Actress Melissa McCarthy Plans to Launch Plus Size Clothing Line

Actress Melissa McCarthy Plans to Launch Plus Size Clothing LineSome of Hollywood’s biggest stars are redefining red carpet fashion by flaunting their curves in gorgeous, body-conscious gowns fit for any Oscars event. But despite the collective successes of these curvy women, finding an elegant gown larger than a size 4 is a challenge for many shapely actresses and performers.

Recently, A-list actress Melissa McCarthy spoke out about her experience trying to find a designer to dress her for the 2012 Oscars ceremony. McCarthy confirmed in an interview that she approached a handful of well known top-notch clothing designers and was repeatedly told that they would be unable to dress her for the important event. With curvy stars like Mindy Kaling, Gabourey Sidibe, Christina Hendricks, Amber Riley and Rebel Wilson ruling the big screen, there’s no reason why designers can’t expand their patterns and give these fabulous women the elegant dresses they deserve!

That’s why Melissa is taking matters into her own hands; before she became a small-screen star in shows like Gilmore Girls and Mike and Molly, the funny actress studied clothes and textiles and expressed interest in designing her own plus size clothing. Thanks to her current popularity and desire to provide curvy actresses with suitable red carpet dresses, it looks like that dream is becoming a reality. Melissa is teaming up with designer Daniella Pearl to produce a plus size clothing line called Pearl. Danielle and Melissa’s line will offer women over a size 10 beautifully produced plus size clothing that is appropriately fashion-forward for the 20 to 40-year-old range of consumers.

Plans for the actual clothing line launch have not yet been announced, but we’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for Melissa’s Pearl collection. Your Leading Lady full figure bras will fit beautifully under McCarthy’s new designs with all the comfort and support your curves need.

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