Best Breastfeeding Positions for New Moms with Larger Breasts

Best Breastfeeding Positions for New Moms with Larger BreastsBreastfeeding isn’t as simple as it may seem to some moms-to-be, and our lactation consultant Amy is here with advice for the best breastfeeding positions for women with larger breasts. She shares her thoughts on different ways to hold your baby while nursing to achieve the best breastfeeding latch:

While there is no right or wrong way to position a baby at the breast, there are certain breastfeeding positions that may be easier for a new mom to master. For your first days breastfeeding, it is very important to find a position that is both comfortable and gives your baby the best latch. Football hold has been a favorite of mine when I am assisting new moms, especially those with larger breasts. Make sure to position the baby on one or two pillows or a nursing pillow so he is level with your breast. He can either lay under your breast, on his back with his head supported by your hand, or you can lay him on his side and have him latch like that.

Cross-cradle or modified football hold is also a good breastfeeding position if you want to achieve a deep latch. My least favorite position is cradle hold. Cradle hold may be the most natural position to hold an infant, but definitely not the best when latching an infant to the breast. I recommend that new moms start with football hold or cross-cradle before switching to cradle so you can focus on perfecting your baby’s latch. Once you are confident and the baby starts to latch more easily, the cradle and side-lying hold may work out very well for you.

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