Celebrity Babies: Baby Besties, Child Stars, Fergie’s Pregnancy Fashion AND A Royal Baby Update

We’re all revved up to share the latest news on celebrity babies.  Today’s report is all about best friends, rockin’ pregnancy style and reminds us that celebrity parents experience all the ups and downs of parenting, just like the rest of us.

Hollywood Baby Besties

Leading Lady fan, singer and actress Jessica Simpson’s son Ace has a new playmate.  Jessica’s best friend CaCee Cobb and her husband Donald Faison welcomed a baby boy on August 15, 2013.  Ace and his new buddy are just months apart and will surely be baby besties, like their moms.

Photo by Nan Palmero via Flickr

Photo by Nan Palmero via Flickr

When Celebrity Babies Have Celebrity Babies

Soleil Moon Frye, otherwise known as ‘80s child star Punky Brewster, announced on The Today Show that she is expecting her third child with husband and producer Jason Goldberg.  Soleil penned the book Happy Chaos, where she talks about embracing the chaos of parenting and discovering that you may not be the type of parent you always thought you would be.  (Surely we can all relate!)  Sisters Jagger and Poet are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new sibling.

Photo by Alexandre Cardoso via Wikipedia

Photo by Alexandre Cardoso via Wikipedia

Will Fergie’s Baby Inherit Her Awesome Pregnancy Fashion?

Fergie is knocking pregnancy fashion out of the park this summer.  Her sometimes rocker, sometimes chic looks pair fabulously with her baby bump.  Fergie has been spotted in fun, brightly colored patterned dresses and trendy short jackets to show off her baby curves.  The mom-to-be also sports printed tees and leather-style pants to maintain rockstar image.

Royal Baby News

Lastly, a royal baby update.  Prince William will appear on CNN next month to talk about two of his passions:  baby George and saving endangered species.  He reports that baby George is feisty, perhaps taking after his uncle, Prince Harry.  Prince William prides himself on being a hands-on, independent dad, changing diapers – or nappys as they say in the UK – and installing car seats with the rest of the dads in the world…but with a few more spectators.  He’s passionate about saving endangered spices and hopes baby George will one day experience the wildlife in Africa as he and Harry did as children.

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