Don’t Fall for the #ThighBrow

Our days of the thigh gap and the bikini bridge seem to have past; however, a new trend is underway called the thigh brow. While discriminating the different feminine figures into believing there is one superior than the others, we are forgetting what it means to be different, beautiful, and what it means to be a female. If you are unaware of the new trend, the thigh brow points out the flesh of skin that rolls over the top of your thigh when you bend forward, indicating you have a butt, or big booty. If the thigh gap and bikini bridge weren’t ridiculous enough, women are now objecting themselves to think their bodies are not good enough unless they look like the Kardashians because that is what is considered “attractive.”

While the term “feminist” has gotten a bad rap over the years due to many misunderstanding what it truly stands for, which is women advocating the importance of females’ social, political, legal, and economic rights to be equal to those of men, we are now seeing many well-known female celebrities who are now getting involved to make a difference. Embracing a positive attitude towards body image and female possibility, we need to look past our flaws and accept them. Big is beautiful, curvy is beautiful, petite is beautiful, sassy and proud is beautiful, and being a female is beautiful!


Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham rose to stardom in 2010 with the premiere of Girls, where she plays Hannah, a 20-something who tends to give her audience a little too much information, but is the star because of her ability to keep it honest and real. Girls is about four young females living in New York who are trying to survive as new college graduates, women, and often times, sexual beings. If you’ve seen the show you know why we are putting Lena Dunham on this list of strong females. In Girls Dunham crosses lines many producers and writers fear to cross. She embraces her sexual self and her body, she encourages life and living it to the fullest, and she makes you feel uncomfortable, but strangely addicted to her humorous and sinful way of looking at things.

Off screen, Dunham is a female activist who advocates on many issues. As a survivor of sexual assault, Lena spoke at Variety’s Power of Women New York where she talked about her personal experience along with her work with Girls Educational & Mentoring Services. Dunham is passionate about educating women to be women and accepting their flaws and just being real. Many feminists have commented on Lena’s work and are excited to see what she is going to do in the future. Currently, she is working on launching a weekly email newsletter with Girls’ co-showrunner and production producer, Jenni Konner. The newsletter is called Lenny, which will be a mix of personal essays and articles focused around the feminist perspective.


Emma Watson

While you might know Emma Watson for her role as the sweet and sensitive know-it-all, Hermione Granger, in the Harry Potter Series, little know Watson’s feminist side. While being a lovable star and one of this year’s sexiest actresses, Watson advocates equal rights for women and men. For the past few years Watson has been a big advocate for educating young girls. As a recent grad from Brown University where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, Watson travel around the world to teach underprivileged children the importance of obtaining knowledge for life long goals. She recently just traveled to Bangladesh and Zambia to talk to young girls about gender equality and education.

In 2014, Emma Watson was appointed UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, and through that role she helped launch the UN Women campaign HeForShe, which asks men to advocate gender equality and teach women to stop “man-hating.” Watson is currently still advocating HeForShe and traveling around the world and teaching men that women are strong individuals who can be independent and have a voice.



 For years, Beyoncé has been teaching women the importance of being independent and not being afraid to be sexy. Her strong feminist attitude has been shown through her music through songs, such as Girls and Flawless. Her entire career is based around hard work and strength, and this is something women can learn from. She is a goddess in the eyes of many and a female who is dominating the male dominated music industry. She is a role model for black and white women alike, and believes men and women should be treated as equals. In previous interviews, Beyoncé talks about how her mother taught her to be brave and never be the victim who made up excuses. With hard work and an optimistic attitude you can accomplish anything. Beyoncé often states she wishes to raise her daughter, Blue Ivy, with the same morals and concepts.

At the 2014 VMAs, Beyoncé projected the word, “Feminist,” in bold letter after her performance, and gave the definition to over 12 million viewers. By sharing it with the masses, Twitter was bombarded with feminist tweets from the many. With her power to delight in beauty and sexuality she will continue to be a role model for many young girls and women. Currently she is voicing he concerns about the rumors of her divorce with husband, Jay-Z, stating that women and men must work together to be one. With communication and the stopping of the “man-hating” women and men need one another to be equals. Both genders need to be understood and work together to fix the problem and create a balance.


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