Breastfeeding Success Story: Catherine from Grayson County La Leche League

“Along with excitement and thankfulness, with the birth of my son (our second child) also came terrible Postpartum Depression.  There were so many days when I did not think I could continue breastfeeding.  It was too hard and it did not come naturally to me.  Even though I had breastfed my daughter for a few months, it still seemed foreign to me.  We were also in the process of remodeling our home and living in a camper (and we still do!)  Some days, the challenges just felt too great.

At the time, I felt alone.  I know now that many women struggle with postpartum depression and I have been able to share my story with other women who are going through that.

Breastfeeding my son has been the most incredible journey.  It has created a bond between us – a symbiosis.  It is the most natural thing to me now and I often reflect on how grateful I am to the people who supported me along the way and encouraged me to keep trying in the beginning.  My friends (especially Melissa who organized the Live, Love, Latch), my family, and my wonderful husband.

I also reached out to other support groups on social media for support.  I remember being so hard on myself because I thought “I should be able to do this easily.”  It wasn’t until I started listening to other’s stories that I realized it was not as ‘easy’ I thought it was ‘supposed’ to be. People who breastfeed successfully need and require support.

Now, I can share with others and encourage them through the hard times.  Breastfeeding is a normal thing in our household.  My daughter often nurses her stuffed animals when we are going to sleep at night.  She is not shy to talk about me nursing her brother to others.  It is quite sweet.  My son is 14 months old and still nurses.  He loves it and I love it.”

Catherine from Grayson County, Virginia La Leche League

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