5 Ways to Get Kids to Drink Water

5 Ways to Get Kids to Drink WaterIn the heat on summer, dehydration can cause parents major concern for their kids.  As one of our most basic bodily needs, water is essential to your child’s health.  But reaching for a glass of water may not be their first instinct, and telling a child to drink water because it’s good for his health usually doesn’t cut it.  That’s why today we’re sharing five ways to get kids to drink water.

Water is required for almost every function of your child’s growth and development, as well as his immediate health and performance.  Water keeps muscles, joints and organs working properly and helps blood deliver nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.  Dehydration can make kids lethargic and impair their concentration and ability to learn.  Use these tips to get your kids to drink water this summer:

Do me a favor and add some flavor:  Water may seem boring to your kids, which is why they probably prefer juice.  Spice things up by adding some flavor, texture and color to your kid’s water by dropping in a few slices of fruit.  You can mix it up and let your kids pick their flavor every day, and you can even come up with fun concoctions by adding multiple fruits at a time.  Let your little ones mush or twist their fruits to fully enjoy the flavor of the day while they also benefit from the nutrients of that particular fruit.

Fun is in the eye of the cup-holder:  For kids, sometimes, drinking water is all about the cup or the straw.  Make a special trip to the store to let your kids pick several fun water-only cups.  If they want to use these new awesome cups, they’ll need to drink water.  They may opt for cups with their favorite characters or they might pick ones with funky, twisty straws.  It doesn’t take much to make a kid go wacky for water when you give them a cool cup of their choosing.

Melt away the objections:  Another terrific way to get kids jazzed about water is through fun ice cubes.  You can make flavored or colored ice cubes in traditional ice trays by adding fruit or natural food coloring.  Alternatively, you can buy ice trays in fun shapes that will make your kid want to drink their way to the bottom of their cups.

Clear the way:  Water is an important substance in nature and biology, so use drinking water as a lesson about the human body.  Teach your kids that water helps flush the system, including making them have to urinate more often.  If your kids are potty trained, you can make a game out of trying to produce clear urine by drinking lots of water every day.

Don’t leave home without it:  Water should always be accessible to your kids.  If they aren’t old enough to get a cup for themselves, strategically place cups of water throughout your house so it is always available.  For older, more responsible children, you can leave a jug of water with a nozzle dispenser on a table so they can refill their own cups.  Also, take water bottles with you wherever you go.  Whenever your child has down time, such as riding in your car, encourage water drinking.  And remember, the more active your kids are, the more water they should drink.

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