12 Easy Habits to Save the Earth

earth day 4__1458740213_162.206.228.38Tomorrow is Earth Day, a day to celebrate all of the glorious gifts our planet has to offer.  It’s also a time to give back and think about our global impact.  How can we be better at reducing our ecological footprint?  If you’re trying to find ways to be a better environmentally-friendly citizen, check out these 12 easy habits to save the earth:

Take public transportation.  Taking your car off the road saves on gas, oil and emissions.  Each of these has an impact on our land, water and air. Even taking a bus or train just a few times a week can save on resources and reduce pollution in big ways.

Turn off the water.  Leaving water running while brushing teeth or for a long round of dish washing can be wasteful.  Similarly, baths use much more water than a quick shower.  Make a point to use as little water as possible.  Invest in low flow toilets and shower heads that conserve water.  If you are bathing your kids in a tub, have them bathe together.  You and your spouse can also shower together to save water.

Unplug electronics.  Keeping computers, chargers, lamps, appliances and other electronics plugged in constantly pulls a lot of unnecessary electricity.  Unplug items that you aren’t using.

Buy Thrifty.  One gal’s junk is another gal’s treasure. Shopping at thrift stores for you and your family members is a terrific way to reuse consumer products.  Plus, you’ll save money and find unique items.

Subscribe electronically.  Opt in to email newsletters and bill paying to reduce the amount of unnecessary mail you receive.  Not only is snail mail a waste of paper, it is also taxing on the environment to produce and deliver it to you.

Eat less meat.  Raising and feeding cows for meat takes up a lot of land, food and natural resources.  Cows also release a good deal of methane gas that contributes to global emissions.  Skip the red meat and replace it with vegetarian options every now and then for a cleaner, more eco-friendly diet.

Bring your own water bottle and coffee cup.  Rather than popping open a new disposable water bottle every time you need refreshment, refill a washable bottle.  Do the same with your coffee cup.  Some coffee shops will even give you a discount for having your own cup.

Adjust the lights.  Your mother probably told you to turn off the lights you aren’t using and she’s right.  Also, swap out your most frequently used lights for LEDs.  They are more expensive but can last for up to 10 times longer than other light bulbs and they produce less heat reducing the need for air conditioning.

Wash your clothes with cold water and air-dry them.  Heating water to wash clothes takes a ton of energy.  When possible, use cold water.  Also, skip the dryer and let your clothes air dry.  You’ll probably enjoy that fresh breeze natural scent too.

Tune up your car.  When your car doesn’t work efficiently you may be doing more damage than you think.  Maintaining your vehicle will reduce emission pollution, require less gas and keep you driving it for longer.

Wrap creatively.  Skip the wrapping paper and use recycled materials to wrap gifts creatively.  Or simply tie a bow around your present and hand it over letting the recipient know that part of the gift is helping the environment.

Reuse, recycle and donate.  Play your part in saving the earth by reusing as much as possible, recycling what you can and donating any items you no longer need or want.

Happy Earth Day!

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