Best Nursing Bras for Large Breasts

When you have large breasts that grow even bigger during breastfeeding, you need really fantastic nursing bras to ensure your breasts are supported and comfortable at all times. As experts in both nursing bras and full figure bras, we know a lot about the best nursing bras for large breasts. Today we’re sharing our recommendations to keep you and your breasts happy, healthy, supported and comfortable for a long breastfeeding journey.

Supporting larger breasts during breastfeeding is a delicate balance. You need a fitted band to keep your breasts lifted without becoming uncomfortable or digging into your skin or ribcage. You need straps that will stay in place and help lift and disperse the weight of your breasts across your shoulders and back. You need cups that are large enough to encapsulate your breasts and offer light, comfortable compression without restricting movement or milk production. At Leading Lady we pride ourselves on finding that balance and designing the best nursing bras for larger breasts.

Women with large breasts, whether breastfeeding or not, should wear a bra most of the time, even at night. When you’re breastfeeding you’ll need nursing bras to meet the demands of your lifestyle as a new mom. We recommend these as the best nursing bras for large breasts in every category:

Everyday Comfort Nursing Bra

Starting at the end of your pregnancy through your early nursing days and whenever you need ultimate comfort, our Seamless Wirefree Nursing Bra, a.k.a. The Most Comfortable Nursing Bra in America, is what you’ll crave. This bra has all the stretch necessary to expand with your breasts throughout pregnancy and nursing, while keeping you lifted and comfortable. The seamless blend is silky smooth and will make you want to live in this bra.



Best Nursing Bras for Large BreastsShapely Nursing Bra

When you’re ready to slip into more form-fitting clothes again, you’ll need a nursing bra that helps maintain your beautiful shape. Bras like our Molded Seamless Underwire and Wirefree Nursing Bras are ideal for everything from t-shirts to power suits. They contour to the shape of your breasts, giving you a beautiful curved silhouette. The padding offers modesty and the full coverage cups are ideal for keeping nursing pads securely in place. This bra is available in large cup sizes up to DDD.


Best Nursing Bras for Large BreastsSports Nursing Bra

Exercising can be difficult for women with larger breasts. Bounce can be uncomfortable and cause chaffing that makes working out not worth it. With our Sport Wirefree Nursing Bra, you can make the healthy choice to exercise and have the support for your larger breasts and functionality for breastfeeding. This bra is terrific for light-to-moderate exercise such as yoga, Pilates, walking, biking, weight-lifting and stretching. It is available in up to 46DDD to accommodate larger breasts.  Many moms find this bra so comfortable and supportive, they wear it all day whether they are working out or not.


Best Nursing Bras for Large BreastsSleep/Leisure Nursing Bra

Our Cotton Crossover Sleep and Leisure Bra is one of the best nursing bras for larger breasts and offers dreamy comfort for overnight support. The cotton blend breathable fabric and crossover design cradles your breasts and gently lifts them as the perfect support system. With full coverage and a wide back, you will breathe a sigh of relief when you put on this bra. Breastfeeding is simple with the slide-over cups. Without uncomfortable back closures, this bra is amazing for sleep, lounging and cuddling with your sweet baby.


Best Nursing Bras for Large BreastsNursing Tank Top

On-the-go, at home or overnight, a nursing tank top is a great choice for moms with larger breasts. Our Nursing Bra Cami with Inner Sling is especially supportive because the cotton blend, along with the inner sling, hold your breasts comfortably in place while you’re caring for your family and life’s demands. It offers full coverage and is a super layering piece under blouses, blazers and sweaters, or can be worn as a pajama top.


The best nursing bras for large breasts are right here at Leading Lady. Be sure to select styles that are supportive and comfortable for your shape and lifestyle needs.

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