9 Reasons Why You Should Eat Peanut Butter

Many of us know peanut butter is a great source of protein and it helps suppress your appetite giving you the sensation of feeling fuller longer, but did you know it loaded with healthy fats, antioxidants, and lowers your risk heart disease and stroke? Read these 9 reasons why you should eat peanut butter:

  1. Weight Loss: When you eat peanut butter it can actually suppress your hunger and help you maintain a healthy weight, or even loss weight. This is because of the protein and fiber in peanut butter. It keeps you satisfied and fuller longer.
  2. Good Protein: Peanut butter contains 7 grams of protein in just two tablespoons. Protein is great for the body because it helps build and repair muscles tissue.
  3. Loaded with Nutrients: Peanut butter is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants such as fiber, potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin E. As you learned above, these nutrients are great for your body and can give you many health benefits.
  4. Healthy Fats: There is a healthy balance of saturated and unsaturated fats in peanut butter. By eating peanut butter you can lower the cholesterol in your blood stream and prevent disease. Be careful when you buy commercial peanut butter such as Jiff and Skippy because they will contain more saturated fats and sugars which can be bad for your body. If you want to keep to a healthier diet try all natural or organic peanut butter.
  5. Heart Healthy: Because of all the nutrients and healthy fats in peanut butter it is easy on your heart! While being high in proteins and fiber, peanut butter lowers the risk of high blood pressure and your risk of cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, stroke, and health problems later in life.
  6. Helps Fight against Diseases: With all the nutritional benefits peanut butter has to offer, there is no wonder why it’s the perfect ingredient to fight against diseases. Besides being great for your heart, peanut butter helps protect your body from Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss. This is because peanut butter contains niacin, which is a source of Vitamin B and helps repair DNA and fuel the body with energy.
  7. Reduces Risks of Stroke: This treat isn’t just tasty, but protects your body from a number of health problems. Peanut butter is loaded with potassium which we have learned above will lower your risk of a stroke. Studies show that eating more foods high in potassium can lessen your risk of heart disease and stroke.
  8. Great Source of Calories: Peanuts are a perfect source of carbs and easy calories. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or build muscle, you can do this with peanut butter! Peanut butter is a cheap and easy way to eat 200 calories or less in one meal or snack.
  9. Easy to Prepare: Peanut butter is super easy to prepare. Whether you’re making peanut butter toast, peanut butter protein bars, or apples and peanut butter, it’s simple and all you need to do is scoop your amount right out of the jar! Who would have thought a snack could be this easy to make?


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