Comfortable Bras: Declare your Independence with Comfort and Support

Comfortable bras can be liberating!  4th of July is just a few days away and we’re declaring our independence with comfort and support!

If you plan to celebrate with activities like a barbeque, amusement park or festival, comfortable bras are essential for enjoying your holiday.  The last things you need in a bra are straps that leave dents on your shoulders, underwire that pokes your rib cage, and fabric that is irritating to your skin.  We’re here to put an end to discomfort and help you find the perfect comfortable bra for your body!

What does it take to find comfortable bras?

Leading Lady's Cotton Front Closure Leisure BraStart by looking for full figure bras in styles that best complement your daily activities.  If you’re hitting the gym, be sure to wear a full figure sports bra that is designed to support the level of exercise you’re doing.  If you’re a busy multi-tasker, find comfort in an everyday t-shirt bra that will create smooth lines under your clothes, but also support your chest and back throughout the day.  Leisure bras that clasp in the front are terrific for doing chores around the house and holding your breasts in place while you sleep.

Proper fit is the key to comfortable bras. Find your proper fit by measuring yourself and using an online bra size calculator, or being professionally fitted.  Your breasts should be lifted, supported and centered in your bra, and straps should not slip when you are in motion.  Adjustable straps and four hook-and-eye closures give a wider range of sizing to find your best fit.

Comfortable bras are also made of soft, breathable fabric that will feel good on your skin.  Cotton is a great choice, and cotton-spandex blends allow for some stretch and flexibility.  Even full figure lace bras can be soft if the lace is top quality, so don’t sacrifice comfort for beauty!

Lastly, remember to replace your bras when they are worn out and are no longer supportive.  Depending on how often you wear and wash your bras, you may need to replace them every three months.

Right now, Leading Lady is making finding comfortable bras easier than ever with our Red, White and YOU sale!  Save 25% when you buy 2 or more regularly priced bras.

This Independence Day, we hope you’ll be shooting off fireworks to celebrate our country’s birthday AND your new wardrobe of comfortable bras!

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