Breastfeeding Success Story: Haley from Blount County, TN WIC

Breastfeeding Success Story: Haley from Blount County, TN WIC“Greg was born at 39 weeks via scheduled c-section. He weighed 8lbs 5oz absolutely perfect. Once we got into recovery I tried to nurse him. He had a perfect latch and everything but he couldn’t latch for long. He kept having to stop and catch his breath so the nurse thought he might not have been cleaned out really good and took him to the nursery to work on him.

That was the last time I saw him for 5 hours until a different nurse took me to see him. He was under an oxy tent and in obvious distress. They decided to send him to the NICU at a different hospital. I made it very clear not to give him formula so I had to sign a waiver for donor milk. When I was released the next day to be with him I had already began pumping for him. My milk did not come in for 3 days but when it did it came in buckets. We were feeding him my milk and donor milk while in the NICU for 10 days.

On the 7th day he finally was taken off of the breathing machine and they let me try and nurse him. He still had a good latch but just didn’t have the strength to do it so back on the feeding tube. When we finally got him home I spent hours with him to my breast to basically play with it so we could breastfeed. Eventually he got it and everything was going well until he got a cold/rsv around 3 months. We then were placed on an apnea monitor round the clock and had to go back to pumping and bottle feedings so we could keep an eye on his weight.

Fast forward and all of that was taken care of and off the apnea monitor I got mastitis. Was placed on some strong antibiotics and we survived that hurdle as well. Today we are celebrating his first birthday and one year of breastmilk! We have not had to take a single drop of formula in our 12 month adventure.”

Haley from Blount County, TN WIC

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