Celebrity Babies: Boom Boom, Baby Boom

What’s better than welcoming celebrity babies during the holiday season?  Not much!  Luckily for all of us, tons of our favorite stars are gearing up for babies.  And there is nothing to get you in the holiday spirit faster than the excitement of expanding your family.

This week’s report includes some unexpected expectations and lots and lots of baby boys!  Check it out:

Photo by David Shankbone via Wikipedia

Photo by David Shankbone via Wikipedia

Scandalous or just plain old privacy?  Scandal star Kerry Washington is one of television’s hottest celebrities as her series has blown up screens across the country.  Much like her character Olivia Pope, Kerry excels at manipulating public perception.  Her private marriage to NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha this summer shocked America and then the recent news of her pregnancy made it a double surprise.  Due in late spring, she plans to continue to maintain her privacy.  Sounds like a job for Olivia Pope to us!

From a fictional Olivia to a real one, Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are expecting their first child together in 2014.  The two met during an episode of Saturday Night Live, and struck up a romance filled with love and laughter shortly thereafter.  We’re positive their child will not only be beautiful, but hilarious too.

As an only child and growing up in the spotlight, Drew Barrymore always knew she would have multiple children.  Now she’s making that goal a reality as she announced her second pregnancy in October.  She and husband Will Kopelman already have a 13-month-old daughter, Olive.

Two of Hollywood’s funniest men are each going to be second-time dads.  The first, Owen Wilson, is expecting a son with his former personal trainer.  While they are not together as a couple, the fit-mom to be and Wilson are good friends who are enthusiastically awaiting their bundle of joy.

Also, David Arquette is expecting a baby with his girlfriend, Entertainment Tonight correspondent Christina McLarty.  David has a 9-year-old daughter, Cocoa, with ex-wife Courtney Cox.

And baby makes five for musical artist Zac Brown and his wife Shelly.  With four daughters ranging from ages 2 to 6, Zac joked they would continue trying until they have a boy.  The baby is due just after the holidays in early 2014.  The entire family is elated.

With so many babies on the way, we can’t forget to celebrate the latest arrivals.  It’s baby blue all the way around for new celebrity parents!

  • Gorgeous Morena Baccarin, who showed up glowing at the 2013 Emmy Awards 9-months pregnant, gave birth naturally to baby boy Austin Chick on October 22.
  • Michelle Monaghan told People Magazine, “every day feels like Christmas” as a mother.  And Santa came early for her when her son Tommy Francis arrived on October 30.
  • Actor Emile Hirsch welcomed his first son, Valor, on October 27 in Florida.  The baby’s mother is a friend of Emile and they plan to raise Valor together.
  • NCIS star Michael Weatherly and his wife welcomed their 10 lb. son Liam Weatherly on October 29.  The star tweeted that his son was born on the most important day of the week, Tuesday, when NCIS airs.
  • Hanson brother Zac Hanson welcomed his third child Abraham Walker on October 17, joining brother John and sister Junia.
  • Fresh Prince of Bel Air actor Alfonso Ribeiro and wife Angela welcomed his first son Alfonso Lincoln on October 27.

 That’s all for today’s report on celebrity babies.  We’ll keep you posted on the latest news on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  See ya there!

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