Breastfeeding Friendly Family Outings

If you are taking advantage of the last few days of summer and headed out for family excursions this Labor Day, you will probably want to select outings that not only suit your family’s interests, but also your needs.  Your breastfeeding needs, that is.

breastfeeding-friendly family outingsMany family friendly attractions such as amusement parks, community centers and zoos have lactation rooms for your convenience.  If they do not, ask if they can make accommodations for you.  They may have a private space where they will place a chair to make nursing easy and comfortable.

If you want to take advantage of Labor Day sales for your family’s back-to-school wardrobe at the mall, many department stores have nursing or family lounges with plush chairs and plenty of space for your family members, stroller and shopping bags.  Even if you aren’t shopping in that store, these lounges are open to anyone visiting the mall.

Sometimes it may be more convenient for you to nurse in public outside of a designated nursing room, and you have every right to do so.  Many family-friendly locations sell nursing covers in vending machines should you need one and want some privacy.  If you find yourself somewhere that has a special children’s area, such as a library or museum, you may feel more comfortable nursing in a space meant for families and kids.  If you’re at a pool, the baby pool is another area where you may feel more comfortable nursing.

And the key to easy breezy nursing on-the-go is a great nursing bra or cami.  Leading Lady’s simple nursing bra clasps or front closure styles make nursing a cinch.  Or try our super soft and stylish nursing cami that is a perfect top for warm weather outings or to layer under a sweater in cooler climates.

We hope you enjoy your family-time this Labor Day!

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