6 Tips for Finding Balance in Life

balance__1457100855_162.206.228.38Ah, balance!  It sounds so easy breezy but yet it is so hard to achieve.  For something so simple, finding balance in life actually takes a lot of work.  Whether you work outside the home or your current life’s work is taking care of your family – whether you have none, one or many children – whether you are super involved in many things or focus on just a few – most of us could improve our life balance.  Today we’re offering 6 tips for finding balance in life.

Tip #1:  Identify the elements in your life that you want to prioritize.

Each of our lives is fulfilled in different ways and usually that includes many aspects.  Family, relationships, work, home, social, spiritual, health, personal development and leisure among others are all important parts of modern lives.  Not all of these can be achieved every day but pinpointing what is essential to your life on a regular basis will help you align your lifestyle, thoughts, actions and beliefs in harmony.

Tip #2:  Balance requires choices and sacrifices so be prepared to make tough decisions.

When your days become overwhelmed with too many “balls in the air,” step back to consider your priorities and align yourself with your values. Make choices that directly reflect what you identified as the most important aspects of your life.  This will mean making regular sacrifices and putting some things on hold while you focus on other priorities.  While it may feel incongruent in the moment, these in-the-moment decisions are a very normal part of finding balance in life.

Tip #3:  Learn to say “No.”

We can do it all and have it all, but not necessarily at the same time.  Learning to say “no” when your plate is full is essential to finding balance in life.  We get out of whack when we take on too much, are pulled in a million directions and aren’t successful in anything we are doing.  Balance is not just about equilibrium of all priority aspects of our lives, it’s also about feeling satisfied and accomplished in these areas.  If you can’t participate to the best of your ability, you won’t feel balanced.

Tip #4:  Make space for your own health.

Poor health can throw everything off balance and derail all of your hard work.  As caregivers and diligent workers, occasionally the needs of others must come before our own, but not to the detriment of your own health.  Maintain physical health through a wholesome diet, exercise and sleep, cognitive health through stimulation and challenges, and emotional health with relaxation, fun and time alone.

Tip #5:  Develop and maintain healthy relationships.

Human beings are hard-wired for meaningful social interactions.  Relationships aren’t just an indulgence; they are an important part of finding balance in life.  Friends, family, significant others, co-workers and sometimes even exchanges with strangers can greatly improve our lives by making us feel helpful, desired and part of a team.  This inherent need is crucial to finding balance in life.  If you struggle in this area, map out a plan to get together with friends or join a group to meet new people.

Tip #6:  Have a routine but know how and when to abandon it sometimes.

Balanced people usually operate within a general routine that accounts for important priorities on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  That’s important for stability.  However, sometimes you need to exit your routine to explore the world, gain perspective and let things go.  This may mean taking a vacation now and again, or simply taking a different route to work.  Also, unplug to focus on other priorities at least once a day and more often on the weekend.  Just like your body needs sleep every night, your brain needs space away from the constant barrage of information, problems and being available.

We’re wishing you much balance in life!

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