4th of July Style Tips

Alright ladies, July 4th is right around the corner – have you decided on an outfit? If you’re your response was “not yet,” we’re here to help with 4th of July style tips to keep you looking trendy and patriotic on Independence Day.

4th of July Style TipsEasy, Breezy Stylish: On hot summer days, a casual flowy look can keep you comfortable and fashionable. A light cotton maxi dress in a red, white and blue combo is on trend. Red crop pants or skinny blue jeans and loose-fitting blouse or tank is also very flattering. Another stylish look: a simple white button down oxford shirt with red or blue shorts or skirt. Tucked, tied or left open, this breezy outfit is appropriate for any of your July 4th plans.

Play Dress-Up: A head-to-toe American flag dress is not necessary but you can have fun with the patriotic color pallet for a festive and on-trend look. Casual yet sophisticated sundresses with clean lines that flatter your figure are perfect for July 4th. Try a red dress with blue belt, blue dress with red belt, or a variety of patterns or prints including stripes, chevron, polka-dots or hearts.

Show your Freedom Style: It’s a holiday so feel free to skip the super polished look you strive for during your work week and let lose with a relaxed style. Your best bet here is a favorite American- themed t-shirt, comfy jeans or shorts, and your all-star sneakers. (For max comfort, don’t forget to pair this look with Leading Lady full figure bras like our amazing full figure t-shirt bras or front-closure leisure bras.)

Spirit Wear: Sometimes all it takes to show your pride are some choice accessories. Try a chunky necklace and bracelet set with patriotic accents or a trendy scarf. A bold sun hat will make you look festive and protect you from those harmful rays if your plans take you outdoors this July 4. Or give your outfit a pop of color with a red handbag or strappy sandals.

Day-to-Night: Need a look that will take you from the morning parade to the evening fireworks display? Bring along a few minor changes and one outfit can carry you through all of your July 4th plans. For daytime: flats, a hat, simple earrings and sunglasses, of course. Turn this into a nighttime outfit by trading in your flats for heels or wedges, adding some chunky jewelry and a crop jacket, ditching the hat and letting your hair flow freely. If you have hat head, twist your hair into a messy knot and enjoy your fun night out!

We know you’ll look fabulous with our 4th of July style tips! Happy 4th, Leading Ladies!

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