5 Types of Nursing Bras that Support Breastfeeding

A lot of love and determination goes into breastfeeding and sometimes small conveniences can make a big difference. A nursing bra that ensures you are supported, comfortable and ready to breastfeed at any time might be just what you need as a new mom to persevere and meet your breastfeeding goals.

Here are the five types of nursing bras that can help you throughout your breastfeeding journey:

5 Types of Nursing Bras that Support Breastfeeding

Stretchy Cotton Nursing Bra

A stretchy cotton nursing bra is just what you need during pregnancy and your early days of breastfeeding when your breasts are most sensitive and your size continues to fluctuate. This is the time for soft, breathable cotton against your tender nipples and stretchy fabrics that will expand with your breasts as they prepare for breastfeeding at the end of pregnancy and then continue to grow as your milk comes in. A stretchy cotton nursing bra will be a dream come true for the first few months with your baby.


5 Types of Nursing Bras that Support BreastfeedingT-shirt Nursing Bra

As your milk production stabilizes and you start wearing your regular clothes again, having a smooth, fitted nursing bra will make you look and feel great while still offering the convenience of breast access breastfeeding. T-shirt nursing bras have simple one-handed clasps and cups that drop down so you can breastfeed anywhere at any time. Don’t be afraid to select underwire nursing bras for extra support if they fit properly and are most comfortable for you. An underwire or wirefree t-shirt nursing bra can give you that smooth, feminine silhouette that makes you feel amazing.


5 Types of Nursing Bras that Support BreastfeedingSleep & Leisure Nursing Bra

For at least the first few months with your newborn you’ll be breastfeeding day and night. Sleeping in a nursing bra will make the middle-of-the night feedings so much easier and help everyone get back to sleep quicker. Plus, sleep and leisure nursing bras crossover or clasp in front so you won’t lie on uncomfortable hooks while you’re sleeping. Sleep and leisure nursing bras are also comfortable for lazy days of snuggling at home and building a bond with your baby.


5 Types of Nursing Bras that Support BreastfeedingNursing Sports Bra

You may be eager to get back to your exercise routine after having a baby, or perhaps you just need some extra support when taking your baby for a walk. A nursing sports bra helps you stay supported and comfortable during light to moderate exercise and not miss a beat when it’s feeding time. Stretchy breathable fabrics will help keep you cool as well.


Special Occasion Nursing Bra

5 Types of Nursing Bras that Support Breastfeeding

Every new mama needs a few special occasion nursing bras too! These are the ones that make you feel sexy, feminine and gorgeous but still have easy access for breastfeeding. Sensual lace, cute patterns and fun accent details can all enhance your nursing bras for those days or nights when you need a little boost. When selecting special occasion nursing bras don’t sacrifice comfort and support for looks. The best nursing bras will have all of these important features.


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