Accepting Compliments

accepting complimentsWhy is it so hard for us, especially us women, to accept compliments? Is it that we feel we don’t deserve them? Do we think the other person is lying or misguided? Or do we think the complimentor is only being nice or wants something in return? Compliments are thoughtful gifts that all too often we reject. Accepting compliments is an important part of being a confident woman so we’re reminding you how to take the compliment like the champ that you are.

Think about times when you give compliments. Perhaps you think someone else’s cooking is delicious or they wrote something that touched you. When you pay them a compliment, you really mean what you’re saying. You think they’ve done something quite well and you want them to know it.

Now, flip the tables and think about compliments others have given you. Maybe you completed a project successfully or you spruced up your hair. Whatever it was, how did you receive it? Did your response and body language show you were dismissive of the compliment or did you accept the compliment graciously?

If you’re one who finds accepting compliments difficult, keep these things in mind:

  • The best way of accepting compliments is to say thank you and show your pride. Even if luck and good timing played a role, you can still consider yourself deserving of the compliment. Don’t be rude, accept the gift!
  • Most of the time, people really mean what they say when they give you a compliment. After all, they could just not say anything. It takes more effort to give a compliment than to remain silent. So unless you have solid proof that they don’t mean it, believe they really are impressed by you.
  • Don’t diminish the compliment by making excuses for your success or writing it off as nothing. That is belittling to your accomplishments.
  • Make sure your body language matches your words. Regardless of what you say, if your facial expression, posture or stance does not show respect, you inadvertently may be perceived as rude.
  • Give credit to others if they were part of a team that is worthy of praise. It is immoral to take full credit for something you did with the help of others. Encourage the complimentor to praise all team members equally.
  • Don’t one-up compliments by giving them out just to be nice to someone who paid you a compliment. Compliments are most meaningful when they are heartfelt and random acts of kindness.
  • Invite others to be part of your success if it is warranted. Their feedback may be valuable.

In summary, accepting compliments gracefully and graciously is a sign of a powerful woman. Being sheepishly humble or denying your hard work does not build self-confidence. So next time you get a compliment, own it with gratitude and pride.

Sources: Huffington Post and LifeHack


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