Breastfeeding Success Story: A Rough Start for Sebastian

Breastfeeding Success Story: A Rough Start for Sebastian“This is Sebastian. He is going to be 11 months on the 13th of July. He is my first baby and the most precious boy you could ever know. We had a rough start when I first started to breastfeed.  He had an allergy to both dairy and soy products and also he had some stomach issues that we didn’t know about until he was 3 weeks old. The pediatrician I saw told me that they thought giving him a special formula would be easier on Sebastian and I, but I refused to put him on formula.

With the help of my lactation consultant and also the dietary doctors and children’s hospital I went on a dairy and soy free diet for months. Sebastian’s now able to have dairy and soy products after 9 months of being on a special diet and he is doing very well. I have also been battling hypothyroidism and a low milk supply but again with my lactation consultant’s guidance and a round of reglan I am able to pump like I used to and feed my baby with little-to-no problems.

I get asked all the time would I go through all this all over again if I have another baby and I say with no hesitation ABSOLUTELY!”

Jessica, Sidney Shelby County WIC

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