8 Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Thanksgiving

8 Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First ThanksgivingBabies make the holidays particularly joyous. During the first year, each new holiday is a special time to celebrate with your new family member. With the focus on family and gratitude during Thanksgiving, introducing your baby to the sights, sounds and warmth of the holiday is meaningful to everyone. Today we’re sharing eight ways to celebrate baby’s first Thanksgiving.

Spend Time Together: As the world slows just for a short time on Thanksgiving, take advantage of time together as a family. After all, family probably tops your list of what you are most thankful for in your life. Cater to each family member by finding activities everyone can enjoy together or taking turns picking out what you’ll do as a family. Whatever it is you get into, togetherness should be your priority.

Dress the Part: Baby’s first Thanksgiving warrants a special outfit. Whether it’s a cute slogan shirt or a full-on turkey costume, your baby can be festive and adorable in Thanksgiving attire. If you want to keep it low key, a Thanksgiving headband or bib are also great options.

Discover Something New: When mom and dad are off work and older siblings are off school for a few days, take a family outing to show your baby something new and interesting. Perhaps a trip to the zoo or aquarium would be entertaining. Or check out a hiking trail or park to thrill your baby’s senses.

Try New Foods: The taste of Thanksgiving alone is a wonderful way to celebrate baby’s first Thanksgiving. Depending on where your baby is with solids, incorporate many of your family’s holiday foods such as turkey, vegetables, sweet potatoes and pumpkin into your baby’s diet for a festive plate.

Get Crafty: Your baby may be too young to design her own masterpiece but you can help her by doing fun crafts using handprints and footprints. These will make for great keepsakes for years to come or terrific grandparents gifts.

Play with Autumn: The fall season is very much a part of Thanksgiving. Go outside for a play session using the visuals and textures of autumn. Let your baby crinkle leaves in her hands and toss them in the air to watch them float. Make a sensory box with pinecones, tree bark, acorns, twigs and leaves to let your baby feel the various textures.

Picture Perfect: Use Thanksgiving as the backdrop for adorable photos of your baby. Some ideas include posing your baby with pumpkins or even inside a gutted pumpkin, placing your baby in a basket surrounded by fall foliage or capturing your baby playing with colorful leaves. These beautiful memories will surely be treasured forever.

Bring Joy to Others: No one can resist a baby. Spend a few hours visiting people in your community who could use some cheer. This may include a trip to a retirement home or simply dropping by a neighbor’s house. Babies are often the best medicine when someone needs to lift their spirit.

We hope you have a special and heartwarming holiday with these ways to celebrate baby’s first Thanksgiving

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