Brain Games for Adults

Just like the rest of your body, your brain needs to workout to stay strong and agile. When we think of regular exercise, we are usually referring to physical exercise.  However, a daily brain workout in the form of brain games for adults or other highly brain-stimulating activities is necessary to avoid brain atrophy as we age.  In fact, stimulating your brain on a regular basis can help you avoid dementia by over 60%.  Plus, working out the brain can improve your memory, clarity, concentration and mental stamina for more productivity every day.

Today we’re sharing some brain games for adults to keep your mind in tip-top shape today and for the future:

Play Games:  You can have a lot of fun while you give your brain some exercise.  Brain-supporting games include crossword puzzles, Sudoku, scrabble, boggle and many other strategy and mind-challenging games.  Many adults get together to play card games, mahjong, bridge and other group brain games.  They may be doing it for social purposes but it also helps keep your brain fit and functional.

Opposites Day:  Challenge yourself to do activities with your non-dominant hand for an entire day.  This forces your brain to think harder and work differently to accommodate for your weaker hand to perform tasks it does not typically do.  Repeat this experiment at least once a month.  You’ll probably notice improvements each time you try it.

Learn to Play an Instrument:  It is much harder for adults to learn to play instruments than children, but it is a worthwhile activity for your brain.  Take up an instrument as a hobby.  Don’t expect to become a master musician, but rather view it as part of your daily health regimen.

Take up a New Hobby:  Along the same lines as learning an instrument, find a new hobby that requires both hand-eye coordination and thinking such as sewing, knitting, painting or carpentry.  These acute tasks help focus your brain and can be great stress relievers as well.

Memorize Lists or Recall Pictures:  Make a list or study a picture and then put it away.  Try to recall everything you wrote on your list or saw in the picture completely from memory.  This may seem pointless but it’s stretching your brain and improving your memory.  Try an activity like this daily.

Do Math in your Head:  Without using a calculator, smart phone or paper, solve math problems in your head.  You may not do it the way you were taught in school, but your brain will come up with clever ways of grouping to solve problems without the typical tools.

Learn a New Language:  Foreign languages are extremely challenging for adult brains, especially for those who only know one primary language.  Take a class or buy a language program to teach yourself a new language to keep your brain churning.  An even bigger challenge is learning a language with an entirely different alphabet than English.

Count Backwards:  This one is a good alternative to counting sheep if you cannot sleep at night.  Count backwards from numbers in the hundreds using unusual digits like 4 or 7.  This will stimulate your brain and probably eventually send you off to dreamland with lots of numbers floating around your head.

Color:  Adult coloring books are very popular because they a great stress reliever and help take your mind off of daily monotony and into a world of creativity.  Plus, you can relive your childhood again.  Adult coloring books feature more intricate designs and patterns and allow you to make lots of choices along the way.

Internet Games:  There are hundreds of brain games for adults you can find for free on the internet or you can subscribe to a brain game service to help you workout your brain on a regular basis.  Subscriptions will help you keep track of your progress and show how your brain power and memory has advanced over the course of time.  If you prefer hard copies, there are also many books available with brain puzzles and games for purchase.

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