Age-Defying Hair: Younger Looking Hairstyles

Age-Defying Hair:  Younger Looking HairstylesMost women are on the never-ending quest to look younger.  We eat our antioxidants, moisturize twice a day and keep up with the latest fashion trends – all to knock a few years off our appearance.  But what if we told you your hairstyle can make you look younger too…years younger!  Yup, one way to achieve a more youthful appearance is through younger looking hairstyles.  No, we’re not talking pig tails here.  But slight variations can make a big difference in defying your age.  Check out these tips and tricks for younger look hairstyles:

Long and Strong:  Healthy long hair is not only youthful, it’s sexy and glamorous too.   Depending on your hair type, shorter hair tends to spazz at the ends, creating an unflattering shape around the face.  Instead, keep your hair long to add weight and avoid unsightly tips.  Also, ask your stylist to cut long, subtle layers to frame your face.

Short with Volume:  If you don’t have the patience for long hair, ask for a voluminous short cut, such as a modern bob.  With the right layers angling towards the face, a chin-length cut can reverse the clock without making you look too juvenile.  Try uneven sides for an edgier look.

Gray Smay:  Coloring your hair can help you achieve a younger appearance, however many women love their natural graying color.  Plus, maintaining color treatments are costly and severely damaging to your hair.  If you choose to accept your gray hair, get a super trendy hair cut to remind the world how young you are at heart.  Try a razored layered look for a modern appeal.

Bang Bangs:  Straight bangs can be drab and schoolmarish.  But a wispy side bang is in-style and quite youthful.  Make sure your side sweep blends nicely into the rest of your hair where it meets your frame, and ensure the proper length to stay out of your eyes.

Embrace Your Curls:  Whether you have a slight wave or a head full of curls, nurture your natural body.  Curls add lots of volume but your stylist can tone it down by cutting layers around the face and thinning the ends.  Usually, thick curly hair works better in shoulder-length cuts or longer.

Softer Up-Dos:  A tight, sleek up-do can be very harsh on the face and emphasizes wrinkles and imperfections.  A softer, fuller up-do redirects the focus for a more holistic appearance.  Silky curls framing the face also lighten the load of this elegant style.

Deep Side Part:  No one likes a flat head.  Give yourself a boost by teasing up the under-hair on top of your head.  One of the easiest ways to do this is create a deep side part and tease beneath both sides.  This also allows one side to sweep over for a more interesting and dramatic look.

To Curl or Not to Curl:  Some women look more youthful with a soft curl at the tips.  Usually this works nicely for long hair, below the shoulders.  For shorter than shoulders, a straight look is more sleek and sophisticated.

Wash and Wear:  Youthful people have vibrant, fresh hair.  Over-styled, over-heated and over-treated hair begins to look damaged, which contributes to an older appearance.  To preserve a youthful look, select a hairstyle that is simple to maintain and won’t require too much styling or heated tools.  A wash-and-wear hairstyle also takes less time so you can focus on other things in your life that will keep you young.

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