8 Sophisticated Braids for Adult Women

Braids for adult women can be a classic look. Braids are feminine and add texture and elegance to longer hair. From everyday styles to dressed-up dos, we’re taking a look at eight sophisticated braids for adult women.

French Braid: This traditional braid is a great way to keep you hair out of your face without resorting to the average ponytail. French braids keep your hair looking neat and can also cover up a bad hair day by tucking in lackluster strands. If you’re not up-to-speed on how to do a French braid, look online for tutorials that can teach you how to do it on yourself.

Workout Braid: If you have really long hair, you may find it easier during workouts to keep your ponytail together with a braid. This do simply entails making a ponytail and then braiding your strands. Tie it off at the bottom or loop it back through your top ponytail band to shorten the length.

Braided Bun: When you just can’t be bothered with your hair all day, create a braided bun. This is a super look for work because your hair will be “out of sight, out of mind” and you’ll look very sophisticated. You can easily make a braided bun by braiding your ponytail and then wrapping the braid around in a bun. Secure it with bobby pins and your hair is set for the day.

Braided Bun Band: Similar to the braided bun, this hairstyle takes a traditional bun and uses a braided strand to surround it. This technique takes a little more skill but looks awesome for daytime or nighttime.

Braid Into Bun: Another way to incorporate your braid into a neat or messy bun is to sweep the beginnings of a French braid from the top of your head to one or both sides, meeting a bun in the back. This braid into bun is interesting and adds a new dynamic to your regular bun.

Braided Wreath: For an elegant earthy look made popular by many celebrities, go with the braided wreath. This do crowns your head with a circular braid and acts almost like a natural headband.  It may take some time to perfect but it’s a gorgeous look for special occasions.

Side Braid: For longer hair, go flirty and feminine with a wispy side braid. Simply gather your hair to one side and braid your mane starting at the neck and draping down your shoulder. This is a good look if you like to build volume at the hairline but still want your hair out of your face.

Half-Up Meet-in-the-Middle Braid: This youthful look can still be sophisticated and keep your hair out of your eyes. Collect strands starting at your temples and braid them until they meet in the middle in the back of your head. Clip them off and let the rest blend into your hair. This is a beautiful look to show off silky hair while incorporating a cool braid.

If you miss hairdos from your youth, return to the look with these ideas for sophisticated braids for adult women.

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