Creative Holiday Gift Wrapping

Giving gifts should be fun for both the receiver and the giver. Beyond the satisfaction of bringing joy to someone through gift-giving, wrapping presents can be an enjoyable creative outlet this time of year. If you just rolled your eyes at the thought of wrapping all of your holiday gifts, roll them back because we have creative holiday gift wrapping ideas that you and everyone on your gift list will love.

Use Recyclables: This is a timeless way to reuse newspaper, scrap paper or grocery bags and put them to good use. Each of these makes easy wrapping paper. Or try placing smaller items in toilet paper or paper towel rolls and wrapping them with tissue paper. Old shirts, curtains or sheets can also be used as cloth wrapping paper.

Gift Inside & Out: What’s better than getting a gift? Getting two gifts! Use part of your gift on the outside of your package as a double awesome bonus present and extra goody.  Examples include looping a tie, belt or jump rope around a gift box. For kids, a small stuffed animal is even better than a bow on the outside of a present, or create a construction paper road on the outside of the package and glue toy cars on it.  Another idea, wrap kitchen supplies in an oven mitt or apron.

Creative Holiday Gift WrappingAdd Nature: Bring a little nature into your creative holiday gift wrapping. Once your gift is wrapped, complete the look with a flower, twigs, pinecones, cinnamon sticks or whatever else inspires you from nature. The possibilities are endless.

Go Ribbon & Bow Crazy: Wrap a package in simple paper and then add lots of ribbons or bows. Alternatively you can use this method on a plain gift box and hot glue ribbons and bows all over it. This way the box can be reused.

Put the Kids to Work: Here’s a great way to get the kids involved and keep them occupied for awhile – wrap boxes in solid color paper and let your kids have a blast drawing, painting or stickering them. This is especially wonderful for grandparents, aunts and uncles who will appreciate your kids’ artwork.

Use the Scraps: Don’t you hate it when you have scraps left after wrapping that aren’t big enough for another present but are too big to throw away? Save those and use them as a pop of color on another package. Simply wrap your next package in a solid color and use a strip of scrap as an accent across the gift. If you have enough you can do two strips that intersect and then put a bow in the middle.

Gift the Box: If you’re not feeling inspired by creative holiday gift wrapping, keep it simple and useful by putting your holiday gifts in a container that the recipient can actually use such as a nice basket or decorative bin.

Print Your Own Paper: Have a special message for your gift recipient? Print your own paper to express your message. This is cute, creative and extremely personal.

Anything Goes: If you’re in a last-minute gift wrapping crisis, don’t fret. You can use simple art supplies and household items you probably have on hand. Pom-poms, bells and pipe cleaners can be fashioned into gift wrap decorations. Or try hole-punching construction paper or making a festive beveled edge strip from construction paper to paste onto a plain package. You can also cut out shapes such as hearts or snowflakes and either string them together or paste them directly onto your package. In your pantry look for bow tie pasta, wrapped candies or string popcorn for creative holiday gift wrapping accessories.

We hope these ideas for creative holiday gift wrapping inspire you to jazz up your holiday gifts this year. Happiest holidays to you and everyone on your gift list!

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