Breastfeeding baby doll makes waves in the media

This week there has been much discussion in the news about the Breast Milk Baby that is on the market from a Spanish doll maker.  Although I have not seen the doll in person, I have seen videos on how the doll works.  Little girls don a halter top that has small flowers to symbolize breasts. When the little girl places the baby doll up to her chest, it makes a suckling sound.

There has been bad press and encouraging press on this doll.  Some people feel that it is sexually exploitive while others feel that it is exposing girls to learn how to nurture.  I personally breastfed my babies collectively for approximately 15 years out of my life.  And I breastfed around my children daily.  It was part of the infant’s routine in my house, as was bathing, diapering etc.  My children asked questions and I answered them age appropriately.  Some of my toddlers, “breastfed” their baby dolls.  This was part of the norm in our house.

So, I guess to me, this doll would just be more of a teaching tool.   I do not think with proper education that it makes girls want to get pregnant in their teens or makes it a sexuality issue.  It is simply the way babies are fed.  In many countries this wouldn’t even have to be addressed as an issue.  Unfortunately, in the United States, we have a long way to go to make breastfeeding a comfortable part of our culture.

Here’s a video of the ladies of The Talk discussing the doll.

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