Common Pregnancy Questions: Is It Normal for My Nipples to Leak?

Common pregnancy questions: is it normal for my nipples to leak?Pregnancy changes—even if you’re pregnant and it’s not your first, there’s no telling what surprises your body’s going to unexpectedly throw at you. Any mom will tell you that no two pregnancies are alike. When you’re hyper-sensitive about your body’s changes and indescribable mood swings, the littlest occurrences can seem monumental. Your breasts will swell during pregnancy and seemingly become just as sensitive as you feel while watching a sappy movie. What about leaking nipples though—what’s going on? Is it normal for your breasts to leak while pregnant? We’re exploring common pregnancy questions and answering this one for you:

Yes, it’s completely normal to leak fluids while pregnant. Not all women experience this, but most notice a little leaking during the third trimester. Have you wondered what exactly you’re leaking? It’s called colostrum and is a precursor to breast milk. Colostrum is nutrient rich, low in fat, and full of antibodies—it’s perfectly engineered to be your baby’s first food and supercharges your little one’s immune system. Leaking colostrum means that your milk system is working and that breast milk production is underway.

Worried about leaking breast milk in public? Grab a pack of nursing pads and slip them into your bra as needed. If you’re planning on breastfeeding, you’ll need a couple of pairs anyway. To prevent nipple stickiness or pain, make sure to use a lanolin-based nipple cream with your nursing pads for ultimate comfort. You might want to avoid wearing your favorite bras or tops if you’re leaking just so you don’t get stains from stray droplets. But again, it’s completely normal to leak before giving birth and you’re not alone.

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