6 Winter Accessories that Make or Break an Outfit

Clothing may be the cake of fashion, but the icing is accessories.  What good is cake without icing?

Accessories can most certainly make or break an outfit.  Just like your wardrobe, accessories change seasonally.  Some winter accessories not only keep you warm, they can also spice up any outfit to make it a winner.  Others are universal, like bags and earrings.  And of course your most important accessory is a comfortable, stylish and properly fitting full figure bra.

6 Winter Accessories that Make or Break an Outfit

Scarf:  Scarves have become very trendy in the past few years.  From traditional long scarves with fringe, to infinity scarves, you can jazz up any outfit with a fabulous scarf.  Feeling drab in all black?  Throw on a colorful scarf to brighten up your attire.  Don’t have the right chunky necklace to match your outfit?  Tie on a scarf instead.  Thinner scarves are easier to wear all day and won’t become a nuisance as you’re going about your daily business.  Thicker scarves are better for outdoors when you really need to stay warm.  Experiment with new ways to tie scarves – high on the neck, to the side, lower on the chest or loosely draped.  You can also use a button or pendant to enhance any scarf.

Coat:  If you shop strategically, you can probably get away with just one or two winter coats: a lighter daytime coat and a dressier nighttime coat.  Selecting styles that can be dressed up and dressed down will allow more flexibility.  For instance, a short daytime coat with a shiny zippers and buckles can be worn on a trendy or casual night out too.  Or a simple long, thick winter pea coat or wrap coat in a neutral color like camel or black can be worn day or night.  Dress up your coats by tucking scarves under your collar or adding a broach for a more elegant occasion.  Remember: while your coats from previous seasons may still fit, they may not be in style.  Check your winter trend report before busting out old coats.

Bag:  A great winter bag can be both chic and versatile.  Most busy women hate changing bags every day to match their outfit.  Instead, splurge on a well-made neutral bag that you can wear everyday during the winter season.  Camel, light brown or winter white are excellent choices, or you can go with a fun color that doesn’t clash with most of your attire, like a medium blue hue, dull red or lima green.  When you have your signature bag, it should suffice for most of your daytime needs and you can focus on clutches and high-fashion styles for dressier, trendy nights out.  These include jeweled bags, fur bags and shiny styles that will stand out as a gem among your accessories.  But even in your trendiest nighttime bags, try to pick colors and textures that will be versatile for your special occasion wardrobe.  A purse for every single outfit just isn’t practical.

5044 blackBra:  We like to say, “You’re not fully dressed without a great bra.”  And when we say great bra, we mean one that makes you look and feel amazing.  That includes proper fit to support your breasts and take pressure off your back and shoulders; a comfortable feel without jabbing, pinching or gapping; and a fashionable look to match your personal style.  Like any other accessory, bras should be selected based on your outfit and activity.  Everyday wirefree or underwire full figure bras, sleep and leisure bras, sports bras and sexy special occasion bras all have their place in your wardrobe.  While most people won’t see your bra, you’ll feel good knowing you’re in a cute style, fun color or coordinating pattern.  And just like a good accessory should, bras support the rest of your outfit by lifting breasts, smoothing your chest and creating a sleek line in your clothes.

Earrings:  Not every outfit needs a necklace or bracelet, but most women choose to wear earrings every day.  On casual days, it may be simple studs or hoops.  For dressier events, you may select something more elegant that complements your attire.  And for those super trendy days, big, bold, loud earrings are in order.  Earrings help add color and keep the focus of your look on your face, your most precious asset.  They frame the face and even help bring out some of your best facial features, such as your eyes or your lips.  Many women believe they have to spend gobs of money on their earrings, but it just isn’t true.  You can find fashionable earrings in most women’s retailer shops, even discount stores, for reasonable prices.  Plus you can replicate couture jewelry styles easily for a fraction of the price.  Longing for diamond studs?  Try crystal ones instead, or maybe a pearly stone with sparkles around it.

Shoes:  Boots are the official shoe of the winter season, of course.  Riding boots, heeled boots or wedge boots; knee high boots, mid-calf boots or ankle boots; black boots, tan boots or red boots; buckled boots, zippered boots or quilted boots. They are all in style for winter and will keep you looking good and feeling warm.  Heels add length, lift the bum and can create a slimming look.  Riding boots or wooly boots with leggings and oversized sweater balance nicely in winter.  And a slight wedge helps support the legs and back for long days of standing.  For those few winter occasions where boots aren’t appropriate, try a trendy sneaker or a printed flat.  And for business or elegant events, you can never go wrong in a great pair of black pumps.

Have your cake and eat it too.  Stay on trend this season with our 6 make-or-break accessories for winter!

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