Seamless Racer Back Underwire Full Figure Bra

Style 5034
  • Molded padded seamless cups look great under clothing
  • Front closure for ease in dressing
  • Race back styling provides comfort and prevents straps from slipping
  • Adjustable straps for a perfect fit

Limited Sizes Available

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5034 Seamless Racer Back Underwire Full Figure Bra Teal

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5034 Seamless Racer Back Underwire Full Figure Bra Nude 5034 Seamless Racer Back Underwire Full Figure Bra Nude back 5034 Seamless Racer Back Underwire Full Figure Bra Black


85% Nylon, 15% Spandex


Hand wash.  Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Line dry.  Iron as needed using low temperature.

Country of Origin: Imported

I thought I was the only person in the world who had to have this bra because it's the only one that fits my 42B figure. I'm reading this and seeing there are many of us! I've spent literally hundreds of dollars trying to find a seamless underwire with straps that don't slide off my shoulders, a band that doesn't ride up when I raise my arms overhead, has padded cups so my nipples don't show through, and has cups that actually fit me! I'm a breast cancer survivor and I want to make the most of what I have left. Before my partial mastectomy and reconstruction, I had gorgeous breasts. Now, not so gorgeous, but I'm alive, so I can live with it, but it was such a blow to my ego, that even now, not being able to find the right bra so I can wear it with confidence and forget about it, brings out a little panic in me. Don't let me down! Be proud that you have a perfect bra that is like no other, and get it back on the market. I only have 6 left, and 3 are totally stretched out! I'm counting on you! Thanks.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ---Bring back a padded front-closure racer back bra in 42B. I agree with Becky...just because a person is broad around, does not mean that they are 'endowed' . It is so frustrating to try to find a bra with a 42 band that is NOT AT LEAST A "C CUP". Really, people! You should try. ALSO, I share the problem of straps falling down....this style bra solved that! I would hope that you would reconsider your poor choice of discontinuing this style and reinstate it!
Front Closure Fan
I have not been able to find any other bra that fits this well. Your comment "Style 5028 is very similar in fit, although it is not a front closure," is ridiculous! Back closure bras are NOT similar in fit. Please bring this back!
It is stunning to me that you list this bra as Best Seller on your website but have discontinued it. It is the best bra I have ever owned and it baffles me that you would discontinue it given the popularity of the bra. I don't understand why the racer back style is so hard to find in larger sizes as it is comfortable and no strap slippage. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!
Sooo annoyed
I cannot understand why you would discontinue an item that is listed on your own website as "best seller". Like the other women here, I cannot find another bra that is so perfect for me. Do you know (or care) how hard it is for some of us to find bras that fit us well, are comfortable, and stay on our shoulders too? Please reverse your decision on this one.
I agree with all of the reviews about 5034 on your website (and others)- YOU even state that it is a Best Seller.
I am 59 years old and this is THE best bra I've ever owned- far better than ones for three times the price! The racerback style is the only way to keep the straps on your shoulders no matter what any company claims. This bra in a 44B (YES, there are people who are a 44 and only need a B cup!) The space where the front hooks really helps smaller breasted women like myself who are flat between their breasts. I have worn the 2 that I have left to death- they certainly hold up to use! What more can you ask for in a bra?? One of the secrets of a good company is that they provide what their customer wants. You have a veritable secret weapon here- please DO NOT discontinue it. Bring it back and maybe promote it better. It looks as though you will have thousands of satisfied customers who will tell everyone what a great bra it is and what a great company you are that in this day and age LISTENS and CARES about what their customers want. The only thing that I can add is another PLEASE- we are begging you to hear our pleas. Thank you for taking the time to read my note- please show it to the highest person in the company that you can and know that you have truly helped peoples' lives! Becky at 603-772-4284 or Please feel free to contact me if there is ANYTHING that I can do to change someone's mind.
Please bring this bra back! It is the most comfortable bra ever, the straps don't fall down, and it fits incredibly well!
I bought this bra in black and nude (42C)3 years ago. The nude has worn out because it was my favorite! Now I can't find it because LL has decided to discontinue. What were you thinking??? Please, please, please bring it back. I absolutely love this bra!
I can't believe this bra is discontinued. It fits, it is stylish and the straps dont fall! Please don't stop carrying this bra!
I'm so upset that you are discontinuing this. I wear a 42B, which is almost impossible to find. Also, racer back is the only style in which the straps do not constantly fall off my shoulders. Style 5028, as far as I can tell, is not racer back, and in my experience, "proper adjustment" does NOT solve the strap-falling problem.
Please reconsider your decision to discontinue this bra. It is the only bra I have been able to find that is comfortable and stays on my shoulders.
Like the other gal who commented here, I too found this to be the only racerback bra to fit me, and I really can't stand the non-racerback style, as the straps won't stay on. I was super-excited to see these were on sale (as I would have bought about 5 of them), but there are none available in my size. :(
Seamless Racer Back
This is the only bra I can find that is somewhat comfortable. I hate back closure bras. They always feel weird on me and always ride up or roll. I love having a front closure-it's so much easier to put on. I don't understand why there are so few on the market. Having a racerback is the only way I want to go. Wearing a bra is annoying enough without your straps falling off your shoulders every time you move. The underwire on this one is very sturdy-the sides are not so shallow that I spill out of it, the light padding makes me feel covered, but not 3 sizes larger than I really am, and it being seamless is very nice under any garment. Put this one back into production!
    • Q: Is this bra being discontinued? It is virtually the only bra I can find that fits me (42B).
      From Emily on 2/24/11
    • A: Yes, we have stopped manufacturing this style and only have the color sizes available that you see online. We hope to add a new racer back in the future since we have had so many woman disappointed in not being able to order this bra!

      Style 5028 is very similar in fit, although it is not a front closure. It also has a wide size range that will work for you if your size is no longer available.

    • Q: This bra is perfect, but without the molded cups. I have worn it without the molded cups for years and am down to my last one. Impossible to find anything even close. Perfect for the larger woman. Why can't someone do this for us????
      From Liz Cherry on 5/28/12
    • A: Hello Liz and thank you for your inquiry.

      This style only comes with molded cups. Is there another style you are referring to without the molded cup?
    • Q: You state on your website that Style 5028 will do a nice job of replacing Style 5034 ( I seriously doubt it- it is NOT a racerback with a front closer). If I wore a 44B in Style 5034, what size should I order in Style 5028? I will never forgive you if you do not bring back Style 5034 and if you are, as you say, developing a similar racerback, front closure for Plus Size women, than let's do it already. Please!
      From Becky on 9/28/12
    • A: Hello Becky and thank you for your inquiry.

      We are currently working on an update version of style 5034, however we do not have release date for it at this time so please check back with us periodically.
    • Q: I am among the many who want to know when your replacement for this bra will be available. I am a size 42B and this is the ONLY bra that fits and stays on my shoulders. Please bring this or a like version back.
      From Margret on 3/14/13
    • A: Hello Margaret.

      Our replacment is due out some time in July. I do however have 2 units of 5034 42B in Black if you'd like to purchase them.
    • Q: Is there a replacement that was due to be released in July?
      From ling on 8/1/13
    • A: Hello Ling and thank you for your inquiry.

      Unfortunately the release of this style has been delayed and we do not have a date at this time as to when it will be available.
    • Q: What's the latest news of the 5034. I've been waiting and this is my favorite bra.
      From Jane on 8/25/13
    • A: Hello Jane and thank you for your inquiry.

      Unfortunately style 5034 is discontinued but we are looking to replace it soon. In the meantime, what size are you looking for so I can check to see if we have it for you?
    • Q: I see you were supposed to get the 5034 in again in July. It is Sept. and I don't see it in my size. I need a 40B. Is this still going to happen? Thank you
      From Connie on 9/6/13
    • A: Hello Connie and thank you for your inquiry.

      We were hoping to have a replacement for the 5034 in July, however that has been pushed back. Unfortunately we don't have a date as to when it will be available at this time.
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