Become a Monday Person: How to Love your Mondays

Become a Monday Person:  How to Love your MondaysAfter a weekend of fun, many people find themselves dreading Mondays.  Weekends are a time to decompress and let loose, while Mondays are the return of carpools, strict schedules, meetings, conference calls and lots of stress.  But in this unpredictable world, don’t you want to seize every moment of every day, even on Mondays?  You can become a Monday person and love your Mondays with a few simple (ish) tips.

Enjoy your weekend, but don’t stray too far from normalcy.  Weekends should be fun and frivolous when you have the chance, but that doesn’t mean you have to go to the extremes.  Monday mornings tend to be less abrasive when you keep things somewhat on track over the weekend, including sleep schedules and diet.  Try to go to bed and wake up within 2 hours of your weekday schedule to prevent that agonizing Monday morning alarm clock groan.  Also, eat meals around the same times of day as on weekdays and only indulge once per day.  Otherwise, eat sensible meals that won’t have you regretting your weekend diet come Monday.

Prepare for Monday morning to ensure a smooth transition into your week.  Knowing that you will be weekend jet-lagged, make your Monday morning easier by doing a little prep work.  Check your emails, prioritize tasks for the week and make a “to do” list so you have a mission and can jump right in come Monday morning.  This preparation can begin as early as Friday afternoon by making notes and lists of where you left off and what you want to accomplish the following week.  Then spend 10-15 minutes on Sunday night organizing yourself for the week ahead.  It may not be the fun you had in mind for your weekend, but this short prep time goes a long way on groggy Mondays.  You can also lay out your clothes, pack bags and lunches and plan breakfast to get a head start.

Splurge on Monday morning.  Treat yourself to happiness and trick your body to love your Mondays by doing one thing on Monday morning you might typically reserve for weekends.  Maybe that’s a pumpkin spice latte that costs a little more than your usual cup of java, or perhaps you take a cab to work rather than riding the subway.  Whatever makes you feel good may be just the thing you needed to kick-start your Monday and get you in a productive spirit for the week.

Schedule something to look forward to later in the week.  On Thursdays, people are usually in a good mood because they are anticipating the weekend.  Use the same philosophy by scheduling a fun activity that you can look forward to on a Tuesday or Wednesday.  Maybe it’s lunch with a friend or an evening massage.  Having something small to focus on later in the week can pep up the early days of the week and keep you working towards the fun event.

Wear something that makes you feel good.  As women we sometimes sacrifice comfort for fashion, although never in your Leading Lady bras, of course!  Don’t get caught in this trap on Monday mornings, however.  The last thing you need to drag you down is a skirt that you have to keep adjusting or a blouse that is too tight after lunchtime.  Wear something comfortable that also makes you feel like a million bucks.  If you went shopping over the weekend, Monday morning is the perfect time to show off your new ensemble.

Set the tone for good habits.  If you want to have good habits for the week, start your Monday by staying on target with your goals.  Getting in a Monday morning workout, eating healthy and spending more quality time with family are all tasks that take effort.  Start your week off on the right note by making these activities a priority.  Soon they will become solid habits in your life.

Happy Monday!!

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