Celebrate Women’s History Month with Leading Lady

celebrate women's history month with Leading LadyIt is International Women’s Day and March is Women’s History Month! This month, and especially today, we should celebrate girl power, and all of the strides we women have made both personally and professionally. In a manner of speaking, we’ve really become Leading Ladies.

Instead of hiding what we were given, this is the era to stand out loud and proud as women. We are not condoning burning bras as some women did in the sixties; quite the opposite actually.  As women today, we can choose bras that are completely functional, comfortable, and sexy.

Leading Lady’s Vice President and Director of Design, Haidee Johnstone has you covered. Fit conscious and meticulous, Haidee tailors specialty nursing and full figure bras that inspire confidence. By designing the Leading Lady collection in terms of wardrobe dressing, Haidee and the Leading Lady team have created intimates that will take a woman from morning to night, from the office to the gym to a special occasion.  Simply put, a bra for every role today’s multi-tasking, powerful woman takes on.

Styles and trends may change, but celebrating being a woman and those ladies that support us never will! Celebrate with your mother, daughter, or a group of girlfriends this year and make sure you treat yourself to some new Leading Lady goodies. You know, you deserve some support too!  As our Women’s History Month gift to you, enjoy 20% off at checkout using the code WOMEN20.

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