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General Certificates of Conformity (GCC)


Leading Lady, in partnership with our suppliers, puts the safety and best interests of the consumer first and foremost. Our products are tested at independent testing laboratories to ensure that our garments do not pose any safety threat. In addition, our staff works closely with the Consumer Product Safety Council (CPSC) and the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) to meet all the CPSC requirements and required certification documentation for the products we manufacture.  

The General Certificates of Conformity for our products are available below. These require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.  

For information about the Consumer Product Safety Commission and their requirements, visit

151 Beige.pdf 
151 Black.pdf 
151 Periwinkle.pdf 
151 Rosewood.pdf
151 White.pdf
18927 White.pdf
405 White.pdf
406 White.pdf
423 White.pdf
4388 Grey.pdf
4388 White.pdf
454 Nude.pdf
454 White.pdf
455 Nude.pdf
455 White.pdf
5028 Blue Mist.pdf
5028 Core Pink.pdf
5028 Nude.pdf
5028 White.pdf
5042 Black.pdf
5042 Blue Mist.pdf
5042 Nude.pdf
5042 White.pdf
5044 Black.pdf
5044 Nude.pdf
5044 White.pdf
5048 Black.pdf
5048 Pink.pdf
5108 Black.pdf
5108 White.pdf
518 White.pdf
720 Black.pdf
720 Grey.pdf
720 White.pdf 

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