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Celebrity Babies: From Royal News to Hollywood Royalty

by ErinStieglitz on May 02, 2018

Celebrity babies! There seems to be an abundance of new little stars in the news lately. Most notably, the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis was big royal news.  At Leading Lady, we love to celebrate all babies, some just happen to be born to famous parents and their entrance into the world gets a little more attention.  We, too, are celebrity baby star struck and can’t help but get caught up in the excitement.

royal baby

Photo via YouTube

It was hard to miss:  The royal news of the first son of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has been a popular topic for months.  Everyone’s curiosity was piqued, wondering about the baby’s sex, its name, all with continued attention on Kate’s much-scrutinized pregnancy.  People even speculated as to whether Kate would breastfeed her baby. Many hoped she would inspire other mums in the UK to follow suit and improve their declining breastfeeding rates.  Although he was born several weeks ago, the announcement of Prince George’s birth still remains the talk of the globe.  And for the record, Kate has been seen wearing nursing attire!

celebrity babies

Photo via YouTube

From The Royal Family to Hip Hop royalty, the birth of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s daughter was most certainly a highly anticipated summer event. Little North West made her entrance to the world earlier than expected, but the first time parents are in heaven. The directionally-named baby girl has yet to be seen in public, as Kim seems to be laying low and enjoying parenthood.

Kim wan’t the only TV star to add a little girl to her cast this summer.  Jimmy Fallon and his wife, producer Nancy Juvonen, surprised the world by announcing the birth of their daughter, Winnie Rose Fallon, on July 22.  This is their first child and Jimmy used his monologue to share how elated he was to become a dad.

In other celebrity baby news, actors Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell welcomed a baby boy in late July.  The two took to twitter to send notes of gratitude towards each other and those who helped them through their birth experience.  Jamie wrote, “Wow! What a day. Evan you are my warrior! You never cease to amaze. Thank you for birthing our son so naturally & peacefully. You did it!”  Evan thanked her role model RickiLake for her documentary The Business of Being Born saying, “I never knew I had a choice when it came to labor. It taught me so much & aided my decision in having a natural home birth which my son & I are now forever grateful for.”

There are also some celebrity babies on the way!  Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are expecting their second child, as is Kim Fields, Rachel Zoe, Michelle Monghan and Jennifer Love Hewitt.  Kate Winslet and Haley Berry also recently announced their pregnancies.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on the latest news about celebrity babes here in Amy’s Corner, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  As always, we hope you will keep us posted on your celebrity babies and little stars as well!

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