12 Up and Coming Baby Names in 2014 from Nameberry.com

iStock_000008954862SmallGame of Thrones must be making its mark on U.S. culture because popular baby name website Nameberry.com recently announced 12 up-and-coming baby names for 2014, and more than a few sound reminiscent of characters on the popular HBO show. From Shakespearian heroines to Olympic soccer stars, these names pop up in subtle ways across our culture and might just be the next names you choose for your own children or suggest to a friend.

Nameberry predicts that names like Celia, Faye and Leonore are among the girls’ names that will make a comeback with expecting parents this year. Slightly whimsical and old-fashioned, these names are shared by princesses, actresses, and Shakespeare characters. Liv, Magnolia, and Margot are also beautiful girls’ names that made the list. Magnolia in particular is a quaint update to the flowers-as-name trend we’ve seen before with Daisy, Poppy, and Rose.

Two of the boys’ names included on Nameberry’s baby names list are repurposed nouns with particularly masculine overtones. Blaise and Justus, names which are derived from blaze and justice, evoke power and righteousness. Cassian, another baby boy name that makes the cut, sounds the most like a medieval hero and has ancient Roman roots. These interesting boys’ names are joined by Huxley, Miller, and Tobin as the other picks that round out the soon-to-be-popular baby names for boys list. Even though these three names sound more like surnames than first names, Nameberry is confident that the trend will continue to grow more popular this century. Celebrities like Stella McCartney and Melissa Ethridge have named their sons Miller, while Karolina Kurachova has a son named Tobin.

What do you think of this crop of baby names, moms-to-be? Any you would consider for your unborn child? Let us know which names you like or which baby names you think are missing from this list in the comments.

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