Celebrate Mom Friends

When you become a mother you join this amazing club of moms.  More than most other experiences in life, motherhood bonds women in incredible ways.  Celebrating joys and victories, overcoming struggles and challenges, navigating the various stages of your children’s lives – these are the moments that mom friends share.  So on the day of showing love and gratitude towards moms – Mother’s Day – don’t forget to celebrate mom friends too.

If you’re like most new moms, you’re making a lot of new friends through your kids.  Yes, your kids are sort of like “wing men,” so to speak because you’re “picking up” new mom friends as you experience the world with your children.  Moms often meet other mom friends with kids the same age through baby and toddler classes, school or daycare, neighborhood play groups or participating in other activities in your community.

Two Girlfriends Enjoy A Casual Conversation

Sharing common experiences with moms that have children around the same age as yours is an important part of motherhood.  Women especially need emotional connections and to share what is happening in their lives along with their feelings about these experiences.  Because most women have this desire, leaning on other moms in a similar place in their lives is a way moms can meet this need.  Just like moms are comforting to their children, mom friends are comforting to other moms.

Mom friends are also wonderful problem-solvers because they can impart knowledge and wisdom about their own experiences in similar situations.  Even if their advice isn’t perfect for your own issues, at the very least moms can sympathize and commiserate with you because they’ve been there themselves.  And as all moms know, sometimes we don’t need someone to fix our problem as much as we need someone to listen and care about them as deeply as we do.

So this Mother’s Day, take time to celebrate mom friends.  If your day allows, spend time with your mom friends doing what you like to do.  Maybe you can slip out for a glass of wine, go shopping or catch a movie matinee.  Perhaps your entire families meet up for a picnic at the park or pool so the kids can be involved too.  Or if you can’t get together on Mother’s Day, try planning something before or after the holiday to celebrate mom friends.

While elaborate gifts aren’t necessary, consider doing a little something special for your mom friends.  Giving them a potted plant, a copy of your favorite book or baking their favorite dessert are terrific ways to show your mom friends you love them and appreciate their friendships.  If you have a group of mom friends you hang out with regularly, organize gift exchange so everyone gets one nice item as a Mother’s Day gift.

As you’re bonding over diaper blow-outs, leaky breasts, impossible tantrums, picky eaters and sleep deprivation, you are forming incredible friendships that are an invaluable part of motherhood.  Don’t forget to celebrate mom friends along with all of the other moms in your life this Mother’s Day.

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