5 Ways to Inspire Those around You

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Being an inspiration to others is an aspiration for most of us.  While not every aspect of your life is inspiring, there are certainly powerful ways to inspire those around you, from small gestures, to major life changes.  Inspiration comes in many forms and today we’re sharing how you can be an inspiration to others with our 5 ways to inspire those around you.

Inspire Those around You with Care, Belief and Respect

People are most inspired when the feel cared about, believed in and respected.  These sentiments are not hard for you as an individual to express, and they have exponential benefits in inspiring others.  Something clicks when people feel that someone else is on their side and rooting for them.  Instead of feeling isolated and underappreciated, they feel part of a bigger picture that wants them to succeed.  A great way to begin this practice is by becoming a good listener who builds trust among others and treats them fairly.  These qualities will make others feel they matter and inspire them to be better.

Inspire Those around You by Admitting Mistakes and Being Vulnerable

Perfection is unattainable and usually makes others turn a cheek because it is so unrealistic.  But we all understand flaws.  Those who are courageous enough to admit their own short-comings can be downright inspirational.  This humanizing quality can open others’ eyes to the fact that even when we are weak and vulnerable, we can rise above, learn from mistakes and still be successful.

Inspire Those around You with Enthusiasm

It’s not hard to understand why enthusiasm is inspiring.  Look at cheerleaders, motivational speakers and peppy salespeople – they all serve to inspire others with a positive, cheery attitude.  Witnessing excitement in someone’s face, voice and actions is inherently inspirational.  You probably remember and learned most from your most enthusiastic teachers and coaches, and your spirited friends and family are usually the ones who rally the most support for their ideas.  Not everyone is the perfect example of Prince Charming or Ms. Charisma, but a little enthusiasm can go a long way when inspiring others.

Inspire Those around You with Open-Mindedness

People who are full of hope and possibility are much more pleasant than criticizers and nay-sayers.  Have you ever played the game where you cannot say “no” all day long?  You have to be a “yes” person for a day and find ways to turn what you would otherwise negate into something you accept.  In our world of barriers, boundaries, institutional structure and stereotypes, it is often hard to free our minds enough to discover new possibilities.  But when you can, it is liberating and inspiring.  This includes a free exchange of ideas, having creative space and making decisions through conversation rather than dictatorship.  Having an open mind and reaching beyond the “normal” is a quality of many inventors and successful business people because they had the courage and audacity to be “yes” people.

Inspire Those around You with Integrity

Being a leader for good is another terrific way to inspire others.  Honesty and holding true to your own beliefs, even in the face of adversity, helps others make the same good choices in their lives.  It’s why George Washington, for all of his many accomplishments, is still well-known for not lying about the Cherry Tree.  Another part of integrity is giving others credit where it is due and always acknowledging that accomplishments are shared among a team.  Integrity often comes from someone’s code of ethics or personal morals, but it can also be taught and is highly inspirational to others.

Remember, inspiring others doesn’t always have to be a big chore.  It’s mostly about living your life being the best you can be, and helping others follow a similar path. Inspire on, Leading Ladies!

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