Full Figure Fashion: Secrets to Faking a Smaller Waist

Full figure fashion is all about accentuating the positive.  Sometimes that requires a touch of clever fashion magic to create a smaller waist to show off our best features.

Curves often look their best with contrast, in order to help our finest assets really stand out.  One of the best ways to achieve a voluptuous, sexy look is to create an hour-glass shape.  But not all of us come by this classic shape naturally, especially the part about the cinched waist.  Well not to worry, fashionistas!  We’ve got some awesome tricks to help you stop sucking in that waist and start looking fabulous.

Check out our top tips for faking a smaller waist:

wrap dress_courtesy of bloomingdales.comDress for Success

There are two dress styles that are ideal for creating the illusion of a smaller waist:  the wrap dress and a structured, fitted dress.  A wrap dress is the universal dress that works with every body shape.  It drapes beautifully over every curve and slims the waist with a side or front tie.  Plus the v-neck line can show off cleavage tastefully.  A fitted dress is great for women with curves because it gives structure to the body without creating bulk and unnecessary draping.  Thicker fabrics are better at hiding bulges.  Play around with different necklines – square neck, scoop neck, v-neck – to determine which look is best for you.

Color Block It

Color blocking essentially brings the hour glass to you.  Its slimming design uses contrasting color panels to give the illusion of a smaller waist.  It’s a classic look that Hollywood fashionistas have been wearing for decades.  And the simple design allows you to be more creative with colors.  Go for hues that represent your personal style.

belted blazer_courtesy of macys.comBlazers and Coats in a Cinch

Much like the wrap dress, cinched blazers and coats draw in the waist for a flattering statement.  Modern trench coats are on trend for winter in classic khaki or winter white.  Belted blazers are excellent waist-cinchers for business functions.

Vertical Stripage

Vertical stripes elongate the body, making you to look taller and thinner with very little effort.  Pinstriped pants are a subtle way to achieve this look.  Pair with a solid blouse that has an interesting feature, such as a ruffle or unique buttons.

Lift the Bust

Full figure women often complain of sagging.  Without proper support, heavy breasts can fall into the waist-line, which is an unflattering shape and adds bulk to your midsection.  A properly fitting full figure bra can easily correct this problem by lifting the breasts, holding them upright and preventing bounce.  Plus you’ll be amazed at how much more comfortable your back and shoulders feel in a great full figure bra, not to mention the boost your confidence will receive.

pencil skirt_courtesy of redbook.comPencil Me In

Straight and simple, the pencil skirt is great at giving the appearance of a smaller waist.  Because it is form fitting, it holds in the waist and allows the rest of your curves to do their job.  Pencil skirts are appropriate year-round and allow for endless outfit possibilities.  Try a high-waisted pencil skirt for an uber-fashionable look.

Celebrating curves through full figure fashion is one of our passions too.  And luckily, we’re here to help each other fudge our way into looking our best.  So go on and fake that smaller waist!

Downsize Fitness Promotes Judgment Free Exercise

downsize-fitness-promotes-judgment-free-exerciseImproved fitness goals are one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. Even though it’s still January, resolutions have already begun to fade from consciousness. Research shows that only 46% of people who resolve to get fit in the New Year are continuing their goal after six months of working out. It’s hard to find the motivation to make it to the gym, but one new kind of fitness facility hopes to change one of the biggest reasons heavier men and women have for skipping the gym. Downsize Fitness, a gym chain which originated in Chicago, only allows membership for individuals who are 50 pounds overweight or heavier.

Downsize Fitness aims to help people get healthy while also creating a unique gym community: one without body shaming issues that are sometimes prevalent in other chain gyms. Fitness centers can be intimidating for those less-than-perfect patrons who feel watched and ridiculed by other members. At Downsize Fitness, 95% off the staff has completed or is in the process of his or her weight loss journey. Without the intimidation factor, patrons can try new exercises and classes and feel empowered by the success of other members. Even the equipment is designed to support larger frames.

January 19th through the 25th is National Healthy Weight Week. Even if Downsize Gym (which has limited locations currently) doesn’t sound like the kind of gym you’d like to join, it’s important to remember that working out is one key factor in fighting diseases like diabetes and heart disease. We encourage everyone, regardless of body shape and size, to practice healthy habits like exercising regularly, eating well, and getting enough sleep. Celebrate the curves you’ve got by making sure you’re wearing a well-fitted sports bra, too. Want to make sure you’re wearing the right size? Our bra size calculator is a great tool to use at home with basic measurements.

Drink more water, make sure to exercise, and keep smiling! Let’s push through those New Year’s resolutions and make the right choices for staying healthy in body and mind.


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Plus Size Printed Leggings: Fun and Easy Ways to be Fashionable and Comfortable this Winter

Plus size printed leggings are one of the easiest, most comfortable and trendiest looks for winter.  Throw on a cute top and a pair of boots and you have a simple, yet fashionable, outfit for almost any occasion.  Swap the boots for heels and you’re ready for your evening plans.

We’ve put together some fun ways to dress up and dress down your plus size printed leggings for the most flattering looks:

Animal print leggings_courtesy of macys.comPrints and Patterns That Reflect Your Personal Style

Printed leggings are a great way to make a personal fashion statement, so make sure yours are a reflection of you.  Feeling wild?  Go for a leopard or zebra print.  Wanna be sweet?  How about floral?  Are you cute and flirty?  Try polka dots or lace.  Need to be noticed?  Bright colors can do the trick.  There are endless possibilities so pick something that really allows “you” to shine through.

Long Tops for Uber Comfort

If your goal is to be comfy and warm, look no further than a fabulous pair of leggings and a long top.  Oversized sweaters or cardigans look awesome with printed leggings, as do drapey blouses and longer oxford shirts.  If you prefer something more form fitting but need to stay warm, wear a fitted tank top or t-shirt underneath and pair with an open-front blazer.  We love this look with tall boots.  The combination of a long top and high boots will elongate your look, giving a taller, slimmer appearance.

Red print leggings_courtesy of macys.comDress It Up or Dress It Down

Casual or dressy, many dresses look great with printed leggings.  Wrap dresses look fantastic with printed leggings because they give definition to your legs and create a more interesting outfit.  Or, try a structured dress and heels with your printed leggings for a dressier look for work or date night.  Be sure your dress does not clash with your leggings.  Look for solid color dresses or ones with subtle prints that blend nicely with your leggings.

Flatter Yourself

A few tips for your most flattering look:

  • The best plus size printed leggings will fit snugly without creating bulges or ripples.
  • If you are wearing a tighter shirt, be sure the waist-band on your leggings is not too thick or bulky so it doesn’t protrude.
  • Spandex blends will help hold your curves in place.
  • Bulky fabrics and textures may create a thicker appearance.  Stick to smooth, sleek fabrics and let the prints create the illusion of texture.
  • Black and grey are always the most slimming.
  • Horizontal stripes cut off the leg.  If you are a stripes-loving gal, go for vertical.
  • Panty lines are no fun so wear seamless underwear or thongs.

We hope you have a blast this winter in your plus size printed leggings!  Share your personal style with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.


First Time Bra Fit with Ty Alexander

ty-alexander-gorgeous-in-greyTy Alexander is an experienced lifestyle writer who has worked with notable publications like HelloBeautiful,, Huffington Post, and XOJane. With a bubbly personality and a sassy voice to match, Ty is a budding online content editor eager to win the heart of every fashion and beauty girl. Known for her gorgeous grey tresses, she also edits her own fashion and lifestyle blog, You can follow her on Twitter & Instagram @gorgeousingrey



How old were you when you got your first bra?

I was 9. I left for the summer to visit my aunt in Delaware and I came back with boobs. YIKES.

Who bought it for you?

My mom and I went to the Kmart and made me try on LOADS of bras.

What do you remember about it—bra style, fit, comfort, etc?

It was so uncomfortable. I remember wondering if this was what it was really like to be a woman. Because it truly sucked! And hurt.

How old were you when you were first fit for a bra?

OH MY…grown! Like in my 20’s. And I went to Victoria’s Secret and they fit me there.

Who fit you?

A random but very nice sales associate.

Does anything stick out about the experience?

I remember feeling extremely awkward having someone touch and feel me up in the store.

Do you remember what bra size you were during your first fit?

Oooo…maybe a 36 DD?

What bra size are you now?


How often do you get fit/measure yourself for a bra?

Every time I purchase a bra, which is every month or so, I get someone to resize me.

What did you think about having to wear a bra at all?

I think most people in my presence would get NOTHING done if I didn’t wear a bra.

Do you like bras?

If it’s a sexy black lace one, yes. Those granny Madonna pointy bras, NO!

What would you add/change to the structure?

I would figure out how to have a sexy big bra without making 8 clasps in the back?!

Why do you think so many women don’t know their “true” bra size?

So many women are in denial. Just like our jean size. We put some much value in what that number (inside of our clothes) reads that we dismiss the value in comfort.


Your Bra Size Demystified: Leading Lady Customer Q&A

Have you ever had a question about your bra size or bra fit? With 80% of women wearing the wrong size bra, we try to help you find your best fit possible! Here’s a question from a customer concerning bra fit below:

I wear a 38D but am looking to wear a much larger cup size bra (with extra padding of my own) and need help. I’ve been wearing a G cup recently with padding but would like to go even bigger but I am not sure what bras to look for or how to stuff them properly. I would love any kind of help or advice you may have!


Hi Suzy, thanks for reaching out to us. We asked Lisa Cole, one of our featured bloggers and bra stylist expert at Style Fit Solutions to weigh in about your bra size and breast forms dilemma. Here’s what she suggested:

5044 blackSuzy, having more volume in your cup is possible. Try one of my favorite Leading Lady bras: the Scalloped Lace Underwire Full Figure Bra (5044). This sexy bra has innovative cups that are molded and lined for support while also featuring cutaway lace panels for a flirty, feminine look and feel. This bra style gives side support underneath the breast tissue for an instant lift. It sounds like you are planning on using breast enhancers, and I would recommend purchasing a pair of breast forms that makes you look up to two sizes larger. These breast forms can be found in a department store or online. The Leading Lady 5044 works well with breast enhancers because you get the support and coverage you need while also enjoying a sexy lace bra. If this bra helps, please let us know!

Lisa Cole is the Founder/Fit Expert of StyleFitSolutions.Com.  She provides advice on all aspects of style as it pertains to bra fit and body confidence solutions for women.  She is a speaker and hosts private events around the country.

Full Figure Fashion: Television’s Leading Ladies Celebrate Their Curves

It’s always refreshing to see women in the spotlight celebrate their curves and embrace full figure fashion.  Curvy celebrities serve as role models that reflect the image of the majority of women.  They remind us that there is natural beauty in everyone regardless of her dress size, body shape and weight.

Today’s full figure fashion review reminds us that real women have curves and they are beautiful indeed!  And we love the curves on two of televisions enduring stars:  Mariska Hargitay and Kirstie Alley.  Let’s check out some of their full figure fashion statements.

Mariska Hargitay is an icon for body confidence and celebrating her own curvy body.  The Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star, mother of three and daughter of actress Jane Mansfield was featured on the cover of Ladies Home Journal mariska-hargitay_Ladies Home Journal coverlast year and discussed, among other things, how and why she embraces her natural shape.  In her interview she said, “I love my curves because they scream, ‘I’m a mama!’… I want to be on this planet for a long time, so I try to eat things that make me feel good and make me strong. But I also love food and I love life: Some days having that extra bowl of pasta and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup means more to me than being thin.”

Mariska certainly looks like she feels good in this stunning lilac sweet-heart neck dress in her LHJ cover photo.  The hue of the dress is beautiful on her skin tone and the diagonal creases complement her curves impeccably.  Plus we love love love the high slit, showing mariska hargitay_redcarpet-fashionawards.comoff her sexy legs, with the tapered draping skirt falling elegantly to the floor.  Beyond her dress, Mariska exudes confidence in her pose and smile.

In November 2013, Mariska was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  She looked incredible in this black, A-line dress.  The low-cut neckline shows off her cleavage tastefully and the darts towards the waistline create a clean, slimming upper-body frame.  The dainty detail on the shoulder and flared skirt are feminine and flirty, perfect for the occasion.  Leading Lady’s molded padded seamless underwire full figure bra works perfectly with this dress to lift the breasts, create a smooth bustline and support Mariska throughout the festivities surrounding her star ceremony.

The outspoken Kirstie Alley has been in the Hollywood spotlight for many decades from her early career on Cheers, to her film career, and now her self titled television series.  Throughout the years, Kirstie’s size has fluctuated and she has been Kirstie Alley_courtesy of fanshare.comcandid about her weight issues, even documenting them in a reality series.  Now at 62, Kirstie has found a happy median and rocks her curves on television and the red carpet.

Kirstie struts her stuff at the Hollywood Film Festival in this hip hugging black cocktail dress.  The tapered straps are flattering on her arms and the bustline slit is sexy and chic.  The ruching on this dress is ideal for hiding bulges, while also following Kirstie Alley_courtesy of hollywoodreporter.comthe natural shape of the body.  To create a smooth cup and lifted bust, Leading Lady’s molded padded seamless wirefree full figure bra in black will complete this look.

Kirstie also looks amazing in this casual black wrap dress.  Wrap dresses are ideal for cinching the waist and tend to be flattering on every body type.  The three-quarter sleeve and pockets make this look fun and effortless.  Blonde Kirstie always looks fabulous in black!  Comfortable wrap dresses pair nicely with Leading Lady’s crossover front closure racer back leisure bra that dips low in front and is simple to dress and remove.

How are you celebrating your curves?  Hopefully you do it as gracefully as Mariska and Kirstie.  Join our full figure fashion conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Instagram.


My Bra Size is What?

Leading Lady Zig-Zag Weave Leisure BraWhen it comes to New Year’s resolutions, increasing fitness and improving body image are some of the top priorities for women. “How can I look my best?” Women ask themselves. One of my clients wanted to jump start her year with a bra fitting around Christmas time.  She had been emailing me that her 38C bras were just not working anymore. “Help!” She told me.

The first step I took to solve her bra fit dilemma was making sure that she really  was the same bra size as she professed.  She had been sharing how she had increased her exercise routine and needed a new bra for walking.  In her own words, challenges such as, “I have spillage and bra cleavage” kept being repeated in our conversations.

To find my client’s true bra size, I used one of my favorite bras:  the Leading Lady Front Closure Leisure Bra (110) to check for her true bra size.  Instead of the 38 C/D/DD she typically wore, I used a 36 band bra. Just as I suspected…welcome to your new size diva! She had shifted to a 36D!   “I’m a “D”” she exclaimed!  I said “yes, you’re a 36D.”  She was surprised, but the bra fit immediately and her cleavage was finally under control.  The 38C was actually too big and puckered in the cups.

She was thrilled!  She had been struggling for almost six months with ill-fitting bras and clothes not looking so good.  With a big hug and a high five in the dressing room, we had solved the mystery.  She admitted that hearing the word “D” scared her initially, but it was not about the size, it was about the bra fit.  This happens to millions of women.  Don’t get hung up on a letter.  It’s the style, fit, and feel that make a bra comfortable. Correct bra size will do all of this and more.

Could this be you?  The New Year brings a time to get things in order.  Checking your bra size is a must .  Use our size chart for assistance.  You can also check your bra fit visually.  Puckering in the cup, bra cleavage (spilling out of the cup), and your band hiking up in the back are major signs of wrong bra size.   Give yourself a belated holiday gift, a bra that fits!

Lisa Cole is the Founder/Fit Expert of StyleFitSolutions.Com.  She provides advice on all aspects of style as it pertains to bra fit and body confidence solutions for women.  She is a speaker and hosts private events around the country.


New Year’s Resolutions, Life Goals, and Bras

Believe it or not, but your bra wardrobe is the key to your New Year’s resolution success.

new-years-resolution-flickrElisabeth Dale, author of The Breast Life, recently published an article musing on the correlation between pretty, supportive lingerie and reaching professional and personal life goals. In her own words, Dale asserts that “a New Year’s resolution to buy the right lingerie can improve your figure, work, or sexuality.”  Your bra is not only the foundation to every outfit, but also your main support system.

Fitness goals? A sports bra can be the most supportive running partner a woman has. Dale points out that “putting on a great sports bra makes it easier to go outside for a walk, head to the gym, or join a new fitness class.” Now that sports bras come in a variety of flashy colors and prints, every woman has many style options that are affordable and comfortable.

Want to spark up a romance, or kindle an already-existing frame? Lacey lingerie has been the go-to for a long time in the bra world, but with an array of new designs, bra styles, and colors offered, lace never goes out of style! Dale emphasizes that women shouldn’t only buy sexy lingerie when in or pursuing a relationship, though; her take on stocking your lingerie drawer with delicate bra styles: “you don’t need an excuse to buy beautiful and sexy lingerie for yourself. You are worth it….honor, embrace, and enhance your own self-confidence [with lingerie].” Great words to live by!

Never underestimate the confidence boost you’ll receive from wearing a new, well-fitted bra. Regardless of what bra style you prefer, Dale makes note that “a new bra can empower you from the inside out. It will (literally) help you stand taller, straighter and hold your head up higher.” The act of wearing a bra is its own mantra in Dale’s point of view.

Do you agree that the right bra can help you achieve your life goals?

What bras do you plan on trying in the New Year? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to visit us for your new favorite bra style.


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5 Easy Exercises to do at Your Desk

Easy exercises may sound like an oxymoron to you.  But sometimes exercising can be simple; all we have to do is make a little effort to work it into our day.  If you are one to use the “no time” excuse when it comes to exercising, we’re calling your bluff!  Exercising can be as easy as sitting at your desk.  Yup, you can get your blood flowing, heart pumping and clear your mind with just a few simple motions.

Easy Exercises_courtesy of nptifitness.comWe’re not meant to sit behind a desk for 12 hours a day and if you’ve ever done it, you probably know why.  Bodies are meant to be in motion.  Sitting still, especially while hovering over a computer screen, can cause back, shoulder or neck pain, headaches and poor circulation.  Plus repetitive work and motions without breaks and movement can actually make us less productive overall.

Sometimes long hours at our desks are unavoidable when we have deadlines to meet and clients to please.  These are the days when a little “deskercise” is in order so we are sharing five easy exercises you can do at your desk. So put that conference call on speaker phone and check out these simple activities:

Calf Raise Leg Lift:  Our legs can become very stiff and even numb when sitting all day so combat the tingles with some leg lifts.  Sitting up tall, use your calf muscles to rise onto the balls of your feet.  Then lift your lower legs from your knees to your feet using your quad and hamstring muscles.  Slowly lower your legs back to the balls of your feet and then return to a flat-footed position.  Repeat for one minute.

Arm Toner:  This one is challenging but you can impress your co-workers with your levitating skills.  Place one hand on each arm of your chair.  Lift yourself up so your bottom is off your chair.  This works your biceps, triceps, shoulders and back for a toned upper body.  Repeat 15-20 times.

Circular Motions:  Simply rotating the joints that are over-used and that carry much of our tension can keep you nimble and prevent numbness.  Roll your wrists and ankles 10 times in each direction and then switch.  Repeat for 5 sets.  At the same time, roll your neck in half circles to alleviate stiffness in the neck and shoulders.

Static Crunch:  This one is easy to do in a meeting without anyone else knowing.  Tighten and release your abdomen as if you were doing a motionless crunch.  Then do the same with your buttocks.  Alternate between the two for 30 reps each.

Reach for the Sky:  Stretching can release a great deal of tension.  Reach up to the sky and hold the stretch for 10 seconds.  Then lower your arms into two 90 degree angles like a “muscle man” pose and hold for 10 seconds.  Repeat 5 times each for a great back, shoulder and chest stretch.

In addition to these exercises, try to take breaks periodically.  Even when you’re in a time crunch, resting your eyes and your mind can be the best solution to many work conundrums.  Be sure to drink plenty of water and eat simple on-the-go energy-boosting foods like trail mix or a banana.

plus size sport braAlso, make sure you are poised for great posture.  That means using a chair that ensures your sitting position is ergonomically supportive for your height and your desk. This will help you achieve good posture so you are not straining while at work.  And wearing a supportive and comfortable full figure bra will help you achieve good posture as well.  When your breasts are lifted and the weight is distributed properly across your back, you’ll be able to sit taller and be more comfortable overall.

We hope these easy exercises help you multi-task at work, while also releasing some tension.  Remember, our best work is done when blood flows freely throughout our bodies.  And that can be done as simply as sitting at your desk.

Happy Deskercising, Leading Ladies!


New Years Resolutions: The Most Common Resolutions and How to Keep Them

It’s that time of year when we’re all contemplating our New Years resolutions and deciding how to make our lives better in the coming year.  It’s exciting and daunting at the same time.  Setting goals, making promises and being truly honest with ourselves gives us a great opportunity to start fresh.  But how can we make sure we stay on track to meet our own expectations?

If you are one of those people whose goals are basically the same from year-to-year and somehow you consistently fall short, you are not alone!  There are some very common resolutions that many of us share.  The reason they are universal is because we all often struggle with the same issues:  health, money, relationships.

We’ve boiled down some of the most ubiquitous New Years resolutions, and perhaps more importantly, how to keep them.

Get In Shape

Fitness and weight loss top the list of New Years resolutions. With a few extra pounds on our bodies from the holidays, January is the month that most people hit the gym.  But a Full Figure Sports Brafew words of caution: forcing yourself to do exercise that you really don’t enjoy will only last so long.  Mix it up from the beginning so you don’t get bored.  Try a variety of classes, add some active sports like tennis or soccer to your routine, and get your body and brain moving in different ways from a range of movements, such as swimming and cycling.  Remember, the goal is to burn calories and tone the body to get fit and healthy, not burn out on exercising and tune it out!  Be sure you’re equipped with the right gear for whatever workouts you choose, like our awesome wirefree full figure sports bras.  Feeling supported from the intimates out will definitely help you keep this resolution.

Improve Health

Beyond exercising to tone-up and drop some weight, there are many ways to lead healthier lifestyles.  Exercising is a great first step to improving our bodies.  It strengthens our heart and muscles, gives us energy, elevates our “happy” hormones to improve our emotional state, and revs the metabolism.  The goal should not be to lose weight, but instead to adapt a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet is, of course, also an important way to better health.  That doesn’t mean you can never eat chocolate or ice cream, it just means you should put more Fruits and Vegetables_Courtesy of WeightShapes.comemphasis on balanced meals with lots of fruits and veggies, lean proteins and whole grains.  Sprinkle in indulgences every once in awhile.  If you deprive yourself, you’ll crave it even more.  Also, simply taking a multi-vitamin or all-natural supplement can really kick-start your health goals.

Everyone’s body is different so how we care for ourselves may also vary.  Put some thought into the areas of your health you want to focus on this year.  If you have a history of heart disease, breast cancer or mental illness in your family, research preventative measures, know signs of these diseases and get screened regularly.  Talk to your family and physician about your desire to stay on top of this aspect of your health so they can help you do it, too.

Save Money, Spend Less

You’re probably pretty good at managing a budget at work, right?  So why is it so hard to do it for yourself?  If you have long-term goals for big ticket items – a new home, car, vacation, even having a baby – avoiding excessive debt and accumulating savings is essential.  Treat your financial situation like a job.  Create a budget and diligently review New Years Resolutions_Save Money_Courtesy of Chicagonowyour finances regularly.  Use technology to your advantage by downloading an app to help you record your spending.  Sometimes seeing how much you spend is exactly what you need to come up with clever ways to save in the future.

Speaking of savings, technology can help you there, too.  Always look for a coupon.  Sites like Retail Me Not and have codes and printable coupons for tons of things you may be buying, from groceries, toiletries and household items, to gifts and clothing.  Also, wait for sales.  Chances are, what you want to buy will eventually go on sale.  Waiting a few weeks won’t kill you, but not waiting might kill your budget.  End of year sales, like our current 50% off bra sale on clearance items, are a great time to shop.  We love to be trendy but trendy and thrifty is even better.

Improve Relationships

As we get busy with our daily lives, relationships sometimes slip.  Perhaps we don’t make time to call or make plans with our friends.  Maybe our stress makes us grouchy when visiting with family.  It happens to the best of us but we are all human and usually more forgiving than you may think.  Have honest conversations and make an effort.  Your friends and family may have the same feelings and together you can try to rebuild your relationship.  Set a schedule to help you stay in touch and plan get-togethers at less stressful times for you.  Maybe it’s a once-a-month girls’ night, a weekly at-home date night with your spouse, or a family picnic on Sunday afternoons.  Also, consider which relationships in your life are most valuable and meaningful to you.  As adults, we have the right to choose our friends and if some relationships are toxic or no longer worthwhile, back off for awhile.  Don’t make enemies, just choose to spend your time with people who inspire you, challenge you and support you instead.  You are much more likely to have productive and healthy relationships that way.

Get Organized

Get Organized_Couresty of Addspacetoyourlife.comNot everyone can keep up with Martha Stewart, but being organized can simplify our lives, save time and make a good impression on others.  If organizing your life feels overwhelming, map out specific areas to focus on each month.  January, your closet.  February, your recipes.  March, your garage.  And so on.  Taking on small chunks at a time will certainly make this goal feel attainable.  Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune on storage bins and containers either.  Try wrapping your leftover holiday cardboard boxes in trendy, thick wrapping paper for fun and unique ways to store your stuff.  Or raid a dollar store for cheap containers.  When sorting through your belongings, keep in mind this rule of thumb:  if you haven’t used it in one year, get rid of it.

Happy New Year, Leading Ladies!  We wish you a year of fulfilled New Years resolutions!

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