8 Ideas to Share the Holiday Spirit

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We hope you are already enjoying your holiday season.  If you or others around you are not yet in the holiday spirit, we’re here to help whip you into holiday shape.

The holidays aren’t just about presents and delicious foods.  They are about togetherness, cheer and warm wishes.  No matter what our circumstances may be, we can all participate in celebrating our holidays, families, year end and the many wonderful things in our lives.  That is truly the essence of the holiday spirit.  And while you’re feeling full of cheer, we hope you’ll make it your mission to share the holiday spirit this year.  We have 8 ideas to help you do it:

Holiday Scents:  For days leading up to the holidays, fill your home with fragrant holiday scents like ginger, peppermint, cinnamon and vanilla.  You can do this through scented candles, air fresheners or starting your holiday baking early.  The magnificent smells of the holiday season will put everyone in a festive mood.

Decorate your Home:  It’s hard to resist the holiday spirit when your home is decked out in holiday gear.  Decorating can be especially fun for kids, but even if you don’t have any, put up decorations so your visual surroundings will stimulate holiday happiness.

Twinkle your Neighbors:  Similar to “booing” on Halloween or “egging” on Easter, twinkling over the winter holiday season means you leave an anonymous surprise at someone’s door or in their yard.  It may be several small items or one basket of goodies.  It will warm your neighbors to know you are thinking of them during the holidays.

Shop in a Good Mood:  For some, holiday shopping is such a chore.  Do your best not to be a grump or a scrooge when you do your holiday shopping.  Pick a day when you’re in a good mood – perhaps take a vacation day so you’re not distracted by work – and indulge in a great cup of coffee or breakfast treat to get your day started.  Keep a smile on your face as you do your shopping, even if you have to stand in long lines.  It will be contagious.

Invite People into your Kitchen:  Often we greet our guest, grab them a drink and retreat into the kitchen to finish last minute details while the rest of your family entertains.  They are all enjoying themselves and you’re slaving away in the kitchen, or so it seems.  This year, don’t banish people from helping in your kitchen.  Rather, let the kitchen be the gathering spot.  Allow your guests to pull up an apron and stir, garnish or taste something as you finish the festive meal preparations.

Break the Ice:  Whether you celebrate with close family or invite extended relatives, friends and neighbors, help everyone have more meaningful conversations with an ice breaker.  Yeh, sounds a little cheesy but it can be fun and productive.  An example:  ask everyone to bring one item that represents how they are feeling this holiday season or about the year that is almost over.  Give everyone a moment to talk about their item.  We guarantee it will spark deeper conversation and a sense of unity throughout the holiday.

Start One New Holiday Tradition:  Traditions are a special way to get your family in the holiday spirit year after year.  If you feel your holiday is lackluster this year, start a new family tradition.  For instance, maybe one gift to and from each family member must be homemade.  Or give a gag gift to lighten up your holiday scene.

Watch your Favorite Holiday Movies:  There’s nothing that can turn a holiday frown upside down like a holiday movie.  Keep a few of them playing on background during the holiday season.  You’ll surely soak up the holiday spirit in no time.

Happy Holidays!  We wish you much holiday spirit this season!

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