So, you’re having a baby! That’s terrific news! Breastfeeding is the single best decision you can make for you and your baby.

Instead of waiting until after your baby is born to purchase your nursing bras, you should actually purchase your nursing bras towards the end of the third trimester. This will help ensure a fit that will accommodate your fuller breast when your milk comes in.

The correct nursing bra size can make a world of difference in the way you look and feel. Unlike fashion bras, nursing bras are designed specifically to support the entire breast. Just purchasing a fashion bra in a larger size isn’t going to provide the level of comfort and support you need as a nursing mom.

How To Choose Your Nursing Bras

The nursing bras you purchase are based entirely on your personal preference, but be sure to look for bras that give you convenient, easy access to your breast. Bras that enable you to open the clasp with one hand are really helpful when you’re holding your baby and are about to nurse.

One of our most popular nursing items is our nursing cami. It’s so versatile that you can wear it in virtually every situation—at the hospital, while at home, while you’re out on the town, while shopping and even to sleep in. A lot of women have told us that it was the first nursing product they bought, and the style that they most frequently recommend to their friends. It provides great support, excellent comfort, and the camisole design enables you to be more discreet while you’re nursing because it nicely covers your midsection!

How Many Nursing Bras Should You Buy?

Since your baby is your priority, household chores like laundry will naturally take a back seat.  That’s why we suggest that you have three nursing bras on handone to wear, one in the wash and one in the drawer! It’s a good idea to start out with a couple of bras for daytime and one sleep-nursing bra. We think our nursing cami should also definitely be on your list of items to start with, again, because you can wear it in so many ways.

After your baby is born, and you’ve been breastfeeding for about a month, it’s a good idea to be fitted again. Your breast size naturally changes during breastfeeding, and you’ll want to make sure your nursing bras are comfortable. At that time, you’ll most likely want to add a couple more nursing bras and camis to your wardrobe since you’ll be ready to go out with friends or back to work.