8 Clever and Meaningful DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Like moms, dads enjoy gifts from the heart. Before you bust out your wallet and spend gobs of money of a Father’s Day present, consider making special DIY Father’s Day gifts. Today we’re sharing some clever and meaningful gift ideas for you and your kiddos to work on together that dads will cherish.

8 Clever and Meaningful DIY Father’s Day GiftsFill-in Questionnaire or Mad-Libs: Write a list of questions or a fill-in-the-blank story about dad and have your kids give you answers. They’ll have fun creating a one-of-a-kind description of dad that may turn out particularly silly or sweet.

Design Your Own Mug: Using permanent ceramic markers, have your kids draw pictures on an inexpensive mug (available at dollar stores). Dad will have a new favorite coffee mug designed especially for him.

Anagram Artwork: Spell out DAD or FATHER on a canvas and ask your kids to come up with a word or phrase that describes your guy using each letter. Frame the canvas for a meaningful Father’s Day keepsake.

Matching T-shirts: Proud dads love their kids artwork so let your children design a t-shirt that they can both wear. Have your kids draw their design on a piece of paper and scan it into your computer. A screen printer can create the matching t-shirts.

Dad’s Favorite Things: Let your kids decorate a bucket or shoe box to represent dad. Then brainstorm all of dad’s favorite things such as his favorite snack foods, beverages, sports, hobbies, games, people, etc…and place a representative item in the container for dad to enjoy on Father’s Day.

Pun Cards: Make your own Father’s Day cards and enjoy a fun art project at the same time. Get clever with your dad puns and ways to represent them. Some ideas include: a card in the shape of a saw that says “Greatest Dad I Ever Saw.” A card in the shape of a lawn mower that says “A Cut Above the Rest.” A card with a mustache on it that says “If you Really Mustache, You’re the Best Dad Ever.”

Coin Jar: If you’ve got a dad with a lot of pocket change, make him a coin jar where he can collect daily deposits. You can use almost any type of container including a mason jar, tin can, mint box, empty food canisters, or whatever else you may have around the house. Decorate it with art supplies. Make sure there’s a slit at the top where dad can insert his coins.

Nature Picture Frame: Take the kids outside for a treasure hunt to find items in nature that you can use to make a picture frame. Using a simple wooden or plastic frame, glue your natural treasures to the frame. You can stick with a theme, such as rocks or sticks, or got eclectic. Finish it up by placing a family photo in the frame.

We hope your family has a wonderful and special Father’s Day!

Sources: Country Living, Dodo Burd, and The Parenting Place

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