Activities for Kids this Fall

Autumn is such a wonderful time of the year, but with the beautiful leaves and pumpkin lattes it’s also the start of chilly weather. While the days of swimsuits and shorts might be over there are still lots of fun activities for kids to do this season!

Fall Treats: Every season there is a signature dish or seasoning. Fall is no doubt the pumpkin franchise! This fall play a game with the kids and have them write down all of their favorite must-have pumpkin dishes. This can be anything from pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie or pumpkin rolls, etc. If you get tired of the pumpkin explosion, you can always try something a little different. Apples are in season, and there are tons of fun treats to make with the many different flavors such as ciders and crumbles.

Homemade Halloween Masks: Getting crafty with the kids is perfect for a lazy Sunday. Talk about what they want to be for Halloween, and if they are unsure let them use their imagination and make a creative mask. Make sure you have all your materials in hand for when you want to plan a crafty day. We suggest magic markers, colored pencils, colorful fabric, construction paper, decorative scissors, and glue!

Decorating Pumpkins: Carving pumpkins is an awesome way to celebrate the Fall season. If you want to try decorating your pumpkin in other ways checkout our previous blog about no carve pumpkin ideas. There we show some great ways to decorate your pumpkin without the mess.

Leaf Pile: Nothing is better than jumping in a huge pile of leaves in the Fall. While you might be annoyed with the abundance of leaves around your yard, they are the perfect excuse to have some fun with the kids. Make it a family activity and racking up the leaves won’t seem like such a chore. Build the biggest pile you can, and when finished jump in the pile all together!

Leaf Crafts: Fall is the perfect time to do some creative rubbings with leaves! After you’re done jumping around in your pile, grab a few and make some pretty rubbings. Make sure the leaves are dry or you’ll ruin your paper!

Halloween Candy Bag: Pumpkin carriers are fun, and pillow cases are convenient, but what would be even better is making your very own candy bag for Halloween! The next time you’re in your local craft store grab a couple canvas bags to bring home for the kids. They will have fun decorating their own bags to carry their candy in during Halloween night!

Family Hike: Autumn is such a beautiful time of year. With the changing leaves and the gorgeous colors, it’s the perfect time to spend outdoors. The next time the weather is fair grab the family and head outside and go for a hike.

Apple Picking: Fall is the season where apples are at their peak. Besides pumpkin everything, the crisp apple flavor has been way ahead of the game for years and apple picking is always a top favorite. Take the family to an apple orchard where you can go on a hayride, pick apples, and drink hot cider.

Paint Pinecones: Painting pinecones is another great thing to do on a lazy Sunday. Whether you choose to do a rubbing or paint the pinecones themselves, you and the kids will have a fun time getting crafty this Fall!

Corn Maze: Just like apple picking, going to a corn maze is definitely a Fall favorite!

Build a Fort: When the weather is yucky there is no better thing to do than build a pillow castle. Build a fort in the living room and cuddle up with the kids and watch a movie inside your very own tower!

Make a Scarecrow: Whether you want a classic scarecrow, or something a little different, building your own creation with the kids sounds like a good time.


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