Fascinating Moments in the History of Bras

Bras are arguably the most important part of a woman’s wardrobe.  For us full figure women, a bra is just not something we can do without.  So thank goodness bras were invented to support and protect our most sensitive and sensual lady parts.

Ever wonder how the wonderful invention of the bra came to be?  Today we’re sharing some fascinating moments in the history of bras:

The Early Days

corsetThe first records of breast support came from the Roman Empire when women wore fascia to hold up their breasts and prevent future sagging.  But the origin of the modern bra begins in the 1860s in Europe.  Until this point, women had been wearing corsets since the 16th Century to support their breasts and slim their waists.  In 1866 the first bra was designed in England and was made from silk and wire.  Then in 1869 a corset was split to include separate pieces to support breast and narrow the waistline.  The U.S. saw its first bra invention in 1893 when the first underwire bra was invented.  But it never took off because it was not successfully marketed.


phelpsMary Phelps Jacobs is considered the inventor of the modern bra.  The 19-year-old socialite was displeased with how bulky her corset was beneath her gowns and how it peeked through at the neckline.  She fastened two handkerchiefs with some ribbon to come up with a new undergarment design.  She called it the backless brassiere.  Within a few years she sold her patented design to a clothing manufacturer for $1,500.  They went on to make $15 million from Mary Phelps Jacobs’ brassiere.


As men headed off to fight in World War I, women had to join the workforce.  This required more mobility and comfort, two things the traditional corset could not offer.  The brassiere was widely adopted as the undergarment of choice for modern women, working or not.


A dressmaker and his seamstress wife, William and Ida Rosenthal, should perhaps be credited with inventing the first full figure bra.  The style at the time was to flatten the chest for a boyish look, but the Rosenthals wanted to embrace a woman’s natural curves.  So, they invented a form-fitting bra with separate cups.  They also thought to create various cup sizes to fit women of all shapes and sizes.  The Rosenthals created several variations of their bras over the next 30 years including the training bra, a push-up bra and the popular 50’s style cone-shaped bra.


Again women returned to work to support their families as husbands fought in World War II.  Women found their cone-shaped bras most productive in factories because they held breasts firmly in place. Military terms like “bullet bra” or “torpedo bra” were used to describe this fashion.


the outlawHoward Hughes himself invented an aerodynamic half-cup bra to support his budding “leading lady” Jane Russell in the movie The Outlaw.  The bra supposedly allowed Jane to perform her action scenes without excessive bounce.  With help from Hughes himself, there was much public outrage over the scandalous sexuality displayed in the movie, but it made Jane Russell a star.



The bullet bra became even more popular by Marilyn Monroe and Lana Turner who wore them to make their breasts look larger.

Maternity Bras also became popular in the 50s as the baby boom generation began to form.


Returning to their roots, women adopting a free-style, hippie lifestyle go bra-less.


bra-burning_freedomtrashcanFeminist women protested the 1968 Miss America pageant by burning their bras as a symbol of things that constrict and minimize the value of women.  In truth, they actually only threw away their bras but they were named bra burners nonetheless.


The first sports bra was created at the University of Vermont when several female students saw the need for some added support while they were out for a jog.


George ChinMadonna reinvents herself and the cone-bra during her Blond Ambition tour when she wore her iconic bra and corset lingerie on stage.

Since the 90s, there have been many innovative bra designs, including wrinkle-free smooth cup bras, memory foam bras and diamond-encrusted bras.  Today bras come in many forms:  from push-up bras that enhance cleavage, to minimizing bras that compact bras to reduce bounce; from backless and strapless, to racer-back and padded straps; from nursing bras, to sleep bras.

From its uncomfortable beginnings as a thick, tight corset, to modern designs that are all about fit, comfort and support, bras have come a long way.  And we’re so glad they have because we just can’t live without ‘em.

Meghan Trainor is Breaking All the Rules

Is it just us or can you not get Meghan Trainor’s song “All About That Bass” out of your head too?  As addictive as it is fun, Meghan’s new mega hit makes a mega statement about body image.  As the lyrics say it best, “Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.”

meghan-trainor-sirius-xm-02While Meghan Trainor would not call herself a feminist, she did set out to write a song that would break all the rules.  And Meghan didn’t just break the rules, she broke out as a hit star when “All About That Bass” reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100.  Although the tune has a catchy and whimsical beat, it also makes a powerful statement about self acceptance.  That includes loving your curves and realizing that every body is different.  Those who truly love you will love every bit of you.  Her song says, “I ain’t no size two, but I can shake it, shake it like I’m supposed to do.”

Meghan began writing songs at age 11.  As a self-proclaimed tomboy and someone who struggled with insecurity throughout her life, she is embracing this opportunity to send a 106 & Park Livepowerful message to girls across the globe.  “Love yourself more,” is what Meghan recently encouraged of girls in a Billboard Magazine interview.  Now at age 20, Meghan still struggles with her image, but she is learning to overcome her insecurities with her own lyrics.

Meghan’s album isn’t a one-track message either.  Her music is infused with personal values including a track dedicated to her future husband.  She describes how she wants to be treated in a relationship because she’s been in a few bad ones herself.  Her sentiments are an example to many young women who don’t love and respect themselves enough to find a partner who will treat them right.  “Sass can get you just as far as sex,” said Meghan in a recent NY Post interview.

Meghan’s style is full of sass and we love that she created her own version of pop star. Just like her lyrics, Meghan’s full figure fashion looks are inspiring.  From polka dots to wild prints, school-girl charm and flirty florals, Meghan’s inner beauty certainly shines through.  She’s a new force to be reckoned with and this role model is someone every woman can stand behind.

Full Figured Fashion: Leopard Print Inspired

Fashion inspiration comes from many places but one of our favorite is nature.  And nothing’s more fun than wild prints, especially leopard.  Two of our favorite full figure bras were inspired by leopard print fashions: our zig zag front closure leisure full figure bra and our active wear full figure bra.  Both are uber comfortable and stylish for casual activities, low impact exercise and sleeping.


Leopard prints are an exciting way to jazz up your full figure fashion.  While we love black ensembles, sometimes is nice to give them a little pizzazz with a wild print.  By throwing on a leopard print cardigan, belt, headband or shoes, you can add some energy to all black outfits.  Or go bolder and try leopard print leggings with sneakers, heels or boots for a wildly outrageous look.  And if a corner of your leopard print bra shows, that’s not such a bad thing.

Playful leopard print full figure clothes inspire us and there is no better pairing than a leopard print full figure bra to give you support and comfort beneath your clothes.  And have you ever noticed that when you’re wearing a fun print, even on your intimates, you feel a bit peppier yourself?  Confidence comes from the in-side, or in this case the intimates-side.

Not sure how to style your leopard print full figure bras?  Let us offer a few suggestions:

leopard-sweater-244x300First up, our zig zag front closure leisure full figure bra.  This chic leisure bra is the perfect fit for a variety of pieces in your leopard print wardrobe.  We love this trendy leopard print cardigan with black pants or jeans.  A three-quarter length sleeve makes it a bit more interesting and cooler for a variety of seasons, and the open buttons styling at the top and bottom is brilliant.  With your zig zag front closure leisure full figure bra, you’ll be “spotted” on the best dressed list among all of your friends.

leopard dress


Want a little more leopard?  Go for this sassy casual leopard print dress.  Great as a stand-alone dress or with leggings, this mod outfit is the best of leopard.  With your leopard leisure bra, you’ll be struttin’ this sexy look with confidence.

leopard leggings


If you prefer leopard legs, try a spandex blend leopard print legging. We love them with a red contrasting top.  In fact, these leggings are trendy for any season with a variety of tops ranging from a tank top, t-shirt, sweater or sweatshirt.



white leopard jacketwhite leopard top

Next up is a fun twist on the leopard print.  It’s our white leopard print active wear bra.  This bra is ideal for light exercise, walking, running errands and lounging at home.  With the ultimate comfort and support in mind, your leopard print active wear bra works perfectly beneath this stretchy leopard t-shirt or athletic zipper front sweatshirt.


gap-leopard-print-sweats-heather-grey-swhite leopard PJ pantsFor some leopard inspiration on the bottom, we love these two options.  You’ll be stylin’ at the gym in these white leopard print crop sweatpants and your white leopard print active wear bra.  Or enjoy some wild dreams in your leopard full figure bra and leopard pajama pants.


Let your leopard lingerie bring out a bolder you.  Come on our wild safari ride and get inspired by nature with us!


The First Ever Plus Size SuperModel Returns

Plus size fashion turned a corner in the 90s when the fashion industry recognized the dire need and huge revenue potential of full figure clothing.  And with the rise of full figure fashion came the first ever plus size supermodel.  Her name was Emme.  She quickly became the face of plus size modeling and was then donned the ultimate industry title, supermodel.

Emme-Aronson1Emme’s fame took her to many new heights that plus size women had not yet reached.  She broke barriers in the fashion industry, but more importantly in the general consciousness of the country and the world.  She was named one of People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People,” and was Glamour Magazine’s “Woman of the Year in 1997.  That same year Ladies’ Home Journal called Emme one of their “Most Fascinating Women of the Year,” and two years later named her as one of the “Most Important Women in America.”  She was also the first ever plus size woman to earn a contract from a major cosmetics company when she became a spokesmodel for Revlon in 1998.

At the time, Emme represented “every woman” in a way that had never been publicly recognized as beautiful before.  She showed women everywhere that size doesn’t dictate beauty; fashion is not restricted by numbers on a tag; and the importance of self-esteem and a positive body image.

And now, Emme is back!  After writing several books, designing a sportswear clothing line and overcoming cancer, Emme is returning to the modeling and plus size fashion industry.  She recently signed with Muse Models, but her bigger venture may be as a catalyst in the full figure fashion industry.

Like most full figure women, Emme struggles to find stylish clothes in her size.  But unlike others in her position, Emme has a bit of clout to do something about it.  Emme is teaming up with her alma mater Syracuse University for a challenge called “Fashion Without Limits.”  The initiative tasks design students to create “an evening dress for a supermodel.”  The winner will receive a cash prize, award and will hopefully go on to design more full figure clothes.

Emme recently spoke to Women’s Wear Daily about the contest.  She expressed her frustration over the lack of options for full figure women who are willing to pay high fashion prices for spectacular clothes.  With the “Fashion Without Limits” challenge she wants to inspire a new generation of designers to learn how to design, fit and create clothes for women size 12 and over, especially since the average woman in the U.S. wears a size 14.

We are looking forward to the creations that come out of Emme’s new project.  And we can’t wait to see her on the runways again!

The 5 Best Black Bras Ever

Black. It’s classic; It’s timeless; Always seasonally appropriate; Incredibly flattering; Fashionable for every occasion.  Whether it’s a little black dress, slinky black blouse or a cozy black t-shirt, you can’t go wrong in black.

With your black ensembles, you’ll need the perfect black bras to wear underneath for lifting support, maximum comfort and the upmost style.  Luckily, they are not hard to find.  In fact, they are all right here at  We’ve got the five must-have black full figure bras that every woman should own.

5028blackBlack T-shirt Bra:  The most versatile and most worn black bra in your wardrobe will probably be your everyday t-shirt bra.  With smooth molded cups that shape the bustline and comfortable, supportive padded straps that that lift and support your breasts, this bra has it all.  This bra is perfect for everyday office wear giving a beautiful silhouette under structured blouses and jackets, as well as casual t-shirts, sleeveless blouses and seasonal sweaters.  Offered in underwire and wirefree styles to suit your personal preference, this molded padded seamless full figure bra features four hook-and-eye closures in back for longer use after normal stretching from wear and wash.

5403blackBlack Bralette:  Next time you’re in need of a camisole but don’t want the bulk or heat of an added layer, reach for a black bralette.  It offers the look of a cami and the full support and coverage of a bra.  The lace trim adds elegance under sweaters, wrap dresses or any blouse that may plunge a little too low.  Made of a stretchy and soft cotton/spandex blend, our bralette is seamless and creates a smooth line beneath clothes.  It has thin straps to pair nicely under tanks and sleeveless tops as well.

Sexy Black Lace Full Figure Bra:  Every woman needs special occasion bras and we 5044blackhave one that is smokin’!  It’s our scalloped laced underwire full figure bra.  This bra is about as sexy as they come, and that’s without compromising comfort.  The sensual soft lace with scalloped edges shows just a hint of skin while still providing excellent coverage and support.  The cups and straps are lightly padded for comfort and a gentle lift.  Sometimes in fashion we sacrifice comfort for beauty…but this is not one of those times.  Plus, we guarantee this bra is husband or boyfriend approved!

Most Comfortable Black Bra in America:  On those days that call for some lazy 110black_hookslounging or a breezy day of running errands, our cotton front closure leisure bra is the bra for you.  Named “The Most Comfortable Bra in America,” this bra was built for ultimate comfort.  The wide back and lightly padded straps support larger breasts and helps disperse weight evenly on the back and shoulders.  The front closure makes this bra a cinch to take on and off and ideal for sleeping.  It is made of a soft cotton blend that will make you feel like you are not even wearing a bra.  It’s just that comfortable!  It’s also super cute and works great for yoga or Pilates as well.

514blackBlack Sports Bra:  We all know it to be true, black is slimming.  And even at the gym, we want to look trim and fit.  All black workout attire can help make it happen, starting with a black sports bra.  Our black full figure sports bra is terrific for light exercise, including cycling, yoga, stretch and weight lifting.   It’s made of breathable material that won’t irritate the skin or cause chaffing.  Black workout gear also prevents embarrassing see-through moments when sweat saturates lighter colored clothes.  Look great, even at the gym, in a comfortable and supportive black sports bra.


So next time you’re standing in front of your closet wondering what on Earth you should wear, go classic, go chic, go black.  And with these five black bras in your wardrobe, you’ll be ready to rock whatever black outfit you choose.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly about Breast Cancer

The country goes pink in the month of October in solidarity, hope and support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  As one of the most successful health advocacy campaigns, breast cancer awareness has done some amazing things for a very tragic and serious disease.  So with a lot of bad that comes from cancer, there is some positive news about the decline in breast cancer in recent years, in large part due to the prolific breast cancer awareness campaign.  Today we’re breaking down the stats – good, bad and ugly – as a reminder that we’ve come a long way in support of breast cancer, and there is still a long way left to go.

Breast Cancer Statistics:

  • 1 in 8 womenOne out of every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.  That’s at least a few of your friends, neighbors, family members or co-workers.
  • Approximately 220,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year and nearly 40,000 will die of the disease, making it the second leading cause of death in women in the U.S. and the leading cause of cancer death among women in the U.S.
  • The largest factors that contribute to breast cancer are being female and age.  The risk of breast cancer is greater as a woman gets older, however breast cancer can occur at any age.
  • Genetics play a factor in breast cancer but only 5 to 10% is hereditary.  The risk of breast cancer is doubled if a woman has a first-degree relative (mother, daughter or sister) with the disease.  But still, over 85% of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have no familial history.

The Good News:

Even with these somber statistics, the prognosis is better than ever before.  Since 1990, breast cancer death rates have been declining.  The most decline is for women under the age of 50.  Several factors may contribute to this improvement including early detection, ribbonless use of hormone replacement therapy after menopause, better treatment and more awareness of risk factors.  Clearly, breast cancer awareness month is working to inform women to reduce their personal risks – eating a healthy diet, remaining physically fit, breastfeeding, not smoking, limiting alcohol, taking care of their bodies to avoid infections and avoiding environment risk factors such as sun exposure, radiation, toxins and contaminated water.  It’s also helped women take personal responsibility for their own breast health through monthly self-breast exams and getting recommended mammograms.  And the money raised for breast cancer awareness contributes to break-through research and drugs that changed a breast cancer diagnosis from probable fatality to a continued normal life after treatment for a majority of women.

Other Interesting Facts about Breast Cancer:

  • Most breast cancer does not result in breast pain.  However, if a women experiences breast pain, she should see her doctor.  Most likely breast pain is caused by hormonal changes in the body.
  • Breast cancer is more common in dense breast tissue, but also harder to detect there.  For women with dense breast tissue, ultrasounds or MRIs may be required, rather than regular mammograms.  Women with fattier breast tissue are less likely to get breast cancer.
  • Men can get breast cancer.  Approximately 2,200 men are diagnosed each year and around 400 die of breast cancer.
  • Breastfeeding for at least one year cumulatively reduces a woman’s risk of breast cancer by 28%.  The longer she breastfeeds, the lower her risk becomes.
  • Mammogram guidelines have changed in recent years.  Now, it is recommended that women between the ages of 50 and 74 have a mammogram every two years.  Younger and older women should discuss their personal risk factors with a physician to determine if earlier or continued screenings are necessary.

Breast health and the health of women and families everywhere is important to us at Leading Lady.  So we join the country in “thinking pink” this month and raising awareness for the breast cancer cause.  It is working, even if only in small strides.  Wishing you much breast health and a renewed sense of breast cancer consciousness in October and beyond.

4 Reasons to Recycle Your Bras

braRecyclingMonth-featured brHead_01

Did you know, October is Bra Recycling Month!  Many people are aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Bra Recycling stands beside breast cancer and domestic violence advocacy by helping bring attention, purpose and action to these serious life-threatening causes.  By recycling bras in the month of October, women can support other women who struggle with very real issues that face millions of women and families every year.  Bra recycling supports women in many walks of life – mothers, sisters, aunts, friends, daughters – who are in a position of need.  After all, every woman needs a bra – from training bras to full figure bras, nursing bras to everyday bras.  We all need one!

This October, you can help!  That’s right.  You may not be able to devote funds to a cause.  You might not have time off work and family to participate in charity walks and events.  But you can donate a bra.  One bra, two bras, ten bras, all of your bras.  Whatever you have to donate, you’ll make a difference.  And it couldn’t be easier than donating through our friends at The Bra Recyclers.  Simply fill out a form on their website and send your bras to women around the country who need a little “lift.”

Still not convinced?  Here are 4 reasons to recycle your bra this month:

Recycling is Good for the Environment

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We’ve heard it and seen it everywhere.  Many of us do what we can by recycling paper and plastic in our homes and work places.  But there’s more to it 096-recyclingthan that.  Most women don’t think about recycling bras because they are undergarments.  But they can indeed be recycled and they should.  By recycling bras, you delay a substantial amount of textiles from entering landfills, including the cloth, plastic and wires that often go into bras.  Think about how many bras you have and multiply that by the number of women in the world – that’s a lot of bras rotting away in landfills.  Help your environment; Rather than tossing your older bras in the trash, toss them in the mailbox or donation bin.


You Are Making Someone Else Very Happy

While you are protecting the environment against unnecessary waste, you’re also helping your community.  When it comes to wardrobes, bras are the most basic of needs for women.  For those who fall ill or find themselves in shelters, clothes are a necessity.  And like any part of a woman’s wardrobe, clothes have the ability to boost your confidence and bring a smile to your face.  Like a favorite pair of jeans, a supportive, comfortable bra can make you feel warm all over, and in many cases, return some dignity and femininity that may have gotten lost along a rough road.  Even if you cannot witness the prideful happiness first hand, you will know that your bra donation is boosting someone else in big ways.

Recycling is Good for the Soul

Studies show that doing good deeds for others, actually improves your life too.  When you “pay it forward” in life and act as a do-gooder, you’re a “feel-gooder” as well.  Helping others gives you a sense of purpose, gratitude for your own fortunes and pride in helping others in their community.  Through volunteer work, donating or simply showing kindness, you can feel happier about yourself and improve your own wellness.  It’s like a dose of medicine for your soul.

contour-bras-with-lisa-coleYou Get to Buy New Bras

Of course if you’re giving away bras, you’re going to need to buy a few new ones as well.  If you’re anything like us, that sounds awesome!  Everyone needs to clean out their lingerie drawer a few times a year to revaluate the way their bras fit and support their bodies.  Use this opportunity to donate bras you no longer need and purchase new bras from  There’s never a bad time to pick out a sexy new full figure bra that will make you feel sassy and flirty.  Or perhaps you need some support at night and haven’t bothered to buy a proper sleep bra.  And is it even possible to have enough everyday bras?  We don’t think so.  While you’re helping others and feeling good about it, treat yourself too!

Happy Bra Recycling!

Best Plus Size Sweaters for YOUR Body

Who’s ready to cozy up in a yummy sweater this fall and winter?  We are!  And we know just the tips, tricks and styles of plus size sweaters that will look great on your body.  And you’ll need a rockin’ full figure bra to go with it, of course.  Today we’re bringing you a fashion guide to looking hot hot hot in your plus size sweaters, including what’s shaping you underneath.

Sweaters might be your go-to top during the cooler months, or maybe just a once-in-awhile choice for you.  Either way, you want to look fabulous when wearing a sweater so it’s important to know which styles – from fit and fabric, to length and neckline – will look best on your body.

For starters, avoid fabrics that add bulk to your body, such as cable knit or other heavy textures.  Not only will you be sweltering indoors, these thick fabrics usually don’t favor curves.  Instead select thinner fabrics and layer underneath.  Also, be aware of the fit of your sweater.  You certainly don’t want it to be so tight it accentuates problem areas, but don’t overcompensation by wearing a size too large either.  That will cause bulges that are unflattering.  Sweater sizes tend to vary from other tops and blouses so play around with sizes until you find a good fit that complements your curves.

  • Similarly, you want your bra to fit “just right” to give you a smooth, sleek line under your sweaters.  Avoid bras that are too tight that may cause lumps around the back and underarms, but also beware of bras that are too big and gape at the cups.  Most importantly, a properly fitting bra will offer support for your breasts, shoulders and back and feel comfortable all day long.

plus size sweatersColor and pattern choices are important for your amazing sweater look too.  As always, darker colors tend to be more slimming.  Fall and winter are a great time to embrace darker hues such as grey, burgundy, hunter green, navy, eggplant, brown and black.  If you feel drab in dark colors, look for sweaters with vertical stripes or color blocking that draws in the waistline.  Or, select a colorful scarf, earrings or necklace to brighten your outfit.

  • Be sure to select bra colors that blend underneath your sweaters.  Bras beneath sweaters with lose weaving or that are designed to be form-fitting can show through.  This is especially apparent in brighter lights – like the flash of a camera – or natural sunlight.  Therefore, wear a dark color bra with dark sweaters and a nude or white bra under light colors.

Necklines and hemlines of sweaters can really make or break how a sweater looks on you.  For your best look, you may need to consider your body type when selecting the perfect sweater.  Here are some pointers:

V Neck:  This style of sweater is flattering on most plus size women because it elongates the neckline.  You also have an opportunity to show a little cleavage, tastefully of course.

Cowl Neck:  If your bust tends to overshadow your outfits, try a cowl neck sweater.  It minimizes breast size while remaining stylish and flirty.  This is a great choice for apple-shaped women, but be sure your sweater is long and hits below the waist.  Ribbed or pleated sweaters also elongate an apple-shape.

cardigan sweater  plus sizeWrap Sweaters:  A classic hour glass figure looks amazing in a warp sweater.  This style accentuates all the right curves and shows off a slim waistline.  Wrap sweaters with detail beneath the bust also draws attention to some of your best assets.  On the flip side, if you are more rectangular shaped and have very little waist, wear a wrap sweater to give the appearance of one.

Square Neck:  For our friends with smaller cup sizes in wider bands, a square neck sweater will widen the bustline for the appearance of larger breasts.  Plus, you can show off your beautiful décolletage.

Boat Neck:  The illusion of broad shoulders balances pear-shaped women who have narrow upper bodies and curves on the bottom.  Boat neck sweaters widen the shoulders to achieve this symmetry.  Pear-shapers, also look for sweaters with short sleeves or shoulder embellishments.

Cardigans:  Versatility is an important feature in fashion.  Cardigans are quite possibly the most versatile of all sweaters because you can throw them over a variety of outfits and they are useful in all seasons.  Unbuttoned, they can act as a jacket.  Buttoned they offer a slender appearance because cardigans draw the eye to the center vertical row.  And you can have fun with colors, patterns and belts or ties, while maintaining a slimming color underneath.

  • Again, make sure your bras are appropriate for the style of sweater you are wearing.  Low v-cuts and square necks call for a lower cut bra like our molded padded seamless wirefree and underwire full figure bra, our crossover front closure racer back leisure bra or our ultimate comfort full figure bra.  Cowl necks and boat necks work better with more coverage, such as our molded seamless wirefree bra with front or back closures.  And for the look of a camisole with an extra layer, try our full figure bralette.

With these tips, we know you’ll great in your plus size sweaters this season!

Get Polished: Nail Trends for Fall 2014

Without saying a word, your fingers can make a huge fashion statement.  That is, if you know the polish trends of the season.  This fall, the trends are a mix of subtle elegance and outrageously bold colors, along with matte tints and glittery party styles.

Avoid hemming and hawing for 20 minutes in front of the color racks at your next mani/pedi.  Check out these nail polish trends for this fall:

Neat-o Neon:  Summer may have slipped away, but you can keep the colors bright and sharp with neon nail polish.  Take your pick – pink, green, yellow or orange.  Whatever catches your eye in neon is hot this fall.

nail trendsOkie-Dokie Smoky:  You’ve heard of smoky eyes but why not smoky nails?  It’s sexy and mysterious, a perfect way to enter a new season.  To achieve the smoky trend, select your favorite nail color and add a hazy dark overcoat that will create a shadowy look.  These lacquers are now available from some of your favorite brands.

We’re Talkin’ Teal:  It’s not blue, it’s not green, it’s teal.  This flirty color looks great with almost any outfit and will stand out among the traditional pinks and reds.

Heavy Metal:  The heavy metal trend is about texture as much as it is about color.  Metallic gold and sequin bronze are on point.  These fun shiny colors with flakes of texture will make a bold statement day or night.  Be sure to put on a clear top coat to keep your nails feeling smooth but looking vibrant.

Classy, Sassy Navy:  Dark nail colors have gone from goth to glam in the past few years. This fall, a glossy classic navy is on trend.  Fashion warning: if you’re going to select navy at your next mani, plan your wardrobe accordingly.  That means no all-black outfits for a week.  Instead go for bright colors to contrast your dark nail choice.

Naturally Neutral:  Tan, cream or dusty pink are terrific choices as the weather cools.  Select matte versions of these colors for subtle perfection.

Glitz and Glam Purple:  When you’re in a party mood, go for a sparkly, glittery deep purple tint.  This royal jeweled tone says, “I’m ready to rock and I’m doing it in style.”

This fall, let your fingers do the talking with these hot nail trends!

The Best Jeans for YOUR Body Type

Every fabulous woman should buy a new pair of jeans each fall.  Just like updating your full figure bras several times a year, a new season is a great time to treat yourself to new jeans.  Before you shop, evaluate the jeans you already own to see which ones you like best and which ones need replacing.

Also similar to your full figure bras, fit, comfort and style are essential, especially if you live in your jeans.  Check out our handy guide to the best jeans for your body type:

Curvy and Proud:  If you have curves all over, don’t be afraid of skinny jeans.  They’ll highlight your best features.  Pick a style with a bit of spandex that will stretch to fit your body perfectly.  Skinny jeans beg for flowing tops.  If you’re worried about looking too baggy up top, try an empire waist blouse that will accentuate your upper curves, while still giving you a breezy contrast to your form-fitting jeans.

Pear Shape:  Balance curvy hips and bums with boot cut jeans.  The slightly tapered flair is just what you need for an even look.  Plus you’ll be ready to show off those hot new boots you got this fall.  Boot cut jeans pair nicely with fitted sweaters and tops.  You can accessorize with fun belts too.

woman_seat_fashion_pose_healsThicker Waist:  It’s natural for women to be soft in the middle.  If your tummy pooches, wear a mid-rise jean that comes just below your belly button.  Also look for a firming fabric that will help slim any bulges.  It’s no fun to suck in all day so let your jeans do it for you.  Select tops that hit below your tummy to avoid cutting yourself off at an awkward spot.

Full Thighs:  Boyfriend cut jeans are lose in the thigh without adding bulky fabric that will gather in all the wrong places.  This relaxed-fit style is great with anything from sweatshirts and sneakers to fitted tanks and heals.

Round Bottom:  If you have a round bottom, wear a higher waisted jean.  We aren’t talking mom jeans, just give yourself the coverage you need.  No plumbers please!  Longer blouses and sweaters work nicely with high waist jeans.  Or if you aren’t a fan of high waist pants, be sure your jeans have back pockets.  Believe it or not, they are slimming on full bottoms.

trouser jeansAll Legs:  Style your long legs in trouser jeans.  These are shaped more like dress pants and are ideal for anyone whose legs go on for days or likes to wear very high heals.  An added bonus, you can dress up or dress down trouser jeans.  Go for a chic top, blazer and some killer pumps on casual Fridays, or try a t-shirt and wedges for Sunday brunch.

Not All Legs:  Shorter women have more luck with mid-rise jeans because they make the legs appear longer.  If you are already short, you certainly don’t want anything to make you look shorter.  Boot cut or tapered are both fine for short legs but do add a heal when the occasion warrants…and doesn’t it always?

Muscular Calves:  Whether you come by it naturally or worked hard in the gym to achieve them, you may have trouble slipping on slim-fit jeans.  Instead stick with straight leg or boot cut styles that won’t cause problems at the calves.



A few more tips to keep in mind…

Darker jeans are slimming.  Select dark washes or even black or dark grey jeans to achieve a leaner appearance.

Have fun with washes, fades and distressed fabrics, but be aware they add depth to your look.  Make sure the details fall at the right place for your body.

Many full figure brands make jeans specifically with your body type in mind.  You may find that these brands work better because they are more attuned to how clothes should fit full figure women.

Great jeans don’t have to cost a fortune.  Designer brands are fun to have, but you can find magnificent jeans that fit your body almost anywhere.

Happy jeans shopping, Leading Ladies!

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