Baby Pictures and Family Photos: Taking Commemorative Photos Every Year

As the holidays approach, it’s a good time to think about traditions.  Traditions can be as simple as baking pumpkin pie as a family for Thanksgiving dinner, reading the same story every Christmas morning or delivering cheer to friends and neighbors.  Today, we’re focusing on one family tradition we know every new parent will love: family photos.  Because if there is one thing you cannot have enough of, it is baby pictures.

The holiday season is a terrific time for a planned or candid photo shoot with the family.  Everyone’s in a festive mood, usually dressed in their snazziest attire and you can probably count on the whole family being present.  That’s especially true if your family photos will include extended family.

Whether you pictures will capture a large family of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, just your immediate family or just your kids or baby, you have a wonderful opportunity to create commemorative photos.  One of the most fun ways to achieve memorable moments year-after-year is to recreate the same or similar scene.  The evolution of your family from year-to-year will be incredible to watch and display.

Recreating poses works well when it includes another object.  For example, your family could pose in front of a newly planted tree and each year, as you see your family grow, you’ll see the tree grow as well.  Or, depending on your traditions you may want to take family pictures with Santa Claus or a menorah.  You could go to your favorite park, sit in front of your fireplace or have each person sit in their favorite chair.  The possibilities are endless.  By posing in a similar way, you’ll be amazed at how your family changes each year.  Even if you haven’t selected the same pose every year, try recreating one from 5 or 10 years ago.  Or a different twist on this idea is to pose your current family the same way a previous generation posed, perhaps one from when you were a child.


Another excellent way to take commemorative pictures is doing something that defined your year.  If this was the year of bike riding or boating, take your family photos on your bicycles or in a boat.  If you were a family of jet-setters this year, add a globe or some stickered suitcase to your photos.  Or maybe your family loves to dance.  Take some wild shots of everyone in the act of dancing to mark the year.

And while posed portraits are wonderful to have, so are some silly photos.  Have your photographer take some candid photos of your family playing, running, tickling and otherwise acting goofy.  You can also wear something silly, such as costumes or your pajamas.  You can’t beat a natural smile that was made with the pure joy of having fun and being together as a family.  If the candid action is too much, try posing in a candid way, such as upside or walking hand-in-hand.

Baby Pictures and Family Photos: Taking Commemorative Photos Every Year

Baby pictures can be a bit challenging, especially if your little one tends to be fussy or is already mobile.  If you have an infant in your family photos, try to take your pictures at a time when your baby is happiest, has gotten plenty of sleep and is well-fed.  Have lots of hands on deck to pose your baby and to do silly things that will make her look towards the camera and remain generally pleased.

Some people line the walls of their home with expensive artwork.  But with baby pictures and family photos, your wall hangings can be priceless. Wishing you a warm and festive holiday season.  To that we’ll say cheers and “say cheese.”

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