Molded Padded Seamless Wirefree Full Figure Bra

Style 5042

Looking for an everyday bra that’s more like a sidekick—someone you can depend on to hold your most precious assets throughout a busy day? Look no further than Leading Lady’s Molded Padded Seamless Wirefree Full Figure Bra. Our smoothing t-shirt bra features lightly padded seamless cups that won’t show bulky lines under any outfit. Enjoy maximum, all day support without the underwire with our fortified design that lifts and holds comfortably. No-slip straps and a four hook back closure keep you bounce and jiggle free. Leading Lady’s molded cups and elegant neckline give you a polished look under t-shirts, blouses, and even dresses. Available in a beautiful range of colors that flatter all tones. Ladies, you might have just met your girls’ new best friend.

  • Molded, padded seamless style looks great under clothing
  • Lightly padded cups
  • Adjustable straps for comfort

This bra is absolutely perfect. It is everything a bra should be – comfortable, supportive, and looks great too. I was able to wear it all day packing and moving boxes in 100 degree weather and it still felt great! This is the bra I’ve been looking for for years and I will be buying more! - Amy, Our Share of Crazy

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5042 Molded Padded Seamless Wirefree Full Figure Bra Perfectly Pewter

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5042 Molded Padded Seamless Wirefree Full Figure Bra Core Pink 5042 Molded Padded Seamless Wirefree Full Figure Bra True Jade 5042 Molded Padded Seamless Wirefree Full Figure Bra Nude 5042 Molded Padded Seamless Wirefree Full Figure Bra Blue Mist 5042 Molded Padded Seamless Wirefree Full Figure Bra White 5042 Molded Padded Seamless Wirefree Full Figure Bra Wedgewood 5042 Molded Padded Seamless Wirefree Full Figure Bra Classic Cranberry 5042 Molded Padded Seamless Wirefree Full Figure Bra Mystic Mauve 5042 Molded Padded Seamless Wirefree Full Figure Bra Perfectly Pewter

85% Nylon, 15% Spandex

Hand wash. Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Line dry. Iron as needed using low temperature. 

Country of Origin: Imported

I love this bra so much, I'm going to order more! So comfortable! I have a hard time finding bras in my size. This fits great, and it's a great everyday bra!
Im a very hard size to find, and have had old bras for a long time as i couldnt find any to fit properly, but i found this site and this particular bra style in my size and I LOVE it! its comfortable, uplifting and stylish!

thank you Leading Lady for offering excellent products for the hard to fit sizes!
I'm a full figured woman who hates underwire brss and have searced all over for one that is comfortble and looks great on. This bra is it! Thank goodness!! Perfect fit.
Finally. A bra that fits a wide back but has the option of an A cup. So tired of larger bras where the cup covers most of your chest. I can take a C cup but the A cup on these is fine. Great fit, great padding, attractive design. Bravo!
A wonderful bra for crossdresssers. Great lift and support. Also available in many colors.
It is almost impossible to find a 46A bra, so when I found this I was excited. Fits so very well, is so comfortable. I love that its lightly padded and molded because I have a lot of silky tops and have had problems with "headlights" that show through. These bras cover it all!
I love this bra as it is one of the very few I can get in my size, 48a, that doesnt come in just white. It is still very frustrating that the only "color" it comes in is blue mist. I would really like more color choices in my size
I haven't tried to buy a new bra for a few years. The ill-fitting ones I had were no longer available but thought I better give it a try again. I am very happy!
I have been searching for a good fitting, comfortable, wireless bra with great support for 6 to 8 months and have returned at least 2 dozen bras. well, this is it!!! I don't feel the urgency to remove it the minute I get home. the straps are very comfortable as well as the band. the band stays in place and doesn't curl up. the support is great which has been the hardest part of finding a wireless bra. I have just ordered 2 more. trust me, this one is a keeper ladies!
Could never wear anything except jog bras until now! 40-A surfer back, athletic build. No bra fit me and if it was 'wearable' the seams , hooks, threads or edges irritated my sensitive skin. I'd be ripping the bra off, going crazy from the discomfort. I always went back to the uni-boob jog bra until this molded padded seamless wire free bra. I have two breasts now! AWESOME BRA!!!!!
I am in my 50's and have bought many bras over my life. This bra is so comfortable! It doesn't ride up or it's straps fall where I am constantly pulling and tugging all day! They had the exact size I needed. I will be ordering this bra in more colors, that is for sure!
I am a 48A and couldn't find the size anywhere, when I ordered this bra I was so happy with the fit and the bra. So comfortable.I will be ordering from you from now on.
rather difficult for me to find a good fitting bra,but this is wonderfull,so comfy & an alternative neeeds dresser(male) it's not easy finding the correct size or web-site that will assist me,but i'm very thankfull for the helpfullness,certainly will shop your site...thanks very kindly...."rita"
I am a full figured lady that needs a smaller cup size. It is impossible to find 44A anywhere. When I found this bra I didn't hold high hopes even with the good reviews. I received it yesterday, and could not believe the great fit! I wore it today, and I cannot tell you how happy I am with it. It is so comfortable. I will be ordering more right away!
I have this bra in taupe and it
is wonderful. Small breasts (aa) and wide back. Have spent
thousands on worthless bras thrown away. Will always wear
this one as it does not pinch,
ride up or bind.
Laura G
I have worn the same style and brand bra for 10+ years and have wanted to try some new styles and brands. My size is not common and nearly impossible to find in any store. I ordered this bra and it is fantastic! Typically the first thing I do when I get home is take off my bra and when wearing this one I didn't feel the need to get this done stepping into the house. I've just ordered 3 more :)
It's impossible to find and A cup bra larger than 36 in the malls,I am so comfortable now in my 42A and happy. thank you thank you thank you.
Fits perfect, hate wires so this bra is great. Still holds you up, comfortable, soft material. Ordering another one.
This is my favorite bra ever! My breasts thank you!!
Finding an A cup in a 40 is a challenge. This one is perfect! It is comfortable, gives the support I need and I forget I'm even wearing a bra. Ordering another one.
I'm a difficult size to fit. This bra is not only available in large band/A cup, it's really comfortable too! My favorite bra ever.
I'm a larger woman with smaller breasts. Needless to say it's difficult to find my size and up until I found Leading Lady I had never worn the right size. I'm so incredibly happy with my bra that I will never buy a bra anywhere else again!
This bra feels awesome! I ordered one strap size too large, but that's ok. I can use this one to sleep or just wear around the house. I'll be ordering another in a smaller strap size tomorrow! I'm very, very pleased. This coming after ordering 3 different bras, in the correct size, from other websites and being very displeased. Thank you Leading Lady!! I love you!!
This is a great bra for men. I can wear a size 38A without breast forms. I like the fit and it comes in many pretty colors.
I love the fit & feel of these bras on I have 3 of them now in my collection 42A fits my male breasts Very well Thanks for wonderful bras in my size!!
Not bad!
There are numerous positives with this bra: fits well, comfortable, straps feel & fit will, smooth, good "hand" in the fabric. One (big) disadvantage: back closing (but that's a personal preference.) Not bad for a back opening bra!
Loved this bra in underwire and softcup. Fits well and is comfortable. The shoulder strap (padded portion) was a little short and I would have liked it a little wider.
I loved the look of this bra, but honestly wished the fabric between the cups was a bit more stretchy. Whether it was sizing or a problem with the bra itself, it squeezed my ribs and was uncomfortable by the end of the day.
Lisa M
I liked this bra. It is very comfortable.
This is a nice bra. I just prefer underwire, but it is comfortable. Great colors.
I prefer underwire, however, I like this bra. It is a good bra for everyday. It does not cut into me around the chest or shoulders. I would also recommend this bra for everyday.
    • Q: How many closures does the bra have in the back? I would love to see a back view!
      From tonya on 3/23/12
    • A: There are 4 rows of hooks on the 5028. We use four rows on all our bras, however they are different widths because of the band width. Look for back views coming soon!
    • Q: I am a guy that wears bras and it is not easy to find one to wear. I measure 46B, and they pinch out at the top. Went to 46A and better yet don't guite fill the cup. will going to a 44A do right.
      From David on 9/6/12
    • A: Hello David and thank you for your inquiry.

      We would suggest using our fit calculator located on our website at as a guideline towards the correct fit. The calculator is at teh bottom of the home page and is very simple...just take a couple of measurements and plug them in.
    • Q: Do you make this bra, or the underwire, in a 36D? I've clicked on several different colors but don't see the option of a 36D on any of the different colors.
      From Tina on 10/29/12
    • A: Good Afternoon Tina,

      I am sorry, all of our full figure bras start at band size 38. I so not have any that start at 36, underwire or not.
    • Q: I had a mastecomy and reconstuctive surgery and I am having problems with bras, I purchased this bra in a 50a, the left side fits great but the right is a little big, my quesiton is if I get a 48a or a 46a would the cups be smaller
      From betty on 11/5/12
    • A: Hello Betty and thank you for your inquiry.

      I would not suggest going down a band size since the left side is a good fit for you. Have you had this problem before where one side fits better than the other?
    • Q: Are the straps adjustable? There are no photos to show the back of this bra.
      From Nicole on 12/17/12
    • A: Hello Nicole and thank you for your inquiry.

      The straps are in fact adjustable.
    • Q: I ordered this bra in a 50A because I am overweight but have no breasts. I received the bra and I am convinced it is not an A cup. Fits great around but the cup looks terrible. HELP!!!
      From Kayle on 2/15/13
    • A: Hello Kayle.

      Perhaps you're not getting the correct size. We would suggest using our fit calculator that is located at the bottom or our home page as a guide towards the correct size.
    • Q: What is your return policy, if the bra doesn't fit?
      From Bobbi on 2/17/13
    • A: We will gladly exchange or refund your purchase if returned with the tags in place, unworn, within a 30 day period of the original purchase.

      Thank you
    • Q: I purchased one of these recently and loved it. I came back to order more but now you no longer have my size! When/will you be getting 42As back in stock?
      From Jannelle on 7/19/13
    • A: Hello Jannelle.

      Another shipment of product has just hit our DC so please check back with us towards the end of next week.
    • Q: Did you know that 38A cup is smaller than the 40A cup? I bought both sizes thinking the 40 would be more comfortable, but I found the cup too roomy so I compared them side by side. Also the band for the 40 is wider with three hooks. I fit into the 38A best and love the fit of the cup and the narrower band with two hooks.
      From Surfergrl on 9/11/13
    • A: Hello Linda.

      We thank you for your comments and very glad to hear you found something that fits!
    • Q: I have a problem with underarm fat. From my understanding, it is the length of the "boning" that I need to look at. Can you tell me if this is 4,5, or 6 inches?
      From Amanda on 2/14/14
    • A: Good Afternoon Amanda,

      Style 5042 does not contain any boning on the side. Style 5028 does but it is an underwire.
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