think that any Emmy winner and Oscar-nominee would have no trouble finding a slew of couture designers begging to dress her.  But that wasn’t the case for the loveable comedian Melissa McCarthy.  As a full figure woman, fashion designers were not interested in tailoring their dresses to her size, even for the red carpet.

But her struggle to find trendy clothes in her size isn’t the only thing that drives Melissa’s passion for fashion.  She says she’s always been into design.  As a child she would flip through fashion magazines and they toy around with her own patterns and designs.  Now she wants to bring some of her personal flare to modern women of all sizes.  And from her own experience dressing herself in a range of sizes, she plans to make casual, fun and functional sportswear for women of all shapes.

“I’m doing all sizes,” she said in a recent interview with Women’s Wear Daily. “It’s a strange thing to stop at a certain size. Women don’t, so why should clothes?”

Melissa McCarthyMelissa’s apparel line will not only be accessible to women of various sizes, it will also come at a reasonable price point and several retail options, including online.  Her theory: if you say accessible, you should be accessible.  That means every size, every price, every location.  She’s committed to bringing busy, modern women good options whether they live in Kansas or New York.  She already has plans to introduce accessories and beauty products to her brand in the next couple of years.

“I loved the playfulness of fashion. I think maybe that’s why I became an actress,” Melissa said in her interview. “You put on one outfit and feel one way, and another one will make you feel another way. Clothes are a wonderful tool.”

We are jazzed about Melissa’s rockin’ style and we can’t wait to see what her collection has to offer.  We’ll see you on the runway in 2015, Melissa.  Thanks for looking out for ALL of us!

9 Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself during the Holidays

It’s the holidays, a wonderful time to rejoice and relax.  Hopefully you have time off work or your busy schedule to do some special things to mark the holiday.  Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle of the season and putting others before you, sometimes the holidays are more stressful than regular life.  One of the most important things you can do at the end of the year is to take a little time to rejuvenate yourself so you can head into the New Year with a bright outlook.

Need some help figuring out how to relax?  Don’t worry, we’ve compiled our list of 9 ways you can rejuvenate yourself during your holiday:

facialPamper Yourself:  If you’re the type that is always doing things for others – your kids, your family, your boss, your neighbors – it’s high time you relax and pamper yourself.  You probably don’t have time for a 2-week spa vacation, but you can spend 2 hours enjoying a massage or facial, getting your hair blown out or having your nails done.  Make this pamper time a personal retreat where you can pause your everyday thoughts and let your mind drift.  Don’t rush it – sit and sip tea after your facial or relax in the massage chair at your nail salon for a few extra minutes.  You deserve it!

Sleep In:  Even if it takes hiring a babysitter to come at 7 a.m. to watch your kids, let your body have some extra zzz’s over your holiday.  Sleep is the body’s way of recharging and refreshing.  Your brain needs that as much as your body.  You may think it’s a waste of time, but it will really save you a lot of time and make you a more pleasant person afterwards.

Get Dressed Up:  Every gal feels great in a swanky outfit, heels and beautiful makeup.  Find a reason to get dolled up and go out for a fun and festive night.  Be sure to take your picture so you can remember what it felt like to look so good!

Give Back to Others:  Spending time helping others in need is a wonderful way to rejuvenate yourself.  It works two-fold:  First, you’re doing a good deed for others who will greatly appreciate it.  Feeling appreciated and helpful are two important positive emotions for the human psyche.  Also, helping those less fortunate makes us feel grateful for what we have in our own lives.  The simple feeling of gratitude has proven to make people happier and live longer.

Drink-Water-All-DayCleanse:  A five-day body cleanse may not be your speed but you can take small steps to cleanse your body over your winter vacation.  First, drink lots of water.  Especially if you will be indulging in holiday treats and having a cocktail or two, water can help detoxify your body and flush out toxins and excess waste.  Additionally, you may want to spend a day or two eating a very simple, natural diet of fruits and vegetables.  This can often kickstart your body into a healthier state including not craving sugar and processed foods.

Buy Yourself Something Nice:  If you are not on your own holiday gift list, add your name right now.  It’s hard to love others before you love yourself.  And as your own best friend, you deserve a present.  Splurge on one thing that you really want this season, perhaps a new handbag, necklace or gadget.  You’ll feel really good about using it or wearing it knowing that it was a well-deserved gift to yourself.

Reconnect:  Use your holiday to reach out to friends and family you haven’t talked to in awhile.  Set up a holiday lunch with old co-workers, find high school classmates on facebook, call an aunt or uncle you haven’t spoken to since your last family gathering.  Reconnecting with people from your past will bring back happy memories and establish good relationships and contacts as you move into the New Year.

Meditate:  In our active lives we often don’t have a chance to just BE.  The practice of meditation allows you to free yourself of daily activities and endless to-do lists for a short time while your mind can find tranquility and peace.  Often you can return to your day-to-day tasks with greater clarity, focus, creativity and productivity.

Write Down Your New Years Resolutions:  Whether your goals change from year-to-year or you’re still striving for the same things, writing down your New Years Resolutions increases the chance of achieving them.  Better yet, if you share your resolutions with loved ones so you feel accountable to accomplishing them, you have an even better shot at reaching your goals.

We wish you a warm holiday season filled with love, happiness and rejuvenation!

6 Winter Accessories that Make or Break an Outfit

Clothing may be the cake of fashion, but the icing is accessories.  What good is cake without icing?

Accessories can most certainly make or break an outfit.  Just like your wardrobe, accessories change seasonally.  Some winter accessories not only keep you warm, they can also spice up any outfit to make it a winner.  Others are universal, like bags and earrings.  And of course your most important accessory is a comfortable, stylish and properly fitting full figure bra.

Different-Ways-To-Wear-Winter-ScarfScarf:  Scarves have become very trendy in the past few years.  From traditional long scarves with fringe, to infinity scarves, you can jazz up any outfit with a fabulous scarf.  Feeling drab in all black?  Throw on a colorful scarf to brighten up your attire.  Don’t have the right chunky necklace to match your outfit?  Tie on a scarf instead.  Thinner scarves are easier to wear all day and won’t become a nuisance as you’re going about your daily business.  Thicker scarves are better for outdoors when you really need to stay warm.  Experiment with new ways to tie scarves – high on the neck, to the side, lower on the chest or loosely draped.  You can also use a button or pendant to enhance any scarf.

Coat:  If you shop strategically, you can probably get away with just one or two winter coats: a lighter daytime coat and a dressier nighttime coat.  Selecting styles that can be dressed up and dressed down will allow more flexibility.  For instance, a short daytime coat with a shiny zippers and buckles can be worn on a trendy or casual night out too.  Or a simple long, thick winter pea coat or wrap coat in a neutral color like camel or black can be worn day or night.  Dress up your coats by tucking scarves under your collar or adding a broach for a more elegant occasion.  Remember: while your coats from previous seasons may still fit, they may not be in style.  Check your winter trend report before busting out old coats.

Bag:  A great winter bag can be both chic and versatile.  Most busy women hate changing bags every day to match their outfit.  Instead, splurge on a well-made neutral bag that you can wear everyday during the winter season.  Camel, light brown or winter white are excellent choices, or you can go with a fun color that doesn’t clash with most of your attire, like a medium blue hue, dull red or lima green.  When you have your signature bag, it should suffice for most of your daytime needs and you can focus on clutches and high-fashion styles for dressier, trendy nights out.  These include jeweled bags, fur bags and shiny styles that will stand out as a gem among your accessories.  But even in your trendiest nighttime bags, try to pick colors and textures that will be versatile for your special occasion wardrobe.  A purse for every single outfit just isn’t practical.

5044 blackBra:  We like to say, “You’re not fully dressed without a great bra.”  And when we say great bra, we mean one that makes you look and feel amazing.  That includes proper fit to support your breasts and take pressure off your back and shoulders; a comfortable feel without jabbing, pinching or gapping; and a fashionable look to match your personal style.  Like any other accessory, bras should be selected based on your outfit and activity.  Everyday wirefree or underwire full figure bras, sleep and leisure bras, sports bras and sexy special occasion bras all have their place in your wardrobe.  While most people won’t see your bra, you’ll feel good knowing you’re in a cute style, fun color or coordinating pattern.  And just like a good accessory should, bras support the rest of your outfit by lifting breasts, smoothing your chest and creating a sleek line in your clothes.

Earrings:  Not every outfit needs a necklace or bracelet, but most women choose to wear earrings every day.  On casual days, it may be simple studs or hoops.  For dressier events, you may select something more elegant that complements your attire.  And for those super trendy days, big, bold, loud earrings are in order.  Earrings help add color and keep the focus of your look on your face, your most precious asset.  They frame the face and even help bring out some of your best facial features, such as your eyes or your lips.  Many women believe they have to spend gobs of money on their earrings, but it just isn’t true.  You can find fashionable earrings in most women’s retailer shops, even discount stores, for reasonable prices.  Plus you can replicate couture jewelry styles easily for a fraction of the price.  Longing for diamond studs?  Try crystal ones instead, or maybe a pearly stone with sparkles around it.

bootsShoes:  Boots are the official shoe of the winter season, of course.  Riding boots, heeled boots or wedge boots; knee high boots, mid-calf boots or ankle boots; black boots, tan boots or red boots; buckled boots, zippered boots or quilted boots. They are all in style for winter and will keep you looking good and feeling warm.  Heels add length, lift the bum and can create a slimming look.  Riding boots or wooly boots with leggings and oversized sweater balance nicely in winter.  And a slight wedge helps support the legs and back for long days of standing.  For those few winter occasions where boots aren’t appropriate, try a trendy sneaker or a printed flat.  And for business or elegant events, you can never go wrong in a great pair of black pumps.

Have your cake and eat it too.  Stay on trend this season with our 6 make-or-break accessories for winter!

Dressing Your Lower Curves

We’re all about embracing our curves at Leading Lady. Our product line is specific to your upper body curves, ensuring your bras offer support, comfort and style for every occasion.  But today we’re bringing you some fashion tips and tricks for your lower body curves.  Yup, we’re talking about your booty.  Because if your upper half is looking good, your bottom half should too.

Just like your curvy chest, we believe in embracing an ample booty.  No more hiding under baggy sweats or oversized dresses.  Today’s confident woman uses her curves as the asset they are.

Not sure how to tastefully dress those luscious curves on your lower half?  We’ve got a few tips to keep you curvalicious and fashionable.

Balance Your Bottom for Perfect Harmony:  Just like everything else in life, your outfits need a harmonious balance.  If you have curves – top or bottom – they may need some counter-balancing, compliments of your natural body shape and a few strategic pieces in your wardrobe.  First, if you have the good fortune of awesome curves on the top and the bottom, you may balance yourself naturally.  Otherwise, by wearing a top with a voluminous neckline, a chunky necklace or big belt, you can off-set the booty the bit.  Also, boot leg pants can equalize a larger bottom.

LEVI'SR CURVE ID size 27-700x564Wear Heels for a Firm Bottom: Whether you wear them every day or just on special occasions, heels lift and tighten the bottom.  When you walk in heels, you have no choice but to clench your backside.  It makes a big difference in tight jeans or skirts.  Don’t believe us?  Do a mirror or smart phone camera test and see for yourself.  This will also give you a chance to practice wearing heels if you’re not accustomed to them.

Accentuate the Waist:  Many curvy women are afraid to put any emphasis on the waist, but when you have a large booty, it’s the way to go.  Fitted waist skirts and pants draw in the waistline to create a classic hourglass silhouette that couldn’t be sexier.  If you don’t naturally have a slim waist, create the illusion with a thick, wide belt or high waistband.

Pick Pockets:  If you feel your bum is overpowering your look, pick jeans, pants and shorts with pockets.  The best pocks will be mid-sized, placed centrally on the back and with no bling.  These help slim the backside, as will a solid, dark stain.

pleated skirtDrape Your Curves Ideally:  Adding a little flair right above your curvy bottom can bring attention in all the right ways.  A peplum feature on tops, jackets or skirts achieves this very nicely.  If that’s not your style, try a high-waisted pleated skirt that sits atop the booty for a fun and flirty look.

Tailor Your Clothes to Fit Your Exact Curves:  Not all of us can pick out clothes straight from rack and walk onto the runway.  Most of us need a little tailoring, especially with a larger back side.  Rather than buying pants that are too tight on the tush, buy a size larger and have your tailor cinch in the waist to fit your butt and thighs.  This way you’ll get your perfect fit every time.  Yes, it costs a little more, but looking fabulous is priceless, right?

Never Let Your Booty Get You Down:  Even when dressing is a little more challenging, never let your finer assets frustrate you.  Think about it this way, tons of clothes look better when they have curves to fill them out.  Case in point: yoga pants, leggings, pencil skirts, shorts and most jeans.  So turn that frown upside down and start loving your curves.


Protect Your Hair from Winter Weather

Baby, it’s cold outside!  The winter weather has arrived and unless you’re vacationing in a tropical locale for the next three months, your entire body may be affected by the chilly weather.  Coldness and wind can have an especially big impact on your hair.  And, just like a fabulous bra and a rockin’ pair of shoes, your hair is one of your best accessories.

The cold weather and wind tends to dry out hair.  To make matters worse, when your heater is on indoors, it dries hair even more.  But get this: your hair doesn’t have to be a disaster during the winter.  If you’re sick of fighting with your locks day-in and day-out, use our winter-time tips for keeping your hair shiny and luscious this season:

Wash Your Hair Less:  Washing your hair may get it squeaky clean, but it can also drain out moisture at the same time.  Try washing hair every 2-3 days.  We’re not telling you not to shower, just pin your hair up and avoid getting it wet.  Added bonus, you get to sleep for a few extra minutes since you don’t have to wash and dry your hair!

Watch Out for Dry Shampoo:  Dry shampoo can often be a bit too dry.  If you feel your hair getting oily between washes, use a dry shampoo but brush it away from your roots to avoid excessive dryness.

wash hairDeep Condition:  You can do a deep conditioning treatment from the comfort of your own home.  Try this once a week during the winter to moisturize and hydrate hair.  Some are leave-in and others wash out after 5-10 minutes.  These are especially helpful for color-treated hair that tends to get drier than usual.

Oil Up:  Oil is the perfect nourishing hair product during the cold and windy winter months.  Try massaging oil into your scalp at bedtime the night before you plan to wash the next morning.  Be sure to pin back your hair so oil doesn’t come in contact with your face. Alternatively, dampen your fingertips with oil and brush them over the tip of your hair to repair dry split ends.

Trim the Tips:  If you find yourself with a ton of pesky dead-ends, get regular trims during the winter.  Think of it as an excuse to pamper yourself and have someone else deal with your winter-hair problems for a change.  Sit back, relax, and let a pro work her magic.

beanieCover Up:  Try protecting your hair from winter damage by wearing a hat, beany or head scarf outdoors.

Watch Your Neck:  Scarves, sweaters and coats often create a knotty mess of hair at the back of the neck.  Move hair to the sides before layering your clothes to avoid a tangle.

Humidifier Please:  Give your hair a steam bath overnight with a humidifier.  It may cause a little frizz, but it’s worth all the extra moisture you’re adding back into your hair.

Go Natural:  Try to limit the use of heat tools on your hair.  That means less blow-drying, flat ironing and curling.  Save the chic hairdo for your holiday parties and go natural for your every-day style.

Here’s to your best hair day, every day!

The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday: What to Wear & What to Bring

Black Friday is just a few days away.  Are you ready?  We’re all about helping you prepare for this major shopping event.  We’ve put together The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday to help you think through everything you need to make your Black Friday shopping trip a major success.

Dress for Success

First thing’s first, you gotta wear the right clothes.  Chances are you’re going to see something you love for yourself and want to try on.  So make it easier for yourself by wearing something that will be easy to take off and put back on.  That means pants you can pull on and off easily, like a casual pair of black pants or leggings.  Layer your top since it may be cool outside but warm inside stores.  Avoid excessive buttons like a button-down collared shirt or cardigan you plan to keep closed.  Zippers or over-the-head sweaters are easier.  Limit your jewelry so you’re not constantly removing it or getting it caught in your clothes.  And pick a hair do that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Time is of the essence here.

Bra-Styles-Revisited-The-Contour-Bra-with-Lisa-ColeIt’s important to pick the right bra on this shopping day of all days.  Who needs an uncomfortable bra digging into their shoulders and back?  Or worse, not supporting her dash to the last pair of fabulous jeans in her size?  Not you, that’s for sure!  Pick a style that works best for your all day comfort and support.  For you, that may be a full coverage wirefree full figure bra like our new Ultimate Comfort Bra.  Or maybe it’s a Molded Padded Seamless Underwire Full Figure Bra that features lightly padded shoulder straps to help support your breasts and disperse weight on your shoulders.  Perhaps your most comfortable bra is a Full Figure Bralette with a little lace peaking through your blouse.  Whatever bra you choose, make sure it will be part of your winning shopping team on the big day.

We all want to look amazing when we’re on a big holiday-sanctioned Black Friday shopping spree but comfortable shoes are essential.  Leave the stilettos at home this time.  Even hard-to-remove boots may be too much trouble.  Cute sneakers, padded flats or slip on clogs are the way to go.  Be sure you have some cushion under your feet.  After all, you will be standing and walking for hours upon hours.

Be A Bag Lady

Columbian+Leather+Portfolio+-Busi-Mess+Essentials-+Messenger+BagThe bag you bring on your Black Friday shopping excursion can make or break your day.  May we suggest a cross-the-chest messenger-style bag rather than a traditional shoulder purse?  On this day, you need something to function like a backpack without looking so school-ish.  A messenger bag is perfect for holding a ton of stuff and still looking stylish.

Of course you’ll need to transfer your wallet and cell phone into your Black Friday bag.  Bring along several snacks – ones with protein that will sustain you for hours.  Who knows when shopping will allow you a break for lunch so come prepared with snacks.  You’ll need a bottle of water too; a refillable one is ideal.  Be sure to bring some touch-up makeup and chap stick.  You might want to bring a magazine or e-book reader in case you’re stuck in some long lines.  Put smaller packages in your bag to free your hands for searching for more deals and carrying more packages.

Don’t Forget

  • A holiday shopping list is vital, ladies.  Even if you haven’t picked out the perfect item for everyone, make sure everyone’s name is on a list.  Jot down some ideas of what they may like.  This way you’ll have a better chance of an “a-ha” moment when the right gift presents itself.
  • Know where the best sales are and start there.  Be sure to bring coupons if they are required.
  • Remember, some of the best sales are online so when you’re done at the mall, log on for even more deals.  Or wait until cyber Monday for another great chance to save.
  • Buy items when you see them, as long as your credit limit allows.  You can always return them later.  Black Friday sales are for a limited time only, so take advantage.
  • Speaking of credit, you may want to let your credit card company know that you’ll be doing some big spending so they don’t flag your account and freeze your card.  This is especially important if you are shopping out of town.
  • Bring a buddy with similar goals as yours.  You certainly don’t want to bring a pal who will constantly want to be headed in the opposite direction.  But the power of two or more can help you accomplish things quicker and keep an eye out for each other’s best interests.  (Also, it’s helpful for someone to hold your bags when it’s time for a potty break.)
  • The holiday spirit is one of happiness and cheer.  Be kind and courteous to other shoppers.  Smile and have fun.  In the name of giving and celebrating, let your Black Friday shopping experience be a great time for everyone.

Ok Ladies, looks like your ready.  Ready, Set, Shop!



8 Ways to Wear “The Most Comfortable Bra in America”

This time of year, we get especially jazzed about leisure bras.  They are just so cozy and comfortable, almost like you’re not wearing a bra at all.  For full figure women, that’s hard to find in a bra.  One of our best-sellers in this category is our Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra.  In fact, it is so amazing, it’s been named “The Most Comfortable Bra in America.”

As we enter the holiday season and get ready for some much needed family time, relaxation and pampering, the Cotton Front-Closure Leisure bra is quite prefect for many activities we bet you’ll be enjoying.  And we bet you’ll enjoy them a little more in the comfort of this bra.

Today we’re sharing 8 ways to wear “The Most Comfortable Bra in America this holiday season:

Shopping:  When you’re wearing our Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra, you’ll feel great during those all-day shopping trips as you diligently check everyone off your gift list.  Standing upright, carrying a shoulder purse and lugging around shopping bags can be taxing (ok, and fun too!).  But when you’re supported and comfortable starting with your intimates, you’re up for the challenge.

Baking:  Who doesn’t love the smell of deliciousness swirling around their kitchen?  Baking is a holiday tradition in many households, maybe in yours too.  As you’re whipping around the kitchen, keep the wardrobe simple and comfy, including our Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra.

Leading Lady's Cotton Front Closure Leisure BraSleep:  After the hustle and bustle of the year, it’s nice to hibernate, even if only for a night or two.  Our Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra is fabulous for all of you Sleeping Beauties.  The front-closures allow you to comfortably sleep on your back without bothersome clasps digging into your skin.  Plus the light support will hold your breasts in place whether you’re a back or side sleeper.  You’re sure to have sweet dreams during the holidays, and year round, in this bra.

Yoga:  Nothing says rejuvenation like yoga.  Stretching and breathing are fantastic gifts you can give your body.  And to strike your poses in style and comfort, put on our Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra.  The wide straps and back help support your entire upper body as you work on balance, flexibility and inner peace.

Snuggling:  If the holidays aren’t a good time to snuggle then we don’t know when is.  In our Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra you’ll be looking sweet and sassy with the curve-loving design, detailed trim and fun colors and patterns.  You and your hunny will be delighted by the cute-factor of this bra.

Beach Stroll:  For those of you who are escaping the cold weather for a warm vacation getaway, be sure to pack your Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra.  As your feet melt into the sand and the ocean breeze whisks through your hair, you’ll be glad you have this breezy bra for long walks on the beach.  Throw on a tank, tee or hoodie and you’ll be feeling the calm rhythm of the ocean wipe away all the stress of your year in no time.

Breastfeeding:  As versatile as it is comfortable, our Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra is a great bra for breastfeeding mamas.  The cups slide to the side for easy access for feedings, and the soft fabric will feel like pillows for your nipples and breasts.

Lounging:  Whether it’s reading stories to your kids or cozying up with a book by the fire, the holidays are the time to catch up on some good-ole-fashion lounging.  It’s the time of year when spending the whole day in your PJs is not only acceptable, but preferred.  Don’t spoil the mood with a itchy, uptight bra.  Nope, let our Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra guide you to the ultimate bliss of nothingness.

Happy Holidays! Stay Comfortable!



Fascinating Moments in the History of Bras

Bras are arguably the most important part of a woman’s wardrobe.  For us full figure women, a bra is just not something we can do without.  So thank goodness bras were invented to support and protect our most sensitive and sensual lady parts.

Ever wonder how the wonderful invention of the bra came to be?  Today we’re sharing some fascinating moments in the history of bras:

The Early Days

corsetThe first records of breast support came from the Roman Empire when women wore fascia to hold up their breasts and prevent future sagging.  But the origin of the modern bra begins in the 1860s in Europe.  Until this point, women had been wearing corsets since the 16th Century to support their breasts and slim their waists.  In 1866 the first bra was designed in England and was made from silk and wire.  Then in 1869 a corset was split to include separate pieces to support breast and narrow the waistline.  The U.S. saw its first bra invention in 1893 when the first underwire bra was invented.  But it never took off because it was not successfully marketed.


phelpsMary Phelps Jacobs is considered the inventor of the modern bra.  The 19-year-old socialite was displeased with how bulky her corset was beneath her gowns and how it peeked through at the neckline.  She fastened two handkerchiefs with some ribbon to come up with a new undergarment design.  She called it the backless brassiere.  Within a few years she sold her patented design to a clothing manufacturer for $1,500.  They went on to make $15 million from Mary Phelps Jacobs’ brassiere.


As men headed off to fight in World War I, women had to join the workforce.  This required more mobility and comfort, two things the traditional corset could not offer.  The brassiere was widely adopted as the undergarment of choice for modern women, working or not.


A dressmaker and his seamstress wife, William and Ida Rosenthal, should perhaps be credited with inventing the first full figure bra.  The style at the time was to flatten the chest for a boyish look, but the Rosenthals wanted to embrace a woman’s natural curves.  So, they invented a form-fitting bra with separate cups.  They also thought to create various cup sizes to fit women of all shapes and sizes.  The Rosenthals created several variations of their bras over the next 30 years including the training bra, a push-up bra and the popular 50’s style cone-shaped bra.


Again women returned to work to support their families as husbands fought in World War II.  Women found their cone-shaped bras most productive in factories because they held breasts firmly in place. Military terms like “bullet bra” or “torpedo bra” were used to describe this fashion.


the outlawHoward Hughes himself invented an aerodynamic half-cup bra to support his budding “leading lady” Jane Russell in the movie The Outlaw.  The bra supposedly allowed Jane to perform her action scenes without excessive bounce.  With help from Hughes himself, there was much public outrage over the scandalous sexuality displayed in the movie, but it made Jane Russell a star.



The bullet bra became even more popular by Marilyn Monroe and Lana Turner who wore them to make their breasts look larger.

Maternity Bras also became popular in the 50s as the baby boom generation began to form.


Returning to their roots, women adopting a free-style, hippie lifestyle go bra-less.


bra-burning_freedomtrashcanFeminist women protested the 1968 Miss America pageant by burning their bras as a symbol of things that constrict and minimize the value of women.  In truth, they actually only threw away their bras but they were named bra burners nonetheless.


The first sports bra was created at the University of Vermont when several female students saw the need for some added support while they were out for a jog.


George ChinMadonna reinvents herself and the cone-bra during her Blond Ambition tour when she wore her iconic bra and corset lingerie on stage.

Since the 90s, there have been many innovative bra designs, including wrinkle-free smooth cup bras, memory foam bras and diamond-encrusted bras.  Today bras come in many forms:  from push-up bras that enhance cleavage, to minimizing bras that compact bras to reduce bounce; from backless and strapless, to racer-back and padded straps; from nursing bras, to sleep bras.

From its uncomfortable beginnings as a thick, tight corset, to modern designs that are all about fit, comfort and support, bras have come a long way.  And we’re so glad they have because we just can’t live without ‘em.

Meghan Trainor is Breaking All the Rules

Is it just us or can you not get Meghan Trainor’s song “All About That Bass” out of your head too?  As addictive as it is fun, Meghan’s new mega hit makes a mega statement about body image.  As the lyrics say it best, “Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.”

meghan-trainor-sirius-xm-02While Meghan Trainor would not call herself a feminist, she did set out to write a song that would break all the rules.  And Meghan didn’t just break the rules, she broke out as a hit star when “All About That Bass” reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100.  Although the tune has a catchy and whimsical beat, it also makes a powerful statement about self acceptance.  That includes loving your curves and realizing that every body is different.  Those who truly love you will love every bit of you.  Her song says, “I ain’t no size two, but I can shake it, shake it like I’m supposed to do.”

Meghan began writing songs at age 11.  As a self-proclaimed tomboy and someone who struggled with insecurity throughout her life, she is embracing this opportunity to send a 106 & Park Livepowerful message to girls across the globe.  “Love yourself more,” is what Meghan recently encouraged of girls in a Billboard Magazine interview.  Now at age 20, Meghan still struggles with her image, but she is learning to overcome her insecurities with her own lyrics.

Meghan’s album isn’t a one-track message either.  Her music is infused with personal values including a track dedicated to her future husband.  She describes how she wants to be treated in a relationship because she’s been in a few bad ones herself.  Her sentiments are an example to many young women who don’t love and respect themselves enough to find a partner who will treat them right.  “Sass can get you just as far as sex,” said Meghan in a recent NY Post interview.

Meghan’s style is full of sass and we love that she created her own version of pop star. Just like her lyrics, Meghan’s full figure fashion looks are inspiring.  From polka dots to wild prints, school-girl charm and flirty florals, Meghan’s inner beauty certainly shines through.  She’s a new force to be reckoned with and this role model is someone every woman can stand behind.

Full Figured Fashion: Leopard Print Inspired

Fashion inspiration comes from many places but one of our favorite is nature.  And nothing’s more fun than wild prints, especially leopard.  Two of our favorite full figure bras were inspired by leopard print fashions: our zig zag front closure leisure full figure bra and our active wear full figure bra.  Both are uber comfortable and stylish for casual activities, low impact exercise and sleeping.


Leopard prints are an exciting way to jazz up your full figure fashion.  While we love black ensembles, sometimes is nice to give them a little pizzazz with a wild print.  By throwing on a leopard print cardigan, belt, headband or shoes, you can add some energy to all black outfits.  Or go bolder and try leopard print leggings with sneakers, heels or boots for a wildly outrageous look.  And if a corner of your leopard print bra shows, that’s not such a bad thing.

Playful leopard print full figure clothes inspire us and there is no better pairing than a leopard print full figure bra to give you support and comfort beneath your clothes.  And have you ever noticed that when you’re wearing a fun print, even on your intimates, you feel a bit peppier yourself?  Confidence comes from the in-side, or in this case the intimates-side.

Not sure how to style your leopard print full figure bras?  Let us offer a few suggestions:

leopard-sweater-244x300First up, our zig zag front closure leisure full figure bra.  This chic leisure bra is the perfect fit for a variety of pieces in your leopard print wardrobe.  We love this trendy leopard print cardigan with black pants or jeans.  A three-quarter length sleeve makes it a bit more interesting and cooler for a variety of seasons, and the open buttons styling at the top and bottom is brilliant.  With your zig zag front closure leisure full figure bra, you’ll be “spotted” on the best dressed list among all of your friends.

leopard dress


Want a little more leopard?  Go for this sassy casual leopard print dress.  Great as a stand-alone dress or with leggings, this mod outfit is the best of leopard.  With your leopard leisure bra, you’ll be struttin’ this sexy look with confidence.

leopard leggings


If you prefer leopard legs, try a spandex blend leopard print legging. We love them with a red contrasting top.  In fact, these leggings are trendy for any season with a variety of tops ranging from a tank top, t-shirt, sweater or sweatshirt.



white leopard jacketwhite leopard top

Next up is a fun twist on the leopard print.  It’s our white leopard print active wear bra.  This bra is ideal for light exercise, walking, running errands and lounging at home.  With the ultimate comfort and support in mind, your leopard print active wear bra works perfectly beneath this stretchy leopard t-shirt or athletic zipper front sweatshirt.


gap-leopard-print-sweats-heather-grey-swhite leopard PJ pantsFor some leopard inspiration on the bottom, we love these two options.  You’ll be stylin’ at the gym in these white leopard print crop sweatpants and your white leopard print active wear bra.  Or enjoy some wild dreams in your leopard full figure bra and leopard pajama pants.


Let your leopard lingerie bring out a bolder you.  Come on our wild safari ride and get inspired by nature with us!


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