Leading Lady 5415 Full Figure Front Closure Racer Back Underwire Bra

Style 5415

Get the perfect seamless look under all the tops and dresses you love with Leading Lady's Racer Back Underwire Full Figure Bra. Enjoy our sturdy front closure bra that's easy to slip on and off. Our molded, padded cups provide light modesty for everyday wear. Give your curves the lift and support they deserve with our well-loved racer back underwire bra style. Our new and unique no-slip strap design elements include tapered, padded straps that comfortably sit on your shoulders, and a racer back to provide extra strap stability. Leading Lady's racer back design features a cooling mesh lining and provides all day support for extended wear. We’ve updated a Leading Lady full figured woman favorite bra, and we’re excited to share our newest design with you!

  • Full coverage, t-shirt bra with underwire cups for added support and comfort
  • Enhanced, front-closure hook for simple wear
  • Stylish, racer-back design with enhanced power-mesh lining
  • Extra wide, padded straps to relieve shoulder stress
  • Microfiber (Nylon Spandex Blend)
  • Molded padded Seamless Cups
  • Plus size bras available

Front Closure Bra Fitting Tips: Please note a front closure is fitted to the actual bra size and is not adjustable. The Leading Lady 5415 bra is sized to fit the tightest hook on a conventional bra. If you are wearing your bra on the tightest hook this bra will fit you. If you are wearing your bra at the loosest hook, your desired size won’t fit, you will need to go to a larger band and a smaller cup.

Example: If you normally wear a 38C and use the loosest hook, you will need to go up a band size and down a cup size in order to have a correct fitting bra. In this example, your bra size will be a 40 B. Please contact our customer service department if you need help with sizing, we will gladly help you.

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5415 Front Closure Racer Back Full Figure Bra Nude

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5415 Full Figure Front Closure Racer Back Underwire Bra Black 5415 Full Figure Front Closure Racer Back Underwire Bra White 5415 Full Figure Front Closure Racer Back Underwire Bra Core Leopard 5415 Full Figure Front Closure Racer Back Underwire Bra Core Leopard back
Finally a bra that fits, stays put (on shoulders) and enhances what nature gave me. I have been looking for this kind of fit for over two years. Even the previous version of this bra did not fit right BUT THE NEW UPDATED ONE IS PERFECT and I am so grateful!!!
This is the only bra I can wear where the straps do not fall off my shoulders ever. I am so happy this style was brought back!
I like how easy it is to put on or off. The front closure is great and I like the racerback design.
I own several Leading Lady 5028s and I love them. However, one of my shoulders is slightly lower that the other so I have a problem with the strap constantly slipping which is annoying.
I pestered Leading Lady shamelessly for a 5028 type bra with a front closure as that is the style that works best for me. They sent me the 5415 several months ago and I am very happy with it. They have a winner.
It wears beautifully, washes well, looks great under T-shirts, and is comfortable enough for yoga class. To me, it's almost like a sports bra but with oomph!
I would rate it excellent but the band length runs a little small, in my opinion, so I tried one size up and am more than happy with it.
Way to go, Leading Lady.

    • Q: Are the shoulder straps adjustable? I'm tall and need long straps.
      From Donbear on 1/25/14
    • A: Thank you for your inquiry.

      The straps are in fact adjustable.
    • Q: what does the back look like
      From toni on 5/6/14
    • A: Good Morning,

      The back of this bra is a racer back, meaning the fabric goes across the back and up the center of the bra.

      I hope this helps.
    • Q: Is this at all a back minimizer??
      From Jessica Picarello on 6/23/14
    • A: Hello Jessica.

      This is a racerback style and not considered a minimizer.
    • Q: Does this bra come in white? If not, why not?
      From Cia on 8/20/14
    • A: Hello Cia and thank you for your inquiry.

      This bra is not offered in White. Sometimes large customer demand will dictate color options as is the case with this style.

    • Q: Do they make an extender for this bra?
      From Kelly on 1/3/15
    • A: Hello and thank you for your inquiry Kelly.

      We do offer an assorted pack of extenders for sale on our website. Just type in "extender" in the product search box at the top.
    • Q: Will the band stretch at all? I actually measure 45" around my chest, but since I am a small "A" I think a 44A would fit better than a 46.
      From Brittney on 3/5/15
    • A: Hello Brittney and thank you for your inquiry.

      As with most bras, the band does stretch. If you're concerned about sizing, we suggest using our fit calculator on our site as a guide towards getting the right size.
    • Q: Even though nude is given in the description of this bra it is not given as a choice in ordering for my size. Will you be getting more of the nude? Don't want black or raspberry.
      Thank you.

      From Ltmagenta4 on 7/3/15
    • A: Hello and thank you for inquiry.

      Unfortunately this style won't be replenished, so if you don't see size listed in your preferred color it means it is sold out.

    • Q: I was wondering if this style bra comes in an UNLINED version. I have been wearing Soma Bras for many years. the style is called NINA, racer back, unlined. seems they lost their factory contract and don't have that particular bra anymore. they have a thin padded version, but i hate even the thinnest molded cups. I am a 36 DD and I don't need the girls to be any bigger! that was the most comfortable bra ever… any possibilities?
      From kathy on 7/21/15
    • A: Hello Kathy and thank you for your inquiry.

      Unfortunately we do not offer an unlined version of our 5415.
    • Q: I guess I'm having a hard time trying to picture a "racer back" is there a chance you can display the types of bra backs so there is no doubt what you're describing?
      From aly on 10/17/15
    • A: Hello Aly.

      I've asked our marketing department to add an image to our site so thank you for bringing that to our attention. I will be sending you an image in a separate email.
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