8 Reasons Why Aging Isn’t As Bad As Women Think

8 Reasons Why Aging Isn’t As Bad As Women ThinkIn today’s society, getting older is like a plague. It’s a sad plight that no one can avoid. The only acceptable trick seems to be to try to look and act younger so no one really knows that you’re destined to turn another year older within the next year. But what if you found out that aging isn’t really as bad as women think? There are actually some great perks to getting older and we’re not just talking about senior discounts.

Check out these eight reasons why aging isn’t as bad as women think:

1 – You’re Smarter

With age comes wisdom. If you’re thinking about stroking your beard and spitting out a saying by Confucius in jest, hold on. Science shows that older women are generally smarter because they have more brain resources and experience to draw upon. Yes, dementia and brain degenerative diseases can occur with age, but on the whole, older women are smarter.

2 – You Can Let Go of Vanity

Older women have better things to do with their time than obsess about their skin or weight. As you age, these superficial features become less important, which can take a lot of pressure off a woman.

3 – Your Mature Body is Beautiful Too

Even with wrinkles, sagging and other tolls time takes, older women can embrace their bodies. In fact, studies show women can actually enjoy sex more with age which proves women don’t need to feel inhibited by their changing bodies.

4 – You Have Better Relationships

Gone are the days of drama-filled relationships. With experience you have learned how to be a good partner, friend, daughter, sister and mother. You know how to let go of the petty things and focus on what really matters in a relationship.

5 – You Are Happy, But Your Idea of Happiness Changes

Studies show that people who age aren’t less happy, it’s simply that what makes you happy changes. Younger people enjoy thrilling experiences that may be risky and gives them a rush, while older people enjoy relaxation, stability and safety. That’s why you can be perfectly happy curling up with a great book or spending time with your kids on a Saturday night rather than having a wild night on the town like you may have enjoyed when you were younger.

6 – You Care Less What Others Think

Your years have built up your confidence and it shows. You can feel secure in who you are and the decisions you make without regard for what others think of you. This is a freeing experience and one that will allow you to do more without inhibitions.

7 – You Enjoy Your Work

Older employees are generally more content in the workplace. Some of this is the familiarity and know-how that age affords, but it is also about no longer bulldozing your way to success. Climbing the corporate ladder may be an ideal of the past so now you can enjoy what you do, feel productive and be a trusted advisor in your workplace.

8 – You Enjoy Your Family

If you’ve raised your kids, you may welcome grandchildren into your world. Being a grandparent offers the joys of parenting with less responsibility. It’s the best of everything! Those without children and grandchildren also take more time to appreciate family and create new memories.

So there you have it. Aging isn’t as bad as women think. Look at all you have to look forward to as you grow older and wiser!

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