Diapering Tips

Keeping your baby clean is one of his most basic needs and that task will require many diaper changes per day.  You’ll probably soon learn that diapering your baby is not as treacherous as you may have expected before he arrived.  With a few diapering tips, it can be a quick and simple necessity that you actually don’t dread.  Check out our diapering tips for easier diaper changes for both you and your baby.

Tip #1:  Safety First

It seems obvious but it’s worth a reminder: never leave your baby unattended on the changing table.  Even babies who are not yet mobile can thrust themselves off.  Keep one hand on your baby at all times or at least make sure you are standing directly in front of him blocking any chance of him falling off the table.  For squirmy babies or babies who enjoy practicing their rolling skills, strap them onto the changing pad.

diapering tipsTip #2:  Be Prepared

Getting halfway through your diaper change only to discover you’ve run out of wipes, diaper rash cream or diapers themselves is frustrating.  Keep your diaper supplies well-stocked.  Make a point to check your supplies before you get your baby undressed.

Tip #3:  Wash Before and After the Diaper Change

When touching your baby’s private parts, you’ll want to make sure you’re not introducing any potential pathogens.  Make sure your hands are clean before handling your baby.  Then wash again after the diaper change to avoid spreading germs from your baby’s waste.  Keep hand sanitizer close to your changing table to get your hands super clean right away.

Tip #4:  Distract your Baby

Have a toy handy or hang an overhead mobile to keep your tot occupied while you’re doing the dirty work.  A fussy or squirmy baby makes diaper changes all the more difficult.  You can also talk and sing to your baby as a distraction.

Tip #5:  Use a Shield

Some babies feel stimulated by diaper changes and may go while they are on the table.  This can happen with boys or girls.  Use a shield to block urine from getting everywhere, including on you.

Tip #6:  Keep Up with your Baby’s Size and Diaper Needs

Diaper leaks and blow outs often occur because babies are in the wrong size or style of diaper.  Diapers that are too big can leave gaps for leakage and diapers that are too small may not contain the waste.  Also, if your baby is active, he may need a different style of diaper than babies who are not yet on the go.  Your baby may need a heavier duty diaper at nighttime too.  Experiment with brands and styles until you find the right one for your baby.  Rather than buying an entire package of diapers just to test them, request samples from the manufacturers or ask friends if you can try a few from their stash.

Tip #7:  Bargain Shop for Diapers

Diapers can be expensive!  Spend some time figuring out where to get the best deal on the diapers you like.  This may mean shopping at a warehouse mega store, clipping coupons or joining a diaper club.  Also consider your convenience.  If you don’t have time to be running to the store for diapers, have them delivered to your house on a regular basis.

Tip #8:  Wipes, Wipes, Wipes

Wipes can be helpful and handy, but some contain alcohol that can be harsh on your baby’s bottom.  This is one area where a sensitive skin option makes sense especially if your baby has a diaper rash.  Alternatively, some parents use warm water and wash cloths instead of wipes.

Tip #9:  Disposal

The fanciest diaper trash cans are not always the most functional or the best at keeping the smells at bay.  Read reviews on diaper disposal units before buying them.  Ones that barely open when you throw away a diaper are going to be your best bet.  This is also a terrific item to find at a consignment sale or used baby products store.  With one round of disinfecting spray, it’s good as new.  For on the go diaper disposals, bring along doggie waste bags.

We hope you have an easy diapering experience with these diapering tips!

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