Ways to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

ways to celebrate breast cancer awareness monthOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time when we should all evaluate our own breast health practices and become part of the campaign to help reduce risk factors and encourage early detection. It is inevitable that every one of us will be touched by breast cancer at some point in our lives, whether through a friend, family member or our own battle. Today we’re sharing ways to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month so you can be an agent of support for this vital cause for all women.

Evaluate Your Breast Health

First and foremost, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is designed to engage each of us in healthy breast practices. This includes monthly self breast exams, being screened if and when necessary, and taking steps to reduce our personal risk factors such as eating a healthy diet, exercising and avoiding poor lifestyle choices that contribute to cancer. Take this time to read about breast cancer risks and make adjustments to your health routine accordingly. Also, know what is normal for your body and have anything that seems out of the ordinary checked by your physician. National Mammography Day is October 21, 2016. This is a reminder to schedule your next mammogram.

Talk to Friends and Family about Breast Health

Once you’ve gotten yourself squared away, strike up the topic of conversation with women in your life. Sharing your knowledge and encouraging friends to practice breast health is a way of showing you care. This is a good time to develop a buddy system to remind each other to do monthly breast exams and schedule mammograms.

Wear a Pink Ribbon

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness can be as simple as wearing a pink ribbon as a reminder to yourself and those around you that you’re committed to the cause. You never know, that ribbon may be just the nudge another woman needed to perform a self breast exam or consult her doctor about something concerning. Show the support that’s in your heart buy wearing a pink ribbon in October.

Attend a Breast Cancer Awareness Event

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes many events ranging from educational seminars, to breast cancer walks, to fundraising galas. Make a pact to attend one event this year to learn something new and join forces with other strong women who support the cause.

Donate Your Hair

Cancer patients undergoing treatment often lose their hair and rely on generous women to donate their locks for wigs. You can donate your long hair by having it cut and sending it to a variety of organizations that accept hair to make wigs for cancer patients. Research organizations online to find the one you want to support. Many salons will give you a free cut and style when you donate your hair.

Contribute What you Can

Making a financial contribution – no matter how big or small – helps cancer research and benefits current and future cancer patients. Consider making a donation locally or on a national level to help find a cure to this horrible disease. If you can’t donate financially, volunteer your time during breast cancer events or shop with retailers who give back to breast cancer research and philanthropies during October or all year long.

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, show your support with one of these ways to celebrate, honor and stand up against cancer.

Cut the Clutter: De-Clutter Tips for Fall

It’s not just springtime when cleaning and organizing your home is a “thing.” At the beginning of every new season is a great time to evaluate your home, discard items you no longer need and find ways to better organize your stuff. There are a variety of tactics for de-cluttering. Today we’ll review some tips to get you started and cut the clutter.

First, let’s tackle the obvious. Cleaning and organizing are not fun for most people. Unless you are one of the rare few, your interest level and packed schedule prevent you from organizing your home and are why things have gotten cluttered in the first place. The key to being committed to cutting the clutter is taking it slow not feeling overwhelmed by it all. Focus on small projects that you can accomplish individually. Maybe it’s one drawer or one bookshelf at a time. Make goals, such as spending 5 minutes a day organizing something or giving away one unneeded item every day. Baby steps will help you feel good about your progress and not feel defeated by the massiveness of cleaning out your entire home.

Now that we squared that away, check out these ways to cut the clutter this fall:

The Family’s Space

Cut the Clutter: De-Clutter Tips for FallYou probably do most of your entertaining in your living room or family room, but that’s where your family probably hangs out together too. Limit the number of kids toys in your family room to what will fit in one basket and keep it in the corner. When guests come over you can easily carry it away if necessary. Keep all electronics in a designated media cabinet and have a tray for magazines and books that can be thinned out every few weeks. Make a point to clear this space each night, putting decorative pillows and blankets back in place and picking up miscellaneous objects that have been left about. You’ll feel great entering this de-cluttered room the next morning.


Your peaceful resting haven should not feel like a cluttered mess. Make extra storage under your bed with easily accessible rolling drawers. Keep your shoes organized by hanging a shoe rack or creating one on your wall. Spend some time shuffling through your wardrobe and discard clothes you haven’t worn in years. Yes, some things may come back in style but waiting years for that is just cluttering your closet. Keep your nightstand clutter-free too with a box or basket where you can keep your essentials like a book, flashlight, lip balm and sleep mask.


Even with the best intentions, half-organized drawers can become junk drawers in no time flat. Use drawer organizers or dividers to keep things neat and tidy. If you run out of space in drawers, such as in your kitchen, use creative pots, vases and pitchers to store cooking utensils on countertops. They’ll be easy to grab that way too.


If you’re constantly moving from room-to-room to do work, create a mobile office using a cart with wheels. Set up your supplies and computer and drag your office wherever you need to be in the house.

The Kids Stuff

Kids these days have a lot of toys and some chachkies they just can’t let go. While you don’t want to hide the toys away so no one can play with them, you do want to contain the clutter. Shelves with baskets are a great way to organize kids’ belongings. Print pictures of what is in each bin so your children know where to find what they want.

The Back Door

Many families find the back door area collects all the junk you need to set down as soon as you walk inside. Keep this area organized with shoe bins, hanging hooks for sweatshirts and backpacks, and a seasonal basket where you keep items like hats, gloves, sunscreen, etc… You can also create a “junk bin” for each person in your family where they can throw their stuff temporarily and then sort and put it away later.

We hope you find these de-clutter tips for fall to be useful to cut the clutter in your home this season.

Sources: Martha Stewart and Real Simple


Zig-Zag Weave Front-Closure Leisure Bra

Leisure will never feel as good as when you you’re wearing Leading Lady’s Zig-Zag Weave Front-Closure Leisure Bra. This comfort bra is everything a woman needs in her leisure bra: a bit of stretch, soft fabric, supportive design, ease of dressing and a range of fun colors and patterns.

Zig-Zag Weave Front-Closure Leisure Bra

Leisure bras are meant to be comfortable and this bra is exactly that! First, the fabric blend is lightweight for a breezy feel against your skin and beneath your clothes. It contains just the right amount of spandex to make this bra stretch in all the right places. Sleep and leisure are not times for a constrictive bra. Your body needs the flexibility to move and breathe, which you can achieve in our Zig-Zag Weave Front-Closure Leisure Bra.

But all that mobility does not mean it’s not supportive. In fact, this bra offers gentle support with wide shoulder straps and a u-shaped back design that disperses weight across the shoulders and back. The intricate, sturdy stitching and full coverage cups help support breasts for daily leisure activities and during sleep.

For sleep and ease of dressing, the front-closure design makes this one of our most popular bras. The hook-and-eye closures are simple to use and make lying on your back even more comfortable during sleep and relaxation. This feature also makes our Zig-Zag Weave Front-Closure Leisure Bra an excellent choice for nursing moms.

Here’s what women are saying about our Zig-Zag Weave Front-Closure Leisure Bra:

finally, a truly comfortable bra…I have spent so much money looking for this bra!!! It provides adequate support without feeling like you are wearing some sort of armor. The cups are flexible to adjust to varying sizes, and I’ll say it even if no one else seems to mention it–there are a lot of women with two DIFFERENT cup sizes! This bra is perfect for that “problem”. Look no further, and it’s not overpriced either!” – Hope Di Piazza on Amazon

Comfortable, natural but supportive…This brand and style is so comfortable!” – Amazon Customer

Perfect bra for a very ‘picky’ woman!…It is soft and makes you feel as if you do not have a bra on but it is just your little secret as it gives you plenty of support.” – Julia on Amazon

Get some R&R with our fabulously comfortable Zig-Zag Weave Front-Closure Leisure Bra!

The Benefits of Meal Planning and How to Do It

The Benefits of Meal Planning and How to Do ItMeal planning may seem like a treacherous, arduous task that feels so far out of your realm of organization. Well, we’re here to tell you, you can do it! In fact, not only can you do it, there are some great benefits to meal planning that you may not even realize.

What is Meal Planning?

First, let’s define meal planning: it’s the act of deciding what to serve for dinners (or other meals too) for a period of time (say a week) and then shopping and prepping for those meals in advance in order to save time later. If this already seems too complicated, don’t give up yet. It’s really not that hard.

The Benefits of Meal Planning

Meal planning has some terrific benefits for you and your family. First, it saves you time when you need it most, like on weeknights when you’re getting home from work and other activities and need to get dinner on the table stat. You can prep meals on the weekends or earlier in the day if you have time, and then complete the meal right before you’re ready to serve it. You can involve your spouse and kids in the prep process by soliciting help chopping veggies, portioning foods into nightly containers and creating a meal calendar.

In addition to saving time and spending time with your loved ones, meal planning usually results in a healthier diet. Rather than finding whatever you can in the fridge or eating out, you can ensure you and your family have wholesome meals ready-to-go every night. Those panicked “I don’t know what we’re doing for dinner” moments can lead to unhealthy choices and unbalanced meals. Don’t let it happen to you – partake in meal planning.

How to Go About Meal Planning

Here are some simple steps to make meal planning work for you:

  • Create a calendar where you map out what you’re serving each night. Select recipes if necessary. Consider having themes to make the brainstorming easier such as Mediterranean Mondays or Chill with the Grill Saturdays. Be sure to save one night for leftovers, which you can serve in their original form or create an all new dish with minimal effort, like chicken salad from a baked chicken or fajitas from leftover steak and veggies.
  • Make a shopping list based on the meals you’ve selected and purchase all the foods.
  • Chop your veggies and proteins and portion them for each meal. Consider using the most perishable items earlier in the week. Also make some items that will keep, such as rice and pasta that can be part of a main dish or sides.
  • Make one full meal that is ready to go for early in the week and make one meal to freeze for when you need something fast and easy.
  • Each night before meal time, simply grab the stored food and cook it. Keep things simple by selecting one-pan meals or dishes that have very few steps. While dinner is on the stove or in the oven, you can spend precious time doing whatever else needs to be done in your house.

Meal planning is a great way to save time, enjoy healthy meals and not feel flustered at the end of every day. With just a few steps you can get yourself organized and on track for productive meal planning.

Sources: Woman’s Day and Wellness Mama


Perk up your Beauty Products with Coffee

Perk up your Beauty Products with CoffeeWhen you need a pick-me-up, you probably grab a cup of Joe. When your beauty products need a lift, you can reach for the same. Coffee is a new ingredient in makeup and other beauty products – both professional brands and do-it-yourself varieties – that can stimulate your face and add some pizzazz to your look.

Think about the amazing effect your daily cup(s) of coffee has on your body, especially our brain. Now, imagine that same effect to brighten your face. If you just felt like you discovered the Fountain of Youth (or at least the “Fountain of Looking Not-So-Tired), you’re on the right track. Coffee can stimulate and invigorate your face when you use it in your beauty products. Check out these DIY ideas to perk up your beauty products with coffee:

Coffee Facial Scrub: Coffee contains antioxidants that will seep into your skin delivering revitalizing nutrients to skin cells, and protecting and reversing some damage done by free radicals. Therefore, coffee-infused facial scrubs can energize and refresh your appearance. Simply mix coffee grounds with a natural oil (such as coconut oil or olive oil), brown sugar and a bit of cinnamon. You can also add in a citrus fruit like grapefruit or orange, or an antioxidant rich berry such as blueberries or Acai berries. Gently massage the scrub on your face and then let sit for 10 minutes. Rinse off and moisturize immediately afterwards.

Coffee Facial Mask: To enhance the benefits of coffee for your skin, create a coffee mask using the ingredients above along with yogurt or mayonnaise. Let the mask sit on your face for 15-20 minutes before rinsing. For problem areas such as the under eye, concentrate your mixture in that area and reapply several times before rinsing.

Coffee Eye Shadow: If you enjoy a smoky eye look, dip a q-tip in petroleum jelly and then into coffee grounds. Smooth the q-tip over your lids and smear until you achieve your ideal look. For darker contouring, rub the DIY shadow in a little less so it maintains a vibrant brown color.

Coffee Eyebrow Tint: Marie Claire shared this clever idea – mix coffee and cocoa powder, another caffeinated favorite, to create your perfect shade of brown to highlight your brows. Then add coconut oil and honey and blend until smooth. Dip a thin brush in the mixture and stroke over eyebrows. Let sit for 20 minutes and then wash your brows. Wahla, a beautiful, rich brow color!

Coffee Bronzer: There are several variations of this DIY contour powder. Play around with cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa powder and coffee grounds to get the right shade for your skin tone. Add 2 teaspoons of corn starch and a few drops of an essential oil then blend thoroughly. Use this to highlight your cheekbones and forehead for an elegant yet natural glow. If you’re not into starting from scratch, try adding coffee grounds and other spices to your store-bought mineral bronzer for that natural caffeine lift.

Just as you feel the effects of caffeine in your body, we bet these coffee-infused beauty products will invigorate your look.

Sources: Total Beauty, Marie Claire, Crunchy Betty and Wellness Mama



Immune Boosters to Beat the Sick Season

As the kids head back-to-school, we start preparing for fall and winter holidays, and the weather cools, it’s time to brace yourself for the sick season. Germs are spreading everywhere but you can protect yourself and your family with immune boosters. While there are many foods, dietary behaviors and supplements that help strengthen your immune system, today we’re talking about ways to protect yourself from sickness outside of what you eat.

Follow these tips for immune boosters to beat the sick season:

Tip #1: Exercise

Get your body moving and your blood flowing to stay healthier. Yup, exercise can actually support your immune system. Plus, working out even moderately every day reduces your risk of obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis and other diseases and conditions that can take a toll on your immune system.

Immune Boosters to Beat the Sick SeasonTip #2: Relax & De-Stress

We know, life is busy and it’s about to get even more hectic as the holiday season approaches. But do take time to relax and let off some steam. Your immune system needs it as much as your mental, physical and emotional well-being. You can find methods of relaxation through hobbies such as a family activity that everyone enjoys.

Tip #3: Sleep

Protect your zzz’s to stay strong and healthy this season. It’s tempting to stay up later to be more productive or binge on your favorite shows, but think about your health before you do it. Your body needs to rest and recuperate for a new day. Sleep is when your entire system, including your immune system, regenerates and recharges for the challenges of tomorrow.

Tip #4: Get a Pet

So this may seem like a big life addition just to get through one season but the health benefits of pets, especially dogs, can have a lasting effect. Pets offer companionship and usually make families more active, both of which are good for emotional and physical health.  Pet owners tend to have healthier hearts and blood pressure. Also, pets lower risk of developing allergies in children.

Tip #5: Laugh & Think Positively

Our emotional wellbeing is intricately intertwined with the rest of our health. The sheer acts of laughing and staying positive are linked to stronger immune systems. Try to look on the bright side of every situation and when you’re feeling anxious, angry or frustrated, rely on humor to keep you going.

Tip #6: Be Social

Socializing can boost your confidence and emotional health too. Studies show that people with a circle of friends live longer than loners. Friendships can come from all sorts of places and have a profound impact on your health.

We hope you benefit from these immune boosters to beat the sick season!

Source: WebMD


Find Your Superior Support, Comfort and Fit in our Molded Padded Seamless Underwire Full Figure Bra

We’ve learned a lot about making full figure bras over the years and we pour every ounce of this knowledge into our full figure bra designs. We search for the highest quality fabrics and materials; we study the dynamics of support; we scrutinize every comfort detail; we fit women of all shapes and sizes to find just the right compliment to a variety of bodies. Our mission is to offer superior support, comfort and fit from your full figure bras in every style in our collection and with every wear. We’re proud that our Molded Padded Seamless Underwire Full Figure Bra does just that and has become a best seller in our collection.

Molded Padded Seamless Underwire Full Figure Bra

Some bras offer a little of this, a little of that, but few have all of the features of our Molded Padded Seamless Underwire Full Figure Bra. This is the t-shirt bra every full figure woman needs. The lightly padded, molded cups give you a beautiful silhouette, the sturdy underwire and side-boning lift and support your breasts, the wide padded straps stay in place on your shoulders to help disperse weight and prevent back pain, and the adjustable straps and multiple hook-and-eye back closures help make this bra a great fit everyday. The full coverage design is sleek and feminine and comes in a variety of colors and patterns to match your personal style.

With all of these support, comfort and fit features, this full figure bra seems pretty amazing, right? Well, it gets better. We know that every woman’s body is different and full figure doesn’t always translate into a large cup size. That’s why this bra comes in “hard to fit” sizes including larger bands with smaller cups. Every woman deserves a great fit but it can be frustrating if you don’t “fit the mold” that most bra companies provide. If you fall in that category, you’ve gotta try this bra!

We know that our Molded Padded Seamless Underwire Full Figure Bra achieves all of our goals because it is a favorite in the full figure marketplace. Women have spoken and they’re saying exactly what we hoped. Check out these amazing comments from women like you:

FINALLY FOUND MY PERFECT SIZE! I am ecstatic at finding this bra in 46A which I realize is an oddball size. I have been tortured for years wearing the wrong size bra and this one is just right. It fits my shoulders without hurting and I can’t even feel the underwire. I can wear this bra all day without having to yank it off after a few hours like I used to do with my other bras in the past. It’s also a beautiful bra, so that’s a bonus.” – Zombietta on Amazon

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bra!…it’s really difficult to find a bra large enough to fit
around me and yet have a cup size that truly fits *my* cup size. The straps are comfy and will hold up/in my little tiny boobies. And the underwire doesn’t cut into or rub my underarms. I’ll definitely be buying more of these.” – pc51505 on Amazon

Great Bra….This is a very comfortable bra that comes in hard-to-find sizes…I highly recommend this bra, especially if you may be larger bodied with smaller breasts.” – ddob on Amazon

“This is the only bra I will ever wear again. It is so comfortable and fits me perfectly! I have never cared for underwires, but this one doesn’t feel like one at all.” – Crotoes6454 on Amazon

We hope you enjoy our Molded Padded Seamless Underwire Bra as much as these Leading Ladies!

Two Powerful Fall Fashion Trends You’ve Gotta Try

Two Powerful Fall Fashion Trends You’ve Gotta TryTransitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall may feel a bit depressing. You’re packing away the breezy summer dresses, shorts and tanks, and swapping them for thicker fabrics and more coverage to match the changing weather. Well, this fall, you can feel good in your new wardrobe with two powerful fall fashion trends: the off-the-shoulder top and pant suits!

On-Trend with Off-The-Shoulder

Keep the spirit of summer alive with the off-the-shoulder trend. It’s feminine, flirty and fashionable. Just like summer, you get to show off a little skin while remaining elegant. For fall weather your off-the-shoulder tops can still have sleeves to keep you warm, but you can show off your shoulders and décolletage with class.  Sleeves can be as short or as long as you like. Try incorporating other playful fall fashion trends such as ruffled or tied sleeves.

The off-the-shoulder trend is appropriate for casual and dressy attire. Pair tops with textured or printed bottoms for a whimsical flare to your fall wardrobe. Off-the-shoulder dresses are classic and right on point for the season. If you’ve not tried this look before, give it a go for fall 2016.

Suit Up in Pant Suits

Power pant suits are hot for fall, but be sure yours shows off your beautiful silhouette and femininity. Select styles that compliment your curves, whether that is a hip-hugging pant, deep v-cut jacket or a ruffle at the waistline. Play around with bold prints such as fall florals or plaids, or trendy fall colors such as dusty pinks and yellows or metallic hues. Also consider a lighter fall fabric such as silk that will flow with your body on warmer days.

Pair your pant suit with fall trends such as turtleneck tops or a simple choker necklace. Feel free to wear your pant suits with any shoe ranging from casual flats to pumps or boots.

Enjoy these fresh fall fashion trends as you plan your fall wardrobe!

Body Satisfaction on the Rise – A Win for Body Positivity

A new study from the College of Wooster presented at the American Psychological Association’s recent convention finds that women are more satisfied with their bodies. It’s about time, right? Body positivity campaigns in recent years, a broader spectrum of women of all sizes depicted in the media, and the overall increase in size of Americans may play a part in this advancement.

The researchers evaluated 250 studies about body image that reviewed perspectives from 100,000 people between the 30-year span of 1981 and 2012.  The study showed an overall decrease on body dissatisfaction among women by 3.3 points or half of one standard deviation point. While these results may be small for the timeframe, it’s wonderful to see that the needle is moving in the right direction.

Body Satisfaction on the Rise – A Win for Body PositivityIt’s impossible to know exactly what changes a society’s mindset about weight and their bodies. First, the study notes that the average size of Americans – men and women – continues to increase. As more people defy the traditional idea of thin beauty, perhaps others release themselves from that unrealistic expectation.

The media most definitely plays a role as models, celebrities and advertisements constantly link the ideal of being thin to happiness. Body positivity campaigns work to create change and shift the focus to health rather than a certain look, a dress size or a number on a scale.  Every body is different and therefore size and weight should not be one-size-fits-all system.  Genetics, metabolic rates, muscularity, and the overall function of a person’s body, among other factors, all come into play when it comes to shape and size. That’s why most physicians rely on body mass index (BMI) rather than a weight to height ratio alone and there is always a range of normalcy.  Plus, an emphasis on health is important, regardless of size.

Researchers also noticed another trend when reviewing the data. Men were more dissatisfied with their muscular state than women, however women were longing to be both thin and tone.  Not enough studies have been done, but researchers took note of the potential for another unhealthy ideal when it comes to muscularity and body image.

We’re glad to see a positive change in body image among women. This is a step in the right direction for all of us!

Sources: The Huffington Post and New York Magazine

Healthier Alternatives to Pasta

While its origins may come from Italy, pasta is usually a favorite in most American households. From spaghetti and lasagna, to macaroni-and-cheese and pasta salad, many varieties of pasta get the thumbs up from adults and kids alike at dinnertime.  Unfortunately, white pasta is laden with sugar carbohydrates that are not rich in nutrients. However, there are many healthier alternatives to pasta that make for a more nutritious dinner without sacrificing the concept of your family’s favorite foods.  Check these out and try them next time you’re serving pasta.

Spaghetti Squash: This squash is named after the very type of pasta it resembles. It may not appear spaghetti-like from the outside but its flesh peels into thin strands. Cook them and you’ll get a healthier alternative to pasta without missing those long, slurpy noodles.

healthier alternatives to pastaZucchini & Yellow Squash:  These starchy vegetables can easily be turned into several healthier alternatives to pasta. The first way is to use a veggie spiraler or another form of slicer that will shred your zucchini and squash into thin spaghetti strands. These can be used raw for crunchy-style spaghetti or sautéed until soft for a traditional noodle alternative.  Another way to use zucchini and yellow squash as pasta is in lasagna.  Simply thinly slice the veggies length-wise and place them as the pasta layer atop tomato sauce, cheese and any other meats or veggies you want to add.  When you bake it, the vegetable layers will cook through and soften like a noodle.

Sweet Potato: This delicious superfood can be spiraled or thinly sliced like zucchini and yellow squash.  You’ll definitely want to cook it to make it noodly soft.  Keep in mind that this will make a sweeter pasta alternative.

Whole Wheat or Soba Noodles: Whole wheat and soba or buckwheat noodles can be store-bought but are much healthier alternatives to white pasta. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. When topped with your favorite pasta sauce, meats or cheeses, your family most likely will not notice the difference in taste.

Eggplant: This purplicious vegetable can be layered for lasagna like zucchini and yellow squash, or it can be made into cannelloni tubes stuffed with ricotta, sauce and meat.

Black Bean Spaghetti: Another store-bought pasta alternative is black bean spaghetti.  It is jam packed with protein and is a cool, dark shade that your kids will love.

Broccoli or Cabbage: Shredded broccoli stems or cabbage can be sautéed into delicious noodles.  Skip a step and purchase pre-shredded packages of these vegetables to keep meal prep simpler.

We hope you enjoy these nutritious healthier alternatives to pasta! Bon Appetite!

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denim trend
denim trend 2015
deodorizing with baking soda
depression and women
depression screenings
detox ingredients
detox ingredients for water
detox ingredients for your water
detox with water
detox your body
detox your body with water
Diabetes Awareness Month
diabetes health complications
diabetes prevention
diabetes statistics
Diet Plans
digestive health
digestive system
dinner table
DIY Halloween costumes
doctor and patient
doctor patient relations
donate clothes
Dos and Don’ts of Summer Skin Care
dressing your curves
dried fruits
dry shampoo
dull skin
earth day
earth day 2014
easy dinners
Easy Exercises
eat healthy
eat more veggies
eating for breast health
eating healthy
edible bowls
Edward scissor hands
efficiency at work
egg nutrition
Egyptian princess
Elly Mayday
email etiquette
email mistakes
Emma Watson
Emme Plus Size Model
Emotional Eating
emotional health
energy bars
energy breakfast
enjoy life
environmentally friendly lifestyle
essential oils
everyday bra
exercise and spring cleaning
exercise for heart health
exercising with pets
eye studies
face mask
facts about nutrition
fall colors
Fall Decorating Ideas
fall decorations
fall fashion
fall fashion 2015
fall fashion 2016
fall fashion trends
fall fitness
fall fitness ideas
fall fitness tips
fall superfoods
falling asleep
family history
farm fresh
farm fresh foods
Fascinating Facts about Sleep
fashion industry
fashion tips
fashion trends
Fashion's Night Out PLUS
Father's Day
female activist
female role models
feminine figures
Finding Peace in Holiday Chaos
finding your passion in life
finger nails
finger nails and health
First Time Bra Fit
fitness and pets
fitness goals
Fitness Trends
Fitness Trends in 2016
fitting room
flavored soymilk
flip flops
food waste
foods for heart health
foods that are surprisingly bad for you
foods that boost energy
French maid
fresh foods
freshman fifteen
fringe trend 2015
front closure bra
front-closure bras
fruit bowls
fruits and vegetables
frustration in the workplace
full fat dairy
Full Figure
full figure athletic wear
full figure belts
full figure black bras
full figure bra
Full Figure Bras
full figure cardigans
full figure clothes
Full Figure Fashion
full figure fashion for spring
full figure fashion on red carpet
full figure fashion report
full figure jeans
full figure leather clothes
full figure raincoats
full figure sports bra
full figure sports bras
Full Figure Stars
full figure sweaters
full figure trends
full figure tut
full figure women
full figure women and exercise
full figure women on tv
Full Figured Celebrities
Full Figured Fashion
full figured women
fun things to do on Christmas Eve
gardening and exercise
gardening and stress relief
gerber daisies
germs at nail salons
get fit with your pet
get the most out of your vacation
Gift Ideas
gift wrapping
gifts for mom
ginger essential oils
ginger oil
Giovanna Morales Vargas
girls HBO
Girls tv show
giving back
glucose levels
gluten intolerance
gluten-free diet
goal oriented
goals for women
good habits
good people
grapefruit essential oils
grapefruit oil
gratitude for role models
green living
growing plants
Guide to Black Friday
gynecological cancer
habits to save the earth
hair care
hair care tips
hair color
hair growth
hair loss
hair ties
hairband infections
hairstyles 2015
Halloween costumes
Halloween season
hand wash bras
hand washing bras
hanger management
happy Monday
hard to fit bra sizes
hard to fit sizes
Harmione Granger
Hayley hasselhoff
health and wellness
health benefits
health benefits of dairy products
health benefits of eggs
health benefits of full fat dairy
health benefits of gardening
health benefits of hugging
Health Benefits of Pumpkins
health benefits of taking a walk
health benefits of walking
health benefits of walking everyday
health problems with large breasts
health risks of nail biting
health risks of wearing a hairband
health risks of wearing a hairband around your wrist
health screenings
Health Screenings for Women
Healthier Alternatives to Pasta
healthier diet
Healthier Snacks to Satisfy Cravings
healthiest BBQ foods
healthiest rice
healthy at any size
healthy at every size
healthy BBQ
healthy bedtime habits
healthy diet
healthy eating
healthy eating habits
healthy fats
healthy foods
healthy foods for energy
healthy habits
healthy hair
healthy hair tips
healthy holiday
Healthy Holiday Reminders
healthy life
healthy lifestyle
healthy lives
healthy living
healthy morning habits
healthy pasta
healthy pregnancy diet
Healthy Red Fruits and Vegetables
healthy rice
healthy skin
healthy sleep habits
healthy smoothies
healthy snacks
healthy winter diet
heart disease
Heart Health
Heart Health Month
heart health tips
heart healthy diet
heart healthy tea
Heart-Healthy Soups
Heat Health Month
herbal natural remedies for anxiety
herbs for breast health
Herbs to Improve Breast Health
hiking in fall
history of bras
holiday celebrations
holiday chaos
holiday deals
holiday dinner
holiday dinner table
holiday gift ideas
holiday gift wrap
holiday gifts
Holiday Hostess Gifts
holiday presents
holiday scents
holiday season
holiday shopping
holiday spices
holiday spirit
holiday traditions
home decor
home organization
home pedicure
Homemade Face Masks
hostess gifts
Hottest Summer Sandals
house plants
houseplants for better air quality
how do you wash bras
How Gardening is Good for your Health
how many bras should I have
how many calories does housework burn
how to accept a compliment
how to achieve balance
How to Avoid a Wardrobe Malfunction
how to avoid hair dryness in winter
how to avoid razor burn
how to be a good coworker
how to be inspiring
how to be sexy
how to become a better hugger
how to boost energy
how to care for lips
how to combat hanger
how to correct under eye bags
how to deal with stress
how to do pool exercises
how to dress a big bottom
how to drink more water
how to eat healthy
How to Eat More Vegetables
how to exercise in the pool
how to fall asleep faster
how to find balance
how to find balance in life
how to find out your family history
how to get healthy
how to get healthy hair
how to get the best deals
how to get the best shave
how to get the most out of your breakfast
How to Get the Most out of your Office Space
how to have a better relationship with doctor
how to have a healthy heart
how to heal chapped lips
how to identify your passions
how to improve digestion
how to improve hair health
how to improve the air quality in your home
how to live longer
how to look younger
how to love your Mondays
how to make a face mask
how to meal plan
how to measure bra size
how to measure for a bra
how to measure your bra size
how to moisturize hair
how to prevent diabetes
how to prevent heart disease
how to prevent Osteoporosis
how to protect yourself at nail salons
how to recycle bras
how to reduce allergy symptoms
how to reduce food waste
How to Reduce Under Eye Bags
how to relax on vacation
how to relieve anxiety naturally
how to relieve heartburn
how to relieve PMS
how to relieve stress
how to save money
how to save time
how to shave your legs
how to slow down and enjoy life
how to stay cool in summer
how to stay positive at work
How to Store Winter Clothes
how to take care of skin
How to Take Care of Your Lips during Winter
How to Take the Best Selfie
How to Truly Unwind on Vacation
how to wear fringe
how to wear fringe without looking like a hippie
how to wrap holiday presents
How to Write a Letter to your Mom for Mother’s Day
how to write thank you notes
hugging and your heart
hugs and heart
ideas for volunteering
ideas for wrapping holiday presents
ideas to share the holiday spirit
immune boosters
immune system
immunity cold showers
importance of a sleep bra
importance of breakfast
importance of drinking water
importance of health screenings
Improve Your Digestive Health
improve your life
Improve your Relationship with your Doctor
In the Media
indoor garden
indoor plants
inexpensive oils
inspire those around you
inspiring confidence
interesting information about sleep
International Volunteer Day
Invigorate your Breakfast in the New Year
Is a Gluten-Free Diet Right for You?
James Early O’Brien
jazz up jeans and sweaters
jeans and sweaters
jeans for curvy women
jeans for full figure women
jersey shore
Jessica Alba
July 4th
jumpsuits for full figured women
jumpsuits for summer
keeping brain active
Kerosene Deluxe
kidney disease
kidney health
kids table
Know your family history
Knowing Your Family History
lace bras
lace full figure bras
lady gaga
large breasts
latest fashion trends
Laura Wells
lavender essential oils
lavender oil
Leading ladies
Leading Ladies We Love
leading lady
Leading Lady 514
Leading Lady bras
leaky gut
leaky gut syndrome
learn self defense
learning for tv moms
learning from mistakes
leisure bra
Leisure Bras
leisure bras plus size
lemon essential oils
lemon oil
Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham in Girls
Lenny newsletter
leopard print bras
leopard print fashion
let's get sexy
letter writing
life balance
Life Goals
lime essential oils
lime oil
lip crayon
lip liner
lip stain
lips in winter
Lipstick Hacks
Lisa Cole
little black dress
Living with Passion
London fashion week
long car ride
look younger
looking younger
losing weight
love life
lower body curves
lus size modeling
Maintain These Healthy Summer Habits All Year Long
make eating more fun
make magic with jeans and sweaters
Make the Most of Time Spent in your Car
makeup tips
manicures and pedicures
marketing ploys
mayonnaise face mask
meal planning
Mediterranean diet
Meghan Trainor
Melissa McCarthy
Memorial Day
Men and Women See the World Differently
men vs. women
menstrual cramps
mental health
mental wellness
metabolism and women
miniature foods
modeling industry
Molded Padded Seamless Full Figure Bra
Molded Padded Seamless Underwire Full Figure Bra
mom friends
Monday people
Monday person
money saving tips
morning routine
morning sickness
Morticia Adams
most comfortable bra in America
Mother's Day
Mother's Day 2016
mother's love
mothers day gift ideas
mothers day gifts
mothers day ideas
muffin tin baking
muffin top
muscle pain
music and health
music and wellness
music therapy
myths about nutrition
nail biters
nail biting
nail biting habit
nail polish trends
nail trends
nail trends 2014
Natalie Portman
National Kidney Month
National Nutrition Month
national ovarian cancer coalition
national womens history month
natural living
natural remedies
natural remedies for allergies
Natural Remedies for Anxiety
Natural Remedies for Heartburn
Natural Remedies for PMS
negative effects of sitting
never text while driving
New Dreamy Comfort Full Figure Bras
new food labels
new skills
new superfoods
New Year
New Year’s Resolutions for Women
New Years Resolutions
non padded bras
nursing shapewear cami
nut bars
nutrients that support heart health
nutrition myths
nutrition of pumpkin
Nutrition that Supports Heart Health
nutritional guidelines
office ettique
office space
Online Shopping
organizational ideas
organize lingerie drawer
outdoor exercise
ovarian cancer
padded bras
paleo diets
party hosting ideas
peaceful holiday
peanut butter
pedicure supplies
pedicure tools
peppermint essential oils
peppermint oil
personal care products with baking soda
personal finance
personal finance tips
physical activity
plus size belts
plus size bra
Plus Size Bras
plus size clothes
plus size clothing
plus size clothing line
Plus Size Fashion
plus size fashion week
plus size jeans
plus size jumpsuits
Plus Size Lingerie
Plus Size Mannequin
plus size model
plus size modeling
plus size modeling agencies
Plus Size Models
Plus Size Printed Leggings
plus size raincoats
plus size sports bra
Plus Size Supermodel
plus size sweaters
plus size wedding dresses
plus size women
plus size women and leather
plus sized models
Plus-Sized Fashion
pollen count
pool exercises
pool workouts
posh spice
positive attitude
positive body image
positive self image
positive thinking
postpartum depression
postpartum nursing shapewear cami
postpartum nursing shapewear cami with tummy control
postpartum shapewear
postpartum shapewear boyshort with firm tummy control
postpartum shapewear brief with tummy control
power breakfast
power nap
power naps
pre-baby shape
pregnancy diet
premature skin aging
premenstrual syndrome
price shopping
problem solving
productivity at work
professional image
prolonged sitting
proper bra fit
Protect Your Hair from Winter Weather
protecting your skin
protein in eggs
puffiness under eyes
pumpkin beauty products
pumpkin candles
pumpkin decor
pumpkin desserts
Pumpkin Season
pumpkins and antioxidants
push up bra
Racer Back
racer back bras
racer back sports bra
racerback bra
rain gear
razor burn
reasons for fatigue
reasons to be thankful
Reasons to Get a Workout Buddy
reasons to give thanks
Reasons to Learn Self Defense
reasons to strengthen your body
reasons to wear a sleep bra
recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers
recycle bras
recycle your bras
red rice
reduce salt in your diet
reigniting passions
relationship with doctor
remedies for anxiety
remedies for heartburn
remedies for PMS
repelling insects
reproductive health
Reset your Metabolism
Retro Style
rice crackers
risk factors for Osteoporosis
risk factors of diabetes
Robyn Lawley
role models
romantic Valentine's dinner
Routine Depression Screenings for Women
rule of five
running music
running playlist
running shoes
sale shopping
salt in your diet
salt intake
salvation army donation
sandal trends
sandal trends 2016
Saturday Night Live
save money
save the earth
Save the planet
saving money
savory holiday spices
scar tissue
Seamless Bra
seasonal affective disorder
seasonal allergies
seasonal depression
self care
self defense
self defense and confidence
self defense and empowerment
self defense and martial arts
self defense and protection
setting goals
sexy bedroom
sexy black bra
sexy black full figure bra
Sexy bra
Sexy Bras
sexy bras for Valentine's Day
sexy full figure bras
Sexy Full Figure Bras for Valentine’s Day
Sexy is a State of Mind
Sexy lace bra
Sexy Lingerie
Sexy Plus Size Bras
sexy shoes
sexy Zorro
shapewear boyshort with firm tummy control
shapewear brief with firm tummy control
shapewear cami
shopping tips
signs of skin cancer
Signs you are Eating Too Much Salt
skin blemishes
skin cancer
Skin Cancer Awareness
skin cancer signs
skin cancer stats
skin cancer symptoms
skin care
skin care myths
Skin care tips
skin cleansers
skin problems
sleep and leisure bra
Sleep and the brain
sleep and the heart
sleep awareness week
sleep bra
sleep bras
sleep habits
sleep tips
slow down and enjoy life
slow the appearance of aging
Smaller Waist
smart texting
snack food
Sophisticated Braids for Adult Women
sophisticated hair styles
sore muscles
sore throat
special occasion bras
Specialty Bra Sizes
speed up metabolism
Spice Girl
Spices of the Holiday Season
spicy food
spicy food and living longer
spicy foods
spider plants
sport bra
Sport Bras
sports bra
Sports Bras
spring 2014 fashion trends
spring allergies
Spring Clean your Diet
spring cleaning
spring colors
spring dresses
spring exercise
spring fashion
spring fashion 2014
spring fashion 2015
spring summer 2014 fashion trends
spring summer fashion trends
Spring Workout Motivation
Springtime Full Figure Fashion
springtime gardening
stay positive at work
stimulating cold showers
storage containers for clothes
storing clothes
strange tips to fall asleep faster
strengthen your body
stress and fatigue
stress and heart health
stress and the holidays
Stress Management
stress relief
stronger immune systems
Sucker Punch
sugar free
sugary snacks
Summer Beauty Tips
summer bras
summer budget
summer fashion
summer fashion 2014
summer full figure bras
summer habits
summer hair care
summer heat
summer makeup
summer sandals
summer skin
summer skin care
summer wardrobe
sun safety
sun safety habits
sunglass trends
supermarket marketing ploys
Supermarket Marketing Ploys to Avoid
support breast cancer awareness
supportive bras
sustainable living
sustainable practices
sweater trends
sweet holiday spices
symptoms of anxiety
t shirt bras
t-shirt bra
taking care of yourself at work
taking vacation alone
texting rules
thank you notes
Thanksgiving leftovers
the benefits of farm fresh foods
the benefits of meal planning
The Best Teas for Heart Health
the bra recyclers
The Healing Power of Music
The Health Benefits of Cold Showers
The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate
The Healthiest BBQ Foods
The Importance of Female Role Models
The Importance of Hugging
The Importance of Sleep
the microbiome of the breast
The Rules of Cardigans
the science behind hangry
The Skinny on Full Fat Dairy
The Sports that Help You Live Longer
the tutu trend
thigh brow
thigh gap
things that make you sexy
Things to do on Christmas Eve
Things Your Coworkers Hate
think more positive
thinking positive
tips for avoiding pollen
Tips for Bargain Shopping
Tips for Black Friday
Tips for Healthy Hair
Tips for Kidney Health
Tips for Surviving the Summer Heat
tips for winter hair
tips for women with large breasts
tips for working out
Tips for Writing Great Thank You Notes
tips for writing thank you notes
Tips to Allergy-Proof your Home
tips to beat the heat
Tips to Fall Asleep Faster
title 9
title ix
title nine
too much salt
travel clothes
travel wardrobe
trendy jumpsuits
Trendy Plus Size Clothes
trendy plus size fashion
trendy raincoats
trendy white shoes
trouble staying focused
tummy control
TV Moms
TV Moms we love
type 2 diabetes
Ultimate World Breastfeeding Week
ultraviolet light
unclutter your house
Unconventional Ways to Give Thanks this Thanksgiving
under eye baggage
under eye bags
underwire bras
Unexpected Causes of Fatigue
Unintentionally Slowing Your Metabolism
unprofessional email
unprofessional email etiquette
unusual bra sizes
Unusual Ways to Relieve Stress
unwanted toxins
unwind on vacation
uses of apple cider vinegar
uses of baking soda
uv light
v for vendetta
vaginal bacterial infection
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Surprises
Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day Full Figure Fashion
Valentine’s Day ideas
varicose veins
volunteer opportunities
Volunteering on Thanksgiving
walking 30 minutes a day
walking for health
wardrobe essentials
wardrobe tips
warrior princess
wash bras
ways to be sexy
Ways to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month
ways to celebrate Thanksgiving
ways to combat fatigue
Ways to Create a Sexier Bedroom
ways to feel more confident
ways to get fit with your pet
ways to give back on Thanksgiving
ways to give thanks
ways to give thanks on Thanksgiving
ways to improve concentration
ways to inpire
Ways to Look Younger
Ways to Reduce Food Waste
ways to reduce symptoms of allergies
ways to save money
ways to save money this summer
Ways to save the earth
ways to strengthen your immune system
ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers
Wear your Comfy Clothes to Work
wearing a hairband around your wrist
wedding dress
wedding dresses
weekday dinners
weight gain
weight loss
what causes allergies?
what do do on Christmas Eve
what is a Mediterranean diet
what is a power nap
what is a sleep bra
what is Osteoporosis
What is Zapping your Concentration?
what to do for faster metabolism
what to do in the car
what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers
what to eat besides potato chips
what to eat for faster metabolism
what to pack
what to pack for women
What to Wear on Black Friday
what to wear on Valentine's Day
What your favorite chocolate says about you
What Your Nails Say about your Health
when to buy a new bra
where to buy a sleep bra
where to buy full figure bras
where to store clothes
which bras to wear in summer
white blood cells
white shoes
white shoes for spring
white shoes for summer
white wardrobe
white wine
whitney Thompson
whole foods
Why All Women Should Take a Trip Alone
why am I so tired?
why hugging is good for you
Why Hugs are Good for your Heart
why sitting is bad for health
why sleep is important
why to reduce food waste
why walk everyday
why we get hangry
why wear a sleep bra
why women can't accept compliments
why women need hugs
why women need mom friends
why women need strength
why women should travel alone
why working out in the morning is better
why you can't concentrate
why you should eat breakfast
why you should take a cold shower
Why You Should Take a Walk Everyday
Why You Should Take Power Naps
Why Your Best Ideas Happen in the Shower
wicked witch of the west
wild rice
winter accessories
winter fashion
winter fashion trends
winter fruits
winter hairstyles 2015
winter holidays
Winter Superfoods
winter trends 2015/2016
winter vegetables
women and dairy products
women and seasonal affective disorder
women health
women traveling alone
women who struggle with morning sickness
women's accessories
women's eyesight
Women's History Month
women's reproductive health
women's shaving
womens health
womens health week
working out
working out in spring
working out in the morning
working out in the pool
working out your brain
workout buddy
workout music
workout partner
workout playlist
workout playlists
workout routines
workout songs
write a letter to your mom
yeast infection
yogurt covered fruits
younger looking hairstyles
youthful skin
Zac Posen
Zig-Zag Weave Front-Closure Leisure Bra